‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Cast Revealed – Pics & Bio Details

Here is your Big Brother Over The Top cast of Houseguests for the 2016 season of CBS’s new All Access only with 12 new HGs and 1 more returning player who has yet to be decided. These all new faces to the Big Brother game are heading in to the game this week!

Big Brother Over The Top 2016 cast

These twelve new Houseguests on the BBOTT cast will soon be joined by a 13th member of the game when either Jason Roy or Jozea Flores wins the open vote for one of them to return, but let’s be real and go ahead with the expectation that Jason is the one coming back. The bigger question is how far these newbies will let a Vet go after the way things went on Big Brother 18! Read on to meet the names and faces of our fall season.

We’ve got a young cast here, surprising no one, with an average age of 27 (well, 26.66 to be creepy & precise) without including Jason or Jozea in the math there. There’s a pair of sisters with Alex and Morgan, though we’ll have to wait and see if they’re called out by production of if they’ll be trying to keep that a secret. Oh, and there’s a HG who goes by “Cornbread” because why not, right?

Start scrolling through and meet the first 12 Houseguests of BBOTT 2016! New season starts Wednesday, Sept. 28th at 10PM ET (7PM PT) and airs exclusively on All Access so you will need to sign up to watch the episodes, live eviction shows, the Live Feeds, and everything else!

Big Brother Over The Top Cast List:

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Alex Willett (25)
Current City: Dallas, Texas
Occupation: Animation Designer

Danielle Lickey (23)
Current City: Visalia, Calif.
Occupation: Pre-School Teacher

Justin Duncan (27)
Current City: New Orleans, La.
Occupation: Seafood Restaurant Owner

Kryssie Ridolfi (31)
Current City: Schaumburg, Ill.
Occupation: Waitress

Michael “Cornbread” Ligon (41)
Current City: Augusta, Ga.
Occupation: Foreman, Tree Removal Company

Monte Massongill (25)
Current City: Olive Branch, Miss.
Occupation: Engineer Associate

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Morgan Willett (22)
Current City: Austin, Texas
Occupation: Publicist

Neeley Jackson (33)
Current City: Forth Worth, Texas
Occupation: Sales Associate

Scott Dennis (24)
Current City: Bangor, Maine
Occupation: Debt Collector

Shane Chapman (24)
Current City: Pisgah Forest, N.C.
Occupation: Roofer

Shelby Stockton (24)
Current City: Simi Valley, Calif.
Occupation: Recent Law School Graduate

Whitney Hogg (21)
Current City: Whitesburg, Ky.
Occupation: Medical Assistant

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    • I’m expecting Alex and Morgan to be the same twist as Nick and Phil. I’m team whoever actually plays the game well. I’m also team production better not ruin their new show with twists. Thinking back to BB2, the season that started it all, and they had no twists whatsoever, not even a Power of Veto. If they want to legitimize a new format of the show they need to get the twists out and just let them play the unadultered game of BBOTT, because if they start it off with 80 twists in a season then it’s going to be obscenely confusing for all future seasons of BBOTT

  1. Cornbread is the most deserving BB winner we’ve seen in years. Cornbread makes Dan Gheesling look like Joey Van Pelt. If Cornbread loses, the season is rigged and I’m never watching BB again. Cornbread forever.

  2. I’m just glad to see some over 30 house guest. Hopefully they won’t get the Jody/Glenn treatment.

    • I know, seriously. Wish there were more thirty and forty something HG, but at least there is more than ONE! I foresee Cornbread being a fanfave! ;)

      • Those country boys are tough, but whether or not they can tolerate the young’uns is another matter :D

      • Those country boys are just so much fun…
        CB’s fave player: Donny! Well, of course–another country boy.

  3. Is this for real? This isn’t like a spoof reveal and the much more interesting and possibly entertaining cast will be revealed later tonight?

  4. “Which Big Brother Houseguests do you like the most and least?
    The most, Frankie Grande and Nicole Franzel from Season 16.”

    Well, I already hate Morgan…

  5. Guesses and hunches:

    Personal favorite: Kryssie
    Pick to win: Danielle
    Sleeper pick: Shane
    First Evicted: Alex

    The only player that matters or ever will matter: Cornbread.

    • Kryssie style is very Rockabilly. I may like her as well.
      My least favorite may be Shelby and possibly Morgan.
      Shane may be a sweetheart like Victor, but reminds me of Caleb.

      • My money’s on Shane either being the loyal comp brute like Caleb or getting backdoored like Vic from early on. A Shane and Danielle power duo might work pretty well, but I don’t really expect that to happen.

  6. In general it seems like there’s more knowledge of the show than usual in this cast. A lot of their favorite players are going back to Seasons 10-12.

  7. Alex and Morgan look like twins so it will be obvious.
    Danielle looks like Zakhya and is also a pre-school teacher. Hopefully that’s all they have in common.
    I wonder what is the age differences in BB viewers. Do more young or older people watch this show.
    They seem to have the same type of people each season. One nerd, one black, one mixed race, a country, one innocent sweet girl, a wannabe hunk and a few party girls and guy. Judging by their looks, but I think I am right about my observation.

    • Don’t forget long haired bro, and occasional power-mom. This season it’s a two for one on long haired bros like 17, but I don’t know who the power mom is. Maybe Danielle, since she mentioned she has a kid in her bio.

      No beardy bro though so I guess this new casting company is really mixing it up this season aren’t they?

    • Danielle seems totally different from Z… She said she would like to combine the playing styles of Dr. Will, Derrick and RR in her efforts to win BBOTT. That statement alone says she has put more thought in her game than Zakiyah did all season of BB 18!! ;) LOL!

      • I believe Z also had a plan before she went into the house and her infatuation with Paulie made her forget all about it.
        Planning something before getting to know the different personalities is not always effective, especially since you don’t know how the others will play.

  8. Am I the only one who finds it funny that one of the guys’ last name is “Massongill” and two of the girls’ are “Lickey” and “Hogg”?

    • I’m with you Sillysally, when I saw his photo I instantly became a fan of Cornbread – he should be a hoot to watch.

      • YAY! I haven’t purchased the feeds yet but it wasn’t difficult at all to start rooting for Cornbread. :D

      • Right?? LOVE him! Get the feeds India…they’re only 5.99 a month…less than ONE cup of coffee from Starbucks!! ;)

      • I’ve got so much to do right now or I would TGJ.
        If I get the feeds I’ll become addicted :D
        How many weeks will this be on?

      • Only 10. Not nearly as long as a regular season… PLUS–you can use the flashback and rewind to ONLY the moments you want to see… *hint-hint* BONUS!

      • DON’T TEMPT ME ! :D
        There just aren’t enough hours in the day for me right now. Maybe I can join up later when things settle down a little bit at home.
        I can’t wait to read all the comments though so I’ll be around.

      • When will the feeds start; today or tonight? I know you can’t wait to start watching. I’ll be around to see what you have to say :D

      • I agree with TGJ…Feeds, Feeds, Feeds. Come on India, what’s a little more procrastination on those house chores:)

      • I’m looking forward to your comments as well Dan. I hope you’re a cornbread fan. I might not ever be able to see him on the feeds but I’ll still be rooting for him anyway. :D

      • I could definitely be a Cornbread fan. Really hoping he ends up being a strong & likable player. I’ll keep you posted…

      • Just finished reading the recaps and comments and I’m liking the lay out this season; especially the audience participation part.
        Mostly newbies too which is always fun to watch with Jason the vet there to help them adjust to the rules and regulations. I don’t think Jason can keep himself from talking though so we’ll just have to wait and see.
        Who are your faves so far?
        Cornbread needs to find someone to align with quickly – I don’t want to see another ostracizing Donny situation.
        Hope you’re enjoying the feeds :D

      • I think you’re right about Jason and it seems the movement to send him packing has picked up. He really needs to begin game talking with various HG to see where it goes, check where heads are at. Jason is doing the same thing as he did in 17 where he leans on his social game without much else. This time around he has a huge target on him and doesn’t seem to be realizing it at all. I hope he lasts b/c he’s entertaining, but he’s gonna need to play or else.

        Cornbread seems to be a good guy. He’s not nearly as wild as shown in his promo, at least not yet. I’m interested in hearing some live DRs from him to learn more of his strategy (he’s not a BB watcher). He’s in a good place so far, especially with such a strongly southern cast (plus he’s more social than Donny).

        As far as early favs, I like Alex, Danielle (both solid BB fans) and Shane (seems like his head is on straight). Not sure about Monte yet, he’s not awful (nobody is surprisingly), but I think he’s driving the all-male bus right now. Justin (from New Orleans) is kinda interesting & quirky, but he’s pretty clueless about the game. Shelby (lawyer) could be a sleeper. Nobody is going to have any idea she’s as intelligent as she could be. Live DRs of her will reveal a lot. Think those start tomorrow.

        I’m not as optimistic about the fan voting as you are, but we’ll see!

      • Maybe we’re expecting too much out of Jason when it comes to game play because the way he runs his mouth it won’t be long until he starts betraying the trust of one of his allies accidentally, the same way Frank kept unintentionally blowing up Nicole’s game at the beginning of last season by blabbing all the confidential info she gave him.
        I think Jason’s main skill is being an entertainer. Were you around back in the days of AM radio with the entertaining, non stop talking DJ’s that were so hilarious; even to the point that I was crying while laughing. Anyway, Jason would make a great DJ if there’s still any need for them these days lol.
        One of the local DJ’s was a guy named Rick Dees who later found fame and fortune as a DJ in Los Angeles and had a hit record “Disco Duck”.
        But I digress :D
        I’ve been trying to find videos of the new cast being interviewed but I haven’t been able to so far. Over at the CBS site they said I couldn’t watch the intro videos unless I joined the feeds.
        Too bad there won’t be a BBAD this time around so I could get a better feel about their personality and true motives.
        A strong southern cast!!? I might just have to try the free 1 week offer…
        About the audience participation – it could be a big bust I’m not sure either- although it will be fun to vote out the villains.

      • You know India, Jason as a radio personality is a great idea! He’s that perfect mix of shocking and entertaining that makes for good radio. I totally remember Rick Dees! He was on 102.7 KIIS FM out here (Southern California) in the 80s. I was just a kid then and didn’t know that he got his start elsewhere. Seems as though radio is rapidly declining in popularity with all the other entertainment options, but I have fond memories of talk radio shows as well.

        Yeah this cast has a strong southern lean to it. I did a quick count and I think 8 of the 13 HGs are from the south! The pre-show producer interviews stated that it wasn’t planned that way and that they didn’t even realize it until it was pointed out. You should give the free feeds a chance!

      • That’s great that you were able to listen to Rick Dees in the 80’s.
        He was a morning DJ in Memphis, TN in the late 70’s and was such a big star that California came calling.
        Rick is from a small town in North MS about 50 miles south of Memphis.
        His morning clips poking fun at Elvis were so hilarious but weren’t mean spirited. He had a hit record in Memphis impersonating Elvis eating too many jelly doughnuts.
        I’m getting to know most of the HG’s names now at least :D

  9. BB, why is it than whenever you do decide to cast someone over 40, the person is either overweight or otherwise out of shape, appears unintelligent or acts old? There are many physically fit, youthfu l, intelligent 40-somethings in the real world. Oh, and that don’t always have glamorous or fun careers, either. Where are the average-joe factory worker. Really don’t remember seeing too many of those

  10. So… although we have a completely different format this time around and we don’t know much…

    Winner’s pick, anyone?

  11. Can anyone tell me exactly how this is going to work. Is it going to be all feeds all the time and no packaged show of any kind? Now, before someone pipes up and says, “It’s online!,” I know that. What I am trying to figure out is if the season consists of just watching feeds or if they will be compiling packages for people to also watch. So like, packages that could maybe be downloaded or found on you tube or some such place. Not that I would ever download anything.

    • I believe they still have a weekly episode coming out every Wednesday, but I think those episodes are still All Access exclusive. So if a non All Access fan like myself wishes to watch we would be at the mercy of someone who will kind enough to upload the episodes to youtube or downloadable piracy versions

    • Matt posted a schedule on here a few days ago. You could go back and find the article. It gives all the days, times and what will be airing. Hope this helps.

  12. Just finished watching their intro videos. My first impression of the group is pretty positive. I don’t know why, maybe b/c Jeff isn’t doing the interviews, but these introductions come off much more natural & normal in their tone. There’s actually some personality coming through instead of the typical BB houseguest intro hype.

    I don’t have any favorites at this point, it’s just too early for me. But, I’m looking forward to Wednesday to get this thing started.

  13. Oi. Shelby’s voice is all ready getting to me, and I had to listen to it for, what, 5 seconds? Never a good sign.

    Could be an interesting bunch.

    • I like the idea of more feeds, i.e watching all the comps. Being able to watch DR feeds would be great as well.

    • No, you’re not the only one. I’m looking forward to this extra season and I love Cornbread so far… :)

  14. Looks like an awful cast. Why only 12??
    Seems really small. And a pair of sisters?????? REALLY????
    I hope somehow this OTT season is a success just so season 2 can have a bigger cast.

    • 12 HG is what they had for a long time. It has only been the last five or six seasons that the cast has grown… Looking forward to the smaller cast and (hopefully) going back to a few basics of old-school BB game play!!

  15. From the poll it appears that more than half the people will not be watching. If that’s the case for the general viewing audience too than I would say this will be a failure for CBS. Plus it’s too soon after the summer season. You need to give people a break and maybe then more people would be interested in watching.

    • No break needed here… I’m excited to have a back to back big brother experience this year and really excited and interested to see how not blocking us out works and stuff. It’s like peeling back the curtain and getting to peak backstage! Lol

      • Agreed, Dan. Also looking forward to this new “Safety Comp”. This is a new twist to the game that may prove interesting.

      • I don’t quite understand how this “Safety” thing is going to work. Is there going to be a Safety Comp? I understand that there will be a Safety Ceremony that confirms which HGs cannot be nominated. But, how are these HGs chosen? Hope this twist is good for the game…guess we’ll see soon enough.

      • Did I read that wrong? I thought there would be a competition to decide who is granted safety, but perhaps I’m wrong on that. I hope it’s a comp b/c that means anyone can win it for themselves… Oh well, like you said, guess we’ll find out soon enough.

      • Yeah TGJ, I like the idea of a Safety Comp. Because, as you said that would leave the safety up to the HGs. I’m worried that production may give the viewers some sort of safety vote.

      • Agreed. Too much power for the viewers. I’d much rather let the HG fight amongst themselves for that coveted position. Wouldn’t you?

      • Definitely. The Hollywood Reporter posted a great interview this afternoon.

        Sounds like the viewers are going to have A LOT of control in OTT…

        “…there will be lots of fun and interactive elements for people. Some are already released. We know now that America will be choosing the winner. We know that they’re going to choose the 13th castmember. But they’re also going to play a role in nominations. They will play a role in the eviction and they will play a role in the twists that roll out this fall. There’s going to be lots of interactivity for fans.”

        Uh oh:(

      • I thought I read that viewers will play a part in noms… Not sure I like that. Too much power for viewers who just decide they don’t like a HG imo.

        How do you think they’re going to do that, Dan??

      • Perhaps too much, eh? Not sure how I feel about fans taking part in nominations. This BBOTT is an experiment for sure…Hope it works out. I, for one, am looking forward to it! :)

      • For sure! Sounds like they’re looking to make OTT an annual Fall tradition, should this first one be successful that is.

      • I am hoping it will be b/c they can offer a few change-ups in OTT that could bring the game back to its roots… I am hoping so at least. I wish they (production) would bring back food comps! They were fun and they also got the entire house to work as a team–even if it was for only that comp. That kind of unity is needed in BB, especially when HG are turning on each other–a good old fashioned food comp makes em work together, even if they were targeting each other just an hour prior!


      • I’d like to see the food comps return as well, TGJ. Seems like they want OTT and the summer show to exist independently. Personally I was hoping that they would use OTT as more of a beta test for the summer show. But, it sounds like that’s not the case.

        Fan favorites like OTEV and Zingbot will not be on OTT. Neither will the jury, as the viewers will determine the winner. And the $250,000 grand prize isn’t likely to change either. OTT is sure sounding like “Budget BB” but that’s ok as long as it’s entertaining!

      • Agreed. One thing that DOES sound exciting is the fact that the Exec-Producers both agree they are determined the feeds must be exciting ALL ten weeks! That sounds like a good atmosphere for some serious BB play! NO sleeping all day (Michelle!) No hiding out in their bedrooms (Nicole)…

        From what I read in an interview with Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan, they intend to make sure HG are up and about to ensure the feeds are entertaining for the entire season of BBOTT!

        And (as all of us feedsters know) that is a HUGE difference from this last season–which I have to say will go down as one of the MOST-BORING BB seasons of ALL-TIME!!!!! So, if they want to make it so HG cannot sleep all day and HAVE to socialize like BB used to do in earlier seasons–then I am all for it! :)

      • Definitely. The Hollywood Reporter posted a great interview this afternoon.

        Sounds like the viewers are going to have A LOT of control in OTT…

        “…there will be lots of fun and interactive elements for people. Some are already released. We know now that America will be choosing the winner. We know that they’re going to choose the 13th castmember. But they’re also going to play a role in nominations. They will play a role in the eviction and they will play a role in the twists that roll out this fall. There’s going to be lots of interactivity for fans.”

        Uh oh:(

    • I guess we’ll find out if it gets renewed. I’m a subscriber, because I’m curious with this new format….it sounds good.

  16. Finding out more details about these people and I’m realizing that BB finally gives us a bunch of powerful and interesting women, and they all say they get along better with guys and don’t want to do the girl power thing. smh

  17. The same old cast. Someone from the South, an alternative type. A nerd, a hunk a pretty dumb girl. The gay guy will be there I am sure. A coloured girl. Yawn.

  18. I’ll wait till next summer. Look at the group…you have a victor, a cory or paulie, a steve, a nicole, a natalie. so transparent on the look they are going for. Oh well, it won’t get near the viewers the actual show gets.

  19. At least there is a little more diversity in this cast than in season 18…there are actually a few 30+ yr. olds…and then we have Cornbread, who is over 40. Love him at first glance. :)
    I can imagine the sisters will be a target immediately as will the returnee, hopefully it will be Jason, b/c I truly cannot stomach another dose of Jozea: the Messiah!

    Is it just me, or does Shelby remind anyone else (in looks) of a very young Jennifer Aniston? Looking forward to tomorrow!!

  20. Still mostly young people they cast as in the past 3 seasons. Big Brother has been horrible at casting and this cast proves it yet, again! Seriously,
    who is running casting at Big Brother? A lot of cast members are too immature at these age! Better to have cast an equal number from each age group!

    • Yeah, I wish they had more 30 & 40 + players mixed in with the twenty-somethings, but, at least there are more than just one over twenty HG in this cast; which is more than we can say in regards to the last few regular seasons of BB.

  21. Who here wonders if we’ll see a repeat of Mickey Mousaroni cyber-stalking BBOTT?? LOL!

    yup yup chkc wikia! ;) LOL!

      • LOL!! Do you think we can look forward to “The Return of Mickey” Sha?? Or will he pass up this opportunity to cyber-stalk BBOTT?? What do ya think?? ;) And why am I missing the little creep?? EGADS!

      • Oh HELL no!! Unless he comes back under a different name, there’s no way he can change his syntax (or lack thereof); and as soon as someone spots his Ewokian Language, he’ll be reported. No second chances for identity thief’s
        BTW, HI TGJ!! Missed you, too!

      • I’m going to be living BBOTT vicariously through you guys…so give as many details as you can. I’ll be on Survivor Fandom though, so I’ll see you there. YES?

      • Absolutely! I was there the other night…Lurking. *hides head* I’m a little unsure what to post coz I’ve only seen one season of Survivor, so I’m just a little unsure…Once this season gets underway, I will feel more comfortable. But I was cool with Rachel getting voted off the island…just hated she was a Gen Xer!

      • Yeah…I was surprised, but cool with it too. You didn’t have to lurk, though! Holy crap…I hadn’t watched in at least 5 years when I came in last year—so just jump right in! You’re among friends! Seriously! Do not feel self conscious. Or I will hunt you down and hurt you.
        LOL!! Does that make you feel better? Lol…

      • Hahahahahaha! Makes me feel like I better post next time. We (all of us here on BBN) know of your *super-powers*, Sha!! ;) Don’t want you tracking me down like you did ol’ Mickey! LOL! :D

      • Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!! Never would I hunt you down! I only go after those who hurt my friends. Lol..seriously, if you only knew how much I hate confrontation! But if someone goes after YOU—watch out! Anyway, I’m out for now…gotta go make myself eat. Losing too much weight, so I have to MAKE myself eat. I will see you at Survivor—please don’t ‘lurk,’ OK? Bye, sweetie!

      • I will give you updates daily my friend. ;) You are one of the nicest people I have met here, Sha and I love how we laugh together! :)

      • Aw, thankyou! I feel the same way. We have to get K to post here too. I’ll email her tonight and see if she’ll just visit.
        Even if she doesn’t, I enjoy that we ‘get’ each other and can laugh mightily. :) And be snarky…in a nice way. Lol..

      • Please get K back!!! I love her *dry* humor…and the snark as well! That is one thing I love about all of you gals (and guys) is the understanding that sarcasm is not intended to be taken personally!! It is meant to be funny… I got that from you, K and Cy like immediately…and I started following your posts. So-so glad I did. :) Made some good friends.

        Yup yup! Chck wikkioa!

      • OMG—true story: I watched this site for about 2 1/2 months before commenting…and the ONLY reason I did, was because of Cyril and K’s relationship. I thought, ‘Those two get it’—maybe, just maybe, if I’m really, really lucky–they’ll get me. They did—they welcomed me, and the rest is history. They’re two special people. I love ’em to death. Well, maybe not Cyril. LOL! Especially Cy! I’ll email her tonight.
        We’re glad we met you, too. I know I am. :)

      • You need to. K can still follow the show even if she doesn’t have the feeds..you know pirates are going to post it on youtube…so she can see a lot of it there…plus she is a huge fan if Jokers, so she can read the updates there as well. As long as Jokers are updating…which I am sure they will be.

      • Which they are. Just checked. :) Jokers will still be offering updates daily, so K can get her fix there. Tell her we miss her, Sha. :)

      • That’s so true Sharona and another thing I love about this site; there’s room for everyone with all different opinions so those that enjoy a serious discussion aren’t ostracized for not fitting in with the majority :D
        I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers Sharona.

      • Thank you, India! You’re in my thoughts too, Sweetie! I was attacked by a ‘trusted’ friend I met here, on Survivor Fandom…and it just about ruined my love for THIS site. NO, SHE just about ruined my love for this site…and for Survivor. K came to my defense and confronted the bully—I HATE confrontations—and I felt safe again.
        These sites, especially this one, should be a safe place. I hope I never make you feel uncomfortable. If I ever do, PLEASE tell me!! I never, ever want to hurt anyone. That person, because of her out and out LIES made me lose an incredible friend—then again, if she were a real ‘friend,’ she’d have seen through that person’s manipulations…but never mind. I’m just glad you and I have what we do—and can disagree and not turn it into something ugly. Ya know what I mean? Seriously though, PLEASE let me know if I ever say anything that hurts you, OK? I would never hurt anyone on purpose. EVER. Take care, my friend!!

      • Sharona, you’re the sweetest person I’ve met here at BBN and you’ve never, ever done anything to make me unhappy so please don’t worry about that :D
        I hope the ex-friend from Survivor Fandom is no longer commenting there too. This bully probably saw you as the weakest person to pick on but found out differently when your friends came to your aid.
        I do understand and share your concerns though about things getting ugly.
        Many of the sites tend to have cliques where the older commenters shut out the newer arrivals if they don’t follow lock step with their opinions.
        Any sign of independent thought is looked down upon and considered dangerous.
        Only the leader of the clique is able to express independent thoughts while her/his minions agree with everything she says.
        The person that does not agree with the majority is soon shut out of all conversation and ostracized as not being as cool as they are.
        They form bonds and connect with each other with their shared enemy who doesn’t think just like them.
        I’ve seen this happen before and I hope it never happens here and uncool, serious people are allowed to have a voice in the discussion.
        Underhanded and passive-aggressive barbs are constantly thrown as their chosen victim and they giggle and laugh about how cool they are for being superior to everyone else.
        I have no desire to be a part of any clique and prefer to talk to everyone as it pleases me. I’m just really independent and I can’t go along with the crowd- it’s not in my nature.
        If this is viewed as threatening to anyone that disagrees with my thoughts I can’t help that but I do hope they can behave in a mature manner about it.
        So I do hope we can continue to have discussions here as I do love talking to you. You and Joni brighten my day and I look forward to your comments.
        Due to my illness I tend to avoid depressing and negative situations and I hope nobody takes that personal.
        I don’t have the feeds this year so I’m just going to have to follow the recaps and comments here too. I just want to be able to enjoy my experience here and that’s all I’m asking.

      • Thank you, India! Right back atcha, Lady!
        NO, that person hasn’t been on this site. She went to another one…which I actually visited…didn’t know she was there…but when I went back (I knew people there from Survivor Fandom) she’d left a horribly NASTY comment about me being the reason she and other people don’t comment on BBN any longer…how I ‘trolled’ her…blah, blah, blah. She’s using a different name, but I recognized the hate. She’s a miserably unhappy person, and I feel sorry for her.

        Like you, because of my illnesses, I try to avoid stress. Joni is a hoot! And K–my champion and dear friend. And Cyril…and Captain, my Captain. :) I so enjoy your posts too, India—and always look forward to reading them.

        I think you and I will be enjoying BBOTT vicariously through the comments here…although it’s really confusing! It’s still fun though. It’s a good diversion for me. It’d be very easy for me right now, to isolate—and I can’t do that…so confused or not, I’m going to enjoy my experience too. We’ll do it together. That sound good? :)

      • Maybe between the 2 of us we can figure out what’s going on :D
        I’m so curious to see Cornbread in person and if he will be wearing overalls all the time
        I’ve visited other sites besides this one and I no doubt met up with your tormentor some where.
        I can’t believe she would blame you for everything – how crazy.
        She’s the type that likes to form cliques and find somebody to pick on. So sad it was you she chose to bully.
        So thanks Sharona, I feel so much better after talking to you :D

      • Me too. :) Well, it’s over and all I can do is wish her the best…because I know she’s miserable.

        I wish I could watch Cornbread too! His video cracked me up. TGJ is trying to keep me updated on what’s happening. Look for her posts. It’s hard not being able to watch! ARGH! But it’s just not doable right now. Like you said, hopefully together, we can figure it out! I’ll be watching for you…have a wonderful night!

      • Thanks Sharona and I look forward to it.
        Time to go watch Project Runway – one of my favorite reality shows on Lifetime channel.

      • Thank you for scaring me straight Super Sha! ;) LOL! I was actually thinking I missed the little cretin… Yikes!! hahahahhahahahha

  22. Just read an interesting article from Jokers… A Grodner & R. Meehan did an interview about OTT and they mentioned how in the “regular” the feeds were used to make the broadcast show interesting, however, in OTT–ALL the feeds need to be interesting, therefore, HG will be encouraged and given incentives to *NOT* stay in bed all day and get up and socialize, in order to make feeds better! Hey! I never thought about that, but since this is a season of feeds…they sure don’t want a bunch of boring HG! This may be A LOT more exciting than any of us even realized!! NOW I’m totally excited and eagerly awaiting BBOTT!!

  23. Has anyone found out Neeley’s real age ?? She has changed her answer to that question several times ! Lol be proud gurl

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