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Big Brother 19 Premiere Recap: Houseguests Move In Amid Temptation

CBS kicked off Big Brother 19 tonight with a two-hour move-in event as sixteen Houseguests grabbed their bags and made a dash for their chance at a half million dollar prize. But which of them would fall victim to this season’s “Temptation” twists?

Julie Chen greets us at the Big Brother house with a quick tour of the new look and theme featuring “money, power, greed,” and more. A fitting mindset for these new players as they take on their challenge to make it to finale night and win over the Jury’s votes.

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So far we’ve learned a few spoilers for tonight from the executive producers who revealed there’s about to be a “large cash temptation” as part of the premiere fun. Could someone already be gone? Can’t wait to see which HG is confronted with the choice and what happens next!

Time to see what all we’ve got in tonight’s Big Brother 19 season premiere so stick with us here for our live recap throughout the episode and share your thoughts below to chat with other fans all night (and all season)!

Right away in the opening Julie Chen tells us tonight will have 3 temptations with $25,000 up for grabs as one of the twists, a former fan favorite could get involved, and one Houseguest may be leaving. Well no kidding. Now it’s time to get these HGs rolling on inside.

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First group to enter: Alex, Mark, Ramses, & Elena. They’re off to find a bed. Alex is the first HG of BB19 to enter the game. Will the curse continue this season? I bet it will!

Second set to enter: Christmas, Dominique, Kevin, & Jason.

Third set to enter: Matt, Raven, Jillian, & Cameron.

Fourth set to enter: Cody, Josh, Megan, & Jessica.

Temptation Twist: $$ Money $$

Time for the first of the Temptation Twist. Julie says the HGs will be tempted by money, safety, and power tonight. Here comes the first of the night. Julie sends them out to the backyard. HGs each sit in a “pod” of sorts. She tells them that whoever hits their buzzer first will win $25K and unleash a twist on the game. BUT she says that HG won’t have to leave.

KEVIN hits the buzzer first, wins $25K, and gets a secret punishment. He can’t win the first HoH comp and has to secretly throw it. The second consequence is for everyone: a former fan favorite is about to be back in the game. Paul, right?

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Yep! It’s Paul Abrahamian from BB18. He’s back in the game as the 17th Houseguest of the season. Very bummed that they couldn’t let us just enjoy 16 All New HGs, but at least it’s Paul.

Temptation Twist: Safety

Julie reveals to the HGs that Paul isn’t the 17th HG, he’s about to be the 16th HG because one of the Newbies is about to be evicted. Julie tells the HGs they’ll have to tempt Paul. He delivers a box from storage. Inside are 9 Friendship bracelets. Paul has to keep one and the other eight will be handed out. Those 9 HGs will be safe and the other 8 will be competing to stay in the game. Who will Paul keep safe? Up next.

HGs each took a turn working on Paul and now it’s time to see who gets some Friendship:

The other 8 will have to fight to stay in the game it looks like. They’ll be heading to the backyard next for their big competition. One of the no-Friendship HGs will be going home.

Competition: Tempted By The Fruit

8 HGs have to balance on a swing. If they fall then they have to pick an apple from actors dressed as snakes. 5 apples are “good” and 3 are “poison.” If they get a bad apple then they go up on the Block and one of those three will be evicted tonight.

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Jillian falls first. Megan is down next. Josh decides to drop so he can get one of the apples Julie said was likely safe. Cameron is down and doesn’t remember the clues so he just grabs any which one. There goes Christmas too. We’ve still got Alex, Matthew, and Cody in the comp.

Matthew decides to bail leaving Alex and Cody. One of them goes to the Block, the other gets an apple. Alex isn’t taking Cody’s bait to drop. Finally Alex falls and Cody wins so he’s safe.

Apple time. Alex is safe & so is Matthew. Christmas gets a “poisoned” apple and so does Cameron. Josh’s apple is safe. One good apple left. It goes to Megan. Jillian is not safe.

On the Block: Jillian, Christmas, & Cameron

Temptation Twist: Power

Julie tells the 3 noms that they can either opt for a third competition to decide who goes home or let the other HGs vote to decide. Jillian goes for a HG vote. Cameron wants a comp. Christmas wants a comp, but decides it’s better to do a vote. Cameron is shocked by Christmas’s choice. It is surprising.

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Either Jillian, Cameron, or Christmas will be evicted. Paul will only vote in the case of a tie. We don’t get to see the actual votes, just a montage of HGs entering the DR. That’s weird (and annoying).

Vote Results: Cameron was evicted, 8-3-2, over Jillian then Christmas.

Now we get the voting results during the credits roll. Here’s how that went.

Cameron VTE: Alex, Dominique, Elena, Jessica, Kevin, Megan, Ramses, & Raven
Jillian VTE: Cody, Mark, & Matt
Christmas VTE: Jason & Josh

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Den Of Temptation Vote:

Julie Chen reveals the first viewer vote has opened and it’s for 3 rounds/evictions of safety for one HG if he or she accepts it. But once a HG has been voted to go to the Den of Temptation, then he or she is off the list whether or not the “prize” is accepted.

More details on the Pendant of Protection. Vote NOW in the official voting and in our poll too.

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