Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 18 – Week 5

Who’s got the golden (round trip) ticket? This week we saw the Big Brother 18 house get exactly what a majority wanted, Frank & Bridgette on the Block – but.. depends on who leaves, they may just walk right back in with this newest twist.

Adam Poch during Big Brother 13

I was watching the Live Feeds at the right time on Monday watching everyone scramble around the house looking for clues – and eventually they all got into the secret room and one lucky player has a buy back into the game. But how that will all play out is still to be seen.

There has to be some sort of rules on when this ticket will stop working. If you are the last person evicted (3rd place) and have the RT ticket, does that mean you go back in and the jury will vote for you to win??? We will find out later – BUT FIRST – let’s see who gets Bacon & who get’s Tofu this week!

James Huling – 5 strips of Bacon – James won a long grueling HoH just like he did last year. In the process, he made a promise not to put people up, just like he did last year. He then went on to nominate the people he promised safety to, JUST LIKE LAST YEAR. The difference is James was in the minority last year – putting up people in the majority. That started the process that sealed his fate. This year, he is in the majority and put up the 2 people everyone else in the house wanted up. He will go back to the general population next week with the most blood on his hands so far this season (getting Frank out), but there should be no negative ramifications and Natalie & him can go back to laying low for a few more weeks.

Victor Arroyo – 4 strips of Bacon – you gotta give Victor a lot of credit this week, winning 3 rounds of the Battle Back to make his way back into the house – and instead of coming in and causing chaos, he took a page from Paul’s week 2 playbook – and basically sat back and let the others tell him what to do. He is now safe this week, and he is a big threat that could win an HoH soon and lets hope that’s what he shakes things up.

Da’Vonne Rogers – 3 strips of Bacon – as close as Da’Vonne was to going home last week, she took a step back this week and tried to mend fences & starting to see the bigger long term picture on how the game is played. Frank was doing all he could to get her out this week despite having no power, and she did not go off this time. Great damage control week Day – now just stop with the name calling that you were so opposed to when it was done to you.

Michelle Meyer – 2 strips of Bacon – Michelle has a deep rooted hatred towards Bridgette, which we found out was spawned by jealousy over Frank. She went out this week and won the PoV – and as much as she wanted to use it on Frank to guarantee Bridgette gets evicted, she listened to the others and decided it would be bad for her game. She is still a catty mean girl, but gained some confidence by winning that Veto, and could be setting herself up in a good place moving forward. She just needs to be a little more self aware.

Natalie Negrotti – 2 strips of Bacon – Natalie continues to gain the trust of everyone in the house, and they underestimate her as a player. Most of the people think she is harmless, which she is, but as the other bigger player’s games start to implode she will be in a good spot. I would not compare her to BB16 Victoria yet.

Paulie Calafiore – 1 strip of Bacon – this was a decent week for Paulie as he was not as “dictatory” as he was in the past couple of weeks. Perhaps it was because this week was a layup for him & his allies as James did the dirty work they all wanted. Paulie knows after Frank & Bridgette are gone he may become a target, so his great social game this week has helped shrink the target… for now.

Now on to the negative marks side of this week’s player rankings.


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  1. I think you have the totally wrong assessment of James’ move and nominations. He should still get some bacon because he’s “safe” and it was a “safe” move, however, it was not good in the long run for his game. He is in a showmance and on the outskirts of the Nicorey, Zaulie, and Paul alliance that is close. In fact him and Da actually need Victor, Frank, and Bridgette way more than they think and I believe that James has not played the game to notice where the power lies. James is playing so safe that he won’t see it coming when Pauli evicts him. Maybe he’ll wake up after Da is evicted in the next 2 weeks? Regardless, James can win, nobody is afraid of Nat, and when that girl alliance is much weaker James is next.

    • All valid points. Someone had to get 5 strips of bacon this week. I honestly do not think they will target James / Natalie for a long time

      • Paulie already talked about targeting Nat last night. You can see the hurt in his eyes. I don’t feel sorry for him, bcz this is not the dating game. If they send her home, he probably will do something so he can go to the jury w/her.

    • Being on the outskirts of those alliances is fine, because he is no one’s top target (in fact in few people’s top 3 targets). Those alliances will start crushing each other before going after James, and they will keep on needing his vote.

      James added a win to his resume, will get major credit if he gets out Frank, and did it all without becoming a target.

      • I agree it’s good to be on the outskirts of the alliances, let them pick each other off…. The problem is that now one side of the house is almost all gone, so who do they start going after now?

      • I wouldn’t mind seeing James/Nat form a new alliance with Cody/Nichole and maybe Bridgette and Victor; and then have them go after the other side of the house. I don’t see too many options left for them.

  2. Corey does not seem to be a major bad guy as to lies and backstabbing…But Nicole does lie and backstab in a major way.. and that hurts Coreys game…The sooner he realizes that Nichole is bad for his game the better..

    • 100% agree – that’s why I lumped them together. If she goes before him, he can bounce back, but he may be a casualty of Guilty by Association!

      • I did not say that Corey does not lie. .if u would read my other post I say the game is about backstabbing and lying In the relationship Nichole is the major liar and backstabber ..Corey while not free of bad deeds is being dragged into deeper black holes cause of his relationship with Nicole…trust me I know how the game is played

      • Where did I mention Corey in my comment? I said who isn’t lying meaning everyone lies. Just look at the snakes Day and Paul. They’re the biggest lying snakes in the house. I also know how the game is played.

      • In the future PLEASE REFRAIN FROM COMMENTING ON ANYTHING I MIGHT POST..I will certainly not reply to urs…and I will let the matter rest on that…

      • Wow chill out. Just because someone disagrees with you. And just a little info this is a public forum where I’m free to comment on anything. But it will be absolutely my pleasure not to ever read anything you post again. Have a nice life if that’s possible.

      • No it’s the people she’s trusting. Frank wants to work with her but constantly throws her under the bus. She gave him way too many chances. The first time he ratted her out I would of been done with him.

      • I don’t understand why Nicole was still so nice to Frank after he blabbed all the info she would tell him.
        There’s no way anyone could be in alliance with Frank since he can NOT stop talking, wheeling and dealing.

      • Exactly. He wonders why he’s going well maybe if he wouldn’t of thrown everyone under the bus that tried to work with him he’d still be playing the game. Day needs to go next.

      • I don’t recall Frank talking so much in his previous seasons but I didn’t have the feeds either.
        The man just can not help himself once he gets started talking – all kinds of sensitive material spews forth.

      • He needs to distance and play the game. He only wants to cuddle and play finger games with her.

  3. Adam, thanks for tacitly admitting what many of us already know but some diehards refuse to believe – that production does take an active role in manipulating the game for their desired outcome – by noting that if Frank (or Bridgette) had been the first one in the room, there probably would have only been one envelope…

    • I think he meant that Frank wouldn’t have been stupid enough to let the whole house know like Paul.

  4. I really do hope Bridgette can salvage her game – her’s was one of the few introduction videos I liked. Everyone else seems to catty and rude while she seems to stay out of it, although that might just be because she is isolated with Frank all the time.
    I guess we will see.

  5. Michelle is actually in a really good spot in the house right now. Aside from Bridgette, nobody seems to want her out of the house. Her only downfall might be getting too close to Frank before he gets evicted. That may rub houseguests the wrong way and give them a reason (albeit a weak one) to nominate her.

    Her meltdown in the storage room in front of Frank, Day, and Zak (I think she was there) was not a good look for Michelle. Hopefully for her sake she lays low until Frank is evicted.

    • She is back to being Meen Meech! You know it’s bad when your family goes on social media and talk about you like a dog and out you! That in itself tell me this girl is terrible!

      • Sister went on twitter calling her out. How nasty she is, how meen she is and called her a total bih! All kind of other stuff! Been all over twitter. Tweets been taken down but people still talking about the tweets. It was so bad even Derrick from BB commented on it!

      • Are we sure that was really her sister? I mean most women don’t hate their sisters to such a degree normally and would be ashamed to air the family dirty laundry. It could also be jealousy…

      • Yes it was her sister, she is taking care of Michelle’s account while she is away. She put it on Michelle’s timeline and told only thing family will know with photos of them. I think she got mad bcz Meen Meech said something about her to James, so she went in! It was trending on twitter for awhile. She the link down but she still speaks on it.

      • Unbelievable – I wouldn’t want either one of them for a sister that’s for sure :D

      • Meen Meech must really be nasty at home too, bcz her true colors shows in the house. She has a very negative attitude

      • I don’t have the feeds but the general consensus seems to be that Michelle is a very mean girl.

  6. I think the maxi pad thing is going to come back a take a BIG bite out Z’s a**. That is the nastiest things ever.

      • She changed her maxi pad in front of James (and a few others I believe) in the storage room, then left and didn’t wash her hands and went to the kitchen and started eating out of the chips bag and hummus. Yuck!

  7. I don’t think it was a good move for James, long term. True, everyone was wanting him to put up Frank and Bridgette, but I expect there would have been little to no fuss if he had put up Victor instead of Bridgette.
    Had he done so, then he would not have publicly compromised his word AGAIN. I don’t see how anyone can realistically trust anything this guy says from here on.

    • Much as Bridge is going through and knowing how those people are, I would have stood in that HOH and would not care what James or anyone did or say. She should have used her own judgement bcz if she didn’t know she know now that James is not to be trusted. I wouldn’t have accepted his apology.

  8. Frank said this,Frank said that, that RAT @#$%@#$ Paul is a !@#$$#@ broken record, I would of punched him in the face by now!

  9. Adam, I just saw you as a guest on RHAP. Good job. You gave James 5 strips, but they don’t seemed to agree with you that James is playing a good game, that James is wiling to break his word in front of the entire house when he put up the two people.

    • The rest of the house had better take note of that one or else it will come back to haunt them.

  10. Thanks, Adam – You usually talk me back in off the ledge! Lol.

    No, I do not think Bridge stands a chance. She’s burnt.
    I’m wondering if she will just self evict. If she is going to, I wish she’d do it this week before Jury.

    Like you said, she could be working this week instead of b & moaning and victimizing herself. I think she’s toast but I’ll tip my cap if she isn’t. :)

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