Big Brother 21: The Best And Worst Moments Of Week 2

Big Brother 21 Week 2 is now in the books as we have a new Head of Household and some new targets. But before we get deep into Week 3, let’s take a look back at Week 2 and dig out the best and worsts moments.

The Best Moments of Week 2

The Whacktivity Comp. I might not have liked who won it, but I liked the competition itself. I love when the HGs have to touch, smell or eat things no one wants to touch, smell or eat. Having to sort through piles of snakes was a pretty awesome concept. Here’s to hoping they have to eat something gross next time.

David’s Take On The Game. I have expressed how much I love the Camp Comeback idea. I love the first few evicted HGs getting to stay in the house and David shows us why. During Wednesday night’s episode, David let us know what he thought was going on in the house and he was exactly right. He might not be a Big Brother superfan, but he sure has a grasp of what’s going on in this game. If he wins his way back into the game, he could do some damage.

Cliff Exposed Party. I know Cliff is shaping up to be a fan favorite. You guys love the soft-spoken older southern guy. But Cliff has made a fatal mistake with his morning Cliff Notes. Talking that loudly to the camera and literally spilling every single thing you know while not caring if someone is on the other side of the door is reckless. And when Christie overheard him, all I could do is laugh. If you’re going to cam talk, only do it outside, preferably on the hammock where you can see everything around you.

Kemi’s Fight to Survive. Kemi fought tooth and nail this past week. She tried every thing and didn’t give up, not even at the last second. And I always love a good eviction speech where a nominee throws someone under the bus. Thanks for delivering, Kemi!

The Worst Moments of Week 2

Jack wins HOH. There’s nothing that kills a Big Brother season more than an alliance steamrolling. Most fans love a back and forth with power (think BB6). Even though you might love an alliance/certain side of the house, it makes for a good season when they lose sometimes. And even though you might hate an alliance/side of the house, it’s good for them to win sometimes. So Jack winning HOH just extended that super long first week. And as Live Feed watchers know, Jack is not the guy the TV edit is showing, so we don’t care for him too much. So him winning kind of set the mood for Week 2.

Jack Wins the Whacktivity Comp. See above. Sigh.

Bella Sells Out The Black Widows. Bella just can’t seem to keep her mouth closed. She’s always telling someone something and even when she doesn’t need to. This was some of the dirtiest work ever though, because she created and named the alliance and then ratted out Kemi, Jessica and Nicole. What a snake.

Jack Nominates Kemi and Jessica. I know Jack had to make some nominations and Kemi and Jessica aren’t in his alliance, but his reasoning is completely bogus. It’s the same thing every season (meatheads form an alliance, dominate comps and target outsiders) and it’s getting tired.

Sam’s Private Moment Exploited. I know there’s a lot of slimy stuff that goes on in our guilty pleasure, but showing someone the very moment they learn a loved one has passed away is a new low. I cannot even properly express how much it bothered me when they showed Sam learning his grandfather died. Do better, Big Brother.

Sam Wins Veto. I’m not sure why Sam thought he had to win his second veto in a row. He was not in danger and all it does is make him look like a target. And come on, we wanted Kemi to win to shake up the game!

Kemi is Evicted. I really wanted Kemi to stay. She is not one of Jack’s soldiers and she speaks her mind. And it’s really just a bad look for all the people in Camp Comeback to be people of color. You can argue all day if racism comes into play here, it just  doesn’t look good regardless of the reason.

What do you think were the best and worst moments of Week 2?






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