Adam Poch’s Big Brother 22 Player Rankings – Week 10

Adam Poch on Big Brother

2 more weeks people….. just 2 more weeks of Big Brother 22. Usually at this point of the Big Brother season we are starting to get sad that the season is winding down – but just like 2020 in general, this season cannot end fast enough.

I was talking with a friend who is a “Casual” (what us live feed watchers call the CBS-only people) – and he was surprised when I told him BB22 was a boring season. After breaking it down for him in about 5 minutes – he agreed it was a one-sided landslide. So I have to give CBS some credit for editing the season together to keep the casuals interested. With the Pandemic not looking like it’s ending soon, and CBS needing to fill several hours of programming over the next few months, if they do decide to do a winter season – hopefully they can come up with some twists that actually work to keep the die-hard, feed watching, BB Network reading community excited week to week.

But first – there are still 5 people left, 3 more evictions, 2 more HoHs & 1 more Veto to be played before we crown a winner and put this season (and us) out of its misery. Let’s take a look back at the week that was and see who got Bacon & who got Tofu.

Nicole Franzel – 5 strips of Bacon – after not winning anything all season, Nicole finally stepped up and won an HoH & Veto in the same week. These were not easy competitions either – so credit goes out to her in a big way. She won the HoH the same way she has been playing this season, slow and steady, waiting for others to screw up. She crushed the competition in the VETO to keep her noms the same. All the while holding steady to her plan to get out Memphis and built a bridge with the other nominee Christmas to a final 2 deal.

Just an FYI – my “casual” friend texted me last night after the episode and was complaining that Nicole blew it by not “backdooring” Cody. (It’s cute that people think backdooring is just renoming) This could come back to haunt Nicole if she ends up in the Final 2 with Cody – but I feel at this point if she is sitting next to Christmas or Enzo – she may actually win.

Cody Calafiore – 3 strips of Bacon – even when Cody has not been HoH this season – he has controlled just about every nomination / eviction. This is a credit to how good of a social & strategic player he has been this season. His own allies know that he has a great chance of winning it all – yet they are not willing to do anything about it – so whatever “mist” or “spell” he has over them is working. He has not touched the block all season – something his mentor Derrick also did until the F3 – and we may be looking at a repeat here.

Christmas Abbott – 1 strip of Tofu – say what you want about Christmas’ aggressive personality – but you have to give her credit for doing what you are supposed to do while on the block – make deals to keep yourself safe. Unfortunately – her deals were with the HoH who only votes in the event of a tie. Christmas did a good job trying to get Nicole to realize that no one has a chance to win against Cody, it’s just a shame Nicole didn’t want anything to rock that boat.

I thought about giving Christmas bacon this week – but she talked herself into Tofu by…. not shutting up! Cody for some reason wants to keep her – but Enzo (whom Christmas was aligned with) wants her gone because she would not stop talking. There is still a chance Cody & Enzo will flip the script and take her out this week – but like everything else this season, no one has actually pulled off a successful flip and we are going to be forced to hear at least one more week of sleigh bell jingles every Christmas segment on the CBS show.

Enzo Palumbo – 3 strips of Tofu – for the first time all season I have given my buddy Enzo Tofu instead of bacon. He was doing such a good job early on, but has become a puppet for Cody. No one in the jury will respect his game enough to give him the money unless he wins his way out – and cuts Nicole & Cody. He has not made a move up to this point (despite his emphatic Diary Room sessions) that was not more beneficial to Cody than it has been for him.

Enzo’s passive game worked well for him last time to get 3rd place, and it’s looking like he has fallen into that pattern again with most likely the same result. Just like Cody – Enzo has not seen the block this season – so that is a testament to how well his social game is. But is that enough to be a BB All-Star winner? We shall see yo!

That leaves us with one person left to give the Tofurky of the Week – and this week it goes to Memphis Garrett. Oh Memphis – you had a brilliant idea to form 2 separate F3 alliances – and that seemed to be working for you for a little bit. Too bad he did not realize the common denominator between the 2 (Enzo) was more loyal to Cody than to himself. Looking back at this now – it is the reason why he should be going home this week. He already had a Final 2 deal with Cody – and the last thing you want your F2 partner to know is that you created another F2 deal with someone else. You also do not want both of your F2s to think you probably have a F2 with someone else.

3 HoHs this season – and Memphis took out Nicole A, Da’Vonne, & David – 3 great opportunities to actually make some moves and get out tougher competition wasted, leaving them in the game only to take him out. Bravo Memphis… bravo!!

Well – there ya have it, another week in the books – and October 28th cannot come fast enough! There are still some opportunities to shake things up and prevent Cody from walking away with the 500K – but we have not gotten anything we wanted this season, so why start now.

My question of the week is this – which one of this season’s BB Comic covers did you like the most? Personally – I liked Dani’s because it showed 5 of my BB13 castmates – and one of (if not) the worst alliances in BB History.

Let me know what you think of my rankings and answer the Question of the Week in the comments section below.

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From outside the Big Brother House – I am Adam Poch reminding you – when you smile – the world finds ways to hate on you! Have a great day!


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