Diary Room: Derrick Levasseur’s “Weekly Warriors” – Big Brother 17 Week 2

Once again, it has been another crazy week for Big Brother! I think it’s safe to say that the houseguests are playing extremely hard right out the gate. I don’t know what it is. It’s almost as if one or two of the houseguests started strategizing early on and instead of the remaining houseguests just letting them expose themselves, they let them set the pace!

Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16
Derrick Levasseur, winner of Big Brother 16

The real question is, will they be able to maintain this rapid rate of fire or will they burn themselves out while a few others jog right past them to the Big Brother 17 finish line. Before you know it, we’ll have our answer.

Although it feels as if everyone is scrambling, there are still a few houseguests who I feel represented themselves as warriors for the week. It’s only fitting to start with John McGuire, a warrior for the second week in a row. With all the chaos going on in the house, John has managed to avoid all of it. Sure, he’s been put on the block two weeks in a row but he has never been the target. As I said in last weeks article, as long as there is a battle of the block, he will always be a strong candidate as a “pawn.”

Although he remained low-key, John has started talking game with a few houseguests and is building relationships. He’s also proven that he can win a competition when needed. The alliances he’s building, coupled with his ability to win competitions, will be crucial when he takes it out of cruise control and hits the gas.

My second warrior for the week has to be Vanessa Rousso. After a rough (and emotional) first week, Vanessa has settled in nicely. She’s talking game and building relationships with numerous individuals in the house. I like the fact that she talks to some more than others but she still makes a conscious effort to communicate with everyone. Her poker skills and ability to read people have served her well so far and she appears to be pretty accurate when she talks about other Houseguest’s intentions and the alliances that are forming.

Vanessa does sometimes come off as socially awkward when talking with others but I almost feel that everyone views her as less of a threat because of it. Vanessa has all the tools to win this game. If she continues to build relationships and pulls off a couple competition wins, she can really take control of the house.

As for those who have not impressed, I could say it’s Da’Vonne Rogers because she’s on the block but that’s too easy. Don’t get me wrong, she obviously did something wrong to be there but I’ve seen worse and this week that title goes to Jeff Weldon. Although he may feel like he’s in control, Jeff may find himself on the outside, looking in very shortly. Already referred to as the “male Audrey” by some houseguests, Jeff’s game is becoming apparent. He likes to play both sides of the house and he’s not subtle about it.

Jeff may think that no one has caught on to him but just like Audrey Middleton, some of the houseguests are starting to connect the dots and compare his stories. He appears to be very emotional when he doesn’t get his way and tends to scramble. If this behavior continues, his dream of being in the jury house with Liz and Julia Nolan may be crushed.

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  1. I think Derrick wanted to say houseguests refer to Jeff as ‘male Audrey’ not ‘female Audrey’

  2. If Van is so good at reading people, why is she tattle-telling everything to dumb and dumber (Shay)? She played the Julia/Liz perfectly, but instead of keeping it to herself or letting in just their ally, Austin, she goes and spills it to the dumb duo.

    • I think they are trying to forming an alliance, including the twins for numbers. UGH! I was beginning to like Van, but if she has a “serious” alliance with Shay, I think that would be a huge mistake on her part. I admit, I am behind so I may be completely off the mark.

      • I thought the alliance was Vanessa, Liz, Shelli, (with a side order of Austin).

  3. Matt, on twitter you posted twin pics and asked if they were the same or different. Both pics are of Liz. At one time Liz and Julia had bangs, but both are growing them out. Liz either started earlier or her hair grows faster, because on their left side, Liz’s bang growth is just past her chin. Julia’s bang growth is only to her nose/mouth. Also, Julia’s eyebrows are much higher and thinner. (ETA: If I was on twitter, I would have answered there.)

    • You’re an awesome fan, Redroses. You’re great with the details. Thanks.

  4. Love the commentary Derrick. Hands down one of the best big brother players ever, next to Dan and maybe Dr Will. Hopefully you’re right about Vanessa, I’m a poker player myself and have known of her years, but it’s interesting to see her out of her element a bit.

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