Big Brother 21: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 3

As we enter the fourth week of Big Brother 21, we say goodbye to Camp Comeback, goodbye and hello again to Cliff, and hope that Gr8ful continues to fall apart this week.

But before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look back and the best and worst moments of Big Brother 21 this past week.

The Best Moments Of Big Brother 21 Week 3

Kathryn Wins the Power of Veto. It was funny to watch someone like Kathryn win the POV because she let it immediately go to her head. She kept the veto necklace on for way too long on the Live Feeds and now she thinks she’s a comp beast. It’s really funny. And it also helped set into motion the big drama that came to a head on Thursday’s live eviction episode.

Gr8ful’s True Colors Shown. There’s usually an alliance or two every season that some people just aren’t a fan of. And then there’s Gr8ful. This might be the most hated group of players in the show’s history. And if you are a completely casual viewer and have no idea just how despicable they are on the Live Feeds, then Wednesday and Thursday night’s episode gave you a taste of how they really are. That was just a small taste, though. The way you saw them treat David, Ovi and Nicole is nothing compared to how they’ve treated Kemi, Ovi and David for most of the season. I was happy the show decided to show their true colors. You’ll see more on this below …

Nick and Bella Blindsided. They might not have reacted as shocked as we had all hoped, but it was nice to see Nick and Bella not get their way this week. Bella has been one of the most polarizing players in the house, so seeing her get blindsided was very rewarding.

Nicole Stays. So Nick and Bella getting blindsided also means Nicole got to stick around. And a lot of us are happy about that because she’s one of the few saving graces of the show currently. Here’s to hoping she can survive even longer.

The Worst Moments Of Big Brother 21 Week 3

Hateful Gr8ful. As I mentioned above, this unlikable alliance was shown being really unlikable this past week and that’s great. But there’s so much more they didn’t show. Like Nick saying this week he’d like to spit in Kemi’s face for starters. Or the fact that a couple of them have some mysterious rash probably because they keep having sex in the shower. It’s like they don’t even know they’re being watch 24/7 .They’re just a really terrible group of people. And the fact that there are so many of them is really making the season hard to enjoy. If something doesn’t change soon, this is going to go down as one of the worst seasons.

Cliff Wins Camp Comeback. No offense to Cliff, but if anything was going to save this season it was one of the other three coming back instead of Cliff. But we aren’t supposed to have nice things this season, it seems. So I was very disappointed that Cliff won HOH. He’s already said if he wins HOH he’s not going to ruffle any feathers. He might not even touch Nick and Bella. What a terrible week that would be. But congrats goes out to Cliff. A superfan getting a second chance at BB isn’t a bad thing.

Kemi, David and Ovi Gone For Good. This is an extension of the pervious moment, but I wanted this to have its own entry. It was just really hard to watch those three be locked in that camp comeback room as they were forced to wear uniforms and be treated like subhumans by the other HGs. It would have been hard to watch anyone have to live like that, but three minorities? That was just particularly hard on myself and a lot of fans. There might be a debate on why the three of them actually ended up there, but how it looked cannot be debated. It just looked bad. Ovi, David and Kemi have all discussed feeling ostracized, and Julie even tried to get them to talk about that during their exit interviews. It was just really upsetting and I would have given anything for one of them to re-enter the game. I think I’m going to officially start my Kemi for America’s Favorite Player campaign now. Here’s to hoping she can be the first pre-juror to win that title.

What do you think were the best and worst moments of Big Brother 21 Week 3?





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