Big Brother 21 Great Debate: Who Should Cliff And Nicole Evict This Week?

If you’re a Big Brother 21 fan who follows along on social media, then you probably know that there’s a huge debate going on right now over who Cliff and Nicole should keep this week. It’s pretty evenly split, depending on who you talk to. One person says evict Tommy, another says evict Holly.

Before we go further, I guess I should point out that if you aren’t aware, Nicole won the veto this week and used it on Cliff. So Jackson was forced to put up Holly, making this her first time on the block this season. And despite their final four deal, Nicole immediately began thinking it might be smarter to send Holly out this week to split up that showmance. And when she took it to Cliff, he agreed, but he was a bit more apprehensive because he has taken his deals seriously this season (to a fault I might add).

So what is the right decision here? Should Nicole and Cliff split up the showmance or send out Tommy, who is probably the biggest threat to win the majority of jury votes? I’m in a slight majority here where I think no decision is right or wrong. I think both have equal rewards and equal possibly repercussions. But there are strong opinions otherwise.

Big Brother 8 winner EvelDick tweeted what should happen before it even started happening.

“Nicole won veto, she said she’s taking Cliff off the block,” EvelDick tweeted. “Cliffcole need to make a F3 deal with Timmy [Tommy] and boot Beth [Holly]. All 3 agree to target Jackass next week since he can’t play in HOH, make him win veto to stay in the game or evict him.”

When I talked to EvelDick a little later in the week, he said he thinks this is still the way to go.

“Holly has to go over Timmy,” he said. “Cliff and Nicole vs, Jackson in Final 3 would be dumb … guy kills comps. Timmy has won ONE more comp than Nicole at this point. Both of them [Nicole and Cliff] vs Timmy in Final 3 gives them a much better chance.”

Others think keeping Tommy is a huge mistake. They think if he gets to the end he will definitely win based on who is in the jury. I think Tommy could easily beat them also, but maybe he’s the easier route for getting Cliff and Nicole to the end. With Holly gone, Nicole and Cliff only have to face off against Tommy in the next HOH. And Tommy has already promised to throw it to them. Whether or not that’s a real promise or not we aren’t sure. It would be crazy for someone to throw final four HOH, but a lot of strange things have happened this season.

As I said, I am kind of in the middle with all of this. I think there are good and bad points to either decision. So let’s just break them down.

Evict Holly over Tommy


  • Showmance is broken up.
  • America will like this move as Jackson and Holly are unpopular.
  • Holly won’t be competing for HOH, making it easier to target Jackson with the final veto.
  • Jackson is more likely to evict Tommy if he wins veto. He wouldn’t evict Holly.
  • Tommy is more likely to evict Jackson if he wins veto.


  • Holly could get bitter and take that bitterness to jury, thus burning jury votes.
  • Tommy sitting next to either Cliff or Nicole in F2 would probably win.
  • Tommy has wanted Cliff out for a while, so he could go back on any deals and target Cliff before Jackson.
  • Jackson could team up with Tommy, thus negating this whole thing.
  • A Tommy and Jackson F2, though unlikely, is possible. And that just sounds terrible.

This could go on and on, so I think I’ve proven my point. There is not right or wrong move this week. I think either choice is equally bad. So I’m going to pin myself down and make a choice. I say vote out Holly, simply to take credit for breaking up a powerful showmance and not letting them get to the final four. Deal with the repercussions in the Final 2 speeches. Bye, Holly.


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