Adam Poch’s Big Brother 20 Player Rankings – Week 5

Adam Poch on Big Brother

It’s like deja vu all over again – another Thursday night for Big Brother 20 – and another blindside coming to a part of the house. The plan up til now was the L6 (ummm L5) crew was going to get Rachel evicted this week as they think they will have JC & Sam voting with them – and the Hive (former FOUTTE) think that Brett is going. This could all change at the last minute if/when Brett delivers another memorable speech. I say this every week – but THIS is why we love Big Brother. The past few seasons of unanimous votes left Thursday’s evictions predictable, not so much this year.

There is still so much up in the air – including who the new Tofurkey of the Week will be since 4-time recipient Kaitlyn is no longer in the Big Brother house (although she could have easily been this week’s Tofurkey after failing to complete a 6 piece puzzle). So let’s get right to it!

Tyler Crispen – 5 strips of Bacon – at some point, we may have to start putting Tyler in the BB Legend’s category as he is playing the best game of all of them. I mean, how does someone win a VETO & not use it with 2 of his alliance members on the block & still have the trust of his alliance? Easy – he’s playing that well! He may have had a little luck on his side this week when his “Angela re-nom” conversation took over and created more paranoia in a house already full of it.

Tyler still has everyone thinking he is not the strategic mastermind that he really is. Sure 2 of the HGs may be on to him, but Rachel is probably leaving this week, and Rockstar has not proven to be able to do anything about it. Let’s see how much longer he can keep this going – and if his lies & deception will catch up to him. For now – he’s just running the show.

JC Monduix – 4 strips of Bacon – while Tyler is the mastermind that JC thinks he is – JC is still causing havoc & hysteria in the house which for some reason never comes back to bite him. His hinky vote last week has been blamed on just about everyone except for him. His CBS edit has been a lot better than his true self on the live feeds – but it still has not translated into him being a major threat in the game. Very few people even have JC on their radar – and if they do, they all think someone else will get him out. The only thing that can screw up his game the next few weeks is if he wins an HoH and has to show his cards. But he is (dare I say) smarter than that – and will probably throw the HoH this week.

Kaycee Clark – 3 strips of Bacon – I can pretty much use last week’s recap again this week for Kaycee. She still is very aware of everything going on in the game, still listens more than talks, and still has strong bonds with people outside her alliance. Yes – this is not the flashy game that fans want to see – but it’s effective. Let’s not forget she is a professional football player and can probably step up to win a VETO if needed – but up til now – she has not needed to do anything but hide behind the bigger targets in the house, and walk to the end.

Haleigh Broucher – 2 strips of Bacon – so Haleigh is getting bacon more for her personal game than for her Big Brother game. She has made it perfectly clear that she is not looking for a showmance – and even called Fessy out for him thinking he is on the Bachelor / Bachelorette (does she read my column?). Her spending all night in the hammock just talking to Brett had Fessy freaking out for a whole day. Expect Haleigh to come running to him for help if/when she needs it. And he will do whatever he can to help her putting his own game at risk. She may end up on the wrong side of the vote again – but yet she will not end up at the top of the target list for her side of the house.

Sam Bledsoe – 1 strip of Bacon – tonight’s vote all comes down to Sam. If Brett’s vote is too much of a personal attack on Rachel – Sam may end up being swayed into voting Brett out. Same has made it clear she is playing this game on a personal level – and will just stick around as long as they want to keep her in the game. She is either a genius pretending to be an idiot or an idiot with a genius game plan. Either way – she will still be the quirky creative Sam we have grown to love, hate, love, hate, love.

Brett Robinson – 1 strip of Bacon & 1 strip of Tofu – Brett’s ranking this week will come down to the “scorcher” of a speech he has tonight. It could backfire on him and get him evicted, or stir up so much drama that he may actually be able to slip down the target pole again. Regardless he is doing a great job of blowing smoke & acting sad that he may be leaving tonight. He has been doing the perfect amount of campaigning to the other side of the house without showing his cards. Let’s see if his big mouth is his downfall this week – or in future weeks.

Angela Rummans – 1 strip of Tofu – wasn’t it just 2 weeks ago Angela locked in the Vixens alliance with Rachel? And now she is jumping ship?? This may actually not be the best thing for her game. Sure Brett is the bigger target, and sometimes that is good to keep in the house – but Rachel was completely loyal to Angela this whole time and without her, she becomes a little more vulnerable. We’ll get to Rachel in a few – but Angela is already moving on and looks like she will now try to resurrect the Vixens with Kaycee. Angela has fallen victim to Tyler’s “mist” so unless she snaps out of it will just be a casualty along the way.

Scottie Salton – 2 strips of Tofu – Scottie, like Angela above, is still falling for Tyler’s “mist” – as he trusts him a little too much. Scottie has been pretty clueless these past 2 weeks since his HoH reign. His name keeps coming up as the patsy for L6’s shenanigans and he really needs to win another HoH or he will be packing soon.

Rockstar – 3 strips of Tofu – Rockstar is still there, and still clueless about what is going on around her. She has made it to jury – so she will get paid for the whole summer. That was one of her goals as this is more money than she would have made at home, so she’s got that going for her. I really am rooting for her to win an HoH because I know it will be a beautiful disaster!

Faysal Shafaat – 4 strips of Tofu – Fessy got rid of his anchor Kaitlyn last week – but in doing so – he has also turned into even more of a horndog with Haleigh. I think, think, he is starting to step back from pursuing her in a romantic way – but let’s face it – he is truly smitten over her. He also still thinks he has some sort of power over JC & Tyler – which is completely laughable to us on the outside.

Rachel Swindler – 5 strips of Tofu – rule #1 of Big Brother – NEVER agree to be a pawn. Rule #2 of Big Brother – if you are on the block – don’t freak out. Rule #3 of Big Brother – if you fail to do rules 1 & 2 – you may go home! Rachel has been in the shadows most of the season – but now that she is finally in the spotlight – her paranoia got the best of her – and she was unable to keep her cool which has her own alliance ready to cut her. If by a miracle she stays – it’s not because of anything she did.

That brings us to the new Tofurkey of the Week – and that would be Bayleigh Dayton. There are about 1000 reasons why I am bestowing this honor on her – but I will only list a few. Can you say HoHitis? The way she talked to people this week was pretty frank and demeaning. And that was to her own alliance members. We have seen plenty of players get HoHitis over the years – and she followed suit by staying up in the HoH room as often as possible. This is NEVER a good look.

Next reason why Bayleigh is Tofurkey – for telling Rachel about her Power App. Ok, I almost get this, she was trying to build trust with someone she has not worked with before. We see this on Survivor all the time when someone reveals they have a hidden immunity idol to another player to try to get them on their side. However, the saying loose lips sink ships. Why did she tell Rachel when not everyone in her own alliance knows about this yet? Also – she had to know this could spread around the house – or at least she should have known. The best part of her App was she could SECRETLY change the nominations – but now (almost) everyone will know – and she will easily be a backdoor option if the opportunity presents itself.

From a viewer standpoint – it’s been great to watch how horrible Bayleigh’s HoH week was – and everyone that thought the feeds/show would be boring with Kaitlyn gone were so wrong!!! This is why we love Big Brother.

My question of the week is – do you think I am right that Tyler is on his way to BB Legend status? Let me know your answer as well as what you think of my rankings in the comments section below.

Make sure you get your popcorn ready – because tonight will be another amazing live eviction episode.

See you all next week – from outside the Big Brother House, I’m Adam Poch. Have a great day!

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