Big Brother 25 Live Feeds Week 13: Monday Night Highlights

It’s three against two in the Big Brother 25 house, and it will soon be three against one as the veto ceremony came and went and nothing out of the ordinary happened. But the two nominees are both feeling like they have a fair shot at staying this week, even though we know the plan based on talks between Matt, Jag and Bowie throughout the evening.

Later in the evening Felicia decided to call out the three for what feels like isolation to her.

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Big Brother 25 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, October 30, 2023:

4:05 PM BBT – Everyone is playing cards outside. Matt is grilling pineapple.

4:30 PM BBT – Jag goes to check on Matt. He asks Matt if he’s OK. Matt says he just didn’t want to learn the card game and he’s just bored.

4:31 PM BBT – Jag tells Matt they need to study because they can’t let one of the women win any of the upcoming comps.

4:33 PM BBT – Matt asks Jag if Felicia or Cirie have campaigned yet. Jag says no, they’re just hanging out.

4:36 PM BBT – Felicia goes up to check on Matt. She tells him she wanted to make sure he was OK. He says he’s fine and he just wants to chill and relax.

4:37 PM BBT – Cirie goes to check on Matt too. He tells her that he’s good and he just wants to chill.  He says he’s a little stressed about everything that is coming up.

4:46 PM BBT – Jag, Bowie and Cirie are playing pool. Matt is listening to music in the HOH room and Felicia is eating a sandwich.

5:19 PM BBT – Felicia tells Cirie that Matt missed his window of opportunity to get Jag. He says he’s so busy trying to be the good friend and then Jag is going to cut him at the end. She compares the situation to Kyland and Xavier in BB23.

5:21 PM BBT – Felicia says she knows Izzy is watching and is pissed that they let Bowie Jane get all the way to the end. Cirie says Jared, Izzy and Mecole are all watching and pissed.

5:22 PM BBT – Jag and Bowie go inside and Felicia and Cirie say they’ll probably go up to the HOH room and stay the rest of the evening.

5:23 PM BBT – Felicia says she wishes Matt played smarter. She says he latched onto Jag and let Jag sucker him into every move. Felicia says she believes that Jag is the one who flipped on all their allies and Matt didn’t have the gumption to stand up to Jag.

5:24 PM BBT – Cirie says she told Jared that Matt would crumble to anything Jag says. Cirie then changes the subject to wanting wine.

5:25 PM BBT – Felicia says Bowie, Matt and Jag don’t need any booze because they still have hangovers from last night.

5:30 PM BBT – Felicia says she thinks Jag hasn’t been honest about what he does for a living.

5:34 PM BBT – Bowie Jane tells Matt that Felicia has been whispering to Cirie so she’s trying to cook something up. Matt says there’s nothing they can do at this point so let her whisper.

5:36 PM BBT – Matt says he’s just telling Cirie and Felicia that they’re good. Bowie says he can say that because he isn’t voting.

5:37 PM BBT – Bowie and Matt say they need to study so that Felicia can’t win the next HOH after Cirie goes. Matt says Felicia is campaigning against Jag and Bowie while Cirie is just asking for reassurance.

5:38 PM BBT – Matt says he feels bad for Cirie because Felicia is spreading lies and being dramatic and they’re taking her farther. But he says they can beat Felicia easier. They say that Cirie hasn’t shown her potential yet and bring up the fact that she won The Traitors.

5:39 PM BBT – Bowie and Matt both agree they really don’t want to take Felicia farther but they have to because Cirie is the better player.

6:01 PM BBT – Jag tells Matt that as long as he or Bowie win HOH they have nothing to worry about. Jag says if Felicia wins HOH and Jag or Matt win veto, then Bowie Jane goes home. But if Felicia wins HOH and Bowie Jane wins veto, then one of them go home.

6:03 PM BBT – Jag says he’s going to win HOH. He says there’s no other option.

6:22 PM BBT – Matt and Jag say they’ve been running the the second half of the game. Matt says the best decision he made this whole season was using that power to save Jag.

6:53 PM BBT – Cirie is cooking some dinner.

7:08 PM BBT – Jag and Bowie talk about how wild it is that they’re so close to the Final 3 together after they were not even working together at the start of the game.

7:09 PM BBT – Bowie and Jag talking about how dodgy Jared was and how Jared got away with the same things Cameron didn’t get away with. Jag says Blue told him that the week Hisam sent Reilly home, Jared would have done the same thing. Jag says he knows now that Jared was more with the other side.

7:10 PM BBT – Jag says Jared must have been a huge snake.

7:22 PM BBT – Jag lets Matt know that he talked to Bowie to make sure she knew they weren’t up in the HOH room ignoring her or anything.

8:28 PM BBT – Felicia and Cirie talking about things that went down in the game. Cirie talking about Cory and Jared having their spat and how Jared kept Cameron at bay as much as he could.

9:00 PM BBT – Not much going on at the moment.

10:20 PM BBT – Felicia notices Matt, Jag and Bowie acting funny. Bowie starts laughing and Felicia asks her what’s so funny.

10:22 PM BBT – Felicia asks if she and Cirie missed something. She tells Jag that he, Matt and Bowie Jane are acting like the Final 3 already and they’re just waiting to get rid of the other two bodies. She tells him there’s a clear difference. He says he’s the same. She tells him that he stood there for 30 minutes not saying a word to her.

10:25 PM BBT – Felicia wants to know if they’re going to isolate the person left after this next eviction. Jag tells Felicia he’s confused by her line of questioning. Jag says the last thing he would do is make someone feel isolated.

10:28 PM BBT – Jag apologizes to Felicia but says he didn’t think anything had changed. Felicia says she feels like something has shifted. Jag says the house feels weird because there are only five people left.

10:30 PM BBT – Matt and Bowie outside talking about what Felicia was just confronting Jag with. Bowie says Felicia excluded her all season. Matt says Felicia wasn’t concerned about Bowie Jane all season but now is because she needs her vote.

10:37 PM BBT – Jag, Bowie and Matt flash their Mafia sign in the backyard.

11:00 PM BBT – Jag tells Cirie about Felicia and she says she’ll tell Felicia they’re not isolating her.

11:03 PM BBT – Cirie goes inside and tells Felicia Jag is sorry. They start laughing. Felicia says she knows something has shifted. Cirie commends Felicia for asking Jag if they’re going to isolate the fourth person next week.

11:12 PM BBT – Felicia and Cirie going over Final 2 scenarios and out to argue against Jag to win.

11:55 PM BBT – Cirie and Felicia are off to bed.

12:00 AM BBT – Matt, Jag and Bowie discuss telling Felicia that if you win Final 4 HOH you can’t play in the mental part of the Final HOH. They think she could actually fall for that.

1:00 AM BBT – Jag, Matt and Bowie continue to trash Felicia. Jag even says they’ve been having the same conversation for hours.

So it sounds like Matt, Jag and Bowie are still ready to send Cirie out this week, but their frustration with Felicia is consuming them. Now they’re planning to trick her into thinking she shouldn’t win the next HOH competition. But she knows more about the show than they think, so will she fall for it?

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