Big Brother 24 Winner Taylor Hale Tells It All In Q&A

Big Brother 24 winner Taylor Hale recently took to Reddit for an “Ask Me Anything” hangout.

“This is the place I came to learn as much as I could before I got kidnapped for BB24,” Taylor said on Reddit. “I can’t wait to dive in and chat with you all now.” And dive in she did. Here is some of the Q&A from her Reddit hangout.

Question: In the house (On a couple of occasions actually) you said you are ready to fall in love again. What prompted that?

Taylor: “Joseph Abin, 25.”

Q: Congrats again on your win!! Been rooting for you since day 0. Given that you did your research on Reddit what tip did you find most useful on here?

Taylor: “To study Danielle Reyes’ game. Dr Will and Dan can’t be replicated – don’t try to do what they did. Play your own game. Scripted DR’s suck – be normal. I tried, but I’m long winded and needed help making my DRs concise. I saw a lot of talk about how people wanted fights like season 10, and didn’t want people going on the show just with the goal of becoming influencers. I knew if I engaged in the fights, I would have gone home sooo sorry guys. And I didn’t go on the show with the goal of simply seeking fame, but it kinda fell into my lap at the end lol. Hope you all don’t hate me (or my lays).”

Q: With a little time and distance, what are your favourite memories in the House?

Taylor: “Kyle describing the ‘keep scootin, you’ll warm up’ moment to the leftovers in the hammock. Skid + Fancy – duh. Winning the Wall. Playing BB Comics and the part 2 HOH comp. Leftovers celebratory dances. The night all the leftovers did goodnight messages and took a group photo on the digital camera.”

Q: What were you most surprised/disappointed didn’t make an episode edit?

Taylor: The many conversations I had with Monte on the patio about making sure he and I were on the same page and making sure Michael was evicted. The few moments when I was active with strategic play wasn’t shown in the backend of the game and I think it’s a reason why many casuals don’t see my win as deserving. Similarly, Joseph had just as much of a hand as Kyle did in creating the beginning of the leftovers and that just wasn’t shown. It robs the audience of rooting for more than who they would expect to win.

Q: How much did production tip you off in DR?

Taylor: “Not at all lol. I’d be in the DR speculating – completely unprompted – “I wonder what it’s like in the outside world” or “I hope America sees whats really happening here” and they’d be like ‘…so anyway what do you think of the veto.’ ”

Q: Do you plan on watching BB25? If so, what do you want to see from that season?

Taylor: “Less game show, more social game. The games are fun and people work so hard to put them together, but to understand the dynamics you have to see people who are not making the flashiest moves or dominating with the most earned power (comp wins).”

Q: Even though you were recruited, you still went through the entire casting process. What advice can you give fans (or future recruits) who hope to get on the show?

Taylor: Be multi-dimensional. Yes, you’re going to have one main archetype you’ll be cast as, but you have to have layers. I spoke freely and candidly about my black womanhood, growing up with some privilege but constantly being under-minded because I’m from Detroit (yes – the actual city). Be the archetype, but also push against it.

Q: Have you had any contact with daniel/nicole and if so, how did it go?

Taylor: “Nicole and I are on great terms. Last I spoke to Daniel was finale night. I hugged him after winning 800k and simply said ‘no bad blood.’ We move on.”

Q: I loved the bond you and Michael shared. I feel like he was one of the only people in the house (besides Joseph) that truly understood your sense of humor!

Taylor: “That’s my guy – love him to death. We’re both super busy so we send each other messages and then respond like once a week lol. But when we do it’s just like we haven’t skipped a beat.”

Q: Have you officially made peace with Daniel and Paloma?

Taylor: “I am peacefully not in contact with of either of them.”

Source: Reddit


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