‘Celebrity Big Brother’ Spoilers: Who Won HoH Round 4?

Head of Household comp on Big Brother

After the first three rounds of eliminations on Celebrity Big Brother, we’ve arrived at the first Live Feed Endurance HoH competition. We’ll be recapping the comp and results here as we watch it live as it plays out on the Feeds so follow along both and join us on the Feeds to watch it all.

Endurance HoH on Celebrity Big Brother Live Feeds

The latest eviction show ended with another HG voted out of the house and eight left in the race to win the season. Read on for the Big Brother spoilers revealing the latest results for the HoH competition in the next round of Big Brother as these HGs battled it out for control.

HGs have to hold on to chairs, a modification of The Wall where they usually stand. Last HG standing is the new HoH while the first three to fall are stuck on Slop for a day.

Celebrity Big Brother Round 4 HoH Comp:

  • 7:10 PM BBT – Feeds return! Everyone is still in the comp.
  • 7:15 PM BBT – All players remain seated in their chairs…
  • 7:20 PM BBT – BB is showering them with something shot from cannons
  • 7:25 PM BBT – No one is making deals yet. Mark’s junk hurts
  • 7:28 PM BBT – Metta falls. He says he was too big.
  • 7:35 PM BBT – BB shoots t-shirts from cannons at the HGs
  • 7:36 PM BBT – Ross drops next.
  • 7:40 PM BBT – Ari whispers to Metta that Brandi voted against Mark.
  • 7:45 PM BBT – Ari has been whispering more. Ross knows now about Brandi’s vote.
  • 7:50 PM BBT – Marissa, Mark, Omarosa, Brandi, & James remain
  • 8:00 PM BBT – HGs hanging on there. Not much talking in the chairs.
  • 8:01 PM BBT – Mark is down. 4 remain.
  • 8:04 PM BBT – Marissa falls next. Omarosa, Brandi, & James remain.
  • 8:15 PM BBT – HGs are staying quiet in the comp & hanging on
  • 8:20 PM BBT – Marissa says James is close to falling
  • 8:25 PM BBT – Brandi is down! James & Omarosa remain
  • 8:27 PM BBT – James takes Omarosa’s deal & drops. Omarosa wins & is HOH!

Omarosa is the new Head of Household. Oh this is doing to be a wild round!

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  1. marissa said her vajayjay is fine..so she’s still there. I think her back and her belly is her problem.

  2. If Omarosa wins the HOH and somehow manages to evict Marissa, it’s possible I could even become a new fan of her’s :D

      • This is true but I’m hoping since she swore to God that this time she’ll keep her word. If not, her pastor husband might not be too happy.

      • The only reason I think James is safe is because getting rid of him doesn’t help her game at all. Neither does getting out Metta or Mark.
        Can’t wait for the noms now.

      • Looks like Ross and Brandi are on the block. I knew Ross might be. He’s her target, not Brandi. She still wants a woman to win, mostly her, but a woman nonetheless! hahaha Brandi wants to make Oma her biatch. Let the drama begin now! LOLOL

      • I just logged on here and turned on BBAD and I’m so happy to see Ross OTB. If Shannon still cares I bet she’s pleased as well. Ross isn’t too chipper on BBAD for a change for Marissa will not shut up. They were in the backyard talking about recipes and of course her fog horn voice overrode the whole lot of them and nobody else was able to share their recipes.

        I hate to see Brandi on the block but after whatever VETO is chosen there’s a chance we’ll get rid of Marissa yet. I don’t think the guys will vote out Ross even though they said they would.

        Maybe the DR will sent Brandi a couple of bottles of her favorite wine and the fur will start to fly!

      • James needs to form an alliance with Omarosa now, along with Metta and Mark. It’s going to be so much fun watching the alliance of 4 turn on each other.

      • She has been very insistent about the women sticking together (of course, then she kind of went after Shannon) and a woman winning. We’ll see if she sticks to that now. I’m hoping she goes after Rose and uses Mouthrissa to do it. Mouth is already talking about Rose saying Omarosa wasn’t a threat and now look. I think she would throw Rose UTB in a New York minute.

      • Omg yes!!!! That’s what I’ve been saying someone needs to get 2 of them up and then they’ll all turn on each other!

      • Not to be too rude but I’ll be gloating as each of the alliance of 4 marches out the BB door :D

  3. I’ll miss Shannon – liked her. But I understand the decision. Do people think Brandi voted to evict Mark in order to get Shannon’s jury vote? I guess I would like Ross to win HoH, though I doubt he will. Haven’t loved his game, but it’s not so weaselly that I will disregard him being one of my two favorites.

  4. You are all so funny, if I was Allison, there would be a stage with instruments and a mike where they could dance and sing . Heck they could even put a jam feed channel ! Don’t you know that agents hate to see their talent lying around ! You are BB you can decide when the stage is open !!!

      • oh yes…..He must have used the AR money to buy the ring…The race tells me (from watching) that they are the same 2 arrogant lying backstabbing 2 faced reality players I have ever seen,…especially Jessica…Its possible they do win AR…..u never know..

    • Ari – where have you been? Teams/alliances never last long, especially this season! & of course Ross is going to use it when needed!

  5. 🎶….Something’s got me reeling
    Stopped me from believing
    Turn me around again
    Said that we can do it
    Why’know I want to do it again…..🎶

    WIN MARK!!!!!

    • Really? Why is Mark all of a sudden a threat?
      A bigger threat than the biatch? Bigger than James? Bigger than Ross? Bigger than Marissa? Bigger than Brandi? Bigger than herself?
      I would think Mark would be the lowest on the totem pole as a threat!? Unless I missing pieces of this puzzle!?!? 🤔

  6. HOPEFULLY Brandi losses her sh*t when she finds out Ari -quickly- spilled the beans on who she voted to evict! & there’s a good catfight! Hee hee 😜 <> 🤭

      • Ahhhh I see!
        I don’t know much
        NO access to live feeds and no access to big brother after dark 😡

      • No 😢 it’s no longer on slice 😔
        I am Canadian remember, I cannot subscribe to CBS All Access 😠

      • What??????????
        When did you become Canadian? LMFAO! Did I know that? I didn’t know that! Your Canadian? Where do you live? Why did I not know this? And more importantly, how the heck do you get it???
        I tried signing up 4 or 5 different times last season and every time it accepted my money but would not give me access!
        I am super confused hon, I didn’t know that you were Canadian did I? LOL this is really tripping me out!

      • We don’t get BB Canada, I’ve seen Sweetwater , The Pretender and that DaVinci show about the mayor of Vancouver . Invisible walls are worse than physical walls, have to crash, like to see how it ends but don’t think I am going to find out tonight . Later

  7. Ari trying to make sure Brandi is a target before she is. Smart girl. Brandi should have known better than to tell anyone about the vote. Not smart girl.

    • I thought those two would be solid to the end!
      That said, Ari isn’t very smart for throwing Brandi under the bus when she could be the next HOH! Ari would’ve been smarter to wait! She quickly through Brandi under the bus 🤷‍♀️

      • At first, I thought Ari was depending on Brandi. During Ari’s HOH, that changed. Brandi needs Ari, but Ari doesn’t need Brandi, imo.

    • Okay Ari …… Cuz NOW you have some big secret to share with Marissa that you already told the rest of the house!

  8. Thank goodness I’m not watching because reading it is excruciating. Marissa needs to shut the F up.

  9. Thank God it’s only until Monday. I don’t think I could stomach a full week of her.

    Oh, wait. I’m not watching the feeds. Extra bonus!

  10. Rigged!!!!! James wanted Oma gone, but was told to let her win since everyone was gunning for her.

    • Sounds about right! So does that mean production also promised him safety?!? The veto?! Hmm 🤔
      IF James ends up being safe then, totally rigged!

  11. RIGGED!!!!!!
    Cyril said it, the biatch had on a seatbelt! LMAO 🤣 😉 🤣
    THANK GOD ASSAROSA isn’t the HOH for an entire week! Gag 🤮

  12. I see a lot of brown nosing and worry lines forming in Rose’s near future. He must be having palpitations about now.

  13. I think I am voting for Spotlight Veto. Then one of her noms has to come off. Diamond would also be ok.

  14. THE ONLY thing I believe about that biatch is that she wants a woman to win this game therefore, I would assume she would be putting up 2 dudes? BUT she promised James safety???
    THERE IS NOOOOOO WAY James would believe her! NO WAY!!!!! He would’ve stayed up there and fought to win! So…………IMO……… The ONLY reason James dropped was because Production TOLD him to let her win & in return, they would keep him safe (without the HOH win she was likely getting nominated/going home!) THATS THE ONLY reason he would of made that deal!! I truly do not believe in any way, shape or form that James would have trusted her and given her the HOH! Not a chance!

    Plus they put Velcro on her a$$ & the seat! 😉

    So, what is the biatch going to do??? Ross and Mark? IF she really wants a woman to win! 🤷‍♀️

    • That woman changes her mind (prerogative gets in the way) more times than she does her underwear! Hopefully she’ll keep her promise, but I doubt it. Bye James or Ross!

      • No doubt! I mean, of course if she changes her underwear at least once a day 😉 but, I do believe she wants a woman to win the game. And I bet production told James to give it to her. So, we shall see! If she keeps him safe then we know for sure they did

  15. & WHY does CBS want the biatch to stick around so badly? I mean I understood in the beginning because she was going to be the main source of drama/entertainment but now, I don’t get it!?!? She’s not really doing much. I don’t think she is anyways??

    • I think because people dislike her so much. It’s psychological. If you see someone on TV who’s deplorable it makes you feel superior and in shock they’re still there. It draws us in. If you had to choose between watching someone boring who doesn’t illicit any emotion from you (a prime floater) or someone who generates great feeling from you (one way or another) who’re you going to pick? We generally LOVE a bad guy/girl because we can’t wait for them to be defeated. It’s exciting.

  16. Can’t believe I’m saying this but I’m glad Omarosa won. Now she just needs to put up Ross and Marissa. Karma.

    • I actually agree. Not really rooting for anyone if them now, it’s just a matter of who needs to get off the camera first. I know O doesn’t want a girl to go home, but hope springs enteral that production approves sending Marissa home asap. Then Ross.

  17. Who will be first to tell Morosea about Brandi’s hinky vote to try to put a target on Brandi? I think it will either be Mouthrissa or Rose.

  18. Okay…8 guests left and here’s the remaining schedule:

    Sun, Feb 18: 8-9PM
    Mon, Feb 19: 8-9PM
    Wed, Feb 21: 8-9PM
    Fri, Feb 23: 8-10PM – 2-hour episode
    Sat, Feb 24: 8-9PM
    Sun, Feb 25: 8-10PM – Big Brother Celebrity Finale

    We already know how a finale works but does anybody have a guess about what’ll happen each night? I think Julie said Noms on Sunday 2/18? That means seven left. If there’s an evic on 2/19 that leaves six. A double on 2/23 leaves four. Another double on 2/24 leaves two for the finale on 2/25. Does that sound plausible? (I’m just guessing here.)


    • Yeah you might be on to something there. I was thinking since we know Monday will be a single eviction and they seem to have HoH and noms episode after an eviction my guess is Monday will be a single eviction, Wednesday’s episode will be an HoH and noms episode and Fridays episode will be a double eviction (which will leave five) Sat. Episode will probably be a surprise eviction which will leave four going into finale night but one would get evicted before the votes so there will be three houseguests remaining on who will be the winner of CBB. I think during the first week Ross stated something about the producers letting him know that there will be three finalists instead of the original two but I may be wrong. For all we know Friday may as well be a triple eviction with a surprise eviction on Saturday. Guess we’ll just have to see.

  19. Shannon saying the worst part of being in the house was boredom. Gee, she was there what – 17 days? How about giving her a shot at the next 90-day round. These people really need to find ways to amuse themselves when they’re away from their always-busy lives.

  20. I am 100% all in for James! Making the deal he did with Oma was perfect! If Oma wants people to think her new found *Pastor* Calling, she will keep her word.
    That said, it paves a fairly clean path for James. Noone is really talking about him lately, as the Women, with Ross, are all so busy attacking each other!
    Does Metta even know he is in a *Game* yet? And Mark, I can see him getting picked off sooner that James…

  21. what are the terms of this deal with Omarosa and James? I saw last night Shannon told James to break up the F4 group, maybe she has the same plans. When she says a girl should win, she wants to be that girl who wins, otherwise she probably doesn’t care.

  22. if she smart break up the Ross and Marissa team,,,Ross is calling all the shots in the house for everyone,,,that would be Shannon revenge and I make like it again,,even so I’m not an Omarosa fan, I do hope she sticks to her promise to james, now james wins next wk and bam who is left brandi and ???. Oh by the way knuckle heads in the house James is the biggest player in the game not Shannon, he could win every challenge. Ok let’s see how this goes

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