America’s Vote has been cancelled this week for Have-Nots after the latest Care Package knocked Jason out of the running to become a Have-Not this week. As a result, things have defaulted to the only other three options and the vote was called off.

America's Have-Nots Vote on BBOTT

Normally this season (as if anything this season is normal) we’d be voting for which three HGs get to eat Slop for a week, but with only three HGs to vote between there’s no point. Of course CBS could have dropped things down to just 2 HNs this week and still held a vote, but for some reason they decided against that.

Last week we saw Justin, Kryssie, and Whitney sent off to Have-Not land but now they’re back and safe from a repeat this round. Then with Jason and Shelby as the Co-HoH’s this week they were off the list too. Had Justin or Whitney won the ACP Co-HoH this week then we’d still have a vote since they were both outgoing HNs, ineligible for another week, and also eligible for ACP.

This week’s Have-Nots: Alex, Danielle, and Morgan.

BBOTT Week 6 Have-Nots

CBS posted a brief explanation of the change of plans stating, “due to this week’s Care Package winner [Jason], only three Houseguests are eligible and will be the final Have-Nots.” So there you also see there are no more HNs this season after this week.

Considering this is the last week it’s too bad they didn’t drop us down to two HNs and still let us have the final week of Slop voting, but oh well. We’ll still have plenty of America’s Vote to get us through the season though so keep checking back in for the latest events and voting in our polls!


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