America’s Eviction Vote: BBOTT Week 3 Voting Now Open [POLL]

America’s Vote is open again with the conclusion of today’s Big Brother Over The Top Veto Ceremony. Now one of the three nominees will be the next eviction of BBOTT and you can influence the outcome.

America's Eviction Vote on BBOTT

Just like we got to vote for the third nominee there is a new vote now but this one is to decide which of the three final nominees of the week will earn one extra eviction vote against him or her. We don’t get to pick the entire eviction result, but we do get to be involved as one of this week’s votes. Here’s what you need to know.

Voting is open at from now (2PM PT) until Wednesday 1PM PT (4PM ET) so there’s only 23 hours of voting but with the two calendar days there you’ll get 20 votes today (Tuesday) and another 20 votes tomorrow (Wednesday) so don’t wait until tomorrow to start voting.

Final nominees this week are Danielle, Neeley, and Shane. Justin used his Veto on Kryssie and Shane went up in her spot. Alex declined to use her Veto so nothing else changed this week.

Neeley isn’t going anywhere. Danielle is the Jamboree’s preferred option to losing Shane, but Shane is Scott’s and the Plastic’s target so I do think he’ll go if the vote were held right now even if America didn’t vote for him as well. That would mark the first week America’s Nominee and Eviction Vote recipient hasn’t been the evicted HG, if it works out that way.

Go here to vote in the America’s Eviction Vote and use up your 20 votes both today and tomorrow. Remember that you must be signed in to All Access and subscribed as well so get the Free Trial and now join the game this summer.

Once again we’re running our projection poll for you to report how you’d vote in the official CBS voting. Which of the three nominees this week do you think should earn America’s collective vote this week? Vote in our unofficial poll below:


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  1. That Justin dude can’t keep his hands off his junk, this morning he undid his shorts, and grabbed his junk over his underwear, and did it right to the camera.

  2. Against the odds, I’m still voting to evict Danielle and shooting for a long shot here hoping it will happen!!

  3. I voted Danielle, but I know it will be a tie and Scott votes out Shane. I will like for Alex to vote different than the others this week and choose Danielle. She said she is aligned with Scott so I think she may please him this week.

      • Barf!! After watching her swan around like she is the princess to end all princess with a bad attitude to match the over sized ego I find her to be one of the ugliest people in the house.

      • Amazing that she’s very unlikable, but nowhere near the level of those three. BBOTT got a lot going for it.

      • I don’t think she thinks that this week…that slop really brought out what’s inside her that’s been there all along…just more visible to us is all! :-)

      • She is not taking America’s vote very well. Her face and behavior are ridiculous. She seemed to be fine with her previous two noms, but this time there is crying and pouting and hating Justin for saving himself.

    • Alex did cast that hinky vote for Danielle before, maybe she’ll do it again. Well maybe not, but wouldn’t be be fun if she did?

      • That’s what I was thinking, but since she wants Scott to trust her. She could always lie and say Shelby did it.

  4. Neely is always wearing sunglasses. She is hiding something and it could be that she is being fake and doesn’t want anyone to see. Or hiding her real age.

    • It’s both in my opinion. Neeley is closer to 40’s than her 30’s. She is lying about her age big time. We are seeing her true colors these last couple of days, she needs to lose the shades and stop the statue act she has going on, time to get in the game Neeley and word of advice, lose Krustie, she will only take you down with her.

      • lol. She does look like she is in her 40s, but I doubt BB would allow her to lie about that in her bio which says 33. I think it is because she was obese and lost a lot of weight. Usually people who shed so much weight look a lot older.

      • I’m beginning to think that too. Most in their 40s seem to be voted out most of the time, like CB for instance and Glen from last season. She’s not pulling off 33 very well at all or even 28, like she told the others she was! LOLOL Frankie was 32 during his season, but told everyone he was 28, bragging to Derrick that he was younger than D when Derrick’s birthday came around..LOL

      • I like how she talks a big game since being Put on the block yet she won’t say a cross word in front of the 4 girls faces… she can be ripping them to shreds but won’t be anything but nice to their faces. And 1 Statue in the house is enough (Whitney) we don’t need Neely to be another. I’m hoping she returns to her normal self after getting off the block but lord can you picture how she takes it if we vote her a HN?

    • I thought she’s just napping all the time. She doesn’t talk…Maybe a slop next week will wake her up. lol

      • Are you waiting for their DR tonight? Interesting position Justin/Jason has in the game, don’t you think?..we’re seeing strategy being played.

      • Sorry i didn’t have a chance to get back in here last night after the dr’s but yes I was waiting! Justin and Jason IMO are in the best spot in the entire house and that says a lot of them both considering the first week Jason was in top of everyone’s hit list and Justin wasn’t favored by many that first week. I think Jason learned from
        His past mistakes in BB and is really working strategy this go round and Justin’s ability to work strategy… well, sometimes there’s more to someone than meets the eye. What do you think?

      • I watched their DR, particularly the 4 Power players. I want to hear them acknowledged their newly formed alliance, and they did. It is BB textbook to formed alliance and sub-alliance to further your game. It show’s you who are the smart players in the house. The four are thinking ahead, while the others have no plan, but just to follow the lead….I didn’t get a lot of info on Justin’s DR about the 4 person alliance. He is with them, but he gave me the impression that he could still be a free agent….you know what I mean?.. he’s a ‘free spirit’… that’s what he said. lol

      • Neeley is the biggest talker about how disgusting it is that the house is split and that they need to keep her around so she can bridge the two sides of the house….PLEASE….neeley is one of the biggest wedges driving the house apart…she says how she will never work with the girls ever, calls alex headbitch #1, and rails on shelby all the time…come on neeley you aint fooling any of us.

      • Please. this season’s doofus needs to go. I think he will get betrayed by the girls if one of them wins.

      • Doofus maybe, but he’s also the most socially aware “nerd” they’ve casted on the show.

        Not only has Scott shown that he’s a solid strategist, but his social game is sneaky strong. He can hold a meaningful conversation and get his point across in a very succinct manner without sounding overly aggressive. Scott shows real respect for everyone and I think that’s going to mean a lot down the road.

        Also, just by watching him on the feeds, would you even know that he’s HoH this week?? Not a hint of HoH-itis…none.

        He made some mistakes in the early part of the game, but he survived it and came out much stronger. He’s been steering the ship on this new alliance with Jason/Justin. We’ll see where it goes, but I’m a fan of Scott.

      • I do see your point, but I see him as as socially awkward. He always stays away form the group and starts doing other stuff when they gather.

      • I relate to Scott a lot with his mannerisms and social awkwardness. It is hard for people who are normally reserved to feel comfortable in group situations…props to Scott for trying and doing a great job so far. He has slight OCD tendencies…like his hour long dishwashing sessions, and it seems to take 10 minutes to brush his teeth….the other day he ran into the kitchen to make sure he turned the burner off…etc. But it makes him more relatable…and I like to think that during the hours of washing dishes he is going over strategy/studying in his head

      • like I said, for some reason. lol I really don’t know for sure. It seems to me that he wants to rub his hands together, laugh maniacally, and murmur “I am going to get you my pretties”

    • Oh for sure…Kryssie is getting the HN treatment for sure. We gotta show her just home much America loves her.

  5. I was just interested with the power player’s DR, No interest with what the rest of them have to say.

  6. The whole house cannot be save Scott.
    He just keeps adding people to the new alliance. He will try to save Shelby and Alex will try to save Morgan so that’s almost everyone on that alliance.

  7. How annoying. I keep having to reload the DR sessions.
    Danielle’s was cut off or did I miss most of it?

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