‘Big Brother’ 19 Live Feeds: Cody Prepares Plans In Case Of Yet Another Renom

The Big Brother 19 Houseguests are still waiting to find out whether or not Christmas Abbott will be back in the game after possibly breaking her foot this morning in the backyard. Now Cody Nickson is trying to prepare in case she doesn’t return and he has to fill that vacancy.

Update: Christmas is back so this is all moot. No need for a 6th nom of the week. Phew!

Cody Nickson on Big Brother 19

Talking with ally Matthew Clines, Cody revealed he’d take a less aggressive route if he was forced to name a 6th Houseguest for the Block this week. After trying to split up their group of allies by taking a shot at Paul, a move that backfired thanks to his Pendant of Protection, the renom settled on Christmas. HGs consider it’s possible that situation could be changing which is leading to new discussions.

Okay, it’d be kinda crazy if there was a sixth nom, since we’re past the Veto comp and ceremony, but who knows what’s going on. This is anything but a regular week. It’s possible that BB calls off this week’s eviction all together if Christmas can’t return considering they’d be down 3 HGs before the first live show, but we’re still waiting to find out what happens there and how it’d be handled. All the same, here’s his plan.

Flashback to 10:45 AM BBT 7/3 on Cams 3/4 to find Matt and Cody alone in the HoH room.

The guys are saying what a mess of a week it’s been. Cody tries to explain what’s been going on since his plans have had to change so many times in just a few days. Now before Cody gets to his new plans he does make an interesting reveal to Matt.

Cody admits his plan to keep “outsiders” around with his deal making was to have someone who could come after their showmance partners. He tells Matt he wanted those HGs to take out Raven, Jessica, and Elena so they could keep their hands clean. Well that’s a damning statement to make if Matt wanted to use it against him to rally support of those ladies plus Mark to join him at some point.

Christmas still hasn’t returned from her injury earlier and Cody had mentioned something was sticking out of her foot, not a good sign. With the possibility looming, Matt asks what Cody will do if Christmas doesn’t come back. Cody assures him he will go after an “outsider” this time around.

Gallery: Christmas Abbott Foot Injury

Initially Cody suggests Ramses would be his renom choice but then Matt whispers Jason and Cody says that yes, he would do that for Matt. So if Christmas doesn’t come back, which we still don’t know if she will or not, then Cody could likely send Jason to the Block. Well, look at that. We’re back right where we started, minus a few allies for Cody.

You’ll remember the group, aside from Cody, had agreed that Jason should be the renom after Alex won her safety with the Veto. Instead of going with the group, Cody did his own thing and it failed spectacularly to his surprise. Touching on that issue, Matt asked Cody to let them know next time he wants to do something like that. Yeah, hopefully Cody would have learned his lesson on surprising even his own closest allies, but I wouldn’t be too sure of it.

What do you think of Cody’s new plan if he has to do this? Who would you put on the Block? He already have very few options and really only has Ramses, Kevin, or Jason to go with at this point if he wants to stay with an “outsider” for the pick. It’ll be very interesting to see what happens, but I’ve got my fingers crossed that Christmas can come back and rejoin the game. As soon as we know either way we’ll share the news.

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  1. If he puts up Jason he’d be a complete moron especially after making a deal with the guy.
    Hopefully Christmas doesn’t leave because I actually like her.

  2. OMG LOL this season is such a mess but in an entertaining way. 1 week and possibly 4 people gone.

    1 from swap
    1 from walk
    1 from medical emergency
    1 from eviction

    Its so crazy to watch.

    • I just can’t imagine they would go forward with the eviction this week if Christmas is gone.

    • I want him to nominate someone else, just for the messiness, especially as Cody is such a stone cold killer.
      They can do a battle back in a few weeks, after racking up a few evictions, if needed.

  3. Actually, “IF” Christmas cannot come back to the game, I personally feel that would be stupid to go ahead with the eviction. We’ve seen it on Survivor when someone is med-evac they cancel the tribal council. Use the Thursday night show to show us more behind the scene stuff and have an HoH comp that we can watch completely.

    That is unless Ramses would accept to play his punishment this week and jump on the block and it would be him and Jillian.

    I mean, come on, it’s ridiculous.

  4. As things go, Cody will nominate all the houseguest at the end of this week o_o I feel sad for Christmas, she’s a really great competitor, I hope she can comeback or at least that the production give her the chance to play the next year.

    • Maybe not next year. In fact I’ve said that here before, they should have a year with all returning players but all of them from players who were evicted before jury. Big Brother Second Chance.

  5. Kevin and Jason are making me dizzy walking around the yard. They were doing that earlier and now back at it again.
    Are the other HGs not listening in to their conversation.

  6. Jokers just said Kevin told Jason production is telling him right now that he has to nominate someone new and that Christmas is not returning.

  7. Don’t worry people, CBS probably has Jason Roy all lined up along with Rachel and Janelle just because people love them to put them in the game

  8. Jeez, talk about trial by fire. I kinda feel bad for these guys. This is far from what normally goes down in the early days. Hell, I don’t think this has EVER happened before on any version of Big Brother, even those outside the US!

    I honestly do think they’ll just go with the reset and go with a Fast Forward style next few days. It was one thing when Megan left before the Veto was played, but there’re too far along. I think they’ll just end the “week” and crown a new HOH.

    As far as Cody’s plan… well, if this is indeed his mindset, then he is playing a very Derrick style game – keep around the players most likely to go after your allies so your own hands stay clean. The execution… yeah, that leaves quite a bit to be desired. And Derrick at least wasn’t so stoic or anti-social. He interacted with all the HGs, regardless of what side of the house they were on. That was how he knew exactly who to target from week to week and ensure that it happened. So, yeah, Cody may be trying to imitate Derrick’s game, but he’s not succeeding.

      • You’re suggesting that Devin HAD a strategy? Because if so, I must have missed it. Oh, and did you know he had a daughter?

      • I’m saying Cody has NO strategy other than doing what he thinks is right. He flipflops more than a NAND gate hooked up to AC.

        No, I know Devin HAS a daughter. TTBOMK, she’s still alive.

    • This seems like the longest week of Big Brother ever with the same HOH. Rather than wondering if the house will all vote the same you are wondering who will be the final pick to go against Jillian.

  9. Cody shouldn’t get another renom is Christmas leaves. Bring Cameron back this week and reset the game

      • How the he’ll do you know he sucked? We saw about 2 minutes of him before he was voted out. LOL

      • How can you say he sucked he was there 12 hours if anything you could say he was boring but sucked he really did not have any time to suck

  10. This is so messy, like really messy…Megan and Christimas were the only 2 of 3 strong girls in the house.

  11. I feel so bad for Christmas. From the description of her injury it sounds like she may need surgery or at the very least x-rays and hospital treatment. I hope they can patch her up and bring her back in a walking cast of some sort. If not, they should just draw a line under this week. Having Cody make a 4th nom would be ridiculous! They should just show the entire HoH comp instead plus some highlights of the week.

    Also, Jessica pointing her finger like a gun at Alex and saying to Raven “Get me an assault rifle ….pao pao pau …she’s gone” is disgusting! Production should have called her out for a talking to immediately. How awesome would it be if Cody does have to renom and he puts up Jessica as a way to end his showmance …Epic! I don’t think he would do it but it would make for awesome viewing.

  12. I really don’t think he’d have to do another renom. Veto’s been played and two people have already left. If Christmas doesn’t come back that’s 3 people. I think they would just say to Cody your HOH is over. They’ll show POV Wednesday and on Thursday show Christmas getting hurt and leaving and play for another HOH. But what do I know I’m not production. Lol.

  13. I wonder what are Paul’s real feelings towards Dominique. Is he just trying to get on her good side or actually enjoying the conversation with her.

  14. Cody should not be allowed to do another renom. They are already down two people..he has nominated five or six HG’s. No one goes this week..just show more of the HOH comp. I hate to see this happen to Christmas..she was a fiesty one and a good player.

  15. I hope she comes back too, they are just one outsider win away from making this be an exciting season and Paul and Christmas both appear to be seeing the better value of kind of the more rounded grouping of Alex, Jason, Kevin and Josh (though that seems to be mainly because Jason and Kevin feel bad for Josh) and Christmas might have been able to pull Dom away from her showmance attachment. But if she doesn’t and they don’t scrap the live eviction, then, I sort of hope that BB lets Ramses volunteer himself and be rid of his curse. None of this will really change that Jillian is probably gone.

    • Honestly Christmas and Alex are the only sane people who are not under Cody’s spell.
      I like Kevin but he’s hard to read.
      And Josh… well he’s another story

  16. Pretty sad that Cody and Jessica and Mark can’t come out of the HOH golden palace to welcome Christmas back…we all know they wanted her gone, but, that is just rude! I really cannot stand Cody and Jessica Rabbit! Ugh!

    • Very well said. I totally agree with you! To welcome Christmas back and see how she is would be the right thing to do regardless of game play. They are both acting like immature bullies.

    • They were down right rude and have no home training.

  17. Cody is now kissing Jillian’s behind. Now he needs her after putting her up. I hope she is lying to his face, but hopefully she’ll be the one voted out.

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