Big Brother 18: Paul Goes In To Overkill With Bridgette

Paul Abrahamian is an interesting Houseguest for Big Brother 18. He’s loud, he’s obnoxious, he’s Paul. Last night he reminded us all of that when he put an overly elaborate plan in to action all to extract a little bit of information from Bridgette Dunning.

Paul Abrahamian and Bridgette Dunning on Big Brother 18

It was late in the night when Paul sat Bridgette down and told her he had unfortunate news. Her closest ally is against her and no one likes her, but if she tells him everything she knows then maybe he can help her.

Paul coordinated with Paulie to divide and conquer with Paulie getting Frank aside inside the house while Paul took Bridgette outside. They wanted to find out from Bridgette, at least in part, what was going on with Nicole and Corey.

Flashback to 3:15 AM BBT 7/27 on your Live Feeds (get the Free Trial) to find Paulie talking with Frank inside while Paul takes Bridgette out to the hammock.

Paul starts things off saying he’s tired of all the bullying that’s been going on and he doesn’t like what Frank has been doing. He tells Bridgette that he has learned she doesn’t want to stay and wants to go home. Paul suggests Paulie is telling HGs this because it’s what Frank allegedly told him.

Bridgette is shocked. She says she definitely wants to stay and she didn’t say that. Paul tells her Frank is actively campaigning against her and the votes have flipped to send her home. He promises this is not an effort to drive a wedge between her and Frank, but cause one of them is already going home. It’s definitely an effort to wedge them apart and get her talking.

Settle in because this conversation goes on for over an hour from start to finish. Paul takes this time to tell Bridgette how much everyone dislikes her and how bad her attitude is and everything wrong with her game play. He’s being a thorough jerk to her nearly bringing Bridgette to tears. Do you remember why he was doing all this? Oh, to find out what Nicole was up to.

Paul may have just spent all that time deconstructing Bridgette’s self-esteem, but hey she’s saving herself right now by having this talk with him, he tells her. Paul will take care of everything, he just needs her to tell him what she knows. (3:50 AM BBT)

At 4:00 AM BBT Bridgette starts to detail how Nicole and Corey are playing both sides. He wants to know more details. She explains that what Frank told Da’Vonne about watching out for Nicole was true and she’s heard details directly from Nicole to support that.

Ten minutes later Bridgette explains Frank has been setting up plans for what either of them should do next week and that was to go after Nicole and Corey before he changed it over Nicole and James. Bridgette is giving Paul everything he wants to hear and more.


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  1. Oh Paul! I really do feel sorry for Bridge… The house really just hasn’t been very nice to her and she’s really not done much wrong to anyone.

  2. Way too far, and it feels more like a personal move as well as a demeaning move. I feel a bloodlust is happening to some of these house guests as they finish off Frank and his ally. You won, you got them cornered and the entire house is against them, there is nothing they can do. Now, take them out and stop personal moves that don’t help your game.

    • Very well said. It is a game, but being that cutthroat may not be necessary. Sad part is, when they don’t need Paul anymore, he is on his own.

      • You’ll be wishing he was back once he’s gone. He certainly provides lots of entertainment with all these other boring hgs.

      • No, I will not! Once he is gone he can stay gone! I do not condone his behavior point blank period!!

      • Guess I’ve lived with men too long to see through the BS as being anything but BS.

      • My husband is definitely going to kill me now if it does come to fruition! I just don’t know how they’re going to fit it in unless they postpone TAR and the upcoming election in November, not to mention Thurs. night football that they’d taken over coverage of three years ago.

      • I completely agree!
        I understand the premis of BB is all about psychological warfare & two faced sh!t talking, however what I don’t enjoy is watching someone who seems to relish & revel in it so much (all the while constantly reminding us that “your boy” is the master of this game).

      • Me too. He seemed to be the only one playing BB this season. The rest were too busy fluffing or looking for a showmance. The women are much more cattier this season too. And not over game play by any stretch. WOW, just WOW! Did they forget which show they joined up for?

      • I agree w/you on this. No one will do it, and he will slide all the way to the money base.

  3. I’d be lying if I didn’t find this at least a little entertaining. So unnecessary, so over-the-top, yet still kinda funny….

    • there is no humor in belittling demeaning or hurting somebody just to get information…Paul went way over the top and made unnecessary comments..

      • This girl was broke down! I think Bridge should thank Frank for campaigning against her, bcz I don’t think she can handle it once Frank is not there. They already talking about the things they are going to do to her. I disgusted w/Natalie also by not being her friend.

      • Paul may have been wrong but there is a time when you have to stand up for yourself, be a woman and stand your ground you can’t let someone run over you like that, hell she let’s frank call her all kinds of fat and then lol’s at it…I think both sides have to be held accountable. As a man you don’t do that and as a woman you don’t take that

  4. Someone stated on twitter, in Paul’s DR discussion he talks about how he gets trashed every single day. Trashed, trashed, trashed is all he talks about and what he loves to do. He even said getting trashed then blanks out is fun and he even gets trashed w/his mom! I just can not……!

  5. Have to hand it to him. Paul is very convincing. He knows how to spin things. He really should take up those spin classes. But Bridgette did say a week ago that she does not want to end up in jury with eight other a*holes. I heard that on feeds. Was it due to Frank’s influence, who knows. But when she denied she ever said that, it’s a lie. Paul didn’t care about that. He wanted to know info about what she was planning to do next week. I think Bridgette is sketchy and would not trust her with anything. Could be a theory of mine. Who knows. Must be the eyebrow thing she took up from Z! :-)

    • Bridgette did say she wants to go home and did say she doesn’t want to be in jury with the other HGs, but she was just whining in general. Frank didn’t use it against her, but she isn’t using as a game move.

      • They are going to run Bridge into the ground when Frank goes out! It will not be fun to watch!

      • Why sure it is. She’s an adult, she should have walked away after she found out what frank has been up to.

      • I am not talking about Frank. I am talking about Paul and the rest of the HGs treat her after Frank leaves. And you think it is funny. Not cool


        Bullying is not funny, but in the context of this game, which I’m sure she has watched, if you don’t have a thick skin, you can be toast.

        Get a grip !

      • Bridge should just self-evict! That one talk w/Paul took her down, I hate to see her when Frank leaves. She is not made for this game.

      • u are correct…Bridgett was not a good choice as a HG…She is way to immature and has no fight/confrontation attributes….Sad to say but she should have never been cast..

    • Paul’s real goal is to get Bridget to run to everyone and say she wants to go home since ” no one likes her.” He’s manipulating her so Frank can stay. He’s sinister.

      • Excuse me, I should have stated IMHO, he did not say it. Too many serious minded people on here, lol.

      • You were presenting it as if it were fact, so that’s how I took it. I would like to know what’s going on in the house, not really sure what the issue is.

      • Paul brain slapped Bridget today, informed her frank has been campaigning against her, the people in the house don’t like her, frank said she didn’t want to stay and she is crushed.

      • No…Paul has wanted Frank gone since week 2 after Frank had a hand in putting him on the block 3 weeks in a row. Both Paulie and now James have given him a reprieve for the past two weeks. Funny how he acts when he’s no longer on the block, though. He’s just the gopher for the house is all.

  6. I do hope that Frank finds a way to stay and comes back full force on Paulie Paul and Davonne…that would make my week…

      • I agree! But maybe he will start to cloud his mind more and she will be the one to take him out! He He

      • Hahaha hahaha hahaha, thought it was a hoot when he assumed she had made the salad for him…. too funny

      • If you call changing your sanitary napkins out in the open in front of others and then not washing your hands adorable then yeah, I guess so.

      • WHAT?!?!?!? ?

        Omg, I definitely (thankfully) missed that… PLEASE tell me that was a first in the BB house??

        Also, I would’ve thought that most women in their 20’s already used tampons, not sanitary napkins anymore? (that’s not shade, just genuine surprise).

      • You are lucky you missed it. It is hard enough to get it out of your mind when you look at her, worse if you have to try to “unsee” it.

      • There are many girls, in their 20’s, that have Never used a tampon before….just pads! For different reasons! ;)

      • Sorry, can’t get past the maxi-pad changing out in the open action (in the storage room yet) immediately followed by her putting her same hand in the chips bag (want some?) … you have to admit, that was the worst thing ever. Sickening, disgusting, disrespectful and inconsiderate – all to say the least.

      • I meant looks, not anything about hygiene and they all are nasty lol. This season and other seasons and no one tops Amanda and that guy having period sex and not cleaning themselves or the sheets which they constantly did along with Eddie from s1 wanking on everything he could find lol ewww. Heck Nicole and Corey and the fingers, then they go to sleep..not wash up and get up then sleep in the crusty dirty sheets…so they are all nasty. I meant she is cute and I know everyone knows that is what I meant. But to what u said Linda yes that’s nasty lol omg and Paul wants to cook for everyone and cant stop picking at himself. Also I find it gross that they share forks and water bottles, I don’t drink or eat after people, I’m a germaphobe lol idk about the spelling. Do these people clean up? that house is dirty and full of ants and maggots ewwww

      • I would be so scared that one of Paul’s long beard hair would get in my Food! Uhhh–I just dry-heaved! Yuck! ;)

      • She also left the whole package of them in the downstairs’ bathroom toilet for all to see…Poor Natalie had to remove them and put them where all the rest of Z’s stuff was located. The unused ones that is.

      • I’m thinking maybe someone put them in the bathroom so Z would have to go there to use them! Put them back in the bathroom!

      • I wondered that too! hahaha Nat must have not been present during Z’s expose! hahaha

      • I only meant looks bc they are all nasty lol they eat after one another etc don’t wash hands they have maggots and ants in the house…that house is dirty and I’m sure smelly

      • Adorable? You mean like that time that she switched out her maxi pads in front of several people and then ate out of a group bag of chips without washing her hands. Yeah… real adorable.

      • She is a jealous, petty, immature, and catty! She could have stayed home if she wanted to just lay on her back everyday!

      • You call slipping in a mini pad in front of people is a person you would consider adorable? Okay, adorable it is! :-)

      • No not u too! lol geez I said looks and in all fairness u didn’t say…hey she is nasty and changes her pad etc. Honestly I thought u meant tacky as in looks and dress etc, and it seems no matter what my response is no one wants to understand what I’m saying lol so I’ll leave it at that, no more comments

      • Exactly, Z has NO game…..she is goo-goo over Paulie, and she is a mindless floater! Hahaha! ;)

      • She is a bad floater too. At least act like you are playing the game. She does nothing

    • Please! He wont do a damn thing to Paulie!! That’s his boy!! Maybe not even Paul. He only has the hots for Day. If only he had paid a little more attention to the others and not only Day…he might be in a better position today. His one track mind led to his downfall.

    • I wish he would come back, but it’s true Frank has tunnel vision he doesn’t read people well. Paulie is the main puppet master and pulling the strings and somehow Frank still praise him like he’s his best friend. Da is already planting seeds about Paulie but it’s going right over their heads.

      • You’re absolutely correct, Frank has absolutely ZERO social awareness.
        I’ve never met anyone his age who could not pick up on body language & social cues (especially from the people they’re living with!).

        Although his age definitely doesn’t reflect his maturity, so there’s that…

  7. I never liked Paul and how anyone in that house does amazes me. Michelle was feeling bad about how she was treating bridgette and he justified it and made the situation worse. Bridgette and frank are the most decent people in that house!

    • He pound all the negative things back in Michelle head. I notice all day in and out he loves to talk negative and very obsessed w/harming Bridgette. I think his Ritalin need to be increased.

  8. There may be a confrontation between Paul and Frank today concerning the matter…(which I got feeds if I’m near the PC).. I wanna hear Pauls justification as to why he talked to Bridgett the way he did. Its time for a major confrontation

  9. So what if he does campaign against her, or she against him? James and Da’ can break their word but F and B can’t campaign to stay in the game? Give me a break.

    • That is the thing…Its part of the game to campaign to stay in the house.. Another “Paulie rule” that a HG cannot campaign ?? Paulie may be Codys brother and got instructions from Derrick as to game play But I don’t think Derrick told him to come across as a self righteous dickhead and hurt people to further his game.. Are u watching ur protégé Derrick?? Is Paulie putting u in a good lite as he constantly throws ur name out there as to advice u gave him..??? U should be sooo proud Derrick…

      • Derrick ran the house incognito — nobody really knew. That was his BB genius, and why I put him second to DR WILL all time. Paulie is no Derrick.

      • Yes, Derrick social game was on point. He made everyone think they were the one’s that thought of the eviction or put someone up for eviction, when in reality behind the scenes it was really all Derrick’s doing. Keeping his social game intact helped him with the jury. He got no bloodshed on his hands.

      • Exactly! Derrick was able to convince ppl to put up people that he wanted OTB,and allowed them to think that it was their idea. It was amazing. Every time I was thinking, “There going to figure him out.”

      • Paulie is no great player. The HGs are waiting to get rid of him. Right now Frank is the target and has been for weeks, but I think someone will think to put up Paulie next.

      • Derrick – focused, sensible, realistic, nonemotional and he shared alot of his strategies in detail with us in the DR (at the risk of being unsuccessful), but was just another smart tactic on his part.. With this group, we mostly get the same old vague threats like “I’m gonna get his ass” or something they’ve pre-rehearsed and think will make them look cute on TV. Lame.

      • Kinda like DA…..I am so sick of her pre-rehearsed disses…..and her shoulders poppin’! ;)

      • Kinda like Da is so true, and none of them can pass a mirror without admiring themselves.

    • Name me one player, that dosen’t campaign to stay in the house, you are absolutely right!

    • Frank should campaign against Brigitte if he wants to stay, but he feels like she will be going home anyway. Frank tells her that he is going, but I think he believes Paulie and thinks he’ll stay.

  10. I just recall Paul, at the beginning, was a royal jerk when he THOUGHT he controlled the house. It is said the true character of a person comes out when they have the power. Paul became nice, funny guy Paul when he was knocked to the bottom. Given power again, his a-hole side would shine.

  11. Paul to Bridg: “I need to know why you need to talk to Nicole and Corey before I can decide if you should.” (this guy is nuts)

  12. Paul is absolutely terrible. I cannot stand him at all and he’s just a plain jerk. He’s just kicking Bridgette while she’s down, not cool.

  13. Paul is a coward. You notice how he only picks on poor Bridgette when Frank’s no where to be seen. He’s just Paulie’s puppy dog and when the “cool kids” are done with him, he’ll go bye bye to the jury house!

  14. Was paul lying to Zakhya and Da’vonne when he told them that Frank was insulting Brigitte in front of him and Paulie? I didn’t hear that when Frank and Brigette were in there.

  15. Paul reminds me of Ensign Pulver. You have to know the movie Mr. Roberts to know what I mean.

    In any case he is so full of you know what – all the time.

    • I don’t even watch after Dark. I really dislike the majority of this cast. I can barely get thru the real shows

      • I quit watching After Dark a few weeks ago and for the first time in years I haven’t watched the last few shows.

  16. Idk why people are upset by Paul telling B all of this…he is right and she needs to wake up

      • He is right, Frank does not care about her, Frank bullies her and calls her names calls her fat etc, and she seems to love it. She needs a realty check, lol it’s a game and you are playing for 500k. Yes he spoke to her roughly but she is an adult and if she didn’t like it all she had to do was get up and walk off. I do think the sweet acting is just that acting

      • oh but its not like I love Paul lol I wanted him gone right after Josea the hawk messiah

  17. I’m still confused as to why the HG think Nicole is working with F/B. She has said several times she doesn’t trust him and he even ratted her out. Where is this coming from?

    • She gave info to Frank once upon a time and it got back to Day. It’s never been forgotten. Remember the who anti-Frank thing began when he smacked Day on the butt. She is as vindictive as anyone can be–and that the extends to anyone who even vaguely might have connected with Frank at some point.

    • Because Frank has blown her cover each time and she continues to get caught in her mess. Frank even said she keeps flip flopping.

    • Nicole had a final two with Frank at the very beginning and she was always keeping it in her back pocket but never owning up to it. I was thinking at the time she was smart, knowing that Frank was a decent game player and they could work together. Now I know she was just hoping to attach herself to some guy to rely on.

  18. Watching this live was difficult, it honestly just came off as a bunch of people relishing in the idea of getting two friends to hate each other for no reason other than to twist the knife. It was just really gross.

    • That kind of mean does not have to be a part of this game, but the game does bring out certain things in certain people and Paul is for certain an egotistical, self-absorbed, immature, attention-seeking little boy with a nasty, nasty mind and mouth to go with it.

  19. Be gone Paul, you sound like a big jerk. Oh, and take your nasty beard with you.

  20. Why these hose guests picking up one or two people in the house. They are so meen to treat another person and single them out so badly.
    And how old is this Michele chick? 13?
    Grow up Michele. Keeping grudges will do u really harm in long run. Grow your ass kido?
    I never like to talk like this to someone but Michelle u honestly have a lot of growing up to do.
    I hope Bridget and frank goes to final 2. And get the last laugh. ????????????????????????????????

  21. Pauls a big man now .he forgets nobody wanted him around 2 weeks ago what a follower…..and that paulie needs to pack on a few pounds little skinny to have such an attitude.

  22. Michelle and Paul both act like they have mental issues in real life. They both are two meen a** holes!!

  23. Natalie always talking about someone is lying in her face, but look who she is laying with! This girl is just a ditz and I’m starting to wish they would send her to the jury house. She always talking about she doesn’t talk about people or talk mess, but how many times she is talking behind Bridge’s back and throwing her under the bus to others. Nat and James belong w/the POS crew, they are just lowkey about it!

  24. I’d like it if 80% of them said return to the house. If people opened theirs and questioned why they all said return to house, the producers say something like, “you all lie to one another and get lied to so often, we figured ours wouldn’t bother you.”

  25. Can’t stand Paul, haven’t since day 1. He is awful, and is stuck up Paulie rear end. What is that hideous tattoo on his chest lol

  26. Just in case anybody was wondering Bridgette no longer trusts Frank and is just playing this weird character around him. So, P&P’s plant worked… Y’know, ruining a friendship while the entire house is going to vote him out. Kudos, you’re jerks.

    • Big Meech did come and hug Frank after telling him he is going home, and then hugged Bridgette and told her that Frank wasn’t campaigning in a negative way at all. I hope this means I won’t watch any more live feeds of Bridgette alone having any doubts about Frank.

  27. Apparently Branden, the recapper, and I have very different definitions of what makes houseguest “entertaining” ?

  28. God, I love when my pre-season fave turns out to be my in-season fave. He’s ridiculous and awesome.

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