‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Week 6: Friday Live Diary Rooms Recap

Either the Big Brother Over the Top Live Diary Rooms were boring Friday night or I’m just really depressed I spent my Friday night watching Live Diary Rooms. Probably both.


We didn’t get much out of the houseguests this time around that we didn’t already know, but I think I had a good handle on the main points of each person’s DR, of course.



She trusts Morgan the most. Or Alex the most. OK, both. That’s OK because they’re basically the same person anyway.



She volunteered herself for the block this week. That’s either a really smart move or a really dumb move. We’ll know which it was in a couple of days.



“LAY OFF ME I’M STARVING.” Sorry but when she said she was hungry I could only think of the Chris Farley “Gap Girls” sketch. And I have no idea what else she said during the rest of her Diary Room session.



Shrill and loud Alex is back. Actually, I think it might be worse this week. Does anyone remember Bobcat Goldthwait? Well, I’d rather listen to him sing the National Anthem backwards in an echoey canyon.



I kept waiting for Justin to finally say something he hasn’t said in any other of his past DRs, but as usual, that didn’t happen.



She thinks it’s Tuesday night. I feel you, girl. I feel like it’s Wednesday, July 15. After five months of Big Brother, I don’t know Morgan from Jozea. Save me.



She’s the only Ball Smasher happy that Scott went home. And that’s just another reason why she’s my favorite BS.



Jason might not be BB17 Jason, but he still isn’t as in touch with the game as he should be. Why would he want Danielle out of the game? Not only could she get him to the end, it’s been proven that America isn’t that fond of her, so she’s beatable at the end. She might not want him in the final 3, but she can definitely help him get to the final 4.

If you want to watch the Live Diary rooms, be sure to check out the Highlights tab on the Live Feeds.


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  1. I keep zoning out on Justin’s DRs, ha ha! Seriously, he’s just… boring.

    It’ll be interesting to get the HGs reaction to the HNs, though, since that seems to be driving the nominations this week.

  2. Given that a lot of the early polls have Kryssie as America’s nom, I was really enjoying the irony when she asked us to get rid of the people who aren’t playing the game so that only the people who deserve to be here. We intend to, Kryssie. Have fun at home!

    • Absolutely she should go. So condescending to say the least. Send this message to the LNJ that we’re not impressed by their nasty attitudes. Play the game, but come on you are all just so full of yourselves!

      • That’s funny cause it sure looks like Alex Morgan and Shelby are over full of themselves . They are self centered people . ….they are either obvious or numb, over and over I hear them complaining how they can’t trust certain people on the other side and have bragged how they are so honest and wouldn’t play the game like that…..lol…but 1 it’s big brother and 2 they have broken several deals I don’t believe they’ve kept any…..and Alex talks about how the LNJ people have no social game,….ALEX you have NO social game!!!
        Having a social game doesn’t mean your good with 3 people, it’s the ability to work with everyone for the most part. ….I feel like Alex supporters also support hillary (sheep).

      • The BS have not sat around talking about beating up people , or wish them harm. And they made and broke deals but BC it was in their best interest at the time . Any BB fan knows you have to break deals at times. They haven’t done anything maliciously
        What do you mean Alex supporters also support Hillary(sheep) . What is that supposed to mean? Well Jon that was an immature comment. Now I can see why you like the LNJ so much. Birds of a feather flock together! If you want to join the rude and crude gang be my guest!

  3. So the have nots got a break this week and were able to eat for 2 days. Then Justin eats candy as a have not and nothing is done about it. Okay. Well I guess the have nots this week can eat something and nothing should be done about it. Turn about is fair play.

    • Didn’t Danielle already drink or eat something? I read that she drank a dr pepper after she was a HN. I guess she thinks if Justin got a warning only after multiple times cheating, what can they do to her? She would have a good case if BB punished her and not Justin. I think BB should have just ended the HN’s. Everyone got a turn and once they favored Justin , they got themselves into a no win situation.

    • I saw somewhere that Krissie bragged about when she was a HN , that she borrowed the pillow from HOH room (Danielle was HOH) to smuggle her some food! So she cheated too and Danielle knew about it! They are all a bunch of truly two-faced , lying cheaters, as well as foul-mouthed hateful and potentially violent people.

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