Big Brother 23: Rating The HOH Reigns So Far

With Sarah Beth as current Big Brother 23 Head of Household and set to do Kyland’s bidding, her HOH reign has a hefty chance to go down as one of the worst. So that got us thinking, how have the HOH reigns stacked up this season. Let’s take a look.

1. Derek X. DX’s HOH comes out on top because he went for his target, Christian and nailed it. The second DX jumped off that wall as the new HOH, Christian was the plan, and DX executed the backdoor flawlessly. And Christian was the biggest threat in the game, so DX made the right move. You can talk shields all day long, but the longer you leave in your “shield,” the easier it’s going to be for them to best you. DX took the swing first and knocked him out. A+ HOH

2. Kyland (First HOH). After watching his latest HOH run, I kind of can’t believe he takes this No. 2 spot, but Kyland was a whole different player then. He has changed a lot in the weeks since this reign, but going after Frenchie was 100 percent the right move. Frenchie caused chaos, was very influential on several players and had won his share of competitions in just that first week prior. Kyland had the gull and mindset to go for someone he was technically working with to eliminate an early threat. A – HOH

3. Xavier. I wouldn’t call this a great HOH by any means, but it did get out the type of guy who often makes it very far in this game. Brent wasn’t exactly a comp beast or even a social threat this season, but who knows when his prowess would have kicked into gear. Getting Brent out when Xavier did was a pretty decent move, and he gets extra points for giving us one less d-bag to tolerate in a Big Brother season. B + HOH

4. Christian. So Christian getting Whitney out was a total waste of an HOH, especially since it set him up to go home the following week. But his HOH reign is definitely better than the bottom two on this list. Whitney wasn’t a threat, but she was also doing nothing for us as viewers, so even though it jacked his game, it delivered for fans. C+ HOH

5. Kyland (Second HOH). Yikes. What. Was. That? This new Kyland is almost unbearable to watch. From all those endless one-on-one meetings to the waffling, I could barely stand it. And he didn’t even need to win, other than his borderline-creepy need to keep Sarah Beth safe. He should have thrown the HOH to Azah or Tiffany, and then this week his Cookout alliance wouldn’t be in the tight spot they could possibly be in if this twist isn’t in their favor. F HOH

6. Frenchie. OK, so Frenchie got the surfer dude “meathead” out. So what? The rest of the HOH reign was a complete disaster. Brent was his initial target, but Brent totally charmed the “meathead” slayer with the batt of an eye. Then his second target Christian won safety and couldn’t be touched. So then he turned his sights to Alyssa, who he saw in the early stages of a showmance with Christian. So he nominated Alyssa as the target, and Kyland as the pawn (this after saying no woman or minority would go up on his watch). But Alyssa totally convinced the “showmance slayer” that she and Christian were not a thing and that she really wanted to work with him. So then he finally moved on to the last person he didn’t promise safety to. WAIT. He actually did promise safety to Travis. Because he promised safety to everyone. I’m getting exhausted all over again just writing this. So it was definitely a disaster of an HOH, but it wasn’t a boring Week 1, I can say that with full confidence. F- HOH

Where will Sarah Beth’s HOH fall in these rankings? Time will tell.

How would you rank the Big Brother 23 HOH reigns?

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