Big Brother Celebrity 2019 Episode Episode 5 Recap: ‘I Slipped On Some Shrimp’

The Celebrity Big Brother house was a mess after Jonathan’s eviction. People were questioning votes, their allies and and even threatening to leave the game.

We rejoined the celebrity houseguests in tonight’s episode right after Jonathan headed out the door. Ryan, Joey and Dina were shocked over the vote outcome and for some reason everyone else was really confused why Dina voted Kandi out. When in actuality, no one really approached her about the vote (aside from Tamar who had told her before she too was voting out Kandi) and it was pretty obvious she was not going to vote Jonathan out with their history. Tamar was the only sensible one when it came to this, so that is really saying something.

So needless to say when it came time for the Head of Household competition, everyone wanted to win because they didn’t feel comfortable leaving it up to anyone other than themselves. And it’s a really cool version of the wall endurance competition. They have to endure a “rock concert” by some literal rocks, which includes getting doused with beer, jello shots and fire extinguishers. And they actually used some legit rock music from Poison. Tom is the first one to drop after 24 minutes. Kandi falls just a few seconds after Tom, admitting she just didn’t want to be the first one out. Ricky is next out after 46 minutes.

And then Tamar starts freaking out. She says she’s about to have an anxiety attack and goes completely off the rails. She’s screaming and swinging and it’s amazing. She finally drops a few feet onto a very soft landing. But she almost made it an hour, so that’s pretty impressive.

Dina is out next after an hour and 13 minutes. That means four remain. Lolo is out next after an hour and 33 minutes. That leaves Natalie, Kato and Joey. Kato tells Joey to drop but Dina yells for him not to do it. And Kato takes that personally because he took that as her rooting against him, which he found odd since they had been pretty close so far in the game. But Joey does drop after one hour and 36 minutes. That leaves Kato and Natalie, so they make a deal. Kato tells Natalie that she’s safe so she drops. Kato is the new HOH. So let’s take a minute to let it sink in that 59-year-old Kato Kaelin won the wall HOH.

A little later, Ryan tells Kato that if he doesn’t put him up he’ll be a good ally for Kato, and throws it out there that the girls have an alliance so Kato needs more allies. Meanwhile Natalie tells Tamar that it was good for her to drop so she can compete next week. But Tamar says she thinks Kato will put her up. Natalie thinks she can squash that, but can she?

Probably not. Kato promptly gets annoyed with Tamar for not cleaning after the nearly falls on some shrimp she dropped in the kitchen. So he’s considering putting her up with Dina instead of Ryan.

And speaking of Tamar, she is getting annoyed with Natalie and Lolo (which is fine because they’ve been annoyed with her for awhile now). She doesn’t think they’re playing an honest game, so tensions are high. Lolo and Natalie return to their room at 4 AM and Tamar is annoyed that they were up so late talking game without her. But they all ignore the tension and head to bed. So in the morning all hell breaks loose. Tamar asks Lolo what they said last night. Lolo asks her who is they and adds that she was just talking to Dina about the vote. Tamar says Dina is lying about not knowing how to vote. Lolo says she isn’t lying and then Lolo and Tamar just explode. Lolo’s frustration with Tamar has been growing and it finally boiled over.

The fighting goes on for a bit and breaks up and then starts again. Tamar starts packing up and tells Tom she is going home. Lolo apologizes to Tamar and admits she approached everything wrong. Tamar accepts her apology and they hug it out. She says she’s not leaving. This just happened on Saturday and resulted in about nine hours of the Live Feeds being down. It was quite the fight and they barely showed it on TV.

We then head into the nomination ceremony where Kato has nominated Tamar and Dina for eviction. Kato tells Dina that he adores her but when she was rooting against him he felt chocked. As for Tamar he said she’s been wanting to go home so he thought she was an easy choice to nominate. But I think the real reason is because he almost fell because of Tamar’s poor cleaning skill. “I nearly slipped on some shrimp in the kitchen,” he tells her. And that, folks, is the best reason anyone has ever been nominated on Big Brother.

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