‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition Results – Who Won PoV?

The very first Power of Veto competition live on the Feeds for Big Brother Over The Top has arrived today as we prepare for the 1PM PT (4PM ET) event where Jason, Danielle, and Cornbread are preparing to compete for their Big Brother game.

Power of Veto competition on Big Brother

Cornbread was just sent to the Block by America’s Vote but he’s got Monte, Alex, and Whitney playing in his corner, a big advantage over Jason and Danielle who are playing alone in this competition. Ready to see how this all plays out on the Feeds? I’m anxious to see what we’ve got and if you’re signed up for the Feeds then you can watch too!

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Big Brother Over The Top Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Competition:

Considering how the HoH comp lasted 24 hours I wasn’t sure what we’d get with this but it ended up being a lot of fun. The comp lasted thirty minutes and we got to see it all play out on the Feeds as the HGs ran around looking for clues to solve the challenge.

If you missed the action then rewind your Feeds to 1PM PT (4PM ET) and watch it again. CBS should also have the clip posted before too long that you can watch if Rewind isn’t available for you.

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Today we’ve got Monte (HoH), Danielle, Jason, & CB (Noms), and Alex & Whitney (drawn players) competing in the Power of Veto competition. Shane is hosting.

  • 12:55 PM BBT – Feeds cut presumably to prep for comp…
  • 1:01 PM BBT – Feeds return. HGs in the backyard. Comp is “Veto Vault.” HGs must figure out a 4-number code to win. Clues around the house will reveal the digits to use.
  • 1:04 PM BBT – Horn blast starts the comp. HGs race inside.
  • 1:08 PM BBT – Danielle tries. Wrong guess. CB tries. Wrong. Danielle tries again. Also wrong.
  • 1:10 PM BBT – Everyone has tried so far & gotten it wrong. Whitney tells Monte what she tried.
  • 1:12 PM BBT – Monte & CB sharing what they’re trying. Everyone working together but Jason & Danielle.
  • 1:15 PM BBT – HGs wandering the house & then getting in line to try it again.
  • 1:20 PM BBT – Camera keeps showing the kitchen table (chairs).
  • 1:25 PM BBT – HGs keep trying & then going back in to count & inspect.
  • 1:30 PM BBT – Jason gets the code (2449) right!
  • Results: Jason Roy won the Power of Veto

What do you think of the PoV Comp playing out live? What should happen at the ceremony? The Veto Ceremony will be coming up Tuesday at 1PM PT (4PM ET) and we’ll post live spoilers then.

Turn on your Live Feeds and enjoy the drama. Watch it all now live & uncensored.


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  1. Gee, who knew Jason would win? Production had to keep him in the house somehow or they would look pretty stupid bringing back only one bit.

  2. I missed the whole thing, but happy Jason won. Hopefully this is not another one of production’s attempt to get a vet to the end. I like Jason, but want him there fairly.

    • No way. We saw the entire thing play out. No one is allowed to say “rigged” this season.

      • I will need to rewind and watch it since I just turned it on. Very happy, but hopefully Danielle won’t be the one out. Most of the girls don’t like her.

      • Sounds like Kryssie or Shelby is going up, and Monte has a lot of numbers on his side – Scott, Shane, Whitney, Alex, Morgan. Neeley for sure won’t vote out Danielle (especially after her talk with her last night). Jason’s gonna vote out CB. That’s 7 votes right there going against either CB or Kryssie/Shelby. Danielle should be perfectly safe this week.

      • I wouldn’t mind wither of those two girls. Khryssie was barely talking to anyone before her necklace lit up and this is a woman who does not shut up. Her face screamed petrified. Her attitude completely changed once it lit up. Shelby’s reaction was also a bit exaggerated.

      • I’m probably in the minority here but I was actually hoping that America would’ve nominated Shane. I voted to nominate him lol! He just works my nerves when he’s in a conversation and is totally not getting what the person is saying. He replies with super random answers and the person either says no or just ignores him lol! But that’s just me, I only needed to see this through one full night and I was done with him lol!

      • I just think Shane is good looking and seems to be a nice guy so I don’t want him gone right now. Monte is the bad apple of the bunch.

      • Yeah, the best thing about OTT is that it is ALL live! There is NO doubt Jason earned this one.

  3. For years, we’ve watched the HGs count things in the house, and we’ve always laughed at them because that’s never the point of the Counting Comp. But this season, we saw just how that kind of comp can play out.

  4. Yay go Jason! Now they just need to rally up enough people to send cornbread or the new nominee packing!

  5. Monte has sourpuss face. He looks like someone peed in his Cheerios!! LOL! They (Shane, Monte & Scott-the rat) were already counting Jason as gone this morning and talking next weeks noms… NOW, his grand plan is busted!! Hahaha! Welcome to BB Monte!

    • I mean, even if you don’t like Jason, we know for a fact that Jason is a force that will go after Monte next week… is that not sth to be happy about?

  6. I’m having a lot of trouble rewinding to the veto comp. The flashback doesn’t seem to work. Did it start at 4pm or before that?

  7. Monte keeps saying to Jason “See, this is why I nominated you…You’re a great player..haha.” He’s saying it in a joking manner, but he’s simultaneously kissing butt and throwing Jason UTB by telling the house (over & over) that Jason is not only a vet, but a good competitor!! UGH! If the next HOH doesn’t do it, I am SO nominating him (Monte) for eviction next week!!

      • Can’t wait to vote for Monte next week and the following and so forth now! He really needs a set down badly and will need to redeem himself big time to me! :-)

      • Sadly we can’t vote for a houseguest week after week. We’d have to wait for the upcoming week after the week he was nominated

      • Right?? Now he’s trying to make deals with Jason saying “You know if you win HOH next week and nominate me…you’ll be targeting a big threat…I can always be a big target, so it would be good for you to keep me” …blah-blah-blah! Funny, Monte didn’t see that logic when nominating Jason. HUH?

      • Jason’s got Monte’s number. Watch him talk about it to Kryssie and Neely later! haha

      • Oh you know he will. Neeley and Jason have a great relationship going so far–Kryssie too. I hope if Krys goes up, Jason can rally the votes to send CB packing instead of either D or K.

  8. Hahaha! Jason just said the one good thing about OTT is the fact that it is live so no one can say the competitions are rigged! LOL!

    • I never saw him counting flowers or chairs. I was watching all 4 cameras. I don’t see why production doesn’t allow us to see all of the rooms at one time if we feel like it and watching them set up is better than listening to their boring conversations. I’m glad Jason won and don’t care that Alex whom I liked is against him and playing with Monte.

  9. Bet Cornbread is scared now because America put him up. Will be interesting to see if the house guests take him out because of that. Really glad to see Jason win the Veto!! Was a easy cheap move by Monte to go after the 1 returning vet.

      • I’ve been watching since the Veto, and man!..that ‘Fan vote is really playing tricks on their mind. It’s whack! lol..and I love what’s doing to the players.

      • You hear the most ridiculous interpretation of the ‘vote’ from the HG’s ha!..a lot of them are (in your dream/wishful/keep thinking that..lol etc

      • I wasn’t sure how I was going to like America having this kind of power…but you know what?? I find I like–no, I love the power!! *Rubs hands together* Now let’s evict Corndog and all will be right in my BB world!! Mwahahahaha!

      • Doubtful. Most of the house are against anyone close to Jason and Danielle because of Shane. I hope he puts up Shelby, but Khryssie may be going home if she goes up. America only counts for one vote.

      • I know. I worry about that b/c she is an ally to Jason, but maybe Jason can rally up some votes by putting the alliance between Monte, Shane, CB & Scott on blast. We all know he is definitely the “mouth of the south”!!

      • I actually thought of that when I wrote that, but mouth of the south just seems to fit him, even tho his accent is anything BUT southern! :D

      • The Power? I find it cool!..somehow I breath better with this particular BB season. Ha!

      • Not even close. He got too cocky. That is NEVER a good thing in the BB house, well, unless you’re Will Kirby! Hahaha!

      • Did you just hear what Monte said? “If Jason hadn’t won the veto he was for sure going home!” Geesh! Seriously?

      • I know. And yet, he’s trying to talk Jason into keeping HIM if J wins HOH next!! Jeez…hypocrite much??

        I’ll tell ya one thing, Joni my friend, if the next HOH doesn’t put Monte’s butt OTB…WE will right?? haha!

      • Jason is safe this week, but he needs to kiss some behind if he doesn’t want to go up every week until they vote him out. I think only Neesy and Danielle are on his side.

      • Scott is supposedly a big fan, but has been throwing Jason under the bus all week and so is Alex who follows Jason on Twitter.

      • But that’s the point. They ARE super fans. They know the power he holds with his fans. And Alex has a big inside scoop, seeing as she follows him on Twitter and knows how may other people do, as well.

        That’s why Jason’s such a target right now. He’s the vet – he’s played before – he has fans out there who are rooting for him to win this thing and will cut anyone who isn’t on his side. It makes sense to want to go after him.

        This is precisely why veteran players don’t work in a season like this. We, the feeders, are too much involved. It’s scaring them into making decisions that they may not have made otherwise.

  10. These people have no idea that America gets to evict who they want of the three to go home, not the players. Wait til they find out this part…muhahaha. Everything that was guaranteed before is off the table! :-)

  11. I feel like Alex essentially decides who goes home this week; she kind of feels like the leader of the girls (Morgan, Whitney, Shelby) and that’s a four person voting bloc, basically enough to lynch whoever they want if they can get even a little support. That’s assuming Kryssie goes up, of course.

    Then as I see it power play is to lynch Cornbread, get credit with America, weaken Monte, you’re on your way to running the house. If you’re Alex and you think your position is good and don’t want to shake anything up unnecessarily, you go for the safe play and lynch Kryssie (most likely outcome). Blunder is to evict Danielle just as she’s trying to gain favor with you, driving Shane closer to Monte and strengthening your main competition for power right now.

    All useless speculation of course, but I wonder if the girls will realize how much power they hold this week once noms are locked, and what they’ll do with it.

  12. Poor Danielle, she’s campaigning for Morgan and Wheat-Knee to stay off the block. Little does she know those Plastics are gunning for her.

    • Danielle needs to hang out with them more then to steer them differently. She said she’s used to hanging with guys more because she sees herself as a tomboy!

      • I know. She thinks those girls are her friends. NOT. Them girls are the mean girls…Don’t trust em’ Dani!!

      • Some may be jealous of her relationship with Shane. Danielle should get closer to them and stop this showmance before it messes up her game. If they like each other, then why not try after the game is over.

    • Oh really?..You see, I just started watching today. No idea of the girls dynamic..Who are the Plastics TGJ?

      • Plastics are Alex, Morgan and Whitney, with Shelby hanging on to the outside. Poor Shelbs, no one seems to really want to work with her. I hope that she can turn that around.

      • Me too. I actually like her. Hey has anyone but me noticed her laugh is like Sean Penn’s when he played Jeff Spicoli in Fast Times at Ridgemont High?? Hahaha!!

      • LMAO!! OMG! It’s true! That is total Butthead laugh… Shelby must be a stoner at heart! haha

      • They are Wheat-Knee, Alex, Morgan and recently, Shelby has been trying to become part of the clique too.

      • Really? Why? She’s harmless so far. Those other girls are total “mean girls” with their Plastic clique!

      • I don’t like her since her intro.
        There are certain types of girls I can’t stand. My best friends are males.
        I don’t like Whitney either.

      • I don’t take to heart what they say in their intros at all. Some are not who they say they are once they’ve been in the house. Their actions speak much louder! :-)

      • Exactly. Look at CB. I LOVED him after watching his intro video, but one week later… #NeverCared! Haha!

      • What’s happening with Cornbread. Why don’t you like him. I guess I missed that part.

      • It was just that he just started acting real cocky…almost bully-ish b/c he had the alliance with Monte, Shane & Scott. The whole good ol’ boy attitude melted away pretty fast and he morphed into the evil country boy very quickly once Monte won HOH.

      • I changed my mind about Shelby the first couple of days because she seem different than her intro, but has been getting on my nerves since then.

      • Haha! My son HATES her laugh. He said to me a minute ago… “Mom, seriously I want punch that girl in her throat to make her stop laughing!!” And my son is a perfect gentleman, so Shelby’s laugh must be VERY-VERY annoying!! lol!

      • lol. If she keeps her annoying mouth shut for a while, maybe I’ll pay more attention to her game play.

      • ? It might take awhile for her game play to materialize…seems like she’s still finding her place in the house and getting comfortable.?

      • Neely is throwing your Shelby UTB big time to Monte but no one else. Time stamp 11:00 p.m. BBT

      • Thanks Joni, I had to go and check this out!
        Ughhh…it seems that everyone is turning on Shelbs right now ?

        It’s tough, but her gameplay has been pretty messy this first week and that’s all it takes at this point of the game. Seems like the only HGs that aren’t mentioning her as a target are the plastics…and I think for them it’s only temporary.

        Jason may still work with her on the downlow but Justin, Shane, Danielle, Kryssie, Neely and Corn are all gunning for her.

      • We see how that all worked out in the end, huh? Some are peeoed that Kryssie was chosen after all! :-)

      • I don’t mind her.I don’t like the Plastics…They just seem like the girls from Mean Girls to me.

      • Shelby has unique humbleness/vulnerability to her. But at the same time she’s pretty confident in herself. Plus she must be pretty intelligent to have finished law school in 2 years (really waiting to see her DRs to better confirm). I also dig her sense of humor…she’s kinda goofy, but introspective. And, she cute!

      • She said it in her inteo video that’s under the clips option… if you go back and watch it, let me know if I remembered wrong or not. I’ll be surprised if I was right! ;) lol

      • I’ll be the first to admit that I’m clueless on that subject. Thank you for clearing that
        Up for me!

  13. Monte’s right. America may never put Jason up or vote him out. He was right to put him up, but since I like Jason and don’t care for Monte’s personality, I’m glad he won.
    There is Scott throwing Jason under the bus again.

    • I loved Jason in season 17…He just had a BIG mouth. I was happy to see him back for OTT. That is why I’m rooting for him.

      • He does need to talk a bit less and listen. Monte needs to listen as well and stop interrupting people.

      • Agreed. Jason should use his observation prowess to make deals not put other HG on blast… he could gather more allies that way.

      • For sure. Especially when he’s around Scott. Scott observes really well and takes it back to the HoH. That’s why I’m watching his butt! :-)

      • Yep, even more so now that I’ve been listening to him talking to Shelby, to the extent he hasn’t done with anyone else. Shelby’s smart to team up with him.

      • Yep! This week he’s Monte’s minion and will most likely be next week’s HoH’s minion too. He is a floater…meaning he floats to whoever is in power. He’s a mole I’m gonna keep my eye on! :-)

      • I agree totally! :-) They both seemed to want the last word, one is more boisterous than the other is all! :-)

      • Scott scored major points in my
        Book with that convo with Shelby. I thought that was really great of him.

      • Mine as well. I wanted to see if Scott could be more than just a mole. He is! But I’m not totally convinced until I see more of his gaming action. Talk’s cheap as they say. He makes perfect sense, but I want to see how he manipulates game moves.

      • As always Jonigab, your prospective is spot on with mine. I’m very interested to see his game play over the next few weeks.

    • I loved Jason and Meg before he got voted out and she aligned with James. He was with Da’vonne and Meg and they were my faves.
      Was very happy that he came back.

    • Idk..It’s just a feel that I get while watching the game. I maybe rooting for him to win this particular comp, but necessarily rooting for him to win the entire game…I know who I want evicted though..that’s easy. lol

    • I like him plus he’s an underdog and he’s also a super fan and someone who could really use the money

    • His late night banter is entertaining. Some of the others are boring to watch. Jason could also use the cash.

  14. Shelby really doesn’t like Khryssie and i don’t like either, but think Shelby is more annoying.

    • I know, well Shelby has been trying to fit in with the Plastics, so maybe her plan is working.

      • That’s being smart! I don’t see them as “mean” girls as I do playing a smart game and picking others’ brains. Maybe I’m missing something if this isn’t the case!

      • I don’t see plastics either, but I don’t watch a lot of the feeds so who knows. I just find Whitney and Shelby’s game play annoying so far as well as Scott’s.

      • Plastics was originally given to Wheat-Knee and Morgan…Alex got included b/c she started plotting with her sister to get rid of Danielle and some of the other girls…

      • Totally agree, Joni. Alex actually is a super-fan. She knows BB and I don’t actually dislike her. I just wasn’t happy with her targeting Jason coz I want him to stay in the house.

      • I love how they talk about targeting but then when it doesn’t work out, they move on to different targets…winging it in other words because they don’t have a set strategy in place in case one plan doesn’t work out.

      • Monte is so sure Kryssie is going home if she goes OTB! I swear, can this guy be any more cocky?? I know my vote is going towards evicting his boy CB, so I SO-SO-SO hope we (America) are the tie breaker vote that sends CB a packing… Expect the unexpected Monte!!

      • He’s banking on it without knowing the other twists yet. Shane is being much more observant of Monte now too and just taking it all in. He’s only agreeing with Monte for now only because Monte is HoH! Monte senses it too. He told Alex that Shane could become a threat to him due to his putting Danielle on the block. I said, “you think?” hahaha

      • The Plastics is a nickname someone here on the boards gave Morgan and Wheat-Knee b/c of how they game talked. At least that was how I interpreted it. I think it totally fits for Morgan & Wheat-Knee, but Alex seems like a tomboy, but since she started plotting with her sister, after saying she wouldn’t work with her, I think Alex kind of got lumped in with that clique.

      • Right?? I am surprised Jason is not using that info to hi9s advantage. He noticed the resemblance days ago. He even said “I’m getting deja-vu of a Julia-Liz here…”

      • I think he will over the next few days…he was the last to know about Liz and Julia..LOL You saw how Day spoke too soon and what happened. I think Jason learned something from that misstep too soon!

      • No, actually he was one of the first to spot the differences between Liz & Julia…him & Da’Vonne called it one day sitting in the backyard. Jason & Da’ had been talking about it for a couple of days, but it came to a head one day when Da’ asked Jason if (Julia) looked skinnier than she had looked just an hour ago or so…and Jason was like “OMG! It’s true they ARE twins!” And it was so obvious with the bikini Julia was wearing that day…plus Julia couldn’t stand Austin…Hello? Color me confused when a girl is all over a guy one minute then can’t stand the sight of him in the next. LOL! It was so funny how Julia went to great lengths to avoid Austin while Liz was his cuddle buddy!! haha

      • He should keep it to himself or just tell one other person who he trusts. Jason talking too much could get him into more trouble with the HGs.

      • I think he should go to the sisters and say “Hey, I know you two are sisters… and it would be beneficial to keep me around b/c when the rest of the house figures it out (and they will) I will still be a big target to help keep you two off the block”. That way, Morgan and Alex are not gunning for Jason b/c he is a BIG target just by being a vet…Honestly, I can’t believe Alex has not seen this herself.

      • But you know someone will eventually see it. Jason is just the first. Keeping him as a shield is by far smarter than evicting him b/c once it becomes known they are a duo (a blood-related duo) they are toast. The only person that *may*be (and I use that lightly b/c it would be hard to find a bigger target than sisters) would be Jason, the ONLY veteran in the house. IMO, keeping him around would be wise b/c they can always deflect the target to him, rather than themselves…

      • I think Jason thought they were twins at first by their faces alone, but then reconsidered it after he met the rest of their bodies and saw how different they looked (even though they had some similarities)! hahaha

      • Yeah, remember Joni… Jason & Da’Vonne were the first to name Liz as part of the “twin twist”. He was also the first to notice how much Morgan & Alex look alike. He needs to start using that power of observation for game strategy and not just to gossip!

      • Jason may talk a lot, but he also is very observant too. We’ll see just how much soon I bet.

      • TGJ, it was actually the Jamboree that termed them Plastics. I think it was Justin, but Shelby loved it. Now she’s getting lumped in with them…still love her though.

      • Really?? I missed that on the feeds. I just saw it here on the boards and LOVED it. So, I ran with it.

        See, Dan…every time you post, I learn something new from you. ;) Right on. :)

  15. I am getting so annoyed with this season.
    Why can’t we watch the HGs that we want.
    There are 3 cameras showing the HOH room and 1 showing the chess players. I want to see the kitchen.

    • I was getting annoyed with that last night too. They were focusing on Jason, Neely, and Justin on the BY couch more than those in the hottub – Scott, Morgan, Alex and Shelby. I really wanted to hear what they were saying too.

      • FYI, it’s always been that way. Production likely only has 1-2 people in the control room at a time to keep costs down. These folks not only choose which camera to show us, but also have to keep track of the audio (HG/house mics) to include on each feed view. Plus they’re monitoring everything for singing, production talk, and non-release related convos. A lot of work!

        I would be nice if we had more control over the camera views but I doubt it will change.

  16. I like that Alex was talking to herself. She mentioned that Monte and Shane are full of it, which means that she is not with them and that sounds good to me.

    • Yeah, she’s a real gamer Samsara… She knows BB and is a super-fan and not a Big Meech kind of crazy cry-baby fan… This girl is here to play the game and she gathers information without giving any. I like that.

      • A lot of the DR sessions are staged, so I do hope to hear more HGs talking to the cameras to get more info. I am waiting for a longer DR session. 5 minutes is not enough, I’m sure they have spent a good amount off time in DR.

      • Unfortunately most of that DR time is for production “manipulation” for lack of a better word. So far we’ve seen very little DR material this season. Certainly less than we would have had this been a CBS season.

        From what I understand the Live DRs will basically be each HGs answering a preset list of questions. Hopefully production chooses good questions and not a bunch of puff ball fluff.

      • I’d like to see production ask for us feeders to send in specific questions for each house guest that we would like asked and production pick a few Each session to ask them but not let it know it’s America

      • I like Alex too. Don’t really see her as a Plastic, but she is kind of lumped in with them b/c of sister Morgan…

      • She’s definitely not plastic, but she’s playing the part really well. Loved when she served up her sister in the SR the other night for dressing and doing her makeup like Alex instead of extra girly, how she’s normally done up.

      • I know I think Alex is just hedging all her bets…and since it is not general knowledge yet that Morgan is her sister, might as well take advantage of it.

      • I agree TGJ. I’m just hoping she can stay under the radar. She’s doing very well, but it’s so early and folks tend to pick up on the sneaky players.

      • I was watching today, and you know how awkward Justin was the first night, but some HG’s were talking about the energy he puts out..I say that in a positive way…I mean..he’s liked by a lot in the house?..Am I right?

      • Definitely by some: Jason, Danielle, Shane, Kryssie mainly. Others are wary of his potential to come after them: Monte, CB…and to a lesser extent, the Plastics.

        Justin is without a doubt a Twitter favorite this season (check out @BBTooms for some late night Justin sessions). I really like his energy, he brings a unique dynamic to the house.

      • I thought he became the most relaxed player there. He doesn’t fake it. He’s being himself. …the guy loves to rap/sing while cooking. lol..not a boring character, I can tell you that.

      • Scott claimed Justin to be really smart too! And Shelby is cluing Scott in on Neely being so observant too.

      • I wish Shelby would stay away from Scott. He’s a dirty little rodent and I don’t want Shelby to catch his BB fleas! ;)

      • He’s confirming to her everything I already suspected he was doing. He would have voted Jason out but he said only because that’s what the HoH wanted…not because he didn’t like Jason.

      • :( Sad I can’t play with you here. Saw a show on PBS last night (Cook’s Country)—they made Pho. Thought of you.

      • They’re good. We have a lot of them in LA Vietnamese soup/noodles..It’s actually Phoop..silent P..Ha!

      • Super Sha!! There you are! Hi honey! I have missed you my friend… You can still play in the sand box. Ask us anything, we will fill you in. :)

      • Hey sweetie! You know what? I forgot you aren’t residing in EST, and can’t watch Survivor live…makes it kind of hard to comment, since it’s not quite the same as BB. Not much posting in between episodes. Somehow Cyril streams the show online so that he can watch with us. Not sure how he does that; like Wile E. Coyote, he’s a suuuper geeenius. :D
        For some reason, I simply cannot understand what’s going on with this show, even with the best explanations. I just sit here with shovel in hand, staring at the sand. Call me Sandbox Corey. Lol… You guys have fun, though! Just know that I’m there in spirit and will be checking in…SO DON’T TALK ABOUT ME! (No, I’m not paranoid; just narcissistic. HA!)
        Love you guys!

      • It is weird to not be able to watch BB and just figure out things from what others post.

      • I agree, Dan. Justin is so easy going and laid back, he’s smooth as butter–much like his Creole heritage and lifestyle. Really like him so far. :) Don’t like that he’s on Monte’s little “hit list”! I say we slay the Monte beast right away! ;)

      • I would so love to see Justin take out Monte!

        You could see Justin’s wheels really turning following the Veto today…he said something to the effect that this game is getting real and I gotta start working.

      • Yeah after todays POV comp, I have to agree with Justin… I(t is starting to feel like BB people. Justin has a great social game so far. He’s a chef and has the other HG addicted to his cooking. Like Bridget used her cookie baking and Paul became the “Muffin-Man” Justin is using his skills to make himself beloved within the house. Plus, he’s part of the OTTJamboree and pretty much everyone in the house likes him. So yeah, I would say Justin is sitting real pretty right about now…except with Monte b/c hello? Jealous much?? Monte obviously doesn’t like how much the other HG like Justin and that just seems to bug him.

      • Scott was just telling Shelby that he feels Justin may be the most intelligent in the house. The plastics where chatting a day or so ago about Justin and felt that he was putting on a persona…his accent might be fake, there’s a lot more to him, etc.

        Justin is definitely on the mind of these HGs. Hope he can ride it out as he learns the BB ropes.

      • Monte is now saying he doesn’t trust Justin and that Justin is a “brown noser”! What?? When and how has Justin kissed a$$!!

        Monte needs to GO!

      • What he don’t know, might just hurt him. Shane is on to him now too. If he’s not careful, he’s not going to have anyone to align with.

      • He’s hilarious, which is a good thing for everyone’s morale. So yeh, many like him more than they’ve been able to connect with Jason.

      • Jason & Justin get along pretty good… Want to hear something funny, Joni?? My two sons’ names are Jason & Justin… haha! So yeah, I have my faves set up already. ;) How can I NOT love my boys’ namesakes??

      • You go girl. There hasn’t been one person in BB with my kids’ namesakes. I went too far back in time naming them, so they would stand out more than be just one of the gang! LOL

      • Justin is totally natural… He is just like “Can you dig it? I can…” LOL! LOVE his energy… :)

      • We only get the edited versions, where we never had gotten to see any of them until now.

      • Me too! Unfortunately Jason got that vet target and I think that scared Alex away. Don’t know if you care for Scott, but him and Alex were forming a working relationship the other day. They were geeking out on BB together a bit too?

      • I’m loving Alex and Scott geeking it up together lol I saw earlier on the feeds Monte, Danielle and Shane were joking about Alex and Scott being the next showmance in the house and how much time they are spending together.

      • Oh really?? I didn’t realize that the others had caught onto them spending time together. Hope it doesn’t put a target on them ?

      • Oh no Alex…stay away from the little rat before you catch his fleas!! ;)

        And yes Dan H. he IS that bad!! LOL!! ;)

  17. Scott is sooo funny! He started working out with the stretch rope, began to put it back until Alex walked into the work-out room and told her he was just working out til the back yard opened back up so he could have a smoke! hahahaha Time stamp 4:02 p.m. BBT

    • No BBAD, but you can watch the feeds on your t.v. using HDMI hook-up devices, such as Kindle Fire, Amazon T.V., Xbox, etc.

    • You know what I was wondering the same thing. I am surprised POP TV didn’t beg to do a BBAD for this show. I can guarantee their viewership would probably double if not triple b/c that would be the ONLY way some people could view the show. And CBS should allow it b/c BBAD would be a teaser for people who don’t have the LF…It just might tantalize a few more viewers into ordering the feeds to see more of the show than what is represented in BBAD. IMO, doing a BBAD for OTT would be a win/win for both CBS & POP TV.

      Hear that CBS???

      • Right Dan! Using BBAD would be a good teaser for CBS to get viewers more interested in OTT and POP’s viewership would no doubt increase without a televised show. Let’s all send a memo to CBS! LOL!

      • I think you’re onto something there. I wouldn’t think it would take away potential AA subscriptions b/c who can watch just BBAD and not see the comps, etc?

      • BBAD is a shorter version of the live feeds after the comps are over. I liked the spoilers but I NEEDED to see the comps played out, even though I knew who won them. The comps are fun. Just listening to chit chat and no game talk was getting to be a bit boring to me. If I missed something that wasn’t on BBAD, I’d go to live feeds chat section and they would give me the timestamps of important or juicy convos I didn’t catch. Using Pop t.v., though, as a way to get more live feeders to watch OTT, would be golden. I heard you do not have to subscribe to All Access to watch episodes (vids) of what’s already happened this season.

      • That is what I was saying Joni… Having BBAD would probably lead to more viewers signing up for live feeds once they became invested in the HG and picked faves and all that. You know what I mean?

      • Exactly. The viewers of BBAD don’t see comps, but seeing that bit of HG interaction, getting to know the HG and their personalities…it could easily lead to other viewers signing up for live feeds. IMO, CBS is stupid to not have BBAD right now b/c I can’t imagine that it would hurt their viewership at all… AND POP’s ratings would most likely double, if not triple… right??

      • Nothing. In fact, I checked POP at the time when BBAD would normally play and they *literally* are replaying the same movie they showed *right* before that time slot. LITERALLY the SAME movie!!

      • Right? I just wait for movies played back to back… ;) I’m telling you…(hear my cry CBS) allowing BBAD will not hurt your feed participation for OTT…it would probably help. Plus CBS could make more money by selling the feeds to POP and then people who don’t have the feeds could get an idea of who the new HG are. Win/Win/Win in my book!

    • My husband bought a Roku tv (TCL brand tv with built in roku) on amazon prime day. I was like do we really need another tv? Now I’m glad , 2 clicks and I have the feeds on my tv. They have these tvs on clearance at walmart right now. Better then those smart TV’s that don’t have a cbs app.

  18. OMG! They are talking about pooping in front of partners right now!! Nooooo! Let’s get back to BB game talk people. PLEASE!!!

      • I couldn’t believe the lack of *real* meals that were on BB18. Plenty of cookies, pies, chips, etc. but hardly any prepared meals.

        If I were a HG I would be planning and cooking real food all the time…what else is there to do?

  19. How about that weekday recap? I think they did a great job on this one. Can’t wait for the Live DRs…

    • Second that! The recaps are well made and give a pretty accurate, but brief description of what has happened so far…

    • IMO, it was mainly an attack on Monte. Viewers couldn’t get to him, so they took it to his righthand man.

      Anybody else other reasons?

      • Yeah, see, that’s what I thought when I first heard it. Again, no one has done anything to majorly tick me off yet. They’re talking big game – yeah, okay, which might come off as arrogant – but they’re playing the game. It’s only Week 1 and their side holds the power.

        Oh, and Paulie was a million times worse.

      • No but CB was targeting Shelby hardcore for totally personal reasons. He basically said something along the lines of Shelby doesn’t talk to me about game or anything so she obviously doesn’t like me…should be nominated. And that is like Jeez..get real. What do Shelby and CB have in common?? Of course Shelby is going to gravitate to either the girls or the younger guys…

        I just thought his suggestion for Shelby to be nominated wasn’t based on game, it was purely personal…and that made me see him in a different light.

      • Oh wow…you’re right and I forgot all about that! I remember putting that CB was gunning for Shelbs in the back of my mind as a reason to vote for him as a nom. ☹️

      • Yeah Dan do you remember how HARD he was pushing for Shelby to be nominated?? And it had NOTHING to do with game, it was all personal b/c OMG–Shelby didn’t talk to him enough!! Get over it CB! Well, now you know how Shelby would have felt had you had your way!

      • Yeah that was really odd…seemed very personal. Wonder if Shelbs has any idea that CB was after her that hard?

      • I don’t think so, but then again…maybe she did. You know, she did start bonding with the Plastics real quick, so maybe she did sense which way the wind was blowing. Hmmm?? Shelby might be far more intuitive than I first thought…

      • I think so TGJ. She felt the tide shifting and made a move away from Jason and Kryssie. Shelby made it seem like it was temporary to gain info on her position in the house, but she left them and never really returned until today (Jason only though, she doesn’t care for Kryssie).

      • I know. She may have felt which way the house was a-votin and subtly eased off the OTTJamboree ship and onto the Plastic-Brigade. It did work for her though b/c Alex was upstairs today in the HOH room campaigning to Monte for Shelby to stay off the block. So, if that was her move, then well played Shelby…

      • Yeah, never found that annoying. Shelby hasn’t done much to endear me towards her yet. I’m way more invested in Alex at this point.

      • I like Alex too. My point was CB’s reasons to target Shelby was personal…not based on game play. Shelby is not a big threat at this point…IMO, there are WAY bigger fish to fry in the house besides her.

      • Yeah, but seeing as Jason’s dislike of Whitney and CB is also based on personal rather than game, I can let it slide. Both sides are guilty.

      • Yeah, but CB gave Jason the BB bug specifically to make sure he could be nominated so you can’t really blame Jason for not exactly liking CB when he was the one who basically made Jason vulnerable to eviction.

      • I don’t remember Jason saying anything about him. He basically kind of ignored CB b/c they really have nothing in common. I remember Jason sticking with Neeley & Kryssie most of all b/c they just seemed to click.

      • Which is pretty much what Jason does – he isolates himself. And it screws him every single time.

      • Yeah..It’s a combination. Fans hated Monte. He’s a casualty. Plus his cockiness in the end made it easy for the fans to put him OTB.

  20. Corn is miserable. It’s finally hitting him. HG’s are giving him free council. Ha! ..Right Cornbread, Lesson learned. It’s not easy to win 250K

      • yep. He is really spinning about it, as is Monte…and sorry CB, but that nom was as much a slap down to Monte as it was to CB himself.

      • It was obvious. I was watching him. His demeanor changed. He’s more likable…and they all wonder how/why we give our vote to a particular player ….Just be cool! right?..lol

      • I know. Now that some of the hot air has been sucked out of his balloon he’s not nearly as obnoxious!!

        Go figure. *smh*

    • Maybe he might want to think about actually *being* the good ol’ boy that he portrayed in his video and not a sneaky, backstabbing phony then perhaps America wouldn’t have turned on him.

      • The impact of this twist “America Vote’ on their game is so observable..I really like it.

      • Yeah I thought it was gonna be trash. But, I’m changing my mind…for the moment. Still concerned the *bad* fans will make the wrong move eventually.

      • We’ll see. I guess it’s early. I wanna see if we (fans) can actually get a player out, and get it right.

      • Yeah Cyril very true…the number of times the viewer VTE will make a difference will probably be small, until late in the game that is.

      • I know Dan. Do you remember how we fretted over America having this kind of power?? Now I am MAD with it!!
        Muwahaha! LOL!! ;) JK

      • …and we haven’t even voted for the ‘have nots”..Ha! ..Can you imagine what that would do to their psyche? Yes!….America wants to feed you CRAP!… Pao!..this is good! haha

      • I am drunk with the power Cy…
        *rubs hands together evilly* Let them eat…not cake, but slop!! mwahahaha

  21. I haven’t been able to watch much but so far I’m really rooting for Jason and Alex. I like that Alex is seeing that Monte is a threat. Also really glad CornBread got the nomination! Does this show have episodes to it btw?

    • There’ll be “formal” episodes every Wednesday included live eviction with Julie. I think CBS is posting other “video” on the OTT site too. Not too sure though.

      Oh and every weekday evening at 7:00 BBT there’s a daily recap show that plays on the feeds.

  22. Production must have told Kryssie to stop the gross belching every other minute. She didn’t belch once during dinner.

    • She’s tough to watch in general. I love different/quirky peeps, but she’s just trying too hard or something.

    • That happens sometimes Lynn. Likely the other two cameras were following a conversation that production had to cut away from. If they don’t have a better option, they’ll just make all four the same feed. Typically doesn’t last long though.

  23. I am really starting to like Justin too. He’s so real and easy-smooth, that’s what he is. Plus, Monte doesn’t like him and anyone Monte doesn’t like will find a place in my heart! hahaha!

  24. Still catching up on the live feeds.

    Cornbread comes across as humble. What did he do that was so bad?

    Also, why is everyone here turning on Monte?

    One things for sure; still rooting for Jason!!

    Last question: who are this season’s Paul & Vic and which one is Meech?

    • Monte is a blowhard know it all. He incessantly drones on and on and on and it is on a loop. He keeps saying the same thing over and over again, can’t wait until he leaves.

    • Monte is coming on too hard too fast. Kind of how Vic did with Jozea before his first eviction. He (Vic) was cocky and arrogant…and not a fan favorite in those first couple of weeks. However, Vic ate a bit of humble pie when he got booted out of the house that 1st time, came back minus the attitude and started playing BB with a lot more of his regular personality. I don’t think Monte will get that chance to reevaluate his game like Victor did… Cornbread’s personality is not how it appears in his intro video. He’s sneaky and not the good ol’ boy he makes himself out to be. At least that has been my observation so far…

  25. Those cast photos were definitely photo shopped, the people in the house barely resemble their pictures.

  26. I think I’m late to the party so hopefully I’m right:
    – Jason is pretty much a target due to being a previous contestant. Possibly another Donny/Johnny Mac?
    – Monte is pretty much emulating Frank and Paulie from last Season
    – CornBread is his idiot sidekick
    – The Willett sisters are pretty much like the Nolan twins
    – Shane and Danielle are pretty much….. Shane and Danielle from Season 14

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