Adam Poch’s Big Brother 20 Player Rankings – Week 9

Adam Poch on Big Brother

Well, we finally had a ho-hum type of week in the Big Brother 20 house – but all of that will change after tonight’s Battle Back. The Houseguests have been speculating a Double Eviction or a Battle Back tonight, but no matter who comes back, it is sure to cause some drama. I’ll play through some scenarios at the end of the article – BUT FIRST – let’s take a look back at the week that was.

Kaycee Clark – 5 strips of Bacon – Kaycee “finally” won a comp – and this was a very important one to win. Sure – she won the Hacker comp a couple of weeks back – but some of them still have no clue about that. This week, with her alliance in power again, and set to get out either Fessie or Haleigh – Kaycee secured the Veto and narrowly beat Fes by 1 point… 1 point… let that sink in, that was one tennis ball that Fes dropped. But this is Kaycee’s recap, so we will get to that later.

In addition to winning the Veto, she also has done a great job keeping her F2 deal with Tyler under wraps, while everyone thinks she has a F2 deal with Angela (she does) – but she is not seen as an immediate target by anyone – including Haleigh. I’ve said for weeks that Kaycee was in a great spot int he house – and now she is adding some hardware to her resume if she makes it to F2.

Angela Rummans – 4 strips of Bacon – Fessie walked around all night on Thursday saying how perfect his HoH went, but for Angela, this was her 2nd perfect HoH week and she turned down the offer to flip on her alliance of 60+ days to break up the showmance. Angela did not want to win this HoH – but by doing so has put herself in a league of her own as the only one so far to win 2 HoHs. She has done a great job making Haleigh feel safe moving forward, despite nominating her this week.

They share a common enemy in Sam – and Angela has planted enough seeds in Haleigh’s mind to not go after her if she wins HoH this upcoming week. Its getting harder and harder for her to hide her snuggles with Tyler – and just like Kaycee above her – thinks her F2 deal with Tyler is solid, along with her F2 deal with Kaycee.

Tyler Crispen – 3 strips of Bacon – all of Tyler’s deals are still solid – but it’s getting much harder for him to keep them all, as pretty soon the 5 people he has F2 deals with will all start to cannibalize each other. How he will be able to navigate through it is to be seen, but he has shown nothing but grace under fire up to this point. He still makes his rounds to everyone, and even gave Haleigh a feeling of safety which could keep him safe if she was to win HoH in the next couple of weeks. This could all come crashing down at any moment if everyone compares notes – but Tyler is doing all the right things to prevent them from doing that.

Brett Robinson – 2 strips of Bacon – Brett is starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel – and is starting to try to figure out how to get through his own alliance (except Tyler, of course) and get to the end. He’s been working on JC, and putting in time to get Haleigh over to his side once Fessie leaves tonight. His only stumble was the “Laundrygate” incident with Sam. Sure, he didn’t know she could hear him when he was complaining about her in the HoH room – but he seemed to do a pretty good job of damage control and knows that Sam has a crush on him, so that’s another potential ally for him to break up Angela / Kaycee without having to do it himself.

JC Monduix – 1 strip of Tofu – Along with Kaycee, JC has been playing a great under the radar game to this point – and he is convinced that Tyler has his back 100%, which leads him to start thinking about taking shots at Angela/Kaycee. However – he does not see how much Tyler is shooting that down is a HUGE “tell” that Tyler perhaps does not have his back 100%. If someone you are working with keeps shooting down your ideas, you need to ask yourself why? It’s not like there are still 10 other people to get out, this is coming down to the nitty-gritty. At this point int he game, JC needs to make sure he has multiple avenues to get to the end, but he’s so focused on just the one – that he could be taken out sooner rather than later. His inability to win comps could come back to bite him in the next few weeks. The days of Dr. Will getting to the end and winning the game without winning any comps are LONG behind us. JC is the last person to not touch the block this season, so it’s an easy reason to put him up for whoever is HoH – and I have a feeling once he’s there on an eviction night – he will go home no matter who he’s next to.

Sam Bledsoe – 2 strips of Tofu – I mentioned last week Sam’s shtick was getting a little old for us the viewers, and it’s certainly getting old to her fellow houseguests. She is seen as public enemy #2 behind Haleigh after this week, but L6/5/4 + JC have done a great job creating drama in Haleigh’s mind – and they hope if she wins HoH – she will take a shot at Sam. Even Tyler knows he will probably have to cut her first to keep up his other deals secret. Sam’s time in the game is not over yet, but unless she wins out – there is no way she will get to see the F2 chairs. In Sam’s mind – that’s fine. And that is the reason why the fans are turning on her.

I have done this a couple of times this season – so, it’s not really a shock to see co-Tofurkeys of the Week this week. Yes the Showmance of Haleigh Broucher & Faysal Shafaat each get a Tofurkey to chew on after not just this week – but the last 4 weeks. As we so eloquently saw Friday on the feeds, and last night on the CBS show – the past 4 weeks have gone terribly wrong for them. No one to blame but themselves. First Haleigh messing up the Hacker power, then having their ally Rockstar mess up the Veto on Haleigh’s HoH, then Fessie getting rid of their last alliance member, to this week where they both failed to win the Veto to even give them both a shot to stay this week.

Fessie was an All American Wide Receiver in college – so this Veto was right up his ally. Sure – Kaycee is also a football player / Wide Receiver – so that was his only real challenge for the Veto. And just like his game all season, he blew it! 1 point… 1 stinking point. After that, he kinda gave up and started taking it out on Haleigh for trying to get herself further in the game and not mope around with him. For Haleigh, on paper it sounds like a good idea to try and create some bonds in the event she stays this week – but she’s been laying it on a little too thick. So now she has Fessie mad at her, and the rest of the house placating her. If she has ANY shot at winning the game, she pretty much needs to win out.

All of these rankings are based on their individual games going forward, however with the Battle Back set to take place this week – everything can change. One of these 4 people will come back into the game and each one will impact the gameplay for the rest of the house. Let’s take a look at the 4.

Bayleigh Dayton – oooh, you all know she will leave it all on the floor tonight to get herself back into his house. She wants nothing more than to avenge her untimely eviction. Plus keep in mind, her power was good until there are 8 people left in the house. If she makes it back in – I wonder if her power still exists. That would be some AMAZING drama – because usually the winner of the Battle Back has safety for the week they come back.

Rockstar – yeah, the woman that could not win anything all season will win this comp? Not very likely – but if you remember in Big Brother 16 – Jocasta almost made it back in on a luck based comp – so you never know. If she comes back into the house – you know she will be salty to Brett specifically, but to all of them. We will get the sass – but then she is an easy target to get rid of – and will not be able to do anything about it.

Scottie Salton – OK, this could be GREAT! If Scottie wins his way back into the house, that means Haleigh will be alone without Fessie – and Scottie will finally have her all to himself. He would be a much better ally for Haleigh moving forward in the game and could help take out a few people on the other side along the way.

Faysal Shafaat – please, no… just… no… sure if the competition is anything strength related, he’s got it locked up. I mean, playing against a 30 something year old mom, a 98lb weakling, and an emotional woman – as long as he does not screw it up – it’s all his. After what we’ve seen to this point, I cant think of a worse scenario than him coming back.

My question of the week – who are you rooting for to come back tonight & why?

Ok there you have it – another week of the best season in years in the books – and plenty of more drama to come in the next 27 days until we crown this year’s winner!!! Please let me know what you think of my rankings & answer my question of the week in the comment section below.

See you all next week – from outside the Big Brother House, I’m Adam Poch. Have a great day!

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