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‘Big Brother 19’ Spoilers: Week 1 Veto Ceremony Results

This week’s Veto Ceremony was held today to give us our first Big Brother 19 noms of the week and we now have the latest Big Brother spoilers for our Week 1 Power of Veto events. This one was anything but normal thanks to the surprise twist delivered by the Den of Temptation

This week’s Veto winner had the chance to change up the noms and force renom to redirect this week’s target and the HoH’s plans. Read on to find out what happened and who are the final nominees for the next Big Brother eviction.

Since the Veto comp ended and Alex won we knew she’d save herself. The group in control pointed at Jason for their new target, but Cody had other plans. Instead of sticking with his alliance of nine, Cody decided it’d be better to flip on two of his allies and try to side with his opponents.

Power of Veto Ceremony Spoilers – Week 1

Christmas is PISSED and Paul is PISSED. This is great. Christmas is yelling at Cody now she’s back downstairs yelling at others. Great Feeds. Turn them on. Flashback to 12:44PM BBT to watch.

Gallery: Houseguests Fighting After Veto Meeting

Before the meeting Cody pitched to Jason and Alex, separately, that he’d keep Jason safe and Alex’s ally Jillian safe by nominating one of his own numbers. He told Jason that he could have Christmas to go after next week with his blessing. Cody also told Alex that his team looked to him as their leader and would vet any plans with him first. Oh things are going to be fun.

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