Diary Room: Adam Poch’s Player Rankings: Big Brother 17 – Week 7

Can you believe there are just 6 weeks until the Big Brother 17 finale? Once it’s gone, we will all be crying how much we miss this show.

Adam Poch on Big Brother 13
Adam Poch on Big Brother 13 – Source: CBS

BUT FIRST – there is so much game left and these people have been playing pedal to the metal all season long. Let’s take a look back at the Big Brother week that was and who will be dining on swine!

Steve Moses – 5 strips of Bacon – I know I will get people disagreeing with this, but I always say winning Veto while being on the block is the best feeling & best thing you can do in a week. He is still the shadiest person in there, but not on purpose.

He is starting to make his way around the house and talk game to a few other people which is kinda awkward at times. But not as awkward as when he is walking around the house alone doing strange things. Still, this is his 2nd Veto win of the season, both while being on the block, and I see a HoH in the near future for him.

Becky Burgess – 4 strips of Bacon – Becky won her 2nd HoH this week, but it is her first solo HoH and this time around she was calling all the shots. Last week I said I wanted to see what she did if she won HoH. No one really knew where Becky stood the first half of the game as she (dare I say) floated along riding the middle – but this week she had to show her cards. Her elaborate plan to backdoor Vanessa went just as planned, Yes she has a bit of HoHitis – but her refusal to make a deal with Vanessa & her “Black Friday” prep to deal with the aftermath of the renom were a thing of beauty.

James Huling – 3 strips of Bacon – after making the biggest move of the season last week – James worked his way back downstairs with no lingering effects of HoHitis. His grace under pressure has been tested, but James is the only one that never takes anything personally. With a big vote coming up this week, James seems to be the key decision maker for the Goblins and who ends up leaving this week is in his hands. Knowing Shelli is probably coming after him for getting Clay out (and stealing his sweatshirt) he is leaning towards voting her out this week.

Julia & Liz Nolan – 2 strips of Bacon (1 strip each) – ever since the two of them started playing the game together a couple of weeks ago – they have gone mostly under the radar. Neither one of them has shown too much of a game brain – basically falling in line behind Austin. This is good for them to get further, and they will both probably outlast him.

Jackie Ibarra – 1 strip of Bacon – The Goblins got their way last week by breaking up Clay & Shelli and Jackie was right there in the middle of it all. Her strong bond with Becky early in the game was useful this week as she earned another week of safety. She has fallen down the list of targets in the house and is showing to be a strong competitor. I expect more good things to come for her.

John McGuire – 1 strip of Tofu – you know it hurts me to give Johnny Mac tofu – and despite it being partially his idea to get Vanessa out this week – he has not done much to keep himself safe moving forward. His undying loyalty to Shelli will come back to bite him if she is the one that leaves this week. John has not done much else to work on building relationships with anyone else other than maybe Steve. I am calling it now, he will win the first Double Eviction HoH – and it will be hysterical watching him try to figure out what to do.


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  1. Once again, Adam, you’ve hit it on the head! And may I just say how much I appreciate the fact that you gave my nerd friend, Steve, 5 big ‘ol slices of bacon! I’ve been rooting for that kid from the get go. Also, I know it pains YOU, but it brings great joy to my heart that you’ve given John a piece of tofurky. Great job!

    • I was rooting for Steve in the beginning too! Now I wish he had worked on his social game a little more… He’s just so awkward and I’m assuming he’ll be leaving soon. :-(

  2. I’m OK with your prediction of JMac winning HOH….as long as Shelli is evicted. I’d love to know what has been racing through his head.

    • I also like the idea of Jmac winning HOH, especially if shelli is evicted. Cuz if he doesn’t win HOH, my boy is automatically going up

    • I predict that if JMac does win HoH, he’s going to go after Van with Austin as his backup plan. I suspect he’ll put up the twins and go for the BD of his target.

      • I hope he puts up van and austin and lets austin and the twins know if the veto is used a twin is going up. I would love to see how Austin plays the veto knowing Liz could be evicted.

      • That would be smart, but JMac is already planning that Shelli stays and if he wins HoH, he’ll put up the twins and BD Austin.

      • Better yet John, put up Austin and Vanessa and don’t tell them anything. Austin is kind of a smart man on that kind of thing, he will do whatever he has to do to protect his love Liz even if it means not using the VETO. Let Vanessa learn the hard way and I would put up Liz over Julia any day.

    • He’s obsessed with Shelli there is no way he will evict her. That’s why I want her gone before Vanessa, jmac and Becky are gagging to have her all to themselves.

    • He does, he mentions it in James’ ranking. I think it’s a stupid move on their part to keep Vanessa. Which is why I want to see Jmac win if Vanessa stays so someone can finally boot her. The smartest move for him would be to put up Van and Austin and put a twin up if the veto is used.

      • That isn’t JMac’s plan, though. First, JMac thinks that Shelli is staying. He’s “sure” of it. With that information, he said that his plan if he wins HoH is to put up the twins and BD Austin. So, if Van stays and JMac wins HoH, I think he’ll put up the twins and try to BD first Van and then Austin.

      • Actually, Becky recently warned Jmac that Shelli might be the the one leaving this week. Either way, Jmac’s plan if he wins HoH will work.

  3. Great analysis, Adam! I’d add to Van’s tofurkey that while she may not get evicted first, she has lost her support and doesn’t know it, yet.

    • I’d say she’s still in pretty good with Austin and the twins and a 4 person alliance at this point is pretty strong.

      • Austin & the twins have been trash taking Van among themselves. They want her gone. Their plan was to avoid her, until James offered them an alignment. They don’t trust Van and Austin is still mad about the almost BD. They just didn’t want to be the ones getting her out, so they need J/J/M to do it for them.

      • also they have especially seen how unstable V is these past few days, it’s been like Audrey 2.0

  4. Will you change your tofurkey of the week after last night’s shift? It was Vanessa who got in the Goblins’ ears with some tidbits about Becky and that’s why James convinced his team to evict Shelli instead. And it’s because Vanessa didn’t give up…

      • and yet we’ll get to see no doubt, and with much irony, in DR how Vanessa “completely redeemed herself” and got back in the game… can’t wait

    • James was already trying to think of a way out of keeping Shelli. Van just handed it to him on a platter. Van thinks she did the manipulating and saved herself, but it was really James wanting Shelli out more than Van.

    • LOL James played Sithe Lord Crazy Train. He knew she was dying to spill everything and would be willing to make a deal for DE. They had already decided to take out Sorority Princess Shelli because she has made it clear James is her target. Smarter to keep Crazy Train to go after Rat Becky if she wins and if she doesn’t then she’ll only have like 5 Crazy Train On the Block minutes. And Austwins are okay with getting Crazy Train out. This also means that you take Shelli out of the 4 and Becky’s game is exposed so they can use her if they need to. Jackie was the only one of JJM who wasn’t really on board because of her and Becky’s past friendship but she’s all for showing the Sorority Princess to the door now and Becky is disposable for Jackie

  5. I’ve been sorta rootin for Steve, as he comes from my territory…but he is a very odd person..I personally think alot of his shenanigans are just for show, as in the beginning, they were comparing him with Ian Terry..Not even close! Ian’s quirks were for real…talking to himself, rocking on the hammock…I think Steve is just doing a monkey see, monkey do…My final 2 pick? James/JohnnyMac

      • His non-jokes were pretty amazing in their awfulness, I really love anti-humor like that. ex. “why did the plane crash?” “because the pilot was a loaf of bread.” hahaha

  6. Double evictions are my favorite. I remember quite a few the second person being voted out was out of left field. Hopefully we can get another one of those…

  7. I think you have to give Vanessa at least a little credit for dropping the Generals bomb on James. He clearly focused heavily on it and I have to believe it factored heavily into him switching his focus back to Shelli as she is clearly a threat to him.

  8. Again this week I agree with your ratings and what you think of the houseguests. You got it right dude!

  9. Actually, Vanessa deserves 5 strips of bacon from saving herself from sure defeat to an outright win! She is going to go far and win this only because she is able to lie James, Jackie and Meg and they still think she is the best thing since, sliced bread. Tofurkey of the week should go to James, Jackie and Meg who managed to turn a winning hand into a losing hand. Reminds me one time I was at Circus Circus, Las Vegas playing blackjack. A guy to my right had an Ace and a Face Card (blackjack) and draws another card. Clueless. Pretty much describes James, Jackie and Meg.

    • I still think James was going to do this anyway – but Vanessa thinks it was all her doing.

      • Sorry, I disagree. Even now, James actually believes Vanessa when she tells him he is all alone in the house. James has said it is easy to target Vanessa because she is alone. He has not figured out Austin, Liz, Julia and Steve are Vanessa’s allies. James has no clue.

      • James may not know that the Austwins WERE really close to Van, but he figured out that they’d rather keep her over Shelli and used that. Austwins are going to dump Van ASAP, IMO.

      • Especially now that they have JJM with them. That’s 3 birds vs just having 1 bird in Vanessa, albeit Vanessa was a big one. And JJM talking trash (game talk, not “ugly” trash) about ok to target Steve, Becky & Jmac after Vanessa goes, was probably music to Austwins’ ears. They’re thinking they have 4 more weeks of no worries but that is only if JJM win all the HoHs.

      • Me, also, and it is good for Vanessa to think it was because of her. That feeds her ego and gives her a false sense of having more control than she really does, even though, to her credit, she is good at it.

    • She did not save herself. James gets angry at Shellie, then decided she must go so he will not be a target.

      • plus the Goblins still see her as on deck to go next, the only risk they’re running is what she’s able to do in comps to keep herself safe

      • The James gang also realize that Becky and Shelli are closer than they thought and that is a danger to their game.

      • that too, Shelli is no wall flower and equally dangerous and vindictive to boot, can’t blame James for wanting her gone 2 times

      • That was my fear, as well. Becky wouldn’t give her up. EVEN after Shelli picked Vanessa (Becky’s and Jmac’s main target) to play in POV which gave Vanesas a possible safe week. Go figure!

      • James, Jackie will be targets soon enough. You need numbers to survive eviction. He does not even know how many are on Vanessa’s side. Meg will only be safe because she will be a good Final 2 option. This a game of numbers and the greater numbers will win at the end. Odds are heavily stacked against James and Jackie lasting for long. After Becky and John gets evicted, James and Jackie will be next. If Becky or John wins POV, Jackie or James could be put on the hot seat. Vanessa is only waiting to regain full majority control of the votes. After that, she will go after Jackie and James. The time they save might be one or two weeks depending on who wins HOH.

  10. Vanessa only takes that hat off to spray her stringy mop with Lysol, not counting herself she is 99.9% germ free. What a completely disgusting crybaby she is… all the adderall abuse too, it’s not a legitimate use if it doesn’t calm you down… she’s so tanked her game nobody wants to work with her, not even the ants. She may get to hang around another week or so, but the first time she’s vulnerable again, she’ll be gone, delusional, two-faced, duck-lipt infant….

      • He is America’s Prankster ain’t he? I laughed my head off when he scared Twin 1 when she was getting in bed, and he’s gotten Steve several times…

      • Wow, I missed Twin 1 scare. He is a stitch. Bet he is really a good person. You have to have a sense of humor to live in that house with so many schizophrenics. LOL

        Also, I cannot believe how much profanity is thrown around like it’s their only method of communication which, IMO, does not look like a well rounded, educated people.

      • It was epic, they just about have to show it on broadcast, and yeah the filthy language 24/7 seems to be a BB tradition, which it doesn’t bother me at all.

      • It bothers me because it sounds like that the depth and length of their vocabulary, for college edcumacated, people. LOL

        If I paid all that money for an education and this is how I heard my child talking, I would slap them silly or make them pay every dime back.!

      • Actually Clay is the one that had left it on the counter before he was evicted. Pretty poetic if you ask me.

  11. Thank you for giving Vanessa the Tofurkey. Even though things are looking up for her, she has been a trainwreck this week!

    I have to agree with just about all of your assessments. I’m pulling for Johnny Mac to live up to you prediction and win HOH. I think if he does, he’ll go after Vanessa, and rightfully so. The smart thing would be to ideally have Vanessa sitting next to Liz to ensure that Austin and Julia vote her out. Never know how the POV would play out though!

    • They would have the votes anyway to boot Vanessa:
      Sure votes: James, Jackie, Meg, Becky (those 4 are all that are needed) since Jmac couldn’t vote (in that scenario). Plus I’m sure Austin and Julia would to save Liz over Vanessa(any of them over Vanessa).
      Steve is the only one who might give Vanessa a pity vote and based on this week, I doubt he would do that.

      • You’re right about easily having enough votes anyway, but when people are flipping votes the way these HG’s are there’s no point taking a chance.

  12. I also can’t stand when the twins state that they hate some of the people. Who do they think they are, hiding and using goofy Austin? ?????

  13. Love you Adam and your insights, as always…Sometimes they remind me I’m forgetting something important. Lol. I agree that an HoH is coming for Stevie, if he stays around a couple more weeks.
    I’d like to see Jmac win HoH as long as Shelli is already gone so he can “finish” Vanessa and target Austwins, as he was want to do before.
    I’m MORE excited this week and I didn’t think that was possible after last week. Even though it was a little antic-climactic that Clay was evicted when the plan was Shelli. But yeah – pumped for this week!

  14. I tend to disagree with half of your rankings and I did again this time. I’m still not seeing how the Goblins get bacon when they are absolutely clueless. They didn’t start playing until last week.

    • Its a week by week analysis – so its based on what they did this week that will help / hurt them in the future. Meg did not get bacon cause she is just sitting still. Jackie is still a firecracker & James is the brains of that group.

  15. I don’t see how Vanessa gets tofurkey of the week when she looked like she was dead on n the water after nominations. She has convinced the houseguests to evict Shelli (at this point). That alone should give her bacon.

    • She didn’t convince them, although I’d bet she thinks she did. James convinced his crew and Austwins.

  16. I agree with all that bacon, I just want JMac to win HOH and see who he puts up. Everyone in the house made the mistake of not putting up a twin in order to BD their target. Many good plans circled the drain

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