‘Big Brother Over The Top’ Premiere Recap – Houseguests On The Move

Big Brother Over The Top starts its debut season tonight as we settle in to meet the new BBOTT cast, discover which Vet is coming back for a second chance, and which HGs are already driving us crazy in the first hour. It’ll all happens online and on All Access!

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Over The Top

Unlike any past season of Big Brother the new cast will be moving in live sparing us the loss of the first week’s events and the drama that goes with it. We’ll see how these thirteen strangers deal with each other and what they’ll be doing to start off their journey to win the season’s $250,000 prize in just 65 days from now.

Remember that this season and all its episodes are running a live online broadcast through All Access. You will not find this show on CBS TV. Everyone will be able to tune in at the same time (10PM ET / 7PM PT) tonight and watch it live as it is shown on the Live Feeds. That means no more three hour delays for the west coast, but it does mean later than usual episodes for the east coast, but here we are now.

As for how to watch BBOTT, if you’ve already signed up then be sure to navigate to the BBOTT specific page for Feeds since the main BB page won’t be showing Over The Top. I know, that’s unnecessarily complicated, but that’s how CBS is handling the online interface.

Want to watch with us? Sign-up now for the Live Feeds Free Trial & join the fun!

You can also pull up All Access on your Roku, AppleTV, Amazon Fire devices, and more so check the full details on how to do that so you can watch Big Brother Over The Top on your TV instead of on your computer or mobile device, unless that’s your preference of course.

While we’d usually also expect our first Head of Household competition during the premiere episode we’ve been told that will follow on Thursday from earlier details released by CBS. The first HoH comp isn’t tonight but you can watch it on Thursday at 4PM ET.

What we will definitely discover tonight for results will be whether or not it’s Jason or Jozea who returns to the game.

Now we’re ready for the premiere to roll on through and I’ll be updating the recap here live throughout the online broadcast of the episode. Stick with us for all the details and chat with other fans in the comments section below. Share your thoughts! We want to hear them.

Here we go! Julie is there at the front of the house to introduce the season and the Houseguests. Julie tells us we’ll be influencing the nominations along with the season finale when the winner is decided by the viewer votes!

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We get all of the Houseguests intros before things switch from Julie’s taped segment to the Live Feeds. Dennis is the first one in. The curse! He picks a bed in the London room. Morgan arrives next and they go around the house to find her a bed too. Morgan was not familiar with the London room so I’d guess she didn’t watch last season. Shane is the third one in and we’re already getting flirting from Morgan.

Next in we’ve got Neeley and she’s very interested in walking around and checking out the place. They go upstairs and Shane observes the phone booth and seems surprised. Yeah, he didn’t watch last season. Now we’ve got Shelby and Shelby’s laugh. Oh my. And here comes Cornbread! We’re up to 6 Houseguests now.

We’ve got these six wandering the house and checking out the place. Morgan wonders what happens if a tall girl uses the shower. Shelby asks if HGs just hang out in the bathroom area while others shower. Oh these recruit newbies. Glorious!

The roll of arriving Houseguests has significantly slowed since the earlier pace of every few minutes. The group has gathered at the table and started to share stories and general chatter. I’m loving this new move-in! It’s fantastic and so totally different.

Now we’ve got Kryssie, Whitney, and Justin arriving next. Lots of energy coming alive in the house and also a lot of newbiews in this overall group as everyone is surprised by the bed shortage as they seem to think they’d each have their own double. Whitney even put her bag down on the chair to call that.

Next up we’re watching Alex arrive and remember her sister Morgan is there, but it hasn’t been revealed. Alex hugs everyone including her sister Morgan and then asks everyone for their name, again including Morgan. So those two are keeping their relationship (sisters) a secret.

Rounding things out we’ve got Monte and Danielle arriving to give us our full 12 newbie HGs. Last thing to discover is whether or not it’s Jason or Jozea.

Congratulations to Jason Roy! He won the vote to return to Big Brother for BBOTT! That should surprise no one. He’s thrilled to be back and the superfans in the house are very excited to see him. Alex clasped her hands to her head after he arrived.

The group gathers around for the introductions. Jason gets the party started then we’ve got Alex and Morgan in a row. Alex says she’s from Dallas while Morgan says she’s from a small town in Texas. Neither lets on that they’re related. Everyone goes around the room and says a bit about themselves. This is seriously interesting to see how it really goes since we have NEVER seen the first night live before.

Julie makes a surprise visit, via the TV screen, with a taped message for them. She lets them know there is no Jury and when they’re evicted they’ll be going home. Julie also mentions the comps will be live on the Feeds and speaking of, the first one will be at 4PM ET on Thursday and of course it is on the Feeds so get ready to watch! Sign up with the banner below and we’ll be back in the morning for more!


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      • I wonder if there’s gonna be underground sites popping out for this. Like sites I found live stream east coast…I’m sure we’ll see some torrent downloads, but they’re late a day.

      • Yea, I was wondering about that and was kind of waiting to see if I could follow that way. But then I would miss chatting here and knowing what I’m talking about.

        Anyway, it’s done, I’m in. God, there a lot of stuff in there. I’m going to be able to catch up with the last 20 years of the Young & Restless that I miss. LOL

  1. My friend just madly texted me to say that her feeds got started after mine did, and was asking if that was normal. And, honestly, don’t know myself. I just told her I’d look into it for her tomorrow and just to watch the show.

  2. This is too hard to chat on my phone and watch on my iPad. I’m hoping to figure out how to watch on tv. Hope everyone enjoys this.

  3. Can’t watch at the moment but I’m monitoring Twitter. Thus sounds like some real Dutch BB goodness with everyone moving in live on Day 1.

  4. This is going to be weird because it’s going to keep going after an hour episode. I wonder if it will just be like watching the feeds until they have a comp.

    • Maybe another Davonne, and with Jason potentially coming in I sense a repeat of BB 17 when Da and Jason discovered the twin story

  5. How long is this going to take? They are taking so long to bring the people in.
    The HGs are already suspecting that there may be 16 instead of 13.
    Steve (Scott) is already playing. He is counting and observing everything.

  6. Just realized – their lack of knowledge of how BB18 ended could spare this season’s vet from getting the immediate boot out the door.

  7. So we have Alex and Scott as the super fans this season… and everyone else seems like recruits (minus the 1 vet).

  8. Meanwhile, the guys are bonding while the girls are gossiping…

    3 guesses what our first alliance will be.

  9. I would love it if the production would pick one camera as the wide angle and leave it at that. Always drives me nuts when the wide angle becomes a zoom and I gotta back out to the quad view and find another wide shot.

  10. Where is Jason?
    It will be exciting and awkward when he comes in since he is the only vet. Hopefully they don’t bring anymore.

  11. Why are they trying to get them drunk. How many times do they need to announce that the storage room is open.

  12. Neeley is 33, not 28. Liar, liar pants on fire.
    She is trying to fit in with the youngins, but looks old.

  13. So guys, how does Big Brother sound like (if it’s not Don Wollman talking to them through the intercom live)?

  14. How annoying. They are all talking at the same time. I’m really interested in Comps, DR sessions and any activities they have planned for the HGS. It won’t be tonight.

  15. I lime danielle seems like she didnt lie about bei g a superfan. Not convinced scott is couldnt find the rooms and took him forever to realize that door was the have not room.

      • Jason’s social game is always good. ..and Danielle, if I’m not mistaken is a gamer. not afraid of making big moves. Admire Dr. Will/Derrick/Rachel.

      • Yep, that’s what I remember as well.

        I’m wondering if the HGs will be afraid to get too close to Jason and risk being targeted for aligning with him. Guess it might depend on if he becomes an early target.

      • That’s the thing with Jason. He has good social game and a good strategy. Problem with him is the fact that he can’t keep his mouth shut. If he can tone down the gossip he should be okay

    • How’s it going TGJ? I’m looking forward to hearing more about Cornbread and thank goodness Jozea won’t be returning! Will his poor over inflated ego be able to take yet another rejection? :D

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