Big Brother 19 Live Feeds Week 3: Wednesday Highlights

It was eviction eve in the Big Brother 19 house but it sure didn’t seem like it. Neither nominee was really working hard to stay. And since no one knows who won the Den of Temptation on Wednesday, we’re all left scratching our heads if that could be why Dominique isn’t campaigning or why Jessica is so happy despite being on the block.

Jessica Graf on Big Brother 19

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Big Brother 19 Live Feed Highlights – Wednesday, July 19, 2017:

10:20 AM BBT – HGs are getting up.

10:35 AM BBT – Jason reveals to HGs that he got yelled at by DR for eating a small scrap of food last night. He says they really are watching and it’s no joke.

10:55 AM BBT – Feeds cut…

1:25 PM BBT – Feeds return. Den of Temptation was accepted. HGs worried about the curse. No one revealing yet who took it.

1:30 PM BBT – Elena worried that Dominique got it, but Paul counters they would just evict her next week if she did. Paul suspects someone is coming back in.

1:50 PM BBT – Alex goes upstairs and calls Jason up. He asks what she’ll do with the Temptation she just got. Alex tells him nice try, but she didn’t get it. Alex tells Jason that they have to play along with Paul for now but then they’ll take their shot later.

2:00 PM BBT – Jason tells Alex if he gets HoH he will put up Christmas and make her his main target. Alex wants Jessica gone instead.

2:15 PM BBT – Jessica asking Mark and Elena to just tell her if she’s going to be voted out this week. She doesn’t want to be blindsided. They promise her she’s okay.

2:20 PM BBT – Paul now convinced Jessica won the Temptation because he saw her go in the HN room to talk with Mark and Elena.

3:45 PM BBT – Dominique says she’ll put “him” on the Block. She plans on stepping on snakes in the game.

4:20 PM BBT – Jessica and Alex discuss if Cody could be coming back as part of the curse. Alex says that’d be good.

4:35 PM BBT – Jessica asks Alex if anyone has revealed to her that he or she won the Temptation. Alex says she hasn’t heard anything yet.

4:45 PM BBT – Jessica promises Alex and Jason that she didn’t get the Temptation. She hoped Cody getting evicted would have generated sympathy votes, but says it didn’t seem to do that.

4:50 PM BBT – Paul says Jessica is way too calm on the Block. He thinks she got it. Elena wonders if Raven got it instead.

5:15 PM BBT – Alex tells Paul that Jessica is sharing that he is trying to make an alliance with Cody in case he comes back. Paul gets upset and asks how he can make an alliance with someone not in the game. Christmas asks if they’re sure they want to get Dominique out this week. Paul says he’s sure. Paul’s next target is now Jessica.

5:20 PN BBT – Paul says he wants to make Jessica nervous so that if she got the temptation this week she might decide to use it if she feels threatened.

5:30 PM BBT – Matthew suggests they throw the HoH comp to Paul. Raven agrees with the idea.

5:38 PM BBT – Christmas is asking Jessica a lot of questions, which is what Paul suggested she do. They’re trying to bait her to see if she can give any indication why she’s acting so comfortable on the block.

5:48 PM BBT – Jessica discussing the Battle Back and says that she thinks Cameron would be in it since Glenn was in it last season. She says she feels bad for Cameron since he doesn’t even have a memory wall photo.

5:50 PM BBT – When Christmas asks Jessica if Alex has thrown her name around Jessica says Alex doesn’t even talk game with her.

6:00 PM BBT – Christmas tells Paul she didn’t really get anything good out of her talk with Jessica.

6:52 PM BBT – Alex and Jason are plotting ahead. He wants Christmas out but Alex wants Jessica out first.

7:50 PM BBT – Paul goes to talk to Dominique and tells her not to think she has to seclude herself. She said that she isn’t doing that but they’re isolating her. Dom thanks Paul for checking on her.

8:15 PM BBT – HGs hanging out chit-chatting. No game talk.

9:00 PM BBT – Alex tells Jason she thinks Christmas wants him out so she and Alex can be best friends in the game. Talk turns to the showmances. Jason says there’s no way any of the showmances continue outside the house.

9:07 PM BBT – Alex wonders if Dominique will get a chance to return in a Battle Back or go home. Jason says home.

9:30 PM BBT – Josh asks Jason if it comes down to the two of them in the HOH if he’ll throw it to him. Jason says he will. Josh keeps talking about wanting to win and be dramatic to the guys in the house. He says he’s going to win HOH and look at Matt and Mark and say you two meatballs are going on the block (even though that’s against the rules).

9:45 PM BBT – Josh continues to excitedly plan for how he’ll split up Mark and Matt to keep them from making Jury together.

10:15 PM BBT – HGs gathering in the open bedroom for story time. Kevin wanted to change rooms because Dominique was sleeping in the corner, but they decide to not let that stop them from their routine.

10:35 PM BBT – Josh and Dominique chat in the bathroom. He tells her to stay strong for Thursday. She says she’s excited.

11:15 PM BBT – Raven and Matt are considering trying to get Jessica out and dealing with Dominique next week. They go to Paul who says he’ll sleep on it.

12:35 AM BBT – HGs are either in bed or getting ready to call it a night.

1:20 AM BBT – Most HGs are sleeping, but Dominique is up and practicing her eviction speech.

1:45 AM BBT – Jessica is up and sits down with Dominique in the Lounge. Dominique is revealing her personal history with education and career.

2:00 AM BBT – Jessica and Dominique discuss what they expect to happen with the vote. Dominique says she expects to be evicted.

2:20 AM BBT – Dominique admits to Jessica that the house was working together to make sure Jessica didn’t win HoH. (We saw Dominique drop almost immediately after Jessica.) Dominique apologizes for going with the group against her.

2:30 AM BBT – Dominique warns Jessica that Paul is trying to lead without being seen as leading. Jessica says she’s on to that. Dominique reveals the group’s plan had been to target Jessica then Ramses and Jason, but she doesn’t know what their current plan is.

2:50 AM BBT – Jessica went to bed a bit ago and now Dominique calls it a night as well.

3:00 AM BBT – Houseguests are in bed asleep for the night.

After all the drama surrounding the Den of Temptation on Wednesday we still don’t have a confirmation or admission from any of the Houseguests as to who may have won it. We’ll keep watching on Thursday in the lead up to the eviction but we may not know until the show airs.

Reminder: Feeds will go down Thursday evening before the live show as usual, but won’t return until Friday at 9PM PT when the Battle Back episode finishes airing on the west coast.

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    • I think production might have told them not to say anything. I was looking for a clue last night on the feeds but nothing.

  1. Whoever is keeping it pretty quiet so it makes sense that none of the coupes got it, or Paul because I think they wouldn’t be so paranoid about it.

  2. I don’t think its anyone connected to Paul, they would have told him. I think it’s Jessica or Ramses.

    • Ramses is so low in every polls. I would be surprise if it’s him. But it could be Alex as well. She wouldn’t tell Paul and Jason. She knows Jason cannot keep a secret! And she doesn’t trust Paul enough, I think?

      • Who was leading the polls? I used to think that about Alex but not anymore. I think she’d tell Paul before Jason.

      • Honestly if it was between Alex, Kevin, and Jason I think it would all end well, and since they were the poll leaders I think that will be the case.
        Here’s to hoping it really wasn’t Jessica!

    • I hope is Ramses or Kevin. Kevin is on Paul’s side though and I don’t think Ramses is.

  3. I think it was Alex she is smart and I don’t think she would reveal anything, I am pretty sure the rest of them would blab, well maybe not Jessica.

  4. I’m not a fan of Jessica, but if she survives this week I hope she wins HoH and then find the way to take out Paul of the game.

    • Paul is so completely annoying. I really don’t understand how he is considered a fan favorite.

      • The last season, in the beginning he was one of my least favorite houseguests, at the end he grew on me (not one of my favorites, but I didn’t hate him a lot), but once again I dislike him, I can’t deny that he’s playing a good game, but he’s so annoying.

  5. My best guess is that Alex got it, but maybe Jessica did. I have trouble seeing anyone else getting it. Kevin maybe? But he’d tell Paul, probably.

  6. I voted for Jessica to get it in case Cody came back to keep him longer, however now I am seeing the error of my ways because if she uses it this week then he might not get to come back? I hope that he still does.

  7. Matt and Raven are completely Paul’s minions. “Let’s throw HOH to Paul!” “Hey Paul, should we vote Jessica out instead?” These guys don’t have any original thoughts, unless Paul planted them.

    • That can be taken two ways, your theory or wanting Paul to do their dirty work which can backfire on him.

      • Makes sense that they would ask Pauls opinion or Kevins Marks or somebody…There is only the 2 of them and they would need to try and get votes to oust Jessica..and Paul may be convinced that Jessica has the DOT and thinks they may need to keep her or vice versa…It would be a house decision if they decided to vote out Jessica..

      • Because I hate shomances more than I hate Dominique. I cant do Jessica and Cody all summer, it will be harder to get them out the more the numbers shrink

      • One or the other is fine with me. Get Jessica out now and if Cody wins TBB she’ll be gone. The pass few years they have been picking off single players first leaving couples in tact. It drives me up the wall. I hate Dominique but I dont understand this move. She not a threat.

    • Ok throw the HoH to Paul and hopefully Paul will put those two on the block and get rid of them, they’re just taking up space.

  8. Ok I change my answer I definitely think Jessica got it. She told Dominique she didn’t want to win HOH this next week she wanted a week to set things up. Things that make you go HMMMM

  9. Cowboy is a savage. Not only is he responsible for Christmas’s bum foot, he wants to be the one to evict her.

    • I would want to get rid of her too, who wants an ally who can’t play in basically half the comps?

    • He is not the only one responsible; Christmas holds some blame. Any grown adult would know that horse play can lead to injury. Jason didn’t put a gun to her head and tell her she had to ride around on his back so he can slip and break her foot, she did so willingly. Give the guy a break.

      • I was just about to say the same thing. Has Christmas, the self-proclaimed “Queen of Perseverance”, acknowledged how completely foolish it was for her to hop on the front (as we saw on the CBS broadcast) and then on the back (as we also saw) of some guy, and then ride him while he ran around the backyard? Especially for someone who uses her physique to competition and, presumably, earn a living, that was terribly irresponsible to do.

      • Oh I completely agree! I’m just stating Cowboy’s mentality in this game is fierce and cut throat when I’m calling him “savage”.

  10. I voted for Alex and hopes she got it! Would love for her to win Big Brother among the other house guests. She is 2nd to Paul in popularity and I hope that is a good sign. We will see tonight. I think it will be revealed in tonight’s show.

    • Alex is a very smart player and even though she isn’t my favorite I can see her in the final 2. I think Jessica got the temptation, but based off all of the polls I wouldn’t be surprised if Alex got it.

  11. Dom says that she is a nuclear engineer working for the government. She is somewhat of a fanatic and hears voices telling her what to do. Gotta wonder how she ever got security clearance.

      • For starters, Matt & Raven are now considering getting Jess out, but go to Paul first and ask him to sleep on it? Like Paul is the final decision maker.

    • That is the most annoying thing about these HGs, but remember that he is a puppeteer and they are all his puppets. So that’s how it’s supposed to work. I am waiting to see who gets him out or at least tries to because the idiots may not vote for him even if he is nominated.

  12. I’m not sure what the dot is exactly but I wonder if Alex will let Cody back in if it involves her making that decision.

    • Where did you hear it’s confirmed? I have been watching the feeds and there’s been no clue as to who won. I really don’t think Jess won it. I’ll be surprised if she did because she was way down in the polls as of Tuesday.

  13. Most of the polls I had seen this week had Kevin 1st or 2nd. I voted for him all week. Even on this site, the popularity poll for the last 2 weeks had 1.Paul 2.Alex 3.Kevin. The Hex poll had 1.Alex 2.Kevin.

    I’m pretty sure also that Production told whoever got the Hex not to reveal at least before tonight eviction. I would be very surprise if we were to find out for sure today. We will obviously find out when they show us the Den of Temptation during the show tonight.

    If Jess or Dom has it, they would obviously not take the chance and play it. Obviously Alex more than likely wouldn’t use it. But any of the other might not also.

    Can’t wait to see what happens tonight.

    • And Kevin or Alex would be the least likely to reveal they had won it even without BB telling them not to. They are savvy enough to know that it could antagonize the others a) because it means that they are popular with the fans and b) not knowing what the punishment is and how it affects the game and the others. My guess would be that they would wait until they used it or until the punishment was revealed.

      • If Alex had it she would’ve been the leaky faucet she had been all week and immediately relayed her temptation to Paul. Or even if she’s smart enough and doesn’t tell Paul I think she would’ve at least told Jason. So I do not think Alex has the Halting Hex. Kevin, I’m not really sure.

      • Don’t agree. She would not tell Jason cos she knows he can’t keep a secret and she would not tell Paul cos she’s said yesterday that he is her target later.

      • If she tells anyone,production will scold her. If she tells Jason, then Kevin will find out immediately and the whole house within seconds of him knowing it. He is very loud.

    • A lot of people on Twitter had been voting for either Jessica or Dominique. Tumblr I heard was behind Dominique I think. Reddit I know is now Jessica’s biggest fanbase and threw a lot of votes towards Jessica. At this point I’m thinking that Jessica has it most likely.

      If Dom has it HELL YES she must play it. But if Jessica has it her best move would be to save it for a future eviction. She’s not in danger today, but one or two weeks from now she might be. I think she feels safe enough to ride today’s vote out and if she has the Halting Hex she will not use it today.

      • How can anybody feel safe enough ? You never know. If Jess has it, I doubt she’s going to take the risk of not playing it. But then, what do I know ?

        The Dominique campaign only started this week, in the 1st week, most of the campaigning was for Kevin. He might have pick up a big enough lead that all the Dom campaigning wasn’t enough. Plus seen lot of posts about demanding people to do something doesn’t garantied they will do it. I kept voting for Kevin.

      • Well, if Jess has the HH she still has less than half a day to decide… so we’ll never know until then. But it’s definitely possible for her to feel safe when she is on the block. BBCan2 Allison had a secret veto when she was on the block against Kenny (and then ultimately against Sarah where Sarah got voted out) and she didn’t use the veto.

        From day one until the last day of this vote I have thrown every single vote from my 3 CBS Accounts at Ramses and there’s no indication that he got it. I’ve actually seen some people do the same as me and Ramses still doesn’t have it. So I guess this is what happened with Kevin.

        All in all, I think Jessica 90% has it and the rest of that 10% is equally divided between everyone else eligible.

      • I think Alex or Kevin 90% has it and Jess, Dom 10% chance. Guess we’ll find out tonight because there’s been zero clues on the feeds.

      • She thinks she’s safe but they were talking about flipping the vote. Be funny if by some slim chance she does have it and doesn’t use it and gets evicted. I don’t think she has it though. Just from what I saw on the feeds.

    • If Dom has it I think she’d use it. She knows she’s going home. But if Jess has it I can’t see her using it because she thinks she’s safe.

      • She think because many people are telling her she’s safe. But can she be sure ? She can’t. She can’t take tht chance. If she does, she might be lucky, but she is stupid.

      • Jess ? Pretty much 50/50. I don’t dislike her, but I don’t think she’s very good at that game.

      • You know me I can’t stand not knowing who won the DoT. I hope it wasn’t her. I don’t think it was but then I read all these comments that people think she got it. Now feeds are down and I’m getting frustrated. Lol. Give me my spoilers.

      • I think it’s Kevin. Just a guess. It’s not Jess, she has never been very high in all the polls I’ve seen. It has to be either Kevin or Alex. Dom might have an outside chance but I’m not very hopefull for her.

      • Jessica seems paranoid to me. I think part of her believes Dom will get the boot, but she keeps asking people if they are going to vote her out. I didn’t think Jessica had any fans.

      • What has she done that’s so exciting. She spent most of her days on the show under the sheets over Cody.

    • My guess would be Alex or Kevin. Was there a surge on their (Jess/Dom) popularity? Unless Dom had a ‘vision last know..

      • As I said, even if there was a campaign to vote for Dom, doesn’t mean people went and vote for her. I didn’t change my mind.

      • I used up all my ten votes on Alex for several days. Missed the last day as they closed it early. Hope that was enough to get it for Alex. Would like to see her get to the end and make big moves!

  14. I keep getting distracted with this thought, did they get confirmation that the temptation was accepted or not and they are just assuming? I know they get told, but, that would mean to me that Jessica just found the whole thing funny. I realize that Alex might not realize what we do that Jason has seemed to fix his motor mouth tendencies and he is not sharing information anymore but just acting on it, which is fine.

    Another thing I can’t remember, does the tempted know what the curse is before they accept?

    • Jason in the long run will be more of a hurt to Alex and her game…Hopefully she realizes this sooner than later..

      • I don’t know because just in this week it seems he has been amending some of his previous behavior that he even self diagnosed himself as being the worst player in this game. If he focuses like he did just before the veto ceremony (where he wanted it clear he didn’t like Paul being in on decisions and settled Alex’s anger with Kevin) then he might make it further than an eviction schedule that seems to not be moving. The thing that concerned me about both of them in the eyes of the house, is that the two of them were really only competing with each other in the veto and with Christmas out of the physical comps, Alex is the only one to keep up with the guys in physical stuff and Jason, while he doesn’t have the muscle mass of Mark or Josh, or probably the quickness of Paul, is probably in pretty good fitness shape which is more useful. I just have to wonder if it crosses like Raven or Matt’s mind that they can’t deal with them.

      • I think is the other way around. Alex is not playing as great as I thought she would. Jason needs to put up whomever he wants and not listen to Alex. He has a great chance of winning the next HOH and hopefully Veto.

      • I’d like to think it’s the other way around because superfan + underdog effect goggles and I think Jason’s perception of the house is a little closer to the truth (which is OURS). Alex does seem to relate a bit better to the other HGs though. But at the end of the day they are BOTH bad.

      • I couldn’t remember, I was picturing Christmas standing there and listen, and I think she knew something about toads and it was happening to the the three of them once she cursed them. But I almost wonder if this one is different, especially because if you narrow it down to Alex or Jess, Alex likely would keep it to herself and Jess would be happy because she knows she would enjoy the curse (and Alex would be fine with it too) even if its just a contestant returning because they both (and most of us) figure it would be Cody.

      • I thought I remembered seeing the Ve Toad thing there because I thought we knew before the curse took effect so I figured she told Paul.

    • The first two curses were revealed when they needed to give into play, so I’m sure that’s the case with this one.

    • They said the temptation has been accepted. They were all talking about the curse and wondering what it will be.

      • I wasn’t sure if they were just assuming or if they had all been gathered and told. And then it might have been fun if they were just assuming and we learn that no one took it. I also am curious because the topic of the returning player seemed to be popular when it was just a what if topic before so I’m wondering if the Den had a two fold thing going where they had to vote about a returning player.

  15. Why does wikipedia say Jessica got and accepted it, when nobody even knows? Wikipedia is nothing but fake news.

      • She prayed and prayed and production gave it to her. I’m not a believer that our votes count. I think production chooses the person they think should get it for the week.

      • Just giving it to Dominique would be a waste and production has to know that. She’s shown this week she’s not really capable of playing the game well. So why give it to her to save herself when she’s not even a good player, when that also undermines production’s own Battle Back twist this week by removing a competitor from it?

      • Also, I can’t imagine many viewers finding that self-righteous, God-goes-where-I-go, nonsense out of Dominique to be entertaining. Add in all her lectures to house guests about snakes and tempters, and her mysterious way of calling people out without actually calling them out is boring to watch.

    • I dont mind too much because I don’t really like how Paul randomly singled her out. I hate Dominique and Paul’s my boy but I try to be as least biased as i can.

  16. I can’t see why Dominique would be revealing her future plans in the game and expect to be evicted unless she knew she could cancel her eviction…I saw a huge push for her on facebook and that could’ve overwhelmed votes for anyone else. I think Dominique has the temptation.

    • I think Dominique is talking about if she doesn’t get evicted what she will do. Her and Jessica had a long talk last night and I don’t think she got it. I think it was either Kevin or Alex. I watched the feeds last night just watching for a clue but nothing. I thought someone might talk to a camera but nothing. I think production may have told them not to say anything.

      • I don’t know, she seems pretty sure of her eviction…she could just have her poker face on with Jessica, but her camtalking has me convinced it’s her.

      • I can’t wait to find out. There’s no leaks on twitter either. At least there wasn’t the last time I looked. I thought for sure one of them would talk to the viewers and we would find out.

  17. OK so, ive had a long day already and its only 11:00am (east coast) so I thought I could start a convo here with whoever would like to participate since none of my close family or friends watch or obsess over BB like I do lol.

    Aside from the obvious anger issues Josh has, I came to the realization (and im not sure if this has been mentioned before) that he may be hiding something. Before I get into what I think may be the cause of his emotion rollercoaster having ass lol let me just say Im attracted to both sexes, and not only am I a big supporter of the LGBTQI community but almost all my friends are gay/lesbian also. So I am in no way saying what I am about to say with malice. I think Josh is gay. And I think his angers, frustrations, mental issues have a lot to do with that (if thats the case). He reminds me of my friends growing up who hid it either because they werent sure or because they didnt want family or anyone to know.

    Also, I just saw a video yesterday on “exposing” Raven. Anyone care to fill me in? lol

    Love this website, love the people here!

    • What video is that? What is it about?
      I have said Josh and Ramses may be gay since the beginning of the season and is no big deal, but I just think they are. I think Josh’s problem has more to do with being babied all of his life. He misses his mommy a great deal and he also works with his family which are probably always there for him defending and pampering him.

    • I think that about Josh. Ppl dont usually go there on this site but I’m here for ya! :-) I like to about everything!

    • The video may or may not support Ravens claim that her illness is terminal…It gives u an insight to Ravens life before BB…Her spending habits…new car……so on & so forth…I did not watch it all…Its up to the viewer to access Ravens “life” and claims…..I did read that the gastroparesis is rarely fatal and can be medically treated…I don’t know what Ravens 2nd illness is…I have a child that has gastric problems/feeding tube and thats why I was interested in Ravens medical issues…

    • Agree about the Josh issue, he’s gay, in the closet and there is a lot of turmoil and conflict and it manifests itself in the way he acts and reacts to others.

      As for Raven, she has a disease, a chronic disease and if she takes care of herself she will live a long life. It isn’t terminal as she has said many times on the feeds as well as her mother saying it all over facebook. As for this “other” mysterious terminal illness she refuses to name it…..because it’s a lie.

  18. i’m guessing that since we havent heard who got tempted in the DOT that its most likely Jessica or Dominique.. Ugh that means neither will be evicted since we KNOW it was accepted and hmm I wonder if there is NO eviction tonight, how will that effect the stupid battle back fri night… ugh hate the battle back… dont want Cody back in the house and I wanted Dominique gone!

  19. I hope Jessica is voted out, better yet I hope Dominique has the temptation. Paul is exhausting, I dislike him even more this season.

  20. Watch the curse be the battle back. They probably wouldn’t have allowed someone to come back unless the temptation was taken

  21. Lets look at this another way. Paul and Christmas can’t get the DoT again. Those who either got evicted or quit (Cameron, Jillian, Megan and Cody), isn’t even eligible to get. Ramses is low in the polls, many of you don’t care for Mark, Raven, Elena and maybe Matt. So who do we have left? Alex, Jason, Kevin, Dom, Jessica and Josh. OK so now look at Josh, I doubt he got it. More than likely Dom, Kevin or Jason didn’t get it either so that leaves only two who could have gotten it. Jessica and Alex. Jessica is a very good likely one to get but Alex has been good at keeping secrets as well. My guess is Alex got it and not use it this week because she is not on the block which is a great move on her part. OK now hit me with your theories and/or opinions cause you just read mine.

    • Don’t think you can discount Kevin, he is popular. I would hope he doesn’t get it though cos I am afraid he wouldn’t use it strategically. Hoping for Alex.

      • Reason I excluded Kevin is not be is popular but because I thought America just didn’t think he would use it strategically like you said. Other than that Kevin would have a good chance to get it.

  22. Good news: Dom finally named names. Bad news: But only to Jessica who is also on the block and likely won’t tell anyone until after the eviction vote. What is wrong with Dom??

  23. Moderator Matthew (or anyone else who saw yesterday’s feed), I don’t understand “10:35 AM BBT – Jason reveals to HGs that he got yelled at by DR for eating a small scrap of food last night. He says they really are watching and it’s no joke.”, as written above in your summary. Why would Jason get yelled out for eating a scrap of food? Aren’t house guests allowed to eat when they please?

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