Big Brother 22 Week 3: Alliances And Deals Update

It’s Week 3 in the Big Brother 22 house and there are so many alliances and deals that your head is going to spin.

Let’s start with the big one. The Committee, which includes a lot of people who pregamed consists of Memphis, Cody, Dani, Nicole F, Tyler and Christmas. This is the most solid alliance in the house, as in they’re all loyal and true to this one. There are some cracks already, but they plan to deal with any issues after everyone else is gone. Memphis is already on the outs after his HOH, and Cody and Tyler don’t totally trust Dani. Nicole and Dani also know that Tyler has to go before they get near the end or they’ll never be able to beat him. So, while they’re solid now, they’re prepared for when they have to start consuming each other.

Within that group, Cody and Memphis have an obvious pre-game duo going called The Commission. As we saw on the Live Feeds, these two just sat down and started talking like they have been a pair for months. So there’s no way this wasn’t something decided before the game. They’re both runners up, and both lost to two of what fans call the best players. It kind of makes sense for them to pair up and see which one can actually win against the other. It’s just sad it didn’t happen organically in the house.

We also have Dani and Nicole  within that group who seem to be attached at the hip. That was all clearly pre-gaming as well. But Nicole seems to be more tied to Cody, so we can expect her to turn on Dani if it comes down to it. It’s unclear who Dani’s No. 1 is, but at times it really seems like it might be Cody as well. This seems like a good time to mention “The Core Four.” That’s Cody, Dani, Nicole and Enzo. This one confuses me because Enzo isn’t in The Committee, but I think the three others prefer him over Christmas and Cody for later in the game. And of course Cody and Enzo are a thing within that four, calling themselves The Root.

And then we have Tyler. As we all know, Tyler loves to make deals with everyone. He did it in BB20 and he;’s done it again. He has a number of final 2 deals. The first one, and I’m guessing the strongest, is with Christmas. But there’s also the one he has with David. That seems to carry the second-most weight. And he also has one with Cody. I think he knows Cody isn’t a good idea for a Final 2 deal, so I think we can count this one as the least important. But just this week, Cody agreed to be Bayleigh’s No. 1 guy. So there’s another one to add to his list.

Tyler and Cody also have a thing with Enzo called The Freeze, and they are close to David, who thinks it’s an actual guy’s alliance apparently.

Let’s circle back to Cody, Dani and Nicole. In order to appease Nicole and her “Million Club” alliance with Ian, Cody and Dani agreed to a loose alliance with Ian. That foursome is called the Four Prime. Ian thinks this is a serious alliance, but Ian is going to be a target very soon.

And if Tyler didn’t have enough going on already, he recently got into another alliance with Cody, Enzo, and Dani, along with Da’Vonne and Bayleigh. This alliance is called The Slick Six, and it is probably one of the least solid alliances. Cody, Dani and Enzo basically formed this so they could keep Da’Vonne and Bayliegh happy until it’s time to target them, which seems to be something happening sooner rather than later.

Bayleigh and Da’Vonne have their “Black Girl Magic” alliance. Bayleigh has her thing with Tyler, and that’s real to her, but not real to Tyler. She also has a relationship with Janelle and Christmas. For Da’Vonne, other than Bayleigh, she seems to only be truly loyal to Kevin and that Slick Six alliance. Within the Slick Six is Cody, Enzo, Da’Vonne and Bayleigh have something called “The Connect.” But once again, Cody and Enzo aren’t exactly loyal to it.

I think that’s just about everything other than Kaysar and Janelle. Who, in typical modern Big Brother fashion, have been isolated and shut out. They only have each other. Janelle has Bayleigh, but that’s not going to matter as Janelle is the eviction target this week.

I think that’s everything for now. Since there doesn’t seem to be any other possibilities at this point, it’s time to just sit and watch most of these fall apart.

As always, a big thank you to @89razorskate20 for keeping track of all of these crazy alliances. Check out their handy alliance and deals cart below.

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🔹How the house stands after Nicole A's Eviction!
🔹Ian, Nicole F. Dani & Cody align & Ian names them "Four Prime"

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