Who Should Win Celebrity Big Brother?

Tonight is Celebrity Big Brother finale night, and even though there are still five houseguests left, it’s all going to come down to one of them. But which one?

By the time the episode starts, the last person to be evicted before the final 4 will be decided, so their part in this article will be irrelevant, but alas, this is where we are. So we’ll be looking at all five players and decide who should win and who could win. We’ll start in order of who we think is most-deserving and work down from there.

Who Should Win Celebrity Big Brother?

Ross Mathews on Celebrity Big Brother

1. Ross/Omarosa. This season there’s not a clear front-runner if you ask me. Ross and Omarosa have both played different, but equally great games. Ross has done a bit of floating, in the true sense. He’s gone from alliance to alliance and it has worked out for him. The downside to that is these days, juries tend to not appreciate that kind of gameplay and will often not reward it. The same can be said of how fans react to that kind of gameplay. Fans tend to call someone who plays every side a rat. Is that fair? Probably not, because it’s a strategy that has proven successful in the past. Ross has also won competitions when it really counted, keeping himself in the game when he was Omarosa’s target twice.

Omarosa on Celebrity Big Brother

Omarosa, unlike Ross, has had no one in the game. She’s been a part of almost no alliances and has only made one or two deals. So, someone making it this far in the game playing by themselves is pretty impressive, especially when you consider they came into the house as a reality TV professional and an instant target on their backs. Omarosa also worked her asthma angle well. I’m not saying she faked anything, but she was able to seem less of a threat, even though she ended up winning competitions just when she needed, like Ross. She also played a bit of a shady game by planting seeds of doubts and sometimes flat-out lying. And that’s OK. It’s Big Brother.

So, I think I’ve argued a pretty fair case as to why they’re both at the top of this list. The only thing that could edge the other out at this point is if one of them has won HOH and sends the other packing first Sunday night (keep in mind, I’m writing this as if I know no spoilers).

Can Ross win? I think Ross can still win. I’m thinking these celebrities aren’t going to vote bitterly, just because Ross didn’t stay true to them. Shannon might, because she seems to be the least “celebrity” of them all in how she acts about her experience. I think Ross could win next to Mark, Marissa or Omarosa. Maybe not next to Ari. It’s tough to say.

Can Omarosa win? Omarosa has worked hard to prove herself to the other players. She’s done a lot of jury management even though no one is really sure how truthful she’s been. If you go back and watch, she always made nice with everyone she knew was about to get evicted. And when she evicted James this week, she was sure to remind the HGs how big a threat he was and that she was the one not afraid to send him out.

Ari on Celebrity Big Brother

2. Ariadna. I think Ariadna would be very hard to beat in the final two. She has played a great physical game and an even better social game. That being said, I don’t think she’s quite as deserving as Ross or Omarosa. But I know social games go a long way, so that’s why she comes in at number two. I also think she has a really good shot at winning the final HOH and picking who sits beside her. So her decision there will be everything.

Can Ariadna win? Absolutely. As I mentioned about, she’s going to be very hard to beat. She actually might win sitting next to any of them. She just hasn’t made anyone hate her. I think the only vote she could possibly lose is James,’ and that’s only if she’s sitting next to Ross.

Marissa on Celebrity Big Brother

3. Marissa. It was hard to decide on these final two spots because neither Marissa or Mark have been that great at the game. But Marissa has played a little harder than Mark. She worked closely with her alliances, and she was in almost as many as Ross. She stayed loyal to most of her alliance and tried to avoid direct drama.

Can Marissa win? There was a time when I thought she could. James even argued that no one can win sitting next to her in the finale. So I guess she could win? I don’t see how or why, but apparently she has a shot.

Mark prepares his next move on Celebrity Big Brother

4. Mark. So Mark claims to have not tried to win any competitions. And as we saw the time he won HOH, he was given that win from James. Did he even want it? Who knows. And speaking of that HOH, he kind of let James control it, and they sent out probably the weakest player left in the game. Brandi wasn’t going to win any competitions. James was playing personally and Mark let it all happen. So that’s why Mark, in my opinion, is the least-deserving.

Can Mark win? I don’t think Mark can win. The only way Mark can win is if he’s sitting next to Ross and these celebrities are as bitter as your average recent houseguest.

So there you have it. Let me say, though, that I think everyone this season (aside from Metta), played their asses off. Even Keshia, who threw in the towel played a fierce game. It was refreshing and I would’t be bummed if any of these final five won the game.

Who do you think should and can win Celebrity Big Brother? Vote now in our poll below:


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  1. Just not Marissa.

    I can see Marks floater strategy working if someone pulls a Cody.

    Omarosa will likely be evicted.
    She’s worthy of winning if she had gotten to the end.

    Ross has been strategic all season, won when he had to, reigned in his allies as needed except for Brandi, and even then he tried. Short of a bitter jury, he should beat Marissa or Ari.

    Ari is well liked, conducted herself with class and was fun, was strategic though followed Ross’ lead allot. She’s a smart cookie but Ross edges her out in worthiness because he did a little more.

    But Ari should beat Marissa if she takes her to the end. She could beat Ross if it’s a bitter jury.

    • You are good at the strategy side of the game. You need to go play. I think you’d kick arse in the social aspect, also. It’s much easier for my simple mind to let production play the chess game and sit back and watch their strategy, but I do so enjoy your comments.

  2. Production has done a great job in promoting their chosen guy, Captain Pervy, especially if you are a television only BB viewer. He has looked very comfortable, not stressed, as if he had nothing to worry about all season. I’ve always enjoyed watching Ross in his element. Ari will do well in life. Mouthrissa needs to stop with the valley girl lingo. She is irritating. I don’t remember ever seeing or hearing Mark perform but he seems like a fairly down to earth guy. Pondarosa will find her way back to the bottom of the pond before long. That’s how she makes her living. A little can be entertaining but goes a long way. I’d have to say, BB wouldn’t have been the same without her. One thing is for certain, a show without the mances is much better. I’d love to see a regular length season without any. Production seems to promote them so I don’t see that happening.

  3. Personnally, I’d like to see Ari win, but the only way she does that is if she wins the last HOH and cuts Ross out of F2.

    • I voted Ari for AFP (Not that you asked). She’s just so sweet and beautiful, a rare combination on reality TV these days.
      For some reason I don’t think she will evict Ross if given the chance. I hope I’m wrong and you are right. Sweetheart Ari would be a great winner (As long as Julie keeps Steve Harvey out of the studio). v(‘-‘)v

      • Haha, yes let’s keep Steve away from there!! I voted for Ari too, for the same reasons. What we know is that she will be graceful in victory or defeat.

  4. I LOVE ROSS BUT I THINK ARIE IS SMART AND SWEET. I LIKE HER TOO. I WOULD NOT MIND ANY OF THE 4 WINNING ( o EXCLUDED BC SHE IS A HORRIBLE PERSON) The way she talks down to people trying to make them feel small, most especially the way she spoke to Shannon. It was hard to witness, It made my blood boil)

    • Yeah I really detested the race card thing she pulled with Shannon. It was completely uncalled for.

  5. If they were each truly playing to win, they would send Ari packing and keep Omarosa for F4. I don’t think any of them could beat Ari in F2, but they each stand a decent shot against Omarosa who never really gained a single buddy in the house.

    Overall, I would rather see Ari win than Ross. And I would rather see any of them win over Marissa.

    • I really liked the actress Marissa from the remake of Hairspray, which is the only thing I’ve seen with her, but she is one of those annoying talkers that like the sound of her own voice. I can’t stand those people.

      • Si many people talk about Marissa and hairspray. But most think she was in the remake with John travelta. She wasn’t in that movie, she impersonates the character of Tracy on a broadway play.

  6. Anyone but Ross. Hoping Ari wins final HOH and takes Mark. But she promised Ross and I think she’d win against him. Ross would have Marissa, James and Mark voting for him. The rest I think would vote for Ari. He may just throw this HOH as he made sure yesterday everyone would take him. And that way he doesn’t get any blood on his hands. I would love that and then nobody takes him.

  7. I’m for Ross all the way , I believe he has played the best game. He has kept things going on all sides of the game. He has made no enemies . Except Omarosa ( she hates all of them ). Good luck Ross.

  8. Anyone but the devil, OMABISH. She is insufferable. I’m glad BB finally showed what a bitch she was/is and always will be, on the show last night. She’s evil imo. Might sound dramatic but she never tells the truth, in any context. Doesn’t matter which show, which interview, whom she’s talking to. If her lips are moving, she’s manipulating, lying and making everything about her and how she’s been wronged. Her aim is to diminish and belittle everyone and everything.

    I find it funny and quite ironic she compared working in the White House to working on the Plantation last night. Guess she forgot these words that came out of her horse mouf…
    “All the detractors, all the haters, are going to be bowing down to President Trump.”

    Robin said it best…..


  9. Look at the foreheads of Ross and Mark in the above photos. Is Mark the one who said he missed a procedure and would need to start all over or was that Brandi? Ross hasn’t missed any. I’m just envious.They won’t allow them here in the home.

  10. Rooting for Ross. He lied at times, but that is Big Brother. His game wasn’t like Dan’s (second time), Nicole’s (second time), or Paul’s (second time.) I also think he had the best combo of strategy and comp performance.

  11. I think Ross wins the first CBB. I think he certainly played the best game, aside from Omarosa.
    Now that Ross has both HOH and Veto, it’s a certainty that Omarosa will be the 5th Runner Up. To be honest, I’m o.k. with any of the remaining houseguests winning.

  12. Ross or Ari. I want Ross to win, but either would be fine by me.
    I think between the two, Marissa, Oma, Shannon, Brandi and James may vote for Ari to win. Ross was behind most of the evictions.

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