‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

The biggest Power of Veto competition yet on Big Brother Over The Top has arrived as the two sides of the house remain divided and this week’s eviction plans hangs in the balance. Will the Smashers lose Shelby or will LNJ say goodbye to Jason? It all comes down to this event.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

There was no America’s Vote this week and no third nominee at all. With Justin holding immunity this round the only options for eviction are Kryssie, Jason, and Shelby. One of those three will be going home just shy of the F4 round as we close in on the BBOTT season finale on December 1st.

Today we’ve got Morgan (HoH), Jason & Kryssie (noms), and Shelby & Justin playing for the medallion. Even though Jason and Kryssie were sent to the Block this Veto will be the decider on the final noms of the week. LNJ is playing to save Jason while Smashers want to keep him and Kryssie in place so Shelby can stay out of the danger zone and in a voting seat this week. If she’s up on the Block then the other side will have complete control and she’ll be gone.

Order was drawn as Justin going first then Shelby, Morgan, Kryssie, and Jason going last. With everyone going one at a time this is going to likely draw out the event though some of these have gone much faster than others.

Rules: HGs must crawl through a maze to find 3 ears of corn then race to the exit and hit the buzzer. They must have all 3 ears of corn in hand when they buzz in to finish or they will be disqualified. Fastest time wins.

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Big Brother Over The Top Spoilers: Week 8 Veto Competition – “Maize Maze”:

  • 12:35 PM BBT – HGs waiting for the comp to kick off.
  • 1:00 PM BBT – Morgan returns from the DR. Individual performances.
  • 1:16 PM BBT – Justin heads to the backyard. We see it’s a maze puzzle.
  • 1:23 PM BBT – Justin starts his maze journey.
  • 1:25 PM BBT – Justin finishes in approximately 1m56s.
  • 1:35 PM BBT – Shelby’s turn begins.
  • 1:39 PM BBT – Shelby struggled but finally finishes at approx 4m23s.
  • 1:49 PM BBT – Morgan’s turn begins.
  • 2:00 PM BBT – Morgan had serious issues on 3rd piece. Approx time 10m59s.
  • 2:08 PM BBT – Kryssie’s a go.
  • 2:10 PM BBT – Kryssie is done with an approx time of 2m04s.
  • 2:19 PM BBT – Jason begins his turn.
  • 2:20 PM BBT – Jason is done fast! His approx time is 1m29s.
  • 2:49 PM BBT – Results confirm… Jason won the Veto!

Official times:

  • Jason: 1m30s
  • Justin: 1m56s
  • Kryssie: 2m05s
  • Shelby: 4m24s
  • Morgan: 11m00s

If you missed any of action then you can later rewind your Feeds to 1PM BBT and watch it again. CBS should also include results and clips in the daily recap video either tonight or tomorrow.

What do you think of the PoV Comp today? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up Tuesday at 1PM PT (4PM ET) and we’ll post live spoilers then.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the latest drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Go ballsmashers! I will be rooting for them. We need Jason out of the house. All he does is lay in bed wallowing in self pity anyways! How you doin!

    • So guess it’ll be Shelby leaving now, huh? No way will Jason vote to send Kryssie home, nor Justin either for that matter. Darnit! I really wanted to see Kryssie going home once and for all! Guess she’ll be going to F4, though! Poopieducks! :-)

      • Yep Shelby deserved to be in the F3. America screwed up a long time ago by not getting rid of disgusting quitter Krissie.

      • I wasn’t referring to Shelby being a sore loser. I was referring to your recent comment to me, saying I shouldn’t be a sore loser remember?

        Morgan, winning ACP…aka POV, that gave Morgan immunity, kept Shelby, safe. ACP / POV prevented LNJ nominees from competing in a veto competition because there wasn’t any.

      • So you saying a comp isn’t fair because your favorite didn’t benefit from it and me saying I think Shelby deserves F3 you think are the same? I’m stating who I think deserves F3 which isn’t being a sore loser. Your saying a comp isn’t fair because it didn’t benefit your favorite which to me is a sore loser.

      • If Shelby, deserves the Final 3, she would have won the POV! Shelby benefited from Morgan’s ACP/POV and the Do-Over with Jason in the previous POV. Well Shelby didn’t have the benefit of guarantee safety, now she’s going home.

      • Sure she’s going but it doesn’t mean she doesn’t deserve to be in F3. What has Krissie done? Oh yeah she rolled a ball to get an HOH. A crap shoot. Oh that’s right she quit a POV comp and also threatened to quit several times. What has Justin done? He won a POV when it was a double POV otherwise he wouldn’t of won that because Alex would of beat him. That’s my point. Shelby deserves to be in F3. Am I disappointed? Yep but hey it’s a game.

      • It can’t be a competition, if a competition doesn’t exist now can it? You said America got it wrong for letting krissie hang around?

        Some would argue, Morgan should have been gone, a long time ago. Alex, clearly carried her sister.

        And yes, it’s a game, both sides are guilty of insults, regardless of what you consider severe, and simply BUD LIGHT.

      • Sha…tried to send you a message but it blodjkd me & said deal with it!! :(

        yep yep. u mean! ;)

        JK… lol! Seriously tho, just wanted to say I miss ya here hon. Wish you would come on board more often.

      • Yay! :) It’s getting down to the wire now. I’m bummed Shelby might go though. Hopefully there will be a twist or something that could send Kryssie home instead.

      • Wouldn’t that be great? I REALLY like Shelby. I have from the beginning. Kryssie is just a big blob of…blech (as in the Oxford Dictionary definition: an over abundance of mucus).

  2. Justin beat Shelby’s time in this comp! If Justin sticks with LNJ…Shelby is going home.
    Wow! I never thought Justin would beat Shelby in ANY comp. This sucks!

    • I’m with you. Glad Jason is safe but can’t celebrate Shelby going bc she’s earned it. I just know she’s passed the bar and has that to look forward to at least.

  3. Funny how the “we’ll be right back sign” showed up 2 times during Justin’s run, and when the picture came back he was finding corn, what a joke- Rigged !

  4. Ohh stop with the rigged non “sence” it’s fair game bye.. bye Shelby!!!!! Hahahahahah

  5. I’ve been everywhere in here!!!! It’s right around the corner, she thinks it’s a dead end Hoe bout you actually look, a plastic she really is

    • If you look below it was a typo, it meant to say how okay so shut your mouth and actually read beyond to see the whole truth

    • if you wanted to talk about the look, Jason looks very bad too and have such bad skin, look at his face with all the pimples, he can’t even talk normally like a man and his mouth is dirtier than my toilet at home.

    • Especially Morgan. Wow! Almost eleven minutes! And… holy bleep! Who expected lazy Kryssie to do it in 2 minutes? Not me that’s for sure!

      • Last night, Kryssie and Jason were talking about having played the entire season compared to Morgan and Shelby, which started me scratching my head. Kryssie played the whole season? She quit most of the time midstream. IMO she was a waste of a BB player. Wished they’d gotten a better one in her place. Daggone it! :-)

      • I agree. She’s done nothing. They sure could of picked someone better. Especially since she was recruited.

      • Kryssie did a lot this season.
        It takes a lot of energy to get up off the couch to get some food and shower. That was her strategy.

      • Shower? When? Her terrible yellow blonde hair dye job is killing me and her roots growing out make it look even worse

      • I do see her shower a lot. She washes her hair. I find it disgusting when I never see a HG showering or washing their hair like Zakhya last season.

      • I have 4 kids (8 and under!) so I don’t get to watch feeds as much as I’d like!! Her hair dye job is killing me though!! It’s hard to get dark hair a good color blonde — my hair is black, I’ve tried it so I know lol… she should consider going light brown with highlights. Would look good on her!

      • Is it cursing or cussing. I always had trouble with that. Shelby has a potty mouth as well.

      • I like ‘cussing.’ ‘Cursing’ is when you swear and uppity people shame you for it…’cussing’ is when you swear and people don’t get a stick up their backside about it. Lol…
        Seriously though, you’re right–in the South, more people say ‘cuss.’

      • Lmao! I always thought cursing was something that happened *to you* if you failed to say your ten hail Marys’ after church on Sundays!! ;)

        Did my grandma lie to me?? lol!

      • EXACTLY! ‘Cursing’ always seemed to have a religious undertone to it…’cussing’ is for back-sliding Baptists like me. HA!

      • lmao!! I’ll go with your version…don’t mind cussin’, but cursin’ is a whole other kettle of fish… Cursing makes me think Linda Blair, head spinning and green projectile vomit action!! haha

      • LMAO!! Yes..that’s exactly what I meant, but couldn’t quite put it into words. Thank you for doing that for me. :-) That’s the kind of thing K would do—pick up on what I was fumbling for, then clarifying it.

      • Now I feel honored… :)

        I miss K. She showed up a couple of times, but I don’t think she had the feeds. You guys cracked me up last season so bad! ;) Looking forward to next summer as well.

      • There’s a difference between cussing and being a down right pig. Jason and Kristine can’t complete a sentence without the “F” word.

    • That was great, can’t stand those horrible people! I hope Jason wins, he and Shelby have played a great game. Morgan, she sucked and is boring as heck. Eats all the time!

  6. Welp there goes Shelby… :( Hopefully Justin realizes that he cannot beat jason in the finale.

      • True but he doesn’t know that. As a house guest you don’t see America’s popularity polls every week. The only thing that they know is that Jason has a HUGE following already. Morgan and Kryssie are the only people he can beat.

      • Yeah, but you have to think about it… the BS have received most of ACP…In addition, Shelby has NEVER been nominated by America, so it stands to reason she is liked. If Justin doesn’t think of that, believe you me, Kryssie and Jason will remind him of it.

    • Who knew she could move that fast… guess we haven’t seen her preform on her knees before until now ?

      • I’m with you 100%. I’m gone after Shelby leaves. I won’t vote for one of those three and don’t care which one wins. Actually I hope Justin wins because that would drive Jason and Kryssie crazy. The whole deserving it thing. Kryssie and Jason are so delusional. I can’t wait for them to see what people thought of them.

  7. Well bye, cause her game has expired!! LNJ has at least 2 of their members in the finale we win key comps always have, they are going to win this game ?

    • Yep he did Cy. Some people may not like his potty mouth, but he does win crucial comps when he has to. I’ll give him that. I’m just bummed b/c this means Shelby is, more than likely, going home… and I love her!!

      • I like Shelby too. I thought her prospect of winning this game was good. My vote will go between Shelby or Jason as the best strategist/game player here..

      • Mine too. Those two were my front-runners for best players… I really hate to think of Kryssie in F3! Aaarrrggghhh!!!!!!!!

      • And like you, knowing that K can forever say “I made it to the F3” with her already overgrown ego, knowing she doesn’t GET IT… ughhh!!!!!!! THERE IS A REASON YOUR LAZY TAIL MADE IT TO THE F3!! Talk about riding people’s coat tails… ??

      • I’m really torn. I do like Jason (don’t always like what comes out of his mouth though) and always have. Literally couldn’t stand Shelby at first. She toned it down, stepped up her game, learned how to play BB and rose to one of my favorites. Now out of everyone there, she has EARNED this and while sometimes she can annoy me (Jason can annoy me also lol) I hate to see her go so I can’t really celebrate this veto at all.

  8. He did that in like a minute in a half! Wow!

    Well, he has once again won POV when he absolutely had to!! I’ll give him that.

  9. It enjoyed being able to watch the comps and see the first week of the season. Now I dont think I want to watch the LNJ for the rest of the season (poor Morgan alone). Cancelled my feeds. Happy for Jason fans. Hoping for a good cast next summer.

    • I keep my feeds year round because I enjoy getting to watch other CBS shows commercial free. I can even enjoy it on the normal TV via the PlayStation now.

  10. Props to jason when his butt was on the line that boy did his thang he deserves to win this game. I’ll say this for Shelby. She was a good competitor and she also deserved to be in the final. But such as life she will do a wonderful job in summer bb. Go Jason.

    • Agreed. I really wanted it to be Shelby & Jason together in the finale–they deserve it more than any of the others.

      • Agreed, Matt…that would’ve been a very tough vote. It’s always good BB drama when the two best players are in the F3 and Shelby & Jason are definitely the two best players of the BBOTT season.

    • I don’t think so…I think she just got all turned around. She kept going round in circles, but kept missing going down that one aisle…

  11. Jason is freaking out in the yoga room!! He has no idea he’s won & is driving himself crazy right now begging the BB Gods to be kind to him and what not… lmao…funny feeds. ;)

  12. I didn’t watch since I just turned it on, but I am glad that Jason won. Please Kryssie go home already. I much rather have the two girls from the other side stay over Kryssie. Justin and Jason to the end.

    • Shelby is probably going home b/c when Jason comes down Morgan has no choice but to put up Shelby and I cannot see Justin or Jason voting out Kryssie.

      • Darn. I forgot that America is not voting anymore, but regardless Shelby would get Jason and Justin’s vote. She won’t win the prize that’s for sure.

      • Shelby has already won, in my
        Book anyway. I just KNOW she passed her bar and when Jason, Justin and K figures out Shelby played them like a fiddle ALL season I’d like to see their reaction… she’s beating them in real life as a lawyer… Win it or not she won’t have money issues once she starts work!!

      • It’s good that you are thinking positive. She has plans and hopefully things will turn out for the best. I did not want her to win and although I think Morgan and Kryssie should have gone first, I’m glad Shelby is getting evicted and it seems that she has given up anyway.

      • I literally couldn’t stand her the first few weeks. She grew on me. She can still annoy me but I’ve come to see that Shelby likes to throw tantrums and that’s apart of her — and will help her put a dent in sex trafficking. I can totally see her kicking butt in court. Lol… i agree, k and Mo should have gone first out of the 5 left too.

  13. This sucks, Shelby is probably going home!!! I wanted her, Jason & either Morgan or Justin in F3. More than anything though, Shelby & Jason deserve to be in the finale. They played the best game.

  14. Well Shelby deserves it the most just like Paul and Vanessa did. I also think Jason has been overly nasty and cocky, even if there is some entertainment factor involved. So sad for Shelby. Jason does need the money and I hoped both Shelby and Jason could stay, but could not be done.

    • me too, but I doubt it. Jason and Justin are both loyal to her. There is still another HOH left though and she could go, but I think they would all agree that Justin should go since Kryssie is a floater.

      • Yeh…wishful thinking on my part. But WOW…Jason pulled it off in record time when he really needed to! Who’d a thought. And Kryssie too? Can’t believe she finally showed up to play again! :-)

      • Yeah, who’d have thunk it that she would do this comp in 2 min-5 seconds!! Cy said she farted her way through it and that propelled her faster! haha

      • We didn’t just show up… we just hadn’t seen her get to show us how she handles things on her knees before today… ?

  15. Well the game is over for me because I won’t watch that ignorant loud mouth Jason win all he deserves is a one way ticked home and he should take that disgusting bulching Krissey with him. Maybe next season they’ll pick better players.

      • LG, you’re not going to quit. You’re just mad right now–like I was after Vic got evicted in BB 18. I was like, “that’s it… I’m done.” But I wasn’t, because I am a true BB fan–like you. You’ve been watching since season 1…me since season 6 (although I have binge watched all 5 seasons b4 season 6) and even when our faves do not win, we still watch because not watching and not knowing who won would be sheer torture!! ;) lol!

      • No I won’t quit watching. I want to see who wins. But I won’t vote for Krissie, Jason or Justin if they’re the F3. And if they do this next year I doubt I will keep the feeds after the summer BB. Unless they change America controlling the entire game.

      • I knew it. :) And that’s okay. BB makes you crazy doesn’t it?? ;)

        I’m torn right now…I wanted Jason in F3 b/c I thought his game play put him there, but I wanted Shelby for the win. I do not want her to go home! :(

      • Someone made a comment on another site about a game changing ceremony on the 26th. Do you know what that’s about?

      • No, but if by some BB miracle Shelby stays I will be so so so happy!! Let’s keep our *collective* fingers crossed something does happen unexpetedly that allows Shelby to stay in the game.

      • That’s what I’m hoping for. I remember awhile ago Julie saying there’s more twists to come. And so far there hasn’t been any. Just the CP. please BB have some kind of twist that brings Shelby back. I mean we all know she’s the one going.

    • The game is over for me too after Shelby leaves, watch that toilet mouth Jason wins is not fun and entertaining.

      • I figure all the fans who were rooting for Shelby will throw their votes to Mo and there are a lot of fans who really dislike the LNJ therefore I’m confused on why some are assuming Morgan has no shot at winning if she’s in the F3. LNJ fans will be splitting their votes between Jason and K, if Mo is next to them then she will get tons of votes by default simply because people don’t like Jason or K… so if she wins this challenge against Justin, I wouldn’t count her as getting 2nd place just yet. K will however certainly get 3rd.

    • Wait til her DR session. We won’t get live DRs from here on out, but they’ll show them in the recap of it! :-)

      • I’ll have to do a flashback of that…didn’t stick around after comp…dinner and all that to get on!

      • You should Joni… She is getting Morgan all pumped up instead of whining and moaning about what we all know is about to happen…her eviction. I love her spunk and her spirit. Hope BB brings Shelby back.

      • She’s trying to find the humor in it all…I love Shelby’s spirit. She is pumping Morgan up instead of bemoaning her own fate!!

      • Yeah. I do think it’s a little fake, but I think she shouldn’t give up and speak to the guys about getting rid of Kryssie.

      • If that happened…I’d be so so so happy!!!! But… I am not going to get my hopes up about that b/c I highly doubt it is going to happen. Both Jason & Justin have said they will take Kryssie to the end with them.

      • I think everyone should try until the last minute but I don’t see it working this time. Justin is so wishy washy, maybe if they tell them Shelbys lawyer secret then he will think America wouldn’t give $ to her and want to take her instead? Who knows but still… I’d like to see Shelby fight to stay more so than this.

      • I think Justin has just been playing the game. He had to socialize with both sides and tell them what they wanted to hear, but he has seemed to be loyal to Kryssie and Jason from the very beginning. Any alliances he made was for his security, but wasn’t going to be loyal to anyone other than his original members. Justin bugs a lot of people, but I have enjoyed watching him the whole season. He played both sides, but seemed genuinely friendly with everyone.

      • Shhh… don’t tell everyone but he’s always been a favorite of mine. He’s so quirky and different… he has been enjoyable to watch on the feeds. Without him, a lot of it would have been more boring. There’s a lot to Justin than meets the eye and I think a lot of people wrote him off before really giving him a chance. He’s not had an easy life yet he’s very humble and thankful. “Blessed, grateful and thankful”

    • I love how she said she would throw a tantrum and maybe they would let her to go her aunt and uncles some on thanksgiving ??? she said they hate it when she throws a tantrum!!

  16. This season is over for me, I know that Jason played a better game than his first time but his nasty attitude screw everything. BBOTT was a good season in the overall, the cast is better than the BB18 Cast, I hope see Shelby and Alex playing again, both girls deserves a second chance.

      • Me too, they’re great players and also great TV characters, if season 20 is an all-stars season I hope see both them along other houseguests that deserves another shot (Becky, JMac, Victor, maybe Porsche). I hope CBS bring back Shelby and Alex for a normal season.

    • What do you mean? Shelby is smaller than Jason… If this comp was good for him, doesn’t it stand to reason it would be good for her too?

      • This game is rigged for Jason. He just happens to win when it is convenient. Just like Nicole last season.

      • You could make the same argument that it was rigged for the girls. Big Brother wants to make the show as interesting and dramatic as possible

      • I agree, but Jason is definitely their favorite to win it all. I did see that they helped out the other side as well.

      • Both sides received crucial ACP’s all season long. The conspiracy theories have to stop… these comps were live. No help was given. Jason just happened to do better this time than Shelby did.

      • The viewers like veterans, and this season they love Jason. They know this and want to please.

      • If the game was rigged for Jason… Shelby would not have been given a do-over in that last HOH imo. She broke the mirror… BB production would have just DQ’d her if it was rigged.

      • His knees were bloody after this comp! He was literally racing through it.
        He won it fair and square. If there was a comp that had a taint to it…it was Shelby’s HOH win when she broke the mirror and then got a re-do.

      • Some people just refuse to accept defeat even when its crystal clear and have to find excuses — there’s no way production rigged this. I’m NOT happy about Shelby going but I can’t claim the rigged crap when something doesn’t go the way I want it to then be happy about a care package America voted on that said veto then magically became a veto and save a friend? Doesn’t make a lick of sense.

    • It wouldn’t change anything. It would be 2-1. Let’s say they flip Justin, with the 1-1 Morgan would kept Shelby.

  17. Well that stinks. This season will go down as having the worst winner unless Morgan can pull it off.

    • What? Why? Because Jason has a potty mouth and talks trash? There have been a lot of BB players who have talked trash and yet still won BB. Jason has played a good game of BB. He was a returnee who should have been gone right away. If he wins, he has earned it. NOW…if Kryssie or Justin win…then yes, your post will absolutely be true!!

      • She might have stood a chance in a traditional season. Sadly, BBOTT was a good idea in theory, but America’s jaded influence pretty much killed it in practice.

      • I want to hope she can convince someone to vote out Kryssie, but my logical BB game brain says “no way”. See, this is where Shelby shouldn’t have been so against Jason either… ugh! The power flips so fast in BB. Best place is neutral. Justin is actually sitting pretty in this game and it sucks b/c he does not deserve to win it.

  18. See a lot of people upset about Jason’s attitude…he literally said on day 1 he wasn’t here this season to make friends, he was here to win. Just because you aren’t nice doesn’t mean you aren’t deserving

      • No there’s really not. He’s a douche. Ok? Who said he had to be a good person? People will like Jason for Jason, and some people won’t. That doesn’t make him any less deserving of what he earns

      • I’m nowhere near being Jason’s biggest fan, but if he does win this season, then at least we’ll have a winner who did play the game (he played a dirty game with at least one unnecessary move that nearly screwed him, but he played game nonetheless). After him, Morgan is most deserving. She’s won 2 comps (a Veto and a HOH), compared to Justin and Kryssie’s 1 win, both of which were luck based and could’ve gone to anyone. But even I acknowledge that if she miraculously ends up in the F3, she can’t beat Jason. For her, it’s guaranteed second.

      • Agree 100% Saturn. Yes Jason can say some pretty disgusting things most of the time, the fact that he escaped eviction the first week, and some how manage to get a group of newbs to trust him and manage to get this far while being a Vet-threat proves that if he’s sitting in final three, he deserves the win hands down. The thing is vets play a more dirtier game the second time around due to the fact that they don’t want to have to come so close only to lose it twice. Jason has played dirty but there’s no reason for him to not win the title unless you know he gets evicted.

      • That’s for sure. Which is why I find it so interesting how people vilified Nicole for doing the same as Jason. Especially when Nicole was definitely a kinder person during her time in the house than Jason’s been this season. I don’t want to think it’s just because Nicole’s a caucasian blonde while Jason’s a homosexual because I’d hate to think that little of people’s humanity, but it certainly makes me wonder, especially in this climate we’re currently living under here in the US. Because to excuse Jason while bashing Nicole for that reason is just as wrong as if it were the other way around.

      • completely different, you are comparing Krissie, morgan and Justin, 3 should i say useless comp people to Paul.

      • I agree. Say what you want about Andy, but despite his vile personality, he did play a really good game. Same with Nicole- petty but played good. And I can’t believe I’m saying this but Maggie did play a good game in BB6. Granted I don’t like Maggie but she played a good game and there’s no shame in that. Same with Amanda and Vanessa- vile people but played good games.

      • I love this blog because people are respectful of each other opinion. So don’t get me wrong,I just have a question… how did he earned it? With the way America was involved, it seems to me the people at the end didn’t earned anything. He started with a huge fan base and it must have gave him an advantage. For the rest, he got an alliance that seems to be all enjoying to b1tch all day with him.

        I’m not seeing for no one in this season how they earn it. Because America involvement was just too much into play.

        In all respect of your opinion.

      • America didn’t save Jason when his butt was on the line. Jason was the one making the moves to secure his safety

      • Nothing of the disgusting comments he did brings him further in the game. If so, I don’t understand how calling girl slut ho or anything about their female part is a smart and strategic big brother game.

        It was all unnecessary. I’m very sad if someone like this wins it. But like I said before, he will blow the money in a year or so and be back at mama basement. Sadly.

      • Exactly. I get that everyone lies and trash talks about everyone. But you’re right those kind of comments just turn people off. He lost a lot of fans by acting the way he has.

      • I would like that. He should realize he won’t win against Jason. His popularity has gone way down since the beginning.

    • It’s just that he isn’t nice. It’s the fact he acts like the messiah and talks rather disgusting crap. Not to mention he tries to act like he said nothing wrong which he did.

      Evel Dick wasn’t nice. Rachel wasn’t nice. Paul wasn’t nice. And yet they are loved. That’s because they know they’re the villains and they’re easy to root for because they’re not trying to be posers.

  19. Ok, reading the times, there’s literally no excuse for the girls. All the LNJ members had better times than them, even Kryssie. Today was not their day

  20. The thrill of victory, the agony of defeat! From ABC Wide World Of Sports 1970’s and 1980’s. LNJ Final 3!

  21. Go ballsmashers, go Jason! Boo Hoo Morgan and Shelbly. You talk horrible about others and you should not win. I hope Morgan goes next. She is such a horrible person too. Lazy, both of them. Shelby, being a wanna be attornery got you no where in this game except booted out the door. Not sure you will even get hired if you do make it because you have such a horrid attitude towards others. Morgan, you are not all that, get a job & grown up. Your make up obsession and orange tanning lotion are orange as can be. Find a sugar daddy, you will need one. Your game sucked, Shelby walked all over you as far as game play. Love seeing you girls cry like babies, you deserve to be bashed like you bash others. Ballsmashers are great, I hope one of them win, Jason is my pick but any of them are great human beings unlike Morgan and Shelby.

  22. Might as well just cut Jason the check now. Shelby was the only one who came close to beating him at F3.

    Morgan’s only shot is to win the next HOH and cut Jason then. At that point, she has a case. But with Jason in the house, it’s hopeless.

    Meanwhile, is it plausible at this point to say we are all agreed that vets should NOT be apart of BB19?

  23. I cancelled, last day 23rd, will have to check out Jokers for winner. Did not like OTT at all, will stick to BB

  24. Well, we can hope the Ball Smashers can bring Justin over, however unlikely it will be. Shelby is my favorite. :/

  25. The girl have to flip Justin. It’s doable if they bring all the right arguments. Jason never been America nominated neither have not. He got care package not by default, he was voted back in. Justin has a better chance to win against Shelby (wink wink). He seems easy to influence. They have to try.

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