Adam Poch’s Big Brother 20 Player Rankings – Week 8

Adam Poch on Big Brother

The season of bad game moves continues! Well, one side of the house is playing very well – so that just makes the other side’s horrible gameplay stand out even greater. This week we are seeing the remnants of The Hive probably losing another member, and to make matters worse, it was one of their own targeting another. Last week Rockstar went home during Haleigh’s HoH – but that was because of a twist. This week is a completely different story!

We also saw the return of the Zingbot this week – and I gotta say, I am so glad the Zings on my season were tame compared to this season. It seems like Zingbot is getting more and harsher every year and this year we had some doozies! I will ask my question of the week here – which Zing do you think was the funniest / which Zing was the meanest? Reply in the comments section below.

There are only 35 days left until we crown the winner of Big Brother 20, but first, let’s take a look at how each houseguest did this week.

Brett – 5 strips of Bacon – Winning the VETO when you are on the block is the best thing a player can do. You keep your fate in the game in your own hands, get safety, and still eligible to play in the following week’s HoH. Brett did the (dare I say), smartest move during the Veto comp. Sports fans everywhere rejoiced when he used the line “Defense wins championships” – and his methodology during the Hide & Seek Veto is one for the ages. Sure, Scottie tried to play a little D too – but it was no match to the mattress king! Besides winning the Veto, Brett also deserved to win the Academy Award for his role in Flipped-Vote-Gate.

Fooling Fessy seems like an easy thing to do, it’s been happening to him all season, but Brett has been selling his fake isolation & pulling off shenanigans against the Hive like no one (well, except maybe JC – will get to him next). I know there are some people out there that may have thought I would give Brett the Tofurkey for burning bacon & nearly burning the BB house down – but I will give him a pass because, a) he was trying to make maple bacon which is delicious, and b) I did the same exact thing during BB13.

Adam Poch tries to burn down the Big Brother house

JC – 4 strips of Bacon – this week was pretty much JC’s HoH as he pulled the wool over Fessie’s eyes… AGAIN – and he was instrumental in causing the chaos that ensued this week. Mad Max fans will recall the character Master Blaster – and that is exactly what JC & Fessie are doing. JC is calling the shots over Fessie – calling him his “BIG DUMB PUPPET” JC accomplished exactly what he wanted this week – Scottie to go home. I’ve been saying this for weeks – JC is playing a great game – but will he be a casualty, or will he be able to pull more strings the next couple of weeks and set himself up for the win? We shall see!

Tyler – 3 strips of Bacon – Tyler is the only player to not get Tofu so far this season – and this week was no exception. Sure – it may have seemed like he was laying low and letting other people run amok, but his subtle style is what has made him so good so far this season. He formed yet another alliance with Haleigh, Angela, and Fessie, promising to work with them until Final 4/5 – and yes, it was not his idea, as it was presented to him by Fessie. But he went right along with it and is pushing for Brett to be the one to take out Haleigh & Fessie. He also did his weekly sessions with Kaycee, JC, and Sam to solidify his Final 2 deals. Meanwhile, he’s got Angela so smitten over him, but keeping her at arm’s length just enough so no one catches on they are in a flirtmance.

Kaycee – 2 strips of Bacon – as mentioned above, Tyler is the only player to not get Tofu all season – but Kaycee only got 1 strip of tofu during my preseason rankings. Since the game has started she has been on the bacon side every week. I predicted she would be great at holding her tongue – but also thought by now she would (as the kids say) pop-off. Kaycee has kept her calm demeanor 99% of the time (her one spat with Rockstar being the exception). Sure, it’s easy to remain calm when your side of the house is basically running things all season and has the votes to protect her. She took her re-nom this week very well – and is doing a spectacular job of focusing the attention off of her.

Scottie – 1 strip of Bacon – ok, this is just a mercy strip of bacon for him, as he is the last of my preseason favorites still in the game, and he will be on his way to the jury house in just a few hours. His shady vote for Swaggy week 2 has been hanging over him all season – and he’s been the easy patsy to blame all the other flipped votes on – when it was not him. He has plenty of missteps all season, which has also kept that cloud of doubt over his head. He was in an alliance with Fessie – but would only talk game to Haleigh. He’s going to walk out of the house with the “coulda, shoulda, woulda” that will haunt him for years to come – so I am being a softy and giving him some delicious bacon to enjoy.

Angela – 1 strip of Tofu – go back to my ranking for Angela last week and the same can be said for this week. She’s in the house. Although last week I gave her no bacon & no tofu – she takes a small step backward for devoting more time with Tyler and less time with everyone else.

Sam – 2 strips of Tofu – earlier this season, I wondered if Sam’s naivety was just game, but it’s becoming more and more clear that she has no idea what is going on or how to play Big Brother. This week she tried to flirt with Brett (which was very cringe-worthy), she tried to get Fessie to nominate Haleigh, and she also had another couple of breakdowns and talked about leaving. Brett basically told her to either quit the game, or quit complaining. At this point – I think a lot of us feel the exact same way. Sure she is quirky and that’s usually great to watch – but it’s getting old.

Haleigh – 4 strips of Tofu – Haleigh pretty much could have had her pick of almost any guy in the Big Brother house this season – but she chose Fessie. She sat back and let him nominate their only other alliance member with very little pushback. She knows how jealous Fessie can get – but she still kept talking one on one with Scottie for hours at a time. After the “house meeting” in the HoH – she should have put her foot down and tried harder to keep Scottie from going up. She knew he was in danger, and subtly told Scottie to talk to Fessie – but never showed any sense of urgency. Instead, she just allowed it to happen and crawled back into bed with him night after night.

That brings us to the newest Tofurkey of the Week – Fessie. He beasted the slip-n-slide HoH like no one we’ve ever seen. Sure the cup was bigger, lane was shorter, and tube was smaller than previous seasons – but he crushed it with no one else really being that close. That is about when his week of dominance stopped and his Tofurkey march began. I tell people all the time that the 7 Deadly Sins live inside the Big Brother House – and usually, Greed is the sin that takes over most people, but in Fessie’s case – Lust, Envy, and Pride are controlling him (well, besides JC).

The whole game he has been clueless as to what has been going on around him – and left wondering “what happened?” every Thursday night after the evictions. This was his time shine – and get the people out that have been playing him. But all he cares about is snuggling with Haleigh (lust). I guess $500K is not worth more to him than getting the girl. But why not try to get both? He still has daily spats with Haleigh – questioning her loyalty – and wants nothing more than to show off that he is with her (pride). Seeing that Scottie was also very friendly with Haleigh, all it took was a little poke by JC for him to make his nominations personal (envy). Another reason he is getting the T.o.t.W. is because when Haleigh tried to warn him about Tyler & Angela being part of a trio of players targeting her, what does he do?? He tries to team up with them.

When you think about it on the surface, this is not that bad of an idea – but as Tyler pointed out to us during his DR session – day 60 is not the time to start to build an alliance. Yes – throughout the game you need to bob & weave your way through – but you need to at least have the blueprints of the bridges you are trying to build way before that. Oh, and the final reason for the Tofurkey – why, why why why would you tell Haleigh about a girl you were kinda seeing before the show. If it was reversed and Haleigh told him about a guy she was talking to before the show – another deadly sin would have been unleashed (wrath).

8 weeks down – only 5 to go – and this season just seems to be getting better and better. We are glued to the TV & computer waiting to see what will happen next, and the jaw-dropping moments are not just reserved for the people in the house.

Please let me know what you think of my rankings and answer my question of the week in the comments section below.

See you all next week – from outside the Big Brother House, I’m Adam Poch. Have a great day!

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