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‘Big Brother 19’ Rumors: F4 Nomination Spoilers

Update: Nomination spoilers confirmed on the Feeds.

The Reddit leaker is back for more Big Brother spoilers with the rumored nomination results while the Feeds are down and we await tonight’s special eviction episode for official results and the season’s F4.

Following last night’s HoH rumors these particular nominations aren’t a surprise at all, but of course I’ll again note these are rumors that I can’t personally verify, albeit from a season long reliable source.

So we’ve supposedly got Paul in charge as the F4 Head of Household and in a camtalk awhile back Paul revealed he wanted Kevin out the door so he could go to F3 with his one legged ally and his handcrafted monster. These nominations would keep in line with that, but also give him the chance at seeing Josh leave should he decide the wavering minion might not be so supportive after all. (He’d be right.)

Rumored Spoilers: F4 Nominations

If nothing changes then Christmas will be the sole voter. Now if Paul wins Veto he can decide which order to shuffle things and free one HG from the Block to be his proxy vote. Should nothing change then Christmas gets to pick whether she sends out Kevin or Josh. I’d assume she’d take out Kevin given she expects Josh to take her to the end over Paul and she’d be right.

What do you think of these rumors? Feeds return tonight around 9PM PT (12AM ET) so we should know for sure then plus will likely get those critical Veto comp results. This final Power of Veto will be important news so we’ll anxiously await those results and share the spoilers when we have them.

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