Big Brother 21 Live Feeds Week 3: Monday Daytime Highlights

The paranoia was at an all-time high in the Big Brother house Monday morning as the HGs prepared for the Veto Ceremony. One HG had a complete meltdown just before the feeds cut for the Veto Ceremony and it wasn’t even anyone on Nick’s radar. Could it have been her own guilty conscience fueling this epic meltdown? Keep reading to get all the details!

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Big Brother 21 Live Feed Highlights – Monday, July 15, 2019:

7:10 AM BBT – Cliff Notes in the Boat Room. Says he spent most of the day yesterday trying to figure out if Kat was going to use the POV. He later found out she is going to use it on Jess. He talks about how Nick and Bella want to keep him, but he got wind of Tommy, Christie, Jack, and Analyse pushing for Nicole to stay. He does say that Jackson and a few others told Cliff that he was safe this week. Counts his votes and then goes back to bed.

9:15 AM BBT – HGs get their wake-up call. All of them are still in bed.

9:30 AM BBT – Christie, Analyse, Jackson, and Holly are talking in the Archery Room about Kat and the fight she had with Jackson yesterday. Christie is telling Jackson that she smoothed things over as much as she could and Jackson said he would bring her a cup of coffee. They also talk about Cliff being paranoid.

9:40 AM BBT – Conversation in the Archery Room continues. They are now talking about how blown away everyone is going to be on Thursday when Cliff goes home over Nicole. They also talk about how things might get ugly, but they will add Nicole to their numbers with this and Jackson tells them that he still has an IOU with Nicole.

9:55 AM BBT – Christie, Analyse, and Holly are talking about putting Nick and Bella up together and if one of them comes down, Sam will go up as a renom, but won’t go home.

10:03 AM BBT – Jack talking to the feeds. Talks about how hard it is to be in the Big Brother house and away from home, but he’s grateful for the experience. Sam stared David down on his way out to the yard because his lucky pink boxers are missing and David took them as part of a prank.

10:10 AM BBT – Jackson is in the RV trying to tell Kat that the way that he feels about her hasn’t changed and his decision to cut things off with her was game, not personal.

10:30 AM BBT – Sam and Bella are walking the yard going over days and events. The other HGs are working out or laying out in the yard.

11:15 AM BBT – Christie tells everyone that Kat is tanning the POV into her stomach.

11:20 AM BBT – Christie is getting paranoid that Nick might know something is going on because he keeps asking her how she slept and asking her if she heard his speech. Holly joins the conversation and thinks that Nick and Bella are acting weird too, but thinks everything will be fine.

11:35 AM BBT – Kat was called to the DR. Jack goes into the Archery Room, Christie follows. Christie tells Jack that she is nervous, he tells her that he feels like that all the time but he doesn’t think anything is going to go wrong. He said the worse case, even if he goes up, they have the votes.

11:45 AM BBT – Nick asks Ovi in front of David, Holly, Sam, and Cliff if his power comes back into the house if Ovi does. He tells him it does. When Nick asks him what his power does, he tells them it just gives him a third toilet in the hallway near Camp Comeback. Nick then tells them he was joking and that Ovi doesn’t have a power.

12:00 PM BBT – Christie is convinced that she is going on the block this week because of comments that Nick has been making to her all morning. (She isn’t) She wants to try and talk Kat into not using the POV and pleads to production to let Kat out of the DR so she can talk to her.

12:15 PM BBT – Kemi asks Christie if Nicole is going up at the Veto Ceremony. Christie tells her she doesn’t think so, but they will see what happens. Kemi tells Christie that if she comes back into the house, she would like to work with Christie.

12:20 PM BBT – Kat comes back from the DR and Christie pulls her aside. Christie is freaking out at Kat telling her that she is going up and they are going to get her out. Analyse and Jessica come into the room and Christie is freaking out about going up and they are all trying to calm her down.

12:27 PM BBT – Holly joins the conversation and she is also trying to calm Christie down. She is still convinced that she is going up. Jackson joins the conversation now and she is reiterating everything she has told the others. Christie is crying. Jackson tells her that it doesn’t matter, whatever happens, the outcome isn’t going to change. He tells her to get her game face on and get her stuff together.

12:45 PM BBT – Kat, Holly, and Nicole talking in the SR. Kat is contemplating not using the POV at all and keeping the noms the same because Cliff would still go. Holly asks Nicole if she thinks she will still go up if Jessica is taken down and she tells her she just doesn’t know. She hasn’t gotten much from him.

12:50 PM BBT – Christie is now in the kitchen, still freaking out.

12:53 PM BBT – Kat goes out to talk to Nick. He is telling her that his plan is still to put Nicole up in Jessica’s place. Asks “why, did you think I was putting someone else up?” She tells him no, she’s just nervous because she was worried that someone was going to get blindsided or even if Nicole goes up and doesn’t go home. Nick says that there is no way that Nicole doesn’t go home. He tells her that she won the POV, it’s her choice on what to do.

1:00 PM BBT – Tommy goes up to the HOH and talks to Bella. He tells Bella that Christie is freaking out about going up. Bella tells him she isn’t going up, Nicole is still their target.

1:05 PM BBT – Nick is talking to Jack about who he would put up if Nicole has a power to stop her from being nominated and Jack says that if he needs a pawn, he’s not offering himself up, but no one is going to vote him out. Tommy then goes to Nick and tells him that Christie is freaking out because she thinks she is going up.

1:07 PM BBT – Nick finds Christie and asks her if she is messing with him. He then basically tells her that she is overthinking things and being paranoid. He adds that he has no intentions of ever putting her up.

1:18 PM BBT – Feeds go down for POV Ceremony.

2:13 PM BBT – Feeds are back. Kat used the Veto on Jessica and Nicole was renom’d.

2:21 PM BBT – Nicole is talking to Kemi about Nick’s speech and how everything he said were things that she has said to him. Talks turn to what Nicole is going to say in her Eviction speech. She tells Kemi that she is going to be really careful about what she says just in case she stays and Cliff goes.

2:25 PM BBT – Christie is telling Bella about what Kemi said to her during her meltdown (about working together if she comes back in). Talks turn to Nicole and Kemi scheming and Kemi’s snarky comments about Kat.

2:30 PM BBT – Cliff and Nick are talking and Nick is promising him that he is safe this week and that Nicole is his target.

2:40 PM BBT – Nick, Bella, and Christie are talking about how Christie was freaking out and Nick tells her that he did the same thing last week when Jack was HOH. They need to stop doubting each other.

2:42 PM BBT – Christie tells Nick and Bella about her power. She seems confused as to what her power does. They start to discuss what they think the other powers do and Christie tells them that Jack and Jackson know all the details of Ovi’s power. She also promises to them and swears on her sister that she would never put them up on the block or BD them ever.

2:52 PM BBT – Nick tells Christie that Sam knows about Gr8ful because Jack accidentally told him, but then backtracked and corrected himself. Nick promises to not tell anyone about her power and she tells them that she won’t hesitate to use it on herself or any of her closest alliance members.

Christie went from completely paranoid that Nick was going to blindside her to telling Nick and Bella all about her power and how Jack and Jackson know all the details of Ovi’s power. Which makes me wonder if she really plans to flip the vote this week with the rest of the Six Shooter on Thursday night. I guess we will just have to wait to find out!

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