‘Big Brother OTT’ Popularity Poll – Week 6

Our weekly Popularity Poll is back for Big Brother Over The Top and that means it’s time to support your favorite Houseguest with your vote each day to move him or her up the charts and ranks.

BBOTT 2016 Memory Wall of HGs

All thirteen BBOTT Houseguests are here in the poll so even if they’ve been voted out you can still support your favorite. Read on for last week’s results & this week’s new poll.

Once again this week our top four HGs have held on with Alex and Jason at the top but there was a small shuffle as Shelby overtook Justin for third place while he dropped down a spot. If the other HGs had any idea of their general popularity then I bet they’d quickly become the top targets. As it stands, Alex is likely the one to beat this season and appears well insulated at the moment.

Moving down to the mid-section of the group we saw Danielle climb up a few spots to make the top five while Morgan dropped to make room for her. Whitney was another climber with a two-spot gain as well while Kryssie dropped in exchange.

Down at the bottom we see Scott remaining as the most popular HG from the original four guys’ alliance but he was also still the only one active so we’ll have to wait and see what happens when he’s been gone for a few days.

The biggest drop though comes from Neeley how fell like a rock down five spots to the very last entry in the list. Well she did end up voted as HN, America’s Nom, and America’s VTE so I guess that shouldn’t be a shock, but I am a little surprised she couldn’t out perform the long since evicted Cornbread.

Check out all the results below to see how things compared in the latest results to the week before that then vote in our new poll for Week 6. You can keep coming back each day of this week cycle to vote for your fav HG.

Big Brother Over The Top Player Rankings – Week 5’s results vs. Week 4:

  • Alex Willett – 35.1% (+0)
  • Jason Roy – 21.7% (+0)
  • Shelby Stockton – 12.0% (+1)
  • Justin Duncan – 10.3% (-1)
  • Danielle Lickey – 5.6% (+2)
  • Morgan Willett – 5.4% (-1)
  • Whitney Hogg – 4.2% (+2)
  • Kryssie Ridolfi – 2.3% (-2)%
  • Scott Dennis – 1.8% (+1)
  • Monte Massongill – 0.36% (+2)
  • Shane Chapman – 0.32% (+0)
  • Cornbread – 0.29% (+1)
  • Neeley Jackson – 0.23% (-5)

Ready for the next round of voting for this week’s popularity poll? Make your pick below. Be sure to vote for your favorites here in our poll each day for the next week and check back then for the final tallies:


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  1. I’m pleasantly surprised at Shelby’s popularity. Alex is the obvious favorite (pretty, “gamer”, superfan) and most returnees tend to be near the top of the popularity lists, so Jason’s popularity makes sense, too.

    But Shelby…she cracks me up. Her live DR sessions are a HOOT. I’d love to go back and listen to them. She’s naturally funny. I hope she lasts a while longer.

    • I love her. In the beginning I didn’t think I would but love her sense of humor. Hope her and Alex make it to the end.

    • I dont like shelby at all because she makes smart comments under her breath and thinks no hears her are should say anything back to her just because she is hoh which makes me think she is the same why when she is at home

      • I think people like that she has played someone different than herself and kept it up for over a month with no one guessing. Plus the LNJ is always calling her dumb and worse but she sticks with her “character” and happily plays the part.

      • And Jason and Justin and Krissie. What have they done. Oh yeah sit on the couch and talk filth, fart, burp, complain, etc., etc., etc……

  2. I’m surprised by Neeley’s drop, too. Thought for sure Cornbread would be this season’s Jozea.

    • Her hypocritical blow up all day of her eviction have lasting effects to the voters. She basically did not know how to play the game because people that blow up will blow up their game.

  3. Alex is still the most popular, but yet many people want to nominate her for eviction.
    I’m surprised that Justin is that low in the polls since he is the most entertaining and he is playing a similar guy to Alex by not winning comps.

    • I thought he was fun and entertaining till I watched some late night feeds. He is the worst when it comes to talking about doing sexual acts and vile stuff to other houseguests. I also watched him cheat and eat the candy last night as a HN and laughed when the DR did nothing. Between the nasty talk, cheating and not even getting the comps, he is less likable to me.

      • Yep he needs to go. I have a completely different opinion of him now then I did the first few weeks.

      • Yeah, I forgot that she had won and also Justin won a Veto. They act like they are good at physical comps, but winning one doesn’t really mean much, especially for her who’s in danger each week.

    • What is so impressive about Alex? Her best move was the hinky vote week 1. Week 2 she had tunnel vision as an HOH.. she knew she didn’t have the numbers, knew Shane was a golfer, yet still went after the showmance even knowing the Veto comp was golf themed. She would have gone home week 3 if Scott doesn’t win HOH and week 4 if not for ACP. Other than that she has brought nothing to the game and nothing to the show as she lacks personality and emotion.. she is way over rated.

      • I think its that Alex seems to have control over the PBS alliance and seems to be the one calling all the shots there. Plus she had no idea the veto was golf themed. She wanted either Shane or Danielle out, and had no idea that Monte was hated by America. Yeah she may be bland as Derrick, but she does know how to play the game

  4. Why do Shelby and Whitney do that thing with their mouths where it looks like they had a stroke? Is that some new hipster affectation? Not cute.

  5. Those of you easily offended (as most of you seem to be), really shouldn’t be watching feeds.

  6. I picked Shelby but also love Alex & Morgan. Unfortunately, Jason fans & Shane’s recruiting on twitter has destroyed polls…. so true paying BB fans votes get buried.
    Shelby’s strongest asset is her ability to roll with the punches & she’s had many… she’s been screamed at & attacked by most of the MisFits & never fires back. She’ll smile & remember….. Love her…

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