Celebrity Big Brother Episode 2 Recap: Twist Threatens To Derail The Women’s Power

Celebrity Big Brother’s three-night premiere continued Thursday night as actress Shannon Elizabeth came into power as Head of Household and promptly learned that a twist could threaten her reign and that female alliance that has already been forming.

The episode picks up right after Julie dropped the “HOH Recast” bomb. Someone could end up with the power to recast Shannon with themselves as HOH, giving them the power to make the nominations for the ween instead of Shannon. And the twist is definitely making the houseguests nervous. Ross tells them that some of them might end up in unitards, which I think everyone more afraid of than being nominated. James, of course, says he has nothing to fear with this twist. Insert eye rolls here.

Since the girls are really set on sending a guy home this week, they know they have to work this twist to their advantage. If there’s any way for one of them to get it over a guy, they’re going to go for it, they decide.  Elsewhere, the guys are starting to figure out they might be outnumbered. Mark and Chuck agree that Shannon is a threat and that she is probably assembling a girls’ alliance. So their only hope right now is for one of them to get the recast power, Mark says.

Shannon finally comes out of the Diary Room with details on how the twist works. It’s conviluded like most Big Brother twists. So each person has a gift bag. Some of the bags contain dumb BB swag like baby costumes and unitards. One (or maybe more) bag contains the HOH recast power. This gives that person the chance to take over as HOH before the nomination ceremony and make their own nominations on the spot.

Apparently this twist is in play until the power is used, meaning before every nomination ceremony, the TV will alert the HGs they can go into the DR to decide they want to open their bag. If more than one person decides to open it, then who gets to actually open it will be decided by random draw. And as I kind of said before, once it’s used, the power is over for good.

The girls grow more worried about this twist and decide to come up with a plan. Shannon and Marissa decide that one of the girls has to go into the DR to open their gift bag no matter what. Every girl is going to request to open their gift bag so one of them has a better shot at getting the power.

While the girls are busy playing the game, James and Chuck are off revealing to us that they have known each other for a long time and are obviously in in an alliance. And they decide to name it. And James comes up with one of the worst alliance names in history. The Celebrators. Insert cricket noise here.

That alliance thing, however, isn’t the dumbest thing in that house. No, that honor might go to Mark McGrath. When Shannon asks who his biggest threats in the house are he tells her James and OH, YOU, SHANNON. YOU. The current HOH. And Shannon, being the super fan she is, knows just how dumb it was for him to tell her that. I’m trying to refrain from making a Sugar Ray “Fly” joke right now. Maybe later.

A little later James also tells Shannon she’s a threat. So Mark and James are now tied for dumbest HG.

Shannon definitely knows now that it’s going to be a women vs. men war so she decides to enlist a spy in Ross. And he’s more than happy to team up with the girls because he’s always better with girls anyway, he says. So it’s decided. It’s the women and Ross vs. the rest of the men.

And because I like to call myself a thorough recapper, I have to at least mention that it’s now time for some segments on why CBS cast Omarosa. She decides to actually discuss where time with the Trump administration. She also compares Trump to Bill Cosby to Keshia, reminding her that she stoop by Cosby when all of his sexual assault allegations came out.

OK, enough of that. This is Big Brother not current events.

It’s time to see if anyone wants to check their gift bags! Chuck decides to go for the bag. So now the girls and Ross are going to line up and force a draw. Shannon tells Chuck that he was not her target but now she’s suspicious of his decision. Chuck knows he’s in danger now.

Since more than one person decided to go for it, they now have to have the random draw. Each person who went to the DR drew a color chip. It has to match the chip shannon draws. She draws the orange chip. But who does it belong to? We will find out during the nomination ceremony.

At the nomination ceremony Shannon has her nominees locked in, but the gift bag winner gets to open their gift bag if they choose. And they choose. It’s Keshia who had the orange chip and she decides to open the bag. And she has the power. She recasts Shannon as the HOH and she must name two HGs on the spot. She nominates James and Chuck.

So just like that another Big Brother twist flops right out the gate. You’d think production would just stop with these silly twists. Remember the Tree of Temptation?

What did you think of the second night of Celebrity Big Brother? Who are you rooting for?



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    • Not sure. It’s a three week series. So they’re going to have to have multiple evictions weekly.

  1. I’m absolutely disgusted at all of the airtime they gave to the Omarosa snowflake garbage.

    And this statement is coming from one of the most staunch liberals you’ll ever meet.

    Politicizing Big Brother is absolutely disgusting. Pathetic.

    • That was my thought… I mean damn, I watch Big Brother to escape from that crap, not to watch even more of it.

    • Totally annoyed!! If I wanted to bother with that crap, I’d spend more time watching the news! Didn’t hear much complaining from her when Trump was writing her checks. itch Please… you’re not fooling us!!

      • Good Luck with That!
        Anti-Trump people already hate her, and now the Pro-Trumpers are going to hate her, too.

      • with that sad face she was making – she may have turned the other around. she’s Omarosa – she like the coc in the old fable – you know when you get her she’ll try to eat you alive to win.

  2. Trying to get into this Celebrity BB but it’s not easy. They should’ve recruited better celebrities.

    • Let’s face it, what celebrity on the top of their game would agree to this show? I’m sure they wouldn’t have the extended time, or need the money.

  3. Oh and… researched Metta’s “Panda’s Friend” clothing line.

    Just know, please, that not a dime goes to anything even remotely resembling charity.

    It is pure profit notice.

    They are NOT friends with pandas. It is a ruse. 😉

  4. Really don’t want to see James gone and so soon.

      • Cuz like Shannon said, “Sorry girls, the eye candy may have to go”. And of course us guys who find him nice to look at. lol. I actually thought I would like him, but he is not showing a good side of himself on the show. Very arrogant and something is off. Not sure what it is. So only his look is appealing and should stay for now IMHO. Plus Chuck is a bore and really did screw everyone over.

      • Or is Chuck the one male who figured out “hey, the ladies are in power and gonna put us males up anyway…. minus well try and turn this around!” ???

      • I think he is the only one to know for sure, the rest are assuming that this is happening but Chuck figured it out that they were.

  5. I refer to it as BCBB. (B-list Celebrity Big Brother)
    I guess at this point I am rooting for Shannon. She is smart, knows the game & seems quite athletic.
    I love Ross, he cracks me up! That comment in the diary room about having to do a lot of sucking had me laughing out loud.
    Brandi totally turns me off. What a narcissist. And from what I have read of her antics last night, Brandi is a good name for her. (Lush would probably be better, but her Mom would have been hard pressed to put it on her birth certificate.)
    And, speaking of narcissists – We have Omarosa. What a farking gash! Quite frankly, I hope she is around for a couple of weeks just to catch her “poor-poor-pitiful-me” show. That act she put on with Ross last night about her total devastation as to how her devotion to tRump turned out, should win in the Worst-Supporting-Actress Category.
    James is too much like Paul for me to ever like or support him.
    I do like the fighter, although he made a huge mistake going for the swag bag.
    The rest are just still blending together. So, I really don’t have an opinion of them quite yet.

    • Shannon is definitely my favorite, by far, at this point. It’s a shame that everyone is already viewing her as a threat. It’s going to be a long road for her to the end.

    • My god. Perfect synopsis. I was racking my brain trying to find out what the heck is up with James. I loved him before he went on the show and can’t stand him right now (except eye candy). However, your comparison of James and Paul are perfect…..Bingo. You have solved what I have been trying to figure out. Thank you.

      • I would say it’s a Paul/Paulie mix with James…There are things I liked about Paul but his second season left me cringing and Paulie was a d-bag right from the get-go so James is not really doing well in my opinion. Nice to look at but I am sure, that is part of his problem.

    • The only thing I will add to this is that Chuck is the smartest and most daring and is there to play the game. Don’t run and hide like the other guys are doing. I would say Ross has to turn in his man card but that ship sailed many years ago.

  6. CBS has fixed Big Brother outcome for years. This is no different with the bag deal. What are the odds that a orange chip would be drawn and the bag being owned by a female and having the winning card in it? I would like to have seen the bag of chips tossed out on a table. Probably they were all orange. Big Brother needs to get honest or shut down.

    • It was interesting that they didn’t let us actually watch the draw– so we had no idea who actually had what color, we just have to take their word for it. Riiiiiiight.

  7. Brandi for being such a truth cannon is about as interesting as watching paint dry.

    The whole Girl Power is also dull.

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