The Best And Worst Moments Of Big Brother 17 Week 12

We are officially down to the Big Brother 17 final 3, and the week leading up to it was quite an eventful one. So we’ve got a lot of ewws and ahhs to cover this week. So lets get to it.


Eww. Vanessa wins HOH. Oh boy. It’s always the same when Vanessa wins HOH. She talks and talks and talks about how much integrity she has all while search for ANY reason to nominate two people for eviction. JUST NOMINATE WHO YOU WANT TO NOMINATE! I mean no one in the game likes you as it is, so it’s not going to hurt you any more.

Ahh. Vanessa has to pick a side. It’s about time Vanessa is forced to actually pick a side. She’s had it way to easy this season despite how many times she will remind you how hard it’s been for her to play this game.

Eww. Vanessa picks Austin and Liz. Well, she picked a side alright. The wrong one. Who actually wants to keep saving a showmance? Anyone who thinks Vanessa has played a great game is crazy. She’s played a messy and overcomplicated game at best and this decision is proof.


Ahh. Johnny Mac wins the veto. Looks like Vanessa picked the wrong side and now she’s forced to dip her hands in even more blood. And not only that, but one of the fans’ favorites, JMac, gets to stick around a little longer.

Eww. Frankie shows up. Are Big Brother producers so out of touch with fans that they don’t realize that most people don’t want to see this guy back on their TV screens? What am I talking about, though, these are the same people who made Julie Chen claim that Battle of the Block is a “fan-favorite” twist. But seriously, why does BB keep trying to make Frankie happen? Give it up! Bring back actual fan favorites! Do SOMETHING/ANYTHING for the BB fans. Stop slapping us in the face.

Ahh. Vanessa and Johnny Mac blindside Austin. FINALLY we get an eviction blindside and the showmance has been broken up. Of course this can go on Vanessa’s resume, but I won’t forget that she was basically forced into this. Had John not won veto, this never would have happened.

Vanessa and John discuss their eviction options

Eww. Austin’s speech. Not only did he plug the new CBS show they got to watch (or get to watch?) but he also said “see you on The Bold & The Beautiful.” What a douche move.


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    • Twenty-twenty hindsight and all that! What if Shelli had stayed? But when you do have the chance to get Van out when the opportunity arises, that’s where the remaining hgs faltered most. They knew how dangerous she was to them at that point and nada! Ignorant hgs. And now we wonder how she made it still…I don’t wonder any more because of who’s now left going against her. Just make the check out already! :-)

      • I thought that was the worst thing they could do before they actually did it. Hindsight nothing. When they started to flip on Becky I knew this was gonna change everything because of how big their numbers were gonna be. And it did. The Goblins were the stupidest HG this whole season. And then add the Austwins to that… no wonder Vanessa got this far.

      • I agree with you there too. I think this may truly go down in the books as having the worst cast when it came to game playing. Not a huge challenge for someone like Vanessa to beat.

  1. You may not like Vanessa, but she deserves to win. (If it were a man doing what Vanessa did, would he get more acceptance, ala Dr. Will?)
    Vanessa’s 3 weaknesses are her consistent crying, her bullying (especially with James), and her worry that people like her.

    • Agreed. Vanessa’s game wasn’t great, but it was good. From her point of view, evicting John was a good idea, because in order to beat somebody in F2, she actually has to GET to F2. JMac would have NEVER taken Vanessa to F2. Liz might.

    • I’m confident I would hate anyone who behaved this way, male or female.

      While I agree that she deserves to win at this point, I wish these people would realize that being the best in a pathetic group of players isn’t really anything to brag about.

    • Will did not act like Vanessa at all. Probably the exact opposite. You should rewatch season 2, my friend.

      I don’t see why she’s any more deserving than Steve or Liz.

      Steve basically had nobody almost the entire game, he won comps when had to, and now he’s in the final 3. He made stupid decisions (to us), but they couldn’t have been too stupid, because he’s still there.

      Liz was able to use her twin twist as an advantage, where most people would want to get rid of her before her second half even gets a chance to get into the house. Not only that, but she got into a showmance (which was all strategy – no romance the first half of the season) and built up a barrier to protect herself. Not to mention, she won multiple comps as well.

      Vanessa…she controlled everyone and everything and was a competition beast. But she was also aligned with the entire house (minus the goblin group) the entire season. She had no real threat of going home all season, other than that 1 week where she was the backdoor target, but luckily for her, James kept her safe that week and flipped the votes because he was scared of Shelly.

    • Speaking for myself, I have no problem with what Vanessa did to play the game, I dislike the way she played it. The whining, crying, delusional manic bullying episodes. Just ugh. Can’t stand her.

    • I loved Shelli’s response to him! It makes me respect her more, because she will clearly vote on who played the best game – and not base her vote on bitterness (which is how all jurors should vote). Hopefully Austin will get over his little fit and be fair if it comes to Van/Steve in F2.

      • I’m probably the odd one out saying this, but I think voting personally or bitterly should be more accepted. Knowing that the jury may be bitter means players have to be careful when interacting with others near the end of the game. In my opinion, the jurors made it far enough into the game to be in the jury and they should have the right to vote based on whatever they want.

      • As far as I know, they deliberate/discuss why one player is better than the other. They can vote however they want. It’s their own interpretation on why one player has a better game.

      • lol.ok..She’s like Darren Brown, gave all the evictees subliminal suggestion “vote for me”..and they will.

      • I know they’re allowed to vote how they want, but I’ve seen a lot of people say bad things about jurors who vote for personal rather than game reasons. I just think that people who vote that way shouldn’t be judged, that’s all.

      • I agree. It is a form of peer pressure. I would not vote for Vanessa because of her bullying tactics. IMO, for me to do so would be to put a stamp of approval on that type of behavior. It should be no more an accepted behavior when playing a game than in real life. It definitely should not be rewarded ever.

      • Perfectly said, thank you. Should not be rewarded, and now I’m just left hoping that people in the future don’t try to copy her strategy.

      • Karen, Would you not give your vote because your 100% bitter? for whatever reason you have. There has to be some game play there right? Maybe 50% bitter 50% game play. to justify your vote. lol I can’t vote for Victoria because I’m bitter with Derrick. lol right?

      • Shelli wasn’t so understanding when James put her and her boy up. I’m guessing she’s still bitter about that. Plus, so what if people vote against someone because they are mad about how they were treated. I don’t see anything wrong with that at all. Like Stephanie McConnell says below, it might make people think twice about how they play. And, even if it doesn’t each person has the right to vote how they want.

  2. Funny: When Austin enters JH and says, “Who do ya think?” nodding as if everyone should know the ONE person who could take him out – but people shout out: “John!” “Steve!” “Liz!” etc – FINALLY someone says: “Vanessa?” Lol. Austin, does it make you think maybe there were more people gunning for you than you knew? Lol. Bless his heart.

  3. Austin will def vote for V to win if she’s against Steve in F2. He wants to go to Vegas with the high rollers with V after the show.

    • What doesn’t Austin want to do? Oh, yeh, I know…let’s see…..I got nothing! Oh wait…I know. He wants the glory and fame to be bestowed to him without working all that hard for it! Hence why he still lives with his parents at 30! Failure to Launch is at the top of his resume!

  4. I still don’t think Liz can beat Vanessa. Shelli is clearly drinking the Vanessa Kool Aid and spreading it around the Jury House. You know Liz will have 2 guaranteed votes, which is exactly why she should have been gone before jury to begin with. But whatever.

    Vanessa has played a horrible game. But she’s played the best game of anybody in the house in BB Season 17. Which really, says a lot about season 17. Just brutal. I don’t like Vanessa, and I don’t feel like she’s played a phenomenal game by any means, but she is probably the most deserving player left.

    I like Steve more and I can’t even make much of an argument for him since he was never much more than Vanessa’s puppet.

  5. Vanessa deserves to win. She’s one of the few females in BB history to play hard and dirty like guys who have won in the past, but because she’s female she’s getting hate for it, while guys who’ve played similarly are celebrated as epic BB players. Steve didn’t do crap in this game until about halfway through, and while Liz is good at comps, she only really came this far thanks to the protection of her sister and boyfriend alliance. Vanessa has managed to be a target the whole game, and somehow deflect attention off of herself and get someone else evicted EVERY TIME. If the jurors vote fairly, based on who played the best game, she will win – hands down. Go Vanessa! Men have dominated this game most seasons, and it is nice to finally have a decent female player to root for!

    • I didn’t like the way Dan played the second time, so it’s not a gender issue for me. I just don’t like Vanessa – it’s BB, so you sometimes have to do what she does, but to me she’s just the type of personality I root against.

    • I don’t hate her…just don’t like her type of game play and her personally to boot! But compared to who’s now left, then yeh, she deserves to win.

      • Yeah but Austin says she’s got no votes… nothing like a sore loser or in his case just a loser. Truthfully had Austin showed he had 1 ball I would have felt differently about him, though he’s quite a show-off that I really don’t like to see. At else they got rid of the worse show-off early w/Jace being booted.

    • Hands down, she’s the best player in the house. She deserves the 500K. To root for? It’s a bit hard for me. Her oddities are hard to watch. …it’s just me

    • I think there are other female players to root for. Vanessa would not be my choice. It is not a male female issue. Danielle was ruthless, Janelle was ruthless, etc and they are loved. People including myself are against Vanessa for her personality not her ruthless nature in the game. I love ruthless people, but they present themselves as ruthless people. Not so loving and honest and trustworthy they are the second coming of god. Men can be expected to have more success in the game just as they can in Survivor due to physical competitions. When you look at who has won comps over the 17 seasons of Big Brother I believe it is about 2/3 of the comps are won by men. The way the show is structured gives men an advantage in the game.

  6. This season is an easy one for me to summarize. An intense, slightly-wacked, medicated (for bi-polar or something of the like), very smart person is a good but not great player. If there were a few good players in this game, Vanessa would have been gone by final 6 for over-playing the game because of her paranoid, controlling style of play. Nearly all of the final 10 players knew Vanessa was “playing” the whole house, but no one had the guts, except Amazing Race fake boobs and Becky, to get rid of her. Most of the final 8 (i.e. Liz, Julia, Meg, Steve, and macho Austin) were petrified of Vanessa.
    Most of the house guests this year were either terrible to poor strategists (James, Liz, Austin, James ) or terrible to poor social players (Jace, D’avonne, Becky, Jackie, Jason ) or terrible at it all (Meg, Clay, John, Audrey, Julia ). Only Shelli was showing signs of being a good competitor.

    • Why is Becky a poor social player? And why is Liz a bad strategist? Becky flew under the radar for most of the game and had some sort of connection to every group (friends with Jackie, Shelli, John). Her downfall were her decision to make a big move and J/M/M being stupid. Otherwise, she would have eliminated Vanessa and put herself and her alliance in a very good spot. (Steve wouldn’t have put up Jackie and Meg without Van in the house, I’m quite sure of that.). Except for J/M/M turning on her, her social game was really good.
      Liz successfully managed to not become a target despite being in a showmance and having a twin in the game. Everybody believed that she was no threat because she sucks at comps, but once they got to Jury, she did really well at comps. That’s a strategy.
      When she (or Austin) was HoH, she got people out who would target them in the near future or would vote against her (James, Meg, John). She also managed to stay in the game when up for eviction next to JULIA.

      Shelli ruined her game by being overly emotional and angry after Clay was evicted. I mean, the whole shirt thing got her evicted.

  7. Thank you thank you thank you Branden. She has not played a great game I have been saying it for weeks. She has played well enough to win this season or really not lose with some luck. She is an ok player, but certainly not great. Very sloppy game and unneeded at points. Best player this season, but not a great player. Some people have been saying she is one of the best ever. This must be their first season watching.

  8. Yes, yes, yes and YES!!!! I 1,000% AGREE!!! LOL!! I was dying reading all of this! I’m so glad you think Vanessa played a bad game. I never looked at it that way but I also wasn’t thinking she played a great game either. I’ve been more so confused by her game than anything.

  9. I agree with Branden and with a few comments below (Bill, Valerie) that Vanessa really hasn’t played a great game. She’s obviously done something right to be in the Final 3, and I won’t take away from her that she has a good competition record that includes clutch/timely wins, but overall I think she’s pretty considerably overrated. Messy and over-complicated is a great way to describe her game. I’m also really not a fan of not owning up to anything and playing the victim everytime. I’m really hoping she gets cut and is the final juror but honestly I’m not holding my breath, and if I was betting, she’ll be in the F2…and then probably winning the game.

    Two more shots at some final salvation for the season — Gone before F2, or loses the jury vote and finishes 2nd — and I bet both requests won’t materialize.

  10. I agree on everything 100%.

    Lets compare Vanessa at this point to Victoria at the same time last season. Victoria did NOTHING and still floated through to F3. So how is Vanessa that much better of a player? I would say Victoria is a better player by getting that far doing nothing and not having people hate and despise her. Heck, if Cody wasn’t an idiot and chose Victoria instead of Derrick (dumb move), Victoria would have won 50K.

    • Vanessa actually had people targeting her. Victoria didn’t do anything because she didn’t have to.
      People don’t see Victoria as a good player because they believe her doing nothing was no strategy but that she was too bad of a player to make plans.
      Vanessa has controlled pretty much every eviction this season. Her gameplay was all over the place, but in the end, it worked.

      And yes, Cody taking Derrick to F2 was dumb.

    • Vanessa had a hand pretty much on every eviction in the house. Even in the weeks that she’s not in control (HoH) People hate her and despise her for several reasons I don’t have to mention, but you’re comparing her game play to Victoria?…give me a break!

      • People keep saying this, especially Vanessa but when I review the game since Jason’s eviction I am not sure this is a correct assessment. Even Jason’s eviction was more because Liz and Shelli convinced her not to back door Austin as planned.

        Vanessa had a lot of influence in the game because her alliance won all but two HoHs after the first week. But the same could be said about Austin who not only controlled Liz, but at times her actually influenced Vanessa too.

  11. im not a V fan either. i have to admit she did play the best. you have to have a good game play, and she did. I still dont like people with money to play on BB, but we all know BB does what they want. dont listen to the fans.

  12. At this point i have to root for Vanessa for her good game. I admit her game wasn’t steller but it was better than most people in the house who were too afraid to make a big move. They had a chance to evict her and they didn’t.

    • Actually, her alliances won almost every HoH. There was very little chance she would be evicted until the end.

  13. Think I already said this earlier, but fantastic recap, Branden. Funny and oh so accurate. The ewws and aahs were perfect. Austin’s speech was cringe-worthy, but the highlight of the whole show was his face when he was blindsided. Like he told Julie, he thought he was going to win. Thank all the stars and planets that he didn’t. Not even close.

  14. That you for writing what may seem controversial but I think is obvious. This idea that Vanessa is a great player is truly a delusion. Vanessa’s game play has been chaotic and overboard. In any other season a player who makes as many deals and tells as many lies as she has gets evicted quickly. Think Audrey this season!

    What Vanessa has is a house full of very bad BB players. She is just a mediocre player among a swarm of dopes. And she has been incredibly lucky too. The fact that Vanessa could last this long in the game is a detriment to the game. CBS should not see this as a sign of success – they found a great player – but a warning sign that they need to do better at choosing people to play or they will destroy the franchise.

    People like Meg, the twins, Austin, Steve, Jace, Clay, Jeff and even Jason, should never have been picked to play the game. They succeeded in ruining the entire season.

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