Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 18 Week 10

Ahh. James shows how not good at this game he is. I’ve always thought James was overrated and he showed just how bad at Big Brother he is this week. His first big mistake was revealing to the entire house that Natalie wanted Corey out instead of Victor. And then he didn’t talk to Nicole and Corey all week or try to campaign for Michelle to stay. Big Brother isn’t all about pulling pranks and winning America’s Favorite Player, James.

Eww. Nicole and Corey make me dislike them less. I didn’t want this to happen, but as soon as Nicole and Corey started talking about keeping Paul and Victor this week, I was willing to set aside my distaste for them at least temporarily.

Nicole and Corey form a F4 with Victor and Paul

Ahh. The Final 4 is formed. As I said above, Nicole and Corey made a good call this week when they decided to work with Victor and Paul. Maybe it wasn’t the right decision for their game (or maybe it was?), but it was definitely right for the sake of entertainment. I was never OK with four showmances being at the end, so this alliance could block that possibility.

Eww. Paul goes up as a pawn. I understand why Nicole didn’t want to nominated James or Natalie along with Michelle, but to be honest, she doesn’t have anything to lose at this point so putting Paul up was just an unnecessary risk.


Eww. Nicole wins veto. Why is she suddenly on fire? She holds all the power this week and isn’t going to shake things up so we’ll have a pretty predictable outcome.

Ahh. Corey gives Victor the bribe. First of all, let me say how stupid this bribe was. In almost no situation would this have been an entertaining twist. But at least Corey used in a somewhat intelligent way that helped show his loyalty to Victor and Paul. And Victor’s reaction to getting the bribe was super sweet. He seems like a pretty good guy.


Eww. Michelle sleeps all week. Superfan Michelle said she’d make sure Paul remained the target this week, but what really happened was she slept all week and then begged James to talk to Nicole two days before eviction. And James didn’t even bother. Michelle refused to talk to Nicole all week out of pride. She can say she felt comfortable all she wants, but she was worried all week that she could go but did nothing about it.

Ahh. Michelle lets Nicole have it. Michelle trashing Victor was a little weird and out of character, but I did love when she once again went for Nicole on live television. That was one of the most exciting eviction reactions in quite some time.

What were your best and worst moments of the week?



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  1. Meech just showed her true self last night as a mean girl! Swiping people ‘s personal belongings was over the top for me. She makes no sense and for once I can say Nicole made a good decision. I know, me agree with something Nicole did — I must have a fever.

  2. I’m sure Dingus fans dislike reading your commentaries as much as I love reading them. As pathetic as Michelle has been lying around in bed all the time, at least she wasn’t in bed with a guy performing sexual favors all season. I loved her calling Dingus out on national TV. It was well-deserved and very entertaining.

    • the best part for me was how mad dingus got and pointed to james and told him why meech needed to go and then stormed off…but meech did go crazy enough that the things she said at times made no sense i couldn’t stop loling

      • Although she had said she was going to blow up Dingus’s game if she was evicted, I think she came closer to blowing up Pablo. I don’t know what damage she could do in jury because I don’t see too many there who would ever vote for Dingus to begin with. Michelle is for sure one crazy nutjob of a gal. She went out slinging $hit, and it hit Dingus square in the face. According to Jokers @ 8:59, Dingus confirmed that Michelle said she has fu**ed her way to the end. It’s a shame that the TV only viewing audience has no idea what that was all about.

      • i wish they had feeds for the jury house when dingus finally shows up there and meech is waiting for her lol…also i just want to say i do not condone the kidnapping of pablo :(

      • You can imagine the evil cockiness that would overcome Michelle in that moment. Real life, not funny, BB life, hilarious and entertaining. I wanna seeeeee! (in my best whiny voice)
        I agree, the kidnapping of Pablo was an unnecessary evil.

      • She laid in bed thinking about how she would out Nicole, but in reality, she made herself look like a real Nut Job.

      • That she sure did. Wonder if they searched her bag before she went to the jury house for all the things she stole from everyone. For being such a super fan all she did was sleep get up for a few hours to eat and steal things then go back to bed. She was one wack job.

      • They did send someone to retrieve Pablo out of the audience, not sure if it has made its way back to the house, but I bet they will return it at some point.

      • 100%!!!! Crazy isn’t stupid. Dingus is worried because Meech is just echoing the girls in jury. If you’re biggest claim to fame is f***ing your way through the game, you better hope they keep you in the house and away from all those women you undercut for as long as possible, even if it is only out of pity.

  3. I don’t understand how Michelle’s racy comments to Nicole got bleeped with it was live tv?

      • I think three seconds is the standard but regardless, the guy in charge of pushing that bleep button has perfected the craft of bleeping out cusses on live TV over the years. :)

      • Actually the standard in American TV is 7 seconds now. It was increase to 7 seconds after the Janet Jackson fiasco during the Super Bowl. In that case it was the time needed to switch camera, it’s not always about bleeping.

      • LOL. I’m having a wardrobe malfunction as we speak. My cat (who is sitting on my shoulder) flipped my ratty old bathrobe off my arm. She was meowing “I’m going to have you naked by the end of this song.”

    • They probably expected it, which is why they had James pacify her all week. Some of these contestants are not wrapped too tight!.

  4. worst moment of the week was pablo being kidnapped…can we start a save pablo thread?

  5. I’ve been disappointed with Michelle ever since she let it out on why she hated Bridgette so much…. all because she was jealous over Frank and wanted to be with him and not her. kinda sad on that point. I wasn’t a fan of Bridgette, but damn that’s just a pathetic reason. IMHO. And as a super fan of BB…. she sucks at it.

    • I honestly didn’t like her as a person after her intro in the premiere, when she started going on about mayonnaise or something. I lost respect for her *game* exactly when you did. She’s honestly just above Jozea and Paulie in my BB18 most hated HGs list. I’d rather have Tiffany, Bronte, Frank or even freaking Glen in the house over her. She’s just a mean, miserable person. As Dr. Will might say, “I hope she learns to love herself.”

      • I couldn’t stand her based on her interview with Jeff, saying she hated fat people. That tells me all I need to know about her, judgemental among many things as we came to learn this season.

      • Did she really say that? OK. Anyone who says that is simply despicable. I called her a ‘mean girl’ at the beginning of the season and she has risen to that of ‘bully.’ I was fat in high school and people like ‘her’ made my life a living hell. Any iota of sympathy I had for her (and I actually did feel badly—people like her are miserable) is gone.

      • She is so young and dumb, I couldn’t believe she would say that, but as we saw all season she isn’t the brightest bulb in the shed. She needs to be more concerned about her own eating habits and not about everyone else’s.

      • I saw that and she continued to prove that she is nothing but a pathetic, insecure little girl. She was so offended when Paul called her a bully and horrible person, but they usually do get offended. She sucks at BB and certainly is no superfan.

    • Oh right—that whole Frank thing in the food storage room! That child has some serious issues.

    • Bridgette seems like she’s probably a nice kid. Michelle, not so much. The distinction is easy.

  6. When I was watching the feeds the other night when Paul was packing, Meech gave him a bottle of wine, saying that she wasn’t going to drink it, because it had too many calories *eyeroll. And then she went on to complain and moan about it all night to Nat and James saying the “I can’t believe he took my wine” implying that he stole it in a round about way. I’m so glad she is gone! Paul for the win

  7. Branden, thanks for saying how stupid that bribe was….but I’m SO glad Victor got it! THE best moment of the week BY FAR!! That guy is amazing. I wouldn’t have said that a few weeks ago; but he’s fabulous. A beast. His genuinely grateful reaction to getting that money was just heartwarming! If he and Paul aren’t in the F2, I really will go so far as to say BB is rigged (LOL). Those two are the only ones who have really, and I mean REALLY played this game. Paul (much as I still think he’s a rat–lol) has an exceptional social game; and Vic, as I said earlier, is a beast. Coming back the way he has—I don’t know how some people can call him a loser. Yeah he was evicted, because he was a HUGE THREAT! But he fought HARD to come back.

  8. Eww: Michelle’s filthy classless mouth on the way out. But I expected no better from someone as catty as her. She just proved me right.

  9. why did production, say that Have Nots must Sleep in the Have not room. Vic & Corey were have nots, but they finished their stint. Vic HOH now, new week.
    This must have been like last night calling Paul out telling him he could not Jump in Pool, when he was sitting, Nicole, Corey & Victor in HOH Room???

  10. Da’vonne cries about letting her daughter down and how she just couldn’t do it…b***h you were up there for 17 minutes. Seventeen freaking minutes. Good effort. Go home and explain to your daughter how with effort like that, she’s going to be let down a lot in her life. After a whole lot of bragging and tough talk that you’re going back into the house, that’s the effort you put up. Disgraceful.

    P.S. Corey getting ACP wasn’t a shock.

    • I don’t see how it was a shock either. TV (so who don’t contribute to online polls) viewers are something he even mentioned himself. I voted for Corey as many times as I could without getting fed up of voting. I know people who voted for Corey. And perhaps the most telling of all, the power wasn’t very powerful at all, there could be people who don’t care for Corey who wanted to send him a limited power or people who thought it would be funny to watch him try to figure it out.

      I also agree about Da’vonne…sadly. That was pathetic. I hope I never see her again.

  11. Dude, really? Putting up Paul was an unnecessary risk? He was on board, and this way Nicole can keep playing up to Natalie and James that she’s not against them. This doesn’t show her cards and lets her play the middle and let those two duos go at each other. It’s working this week as Victor is targeting James with Natalie as acceptable collateral. If James/Natalie wins HoH next they’re avenging the loss of James/Natalie and going after Victor and Paul. You still really don’t think this was a good move for Nicole?

    I also have no idea how you found Michelle’s exit babbling to be entertaining or exciting, because it was awkward and largely incoherent, but that’s a less important point to make right now.

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