‘Big Brother OTT’: Veto Meeting Plans – Week 4

It’s Veto Ceremony day for the Big Brother Over The Top Houseguests after Monday’s competition put the power in the hands of one of the nominees and now we’ve got a renom coming our way.

Kryssie Ridolfi on Big Brother Over The Top

Kryssie had narrowed it down to one of the two ladies from PBS for her renom plans and talks on Monday appear to have narrowed the choice down for her though she’s been mentioning both options when talking between the sides of the house. So who is it going to be?

Since she was working through her nominations Kryssie had mentioned the seat next to Scott would be filled by either Morgan or Shelby. Even during her final button push of the Safety Ceremony Kryssie was saying to herself that Shelby better hope Scott stays up there. Well Scott will but Morgan won’t.

On Monday evening and night Kryssie was working through having to plan for who would go up and that was going to be either Whitney or Shelby. When speaking with Whitney she mentioned leaning toward Shelby as the renom though Whitney was quick to offer herself as the renom. This would be a move to avoid having to vote and make her vote known, a tactic some of her allies easily detected.

Later in the night Neeley was pressing for Kryssie to renom Shelby rather than Whitney since earlier talks concluded Shelby would not vote out Scott like they had arranged in their pre-noms deal.

Now I’m not at all expecting Whitney to be willing to hold that deal either, so this may not really matter who Kryssie decides to put up. However, it does seem like Kryssie will renom Whitney instead of Shelby in part because she believes she’s helping shield Whitney from the voting.

Swapping out Morgan for Whitney or Shelby won’t really change things as all three appear ready to vote together to keep Scott. That decision could come down to America’s vote later tonight and Wednesday morning unless the ladies are able to flip Justin again to send Neeley out the door.

Remember that this Big Brother Veto Ceremony can be watched live as it happens on the Live Feeds today at 1PM PT (4PM ET) so be sure you’re signed up and ready with All Access (get the Free Trial).

You’ll especially want to have that going because an hour after the Ceremony we’ll get the next round of the America’s Eviction Vote starting at 2PM PT (5PM ET). We’ll all be voting to decide where our one vote goes this week and you’ll get to help make that choice if you’re subscribed.

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  1. Scott might have flipped out yesterday but I am not going to vote him out. Misfits totally sucked at the POV. Mor, Scott and Shelby were top 3 in it. Misfits sucked!! I’m sticking to voting out Neeley and ruining Kryssie’s HOH. Jason just keeps saying things to make me dislike him more and more.

    • I agree. Everytime I think there may be some redeeming qualities in the misfits then Jason and Danielle open there mouths and I have to say no they are all hateful ugly people. I would have considered voting out Scott but Jason’s rant yesterday let me know that I could not vote for anything that would support the LNJ. I am not voting for hate.

      • I was saying same thing last night on Twitter. We don’t have to campaign too much to save Scott, because Kryssie, Neeley, Jason and Danielle do not know how to keep their nasty mouths shut. They spew the hatred! I’m done with them!

      • I agree Jason really is stuck on himself this season. I don’t know what he thinks he has done in life to have such a big trap but he is driving me crazy. I really was happy when he came back but he has been a big let down. I don’t care for scott either but want to see America shut Jason up. Also the boys can’t lose any more numbers.

    • From what I saw, it was a calculated flip out. I’m not sure if it was a ploy to save himself, or a scorched earth on the way out the door type thing. I really didn’t see the point of it, but at least he’s trying. Has Neely even tried to campaign yet?

      • No she hasn’t yet. She is going to try and get Morgan to vote out Scott. Not sure if Kryssie is going to put up Whitney yet or not. Kryssie said she didn’t want to make Whit have to choose. Sounds like she thinks Whit would vote her way. I don’t think so though!

      • It wasn’t even that bad. All he said was something to the effect of how was the Veto downtime and she responded she slept and ate the whole time. He came back with oh, so a normal day then. Jason instigated it some from there and then they talked about their speeches etc. It was so weak an attack on Scott’s part that later Justin came to him and asked how he was doing. Said he didn’t like people attacking each other and Scott said I can stop if it bothers you. He responded no you were the one being attacked. Anyone trying to say Scott is being awful to Danielle is most likely a misfit fan with an agenda to get him voted out this week.

    • I’m doing the same. Can’t stand Krissie and want that group down another number. Too bad it’s at the expense of Neely. Although the last two weeks she’s been acting just as nasty as the rest of them so not sad to see her go.

  2. I’m also voting Neely this week and I haven’t given up on Justin voting that way too. In an early poll Neely is 73%, Scott 26% with about 1400 votes so far. Justin has said to both sides he’ll vote they way they want. He told Whitney she should say Scott but vote Neely and he’s aware he could hide his vote as America. His own personal feelings seem to be he’d want Neely gone this week.

  3. I’m going to vote to evict Neely this week. She has up to now only showed a little dislike of Shelby, but now she sounds as hateful, and rude as the rest of the misfits. I don’t think Scott has been so bad that so many don’t like him. He has been loyal to his alliance, and you can’t blame him for turning on Shane BC Shane was not loyal. Plus Krissie’s whole attitude has been extremely mean and nasty this week. need to show her she’s not being cool hating along with Danielle , Neely and Jason on the other group when. they are just playing the game too, and I might add they are actually playing a smarter game. Scott made a great move last week, and shouldnt be punished for it. Sorry Kristie but it wasn’t done as a personal attack towards you! Why would that be? You were safe remember! Is she actually saying Danielle should have gone over Shane BC you guys decided that? Stop with all the hatred. They are all going too far with their comments.I mean they hate everyone but Whitney and Morgan so much that they wish harm on the rest and say terrible things about them.

    • In reality, what Scott did last week is a benefit to K’s game because it’s weakened Danielle to the point that she’s dependent upon K and more loyal to K than anyone else whereas before she would have picked Shane over anyone so K should be grateful!

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