Big Brother 20 Live Feeds Week 5: Sunday Highlights

Bayleigh watches and waits on Big Brother 20

The Big Brother 20 houseguests spent Sunday plotting and scheming heavily, and right now the house is headed right in the direction of another blindside. Talks are even already going on about who to pin the vote on.

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Big Brother 20 Live Feed Highlights – Sunday, July 29, 2018:

    10:15 AM BBT – HGs got their wake up call.

    10:45 AM BBT – Sam talks with Kaycee about protecting each other along with Tyler. Sam would prefer not to know what’s going on this week, just let her know about the votes when it’s time.

    12:05 PM BBT – Angela, Tyler, and Kaycee go over the votes to see if they have the five to evict Rachel and keep Tyler. Tyler suggests they might be able to get Scottie even to join their vote. Angela says they could make up a story to frame Bayleigh. Angela also mentions Rachel knows something about a power.

    1:40 PM BBT – HN reveal time. Bayleigh gets the card and reads that HNs have already been picked. The three HGs with the worst times in the HOH comp were HNs: Tyler, Faysal, and Scottie.

    1:50 PM BBT – Tyler and Brett tell JC there is a girls alliance. JC is worried.

    2:35 PM BBT – Faysal tells RS and Bayleigh that Brett is pitching that the guys need to protect each other, but Faysal says he’s still going to vote out Brett. Bayleigh says Rachel is coming for Scottie, not Faysal.

    2:50 PM BBT – Faysal thinks Brett could only get three votes at best from Tyler, JC, and Scottie.

    3:00 PM BBT – JC asked Bayleigh about the girls alliance.

    3:10 PM BBT – Faysal and JC debate if a girls alliance would happen or even work. Neither is too worried about it.

    3:40 PM BBT – Tyler and JC discuss more about the girls alliance. Tyler asks JC to promise to vote to keep Brett if he leaves the Veto unused. JC is worried about keeping Brett, especially if Bayleigh and Faysal are telling him to vote out Brett. JC questions if this girls alliance is a real thing and doubts it’s happening.

    4:25 PM BBT – Scottie talks with Tyler as he explains he won’t use the Veto to keep Scottie safe. Scottie mentions there’s pressure to vote out Brett. Tyler reminds Scottie of the possibility of a girls alliance and sending out another guy helps that.

    4:30 PM BBT – Tyler reaffirms to Scottie that he won’t use the Veto and he trusts Bayleigh.

    4:35 PM BBT – Tyler updates Kaycee that JC is good to vote out Rachel and keep Brett. Tyler plans to talk with Sam and convince her as well.

    4:45 PM BBT – Tyler checks in with Angela and lets her know they should have JC’s vote to evict Rachel. He lets her know Scottie reported that Brett is the house target.

    5:20 PM BBT – Haleigh, Angela, and RS discuss their plastic surgery sizes and experiences. Feeds eventually cut away to Scottie doing dishes.

    5:35 PM BBT – Scottie talks with Faysal about whether or not Tyler will use the Veto. They don’t think he will but start to suspect they might actually want to keep Brett again.

    5:45 PM BBT – Scottie and Faysal agree they need to pull Tyler in and dominate competitions.

    6:40 PM BBT – Angela tells Brett how Rachel said Bayleigh claimed Tyler suggested Angela be a renom. Both agree that doesn’t make any sense. She says they’re going to get JC’s help to evict Rachel. She also counts off Sam, Tyler, her vote, Kaycee, and JC to make this happen. Brett is a little worried.

    6:45 PM BBT – Angela is upset and blames Rachel for ruining their chances at getting Scottie on the Block as the renom.

    6:50 PM BBT – Angela says she isn’t even that worried if she really was Bayleigh’s renom plan because she’s sure Rachel would go home against her. Brett asks why then not let Tyler use the Veto. She points out that a lot of people would be upset and it’d still lead to the same outcome with Rachel being evicted. Brett isn’t impressed and doesn’t care if a few people are upset.

    7:10 PM BBT – Rachel again telling Angela that Tyler suggested Angela should be the renom, but Angela still doesn’t think that makes any sense.

    7:26 PM BBT – Rachel asks Tyler why he is saying Bayleigh would nominate Angela. Tyler says because she told him that’s what she would do. Rachel says Bay said she wouldn’t put Angela up. Tyler said, of course, that’s what she said because she wouldn’t tell her she was going to do that.

    7:30 PM BBT – Tyler tells Rachel Bay won’t put Scottie up and is only telling Rachel what she wants to hear. Rachel asks him if he’s not using the veto. He says he doesn’t know and that he’s still trying to make Bayleigh think he, Brett and Scottie are a trio so if he does use it she nominates Scottie for retaliation.

    7:35 PM BBT – Rachel tells Angela and Kaycee that she and Tyler talked and she understands what’s going on now. She says Bay is lying to her and is trying to scare Tyler into not using the veto.

    8:25 PM BBT – Tyler tells Kaycee that he really doesn’t think he can use the veto because the whole house will be mad at him. Kaycee tells him that everyone on the other side is already coming after him so why does it matter. He says he doesn’t want to risk it and she puts Angela up. Kaycee says she doesn’t think she’ll put Angela up and will put Scottie up instead.

    8:53 PM BBT – Angela lets Tyler know that she thinks she’d go up too if he uses the veto. Angela tells him she doesn’t trust Rachel. Tyler says he needs to make sure Sam will vote out Rachel. He says JC already promised him that if he doesn’t use the veto he’ll vote how Tyler wants.

    10:08 PM BBT – Rachel tells Angela that if Tyler uses the veto on Brett Bayleigh could use her power to put him and Brett on the block next week.

    10:23 PM BBT – Angela tells Tyler that Bayleigh has the power and that it gives her the power to change the nominations. She tells him if he uses the veto Bayleigh might nominate him and Brett next week. Tyler says he’s definitely not using the veto and that they have Sam’s vote to evict Rachel and they need to make sure they have JC’s also. Tyler says they have to make sure Brett keeps hanging out with Scottie so they can pin JC’s vote on Scottie.

    10:45 PM BBT – Haleigh and Scottie suspect Angela is throwing competitions. Haleigh notes she never talks game with her.

    11:35 PM BBT – RS and Haleigh agree that they want guys out but also need them to target the other girls for them. Haleigh hopes Scottie or Tyler can win HOH and do that.

    11:55 PM BBT – Haleigh and Bayleigh complain about Faysal being boring and how he doesn’t like Haleigh to twerk. Bayleigh praises Swaggy for telling her he doesn’t care what she’s done in the past while Faysal makes Haleigh feel bad for having fun.

    12:15 AM BBT – Tyler tells Brett about Bayleigh’s power. He lets Brett know they have the votes to keep him and encourages him to hang out more with Scottie so they can frame him for it.

    12:20 AM BBT – Tyler says Rachel was foolish to tell Angela about Bayleigh’s power because of course Angela was going to bring that info back to Tyler and then he wouldn’t want to use his Veto and risk upsetting Bayleigh while she has that power.

    12:40 AM BBT – Brett is worried that their plan relies on JC since he could easily flip his vote and Brett would be evicted.

    12:50 AM BBT – Angela compares notes with Bayleigh on the guys asking about a girls alliance. Bayleigh denies it exists.

    12:55 AM BBT – Brett and Tyler discuss how to target Bayleigh to flush out that power of hers. Brett isn’t sure it’s real since the details say it lasts such a long time.

    1:40 AM BBT – Tyler warns Scottie that Rachel would come after them next week if she stays. He thinks they’d both go up if she won HOH.

Tyler seems well set on not using his Veto power on Monday and that means L6 will lose another member come Thursday. Rachel’s freakout combined with Bayleigh’s power has locked the noms and now it’s a race to see if Tyler can secure support for Brett. Watch for final noms to be official with Monday’s Veto meeting.

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