‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Live Diary Rooms Recap

All of the BBOTT Houseguests got a chance to visit the DR and speak to the Feedsters which made for an incredibly long event, but it was still fascinating and a top moment of the week so far. This should be a standout even of the Big Brother Over The Top season.

Next up was Scott with his take on the season so far.



Scott reminds us of the guys alliance he formed right away with Monte, Shane and Cornbread and that that’s falling apart bit as he’s had it with Cornrbread.

“Cornbread has been getting on my nerves lately,” Scott said. “I almost detrimented (sic) my own game just because of some of the things Cornbread has been saying.”

So he’s ready to vote Cornbread out but he does plan to stay loyal to Monte and Shane, he said. But he’s also been working with Jason a little and he also really likes Alex.

“I really like everyone,” he said. My top four order would be: Alex, Shane, Monte, Jason.”

He doesn’t dislike Justin, but he definitely has his eye on him, he said. “I think he’s the biggest threat,” he explained. “His stories are so funny and I feel like he’s playing a really good game right now.”



Shelby said her strategy was to lay low and throw competitions but she got really bored and did the complete opposite of that. She also wanted a showmance but no one is interested in her, she said.

Shelby is scattered all over the place, so she’s a hard one to read even when she’s looking right at you in the diary room. She does tell us that she’s aligned with Morgan, Whitney, and Alex and that she’s also liking Scott.

And even though Jason isn’t really feeling Shelby at the moment, she really likes him, she says.

So her least favorites are Danielle and Cornbread.

“I don’t like anybody who watches Harry Potter and doesn’t read Harry Potter — Danielle,” she said. “Cornbread thinks he’s so funny but he isn’t.”



Like Morgan, Alex had no plans to work with her sister. But that’s just how it ended up. But if she needs to, she’s willing to let her sister go.

“I’m willing to screw her over later if I have to but at the moment she’s the only person I trust,” Alex said.

Aside from Morgan, Alex has established a couple of other strong bonds.

“There’s a lot of great personalities here,” she said. “I really like Whitney. I trust her for the most part. She is just a really good person. Scott is awesome. I think he’s in a really good position in the house. We both kind of nerd out.”

And of course she isn’t feeling Danielle. She said their personalities kind of clash and that she doesn’t think Danielle listens to what others say. So her goal is to break up the Danielle and Shane showmance.

“They are running the house,” she said. “Monte thinks he’s running the house but he’s not. If I get HOH I am breaking that up.”



Kryssie lets us know that she’s had a hard time adjusting to the game. She’s not unhappy and isn’t going to self-evict or anything, but it’s been tough for her.

“I’ve been homesick. I was all sorts of messed up hormonally,” she said. “This is a huge shock to all of us. I’m blindsided by a lot of things. All of this is new to me. The fact that there is a 10 am is not something I’m at all familiar with.”

She also didn’t fall into the kind of alliance she’d hoped for.

“I was really hoping for a body builder to bond with,” she explained. “I was hoping to find myself a really strong male to align with. That went out the window.”

This whole alliance thing has been complete garage so far. She only believes Jason’s promise. He is her ride or die. “That one was mine, so I took him.”

As for the relationships she has formed, she kept it all pretty simple. She loves Jason, Justin, Neely and Danielle and thinks that Shelby is trash.



Cornbread was another one who was hard to connect to in the Diary Room. He just sort of rambled a bit and didn’t seem to have any passion.

He reminded us that he is in the guys alliance, but to my surprise, he says he’s most loyal to Scott and not Monte.

“I’m most loyal to Scott,” he said. “I want to make sure that if I don’t win this, he wins it. I want us both to go all the way to the end. I get along with everyone in the house.”

Cornbread said that America putting him up sort of changed his outlook on the whole game. He said he’s even working with Jason a little now. He said he’s now aware that he needs more than that one alliance. And he also thinks he knows why America did nominate him.

“I hate that America put me up there,” he said. “I feel like America put be up there because they like me and wanted to challenge me.”

Yeah, no.

And even though he might actually be in danger of leaving this week, he was currently unaware during his DR session.

“I’m going to try to build relationships with these people all the way up until I walk out the door,” he said implying that would be much later than this week. “I’m trying to keep everything out in the open and be sincere.”



The last Diary Room of the night came from Danielle. She let us know that her original strategy was to find someone that she genuinely had a connection with. Right now the strongest connection is with Jason and Shane. I think she’s struggling to figure out which one is more solid, however.

“I’m aligned with Jason, Shane, Justin, Neely and Kryssie,” she explained. “I’m most loyal to Shane and Jason. So far this week I think that it’s going pretty well and that we’re all on the same page. Being loyal to them is benefiting me to far.”

Danielle said her high point so far was when Jason won veto. “I was so excited,” she said. “If you watched, you saw me running across the yard and jumping on him. I really love that kid. I was genuinely happy that he got to take himself off the block. I did not want to be sitting there next to him.”

Since she’s on the block next to Cornbread and Kryssie, she’s feeling safe.

“My plan to stay in the house has been to put the focus on someone else,” she said. “I feel like I have votes to stay. The house seems to be leaning toward voting out Cornbread. It’s kind of made it easy to switch the target to him. I feel like I’ve been a very big part in orchestrating that. If Kryssie goes home instead, I’ll be very surprised.”

Want to watch these Diary Room sessions and the rest of the season’s live DRs? Get on the Live Feeds with the Free Trial and see what everyone else is watching. These were seriously fantastic and such a welcome change from those awful, boring, and painfully scripted DRs that we see during the regular summer seasons.


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  1. We are getting spoiled. Barely any blackouts, live comps, live DRs. When BB19 rolls around we will be so underwhelmed. I hope BB19 does live DRs.

    • I hope they use BBOTT as an experiment to see what they could add to the summer show. I love the curfew idea. It makes the feeds so much better!

  2. Definitely loving the live DRs. Hope they bring them back in some form or another in future seasons.

    A couple interesting things:
    Paranoia is setting in hardcore for Alex. She said she doesn’t trust Scott after their last conversation and she thinks she’s the target even though no one’s coming for her. Her position is great but she might screw it up with her paranoia and that will be a thing of beauty.

    It’s really sad that Justin et al. hate Shelby because they think she’s being fake to Jason when she genuinely likes him. I just want Shelby to succeed, but it looks like she’s in trouble and it’s bumming me out.

    Scott wants to work with Shelby though, and maybe Alex? That’s three of my faves right there, so as long as they don’t target Justin, I’m feeling good about that trio.

    • I know Pelican… I feel bad for her (Shelby) . She genuinely likes Jason and he thinks she’s lying to him. I am not sure where Jason got that idea, but Shelby is real in her favoritism for him. She even told Monte that last night. She told him “I know he (Jason) was your target, but on a personal note, I don’t want him to leave the house”. I think she is a bit socially awkward sometimes, which is strange considering what a pretty girl she is.

  3. Shelby said Justin told her he would not be introducing her to Mr. Anaconda because she is too small She didn’t seem too upset by that
    Monte seems offended by Justin stories about the Life and Times of Mr. Anaconda

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