Tonight On ‘Big Brother Over The Top’: Double Eviction Show & HoH Competition

Big Brother is back tonight with its weekly live show and it’s about to be twice the excitement with the season’s Double Eviction event when things kick off at an early, 5PM PT (8PM ET), showtime.

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Double Eviction live show

We’re heading in to the show with expectations for who will be the first Houseguest evicted but as with all DEs there are a lot of twists and turns this night could take so buckle up!

Most important to note is the early start time with things kicking off two hours early at 8PM ET instead of 10PM ET but just because things start early doesn’t mean the night will be over quickly. It looks like we could get things stretched out for hours between the two rounds of evictions with a delay for the next America’s Vote in this abbreviated round.

There won’t be an America’s Nominee or America’s Eviction Vote but we will get an America’s Care Package that will give one HG the Power of Veto. CBS has that voting window going from 12AM ET to 1AM ET which is strange when aligned with the showtime of 8PM ET hours earlier. We’ll have to wait and see how it all plays out.

Update: CBS updated voting times to 7PM PT (10PM ET) for one hour to get the Care Package decided before the second half of the night’s events. That’s a lot better than midnight ET!.

Be sure to tune in tonight on the Live Feeds to watch this week’s show as Big Brother winner Rachel Reilly returns to host the HoH competition following the first eviction of the night. The stakes are high and the odds are stacked against the Smashers as they’re about to be down to just two members against LNJs growing strength.

With just Morgan competing for HoH and eligible for the Veto ACP it’ll be a tough, but not impossible, path to reach safety for her and Shelby. She’ll need to beat out Danielle, Justin, Kryssie, and Whitney in the next HoH comp to keep both of the last Smashers off the Block. If that doesn’t work then her backup is winning the ACP and considering viewers’ support of a back and forth power shift I think there’s still a shot it could happen!

Who do you hope will be evicted tonight? Morgan, Alex, or Whitney? Be sure to cast your votes today in the official CBS poll to decide who gets America’s Eviction Vote.

Remember the BBOTT schedule has nominations on Saturday and Sunday night then Veto on Monday and the Veto Ceremony on Tuesday before the next Wednesday eviction. There is a short lull after the HoH comp for nearly two days but once things move again it goes quickly.

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  1. Unless Morgan wins an HOH…Alex and Shelby will go tonight and Morgan will be the remaining one of her group left…hoping she fights and plays better without her sister in the house as her sister was definitely the better player…even if she wins Care package…she can only save herself and even Whitney will put them up…

  2. Is this the first time in BB history that a nominated houseguest won’t have a shot at winning the veto? That’s some bad luck.

  3. I read an announcement that the time for Care package voting has been changed to 7:00-8:00, pacific time today. This is posted at Jokers as a header notice at the top of their opening webpage.

  4. What’s the deal with krissy, has she been sick, does she have a mental illness( I’m being quite serious and not trying to sound mean) I haven’t watched any other tv (at all) in 2weeks and lately it’s always pajama bottoms a hoodie and sunglasses constantly, she’s also been more quiet too, I can’t tell if she has been sick or is sick of the house. It seriously looks like she’s trying to make herself invisible, I have also questioned if she had drugs brought in and was on heroin, something is a miss and I don’t know what but she needs to go home and be “whatever she’s being” in her own home with her family, the lazy ZERO effort ( washing dishes or a countertop doesn’t even count!,) needs to end ( and she’s not the only one we know who they are) I hope these guys make the most of this double eviction seeing it’s for money not prom nominations!

  5. I don’t understand why Alex and Morgan don’t try to use their secret as a way of staying in the house. Alex could go to Jason and tell him she knows of a big secret twist (she has to upsell it a bit ofcourse) because she is part of it and promise him to tell him as soon as they (LNJ) vote out Danielle. I don’t think it would work but you never know. The inner fans in Jason and Danielle might get intrigued enough. At least it’s better then laying in bed waiting to get kicked out. Any thoughts?

    • I don’t think there is any thing the sisters can do together that would save them both…Alex needs to throw Morgan under the bus to stay… even that won’t work…any attempts to vote out Whitney will go straight back to her like any other time it has happened..

      • Yeah that could be a possibility too. I’m really disappointed in them not trying. I would have expected that from Morgan but not from Alex.

  6. CBS has announced that tonight’s Care Package will be open to ALL Hg’s no matter if they’ve gotten one before. Now I’m not one to buy into conspiracy theories, In fact I’ve chided people who post them. I am however finding it quite the coincidence that as soon as Jason’s CP is gone (Shelby’s too for that matter) that they decide to do this. I’m not making accusations, I’m just putting it out there for discussion.

  7. I am confused, why isnt the double eviction available to watch on CBS all access. I watched the eviction of Alex but it says it is a double eviction night. I didnt know it was airing 2 hours early or I would have watched it live. So who was the other person evicted?

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