Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Week 8: Friday Daytime Highlights

It was a busy day of people preparing to make bad moves in the Big Brother 20 house as Faysal and Haleigh agreed to not go after obvious targets and instead opt for the one and only person actually on their side. Read on for all the details on the plans for the coming up nomination ceremony.

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Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights – Friday, August 17, 2018:

    9:35 AM BBT – HGs get their wakeup call.

    10:18 AM BBT – Tyler tells Brett that JC is working to get Scottie backdoored this week.

    10:25 AM BBT – Faysal talks with Tyler and Angela about his plans. He tells them he’s not coming after them. He tells Tyler if he wants to win veto go for it, but he just asks he does with the veto what Faysal wants. Tyler says he can do that.

    10:30 AM BBT – Faysal tells Tyler and Angela that even though they’ve been on opposite sides of the vote that doesn’t mean they are against each other. He says he’s more word about the shady people in the middle playing both sides.

    10:40 AM BBT – Kaycee tells Brett they need to keep pretending they’re not together and that he voted her out.

    10:45 AM BBT – Now Kaycee apologizes to Faysal about last night in the HOH room. Faysal tells her it wasn’t her that was the problem but Scottie. Faysal tells her the same thing he told Angela and Tyler, that even though they haven’t talked game or voted together they aren’t enemies. He adds that he’s more concerned about the people in the middle. He tries to make a deal with her for next week and she agrees. He’s not mentioning Haleigh in any of his deals.

    10:52 AM BBT – Faysal asks Kaycee if she thinks Brett voted to keep Rockstar. She says yes because she has been close with Scottie since the beginning.

    11:10 AM BBT – Haleigh and Kaycee are talking. Kaycee apologizes about last night but Haleigh said she doesn’t need to apologize. Haleigh tells Kaycee she’s sorry about nominating her last week and that she was never her target.

    11:25 AM BBT – Faysal tells Haleigh he’s not messing with pawns and backdoors. He’s nominating Brett and Scottie outright.

    11:28 AM BBT – Haleigh suggests to Faysal that it doesn’t make sense that he doesn’t trust Scottie or Brett but trusts Tyler. Faysal tells her that he doesn’t trust Tyler but Tyler hasn’t screwed him over in the game. He says he’d rather know who his enemy is than a bunch of shady people around that pretends to be his friend.

    11:30 AM BBT – Haleigh tells Faysal that he needs to see the bigger picture that Tyler, Angel and Kaycee are working together and also have Sam. She says if he gets rid of Scottie or Brett and then that alliance comes for them. She says there’s no way they’re making top 5.

    11:33 AM BBT – Faysal says if Scottie or Brett comes off the block, Tyler goes up.

    11:45 AM BBT – Tyler tells L6 that Faysal said he’s not going up. Brett says that means Faysal is definitely putting him on the block.

    11:50 AM BBT – Kaycee says it’ll be epic if they pull it off this week. Tyler says they’re going to pull it off.

    12:01 PM BBT – Angela says she thinks Faysal is basing his nominations on Haleigh and who she flirts with. She says Faysal just wants Haleigh to himself.

    12:05 PM BBT – Faysal tells JC he’s not backdooring anyone and plans to put up Scottie and Brett. JC says that’s not the smartest idea and thinks Scottie can win veto. Faysal says he’s going with his gut.

    12:50 PM BBT – Scottie tells Haleigh that Sam must hate her because last night Sam said to him to go talk to his friend Haleigh because she is good at making boys feel good. He said she then said something about Haleigh being drunk and is going to make Faysal feel good.

    1:08 PM BBT – JC asks Tyler if he should convince Faysal to backdoor Scottie. Tyler says no, let him put Scottie up because Scottie won’t win veto. Tyler thinks he’ll win veto. JC says he’s being too confident.

    1:15 PM BBT – JC tells Faysal he’s still worried about Scottie winning veto and then nominating them both next week. Faysal isn’t budging and says he’s putting Scottie and Brett up.

    1:18 PM BBT – Haleigh asks if they think Sam really said what Scottie said. Faysal says it sounds like Sam but then JC tries to suggest Scottie is lying so that Sam is a target.

    1:24 PM BBT – JC tells them that Tyler doesn’t have an alliance and that he’s just close with the girls.

    2:00 PM BBT – Sam is talking to Brett about how she does not understand how the game works and she needs to pay attention to how people are playing so she can vote for someone to win. She’s asking Brett to be her person now that Rockstar is gone. She promises to tell him what she knows.

    2:24 PM BBT – Sam asks Brett if anything is going on with him and Haleigh. He says absolutely not and that he’s pretty sure Haleigh and Faysal are in a showman. Sam asks Brett if that’s just a cover up for Brett and Haleigh. He says nope. Sam is asking all kinds of odd questions abbot showmances.

    2:29 PM BBT – Brett tells Sam that JC is going to have to start making choices finally and Sam says she has to also even though she did not want to.

    2:37 PM BBT – Brett asks Sam who she thinks Faysal’s target will actually be. She says Angela or Tyler.

    2:45 PM BBT – Faysal asks Haleigh if he has to worry about her winning the veto and taking Scottie down. She jokes and says she would and he says that would what the have together.

    2:49 PM BBT – Sam tells Brett that if at any point thinks look bleak, she’ll go over him. He says he would never ask her to do that.

    3:23 PM BBT – Faysal and Haleigh hanging around waiting on the nomination ceremony. Nothing has changed in Faysal’s plans.

So Tyler and Brett will be going on the block shortly with Scottie as the target. The Hive alliance continues to work on that worst alliance in history title. It will be interesting to see how Scottie reacts to such an absurd move. Be sure to get your Live Feeds to join in all the fun.

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