‘Big Brother 19’ Live Feeds: Cody Spills A Story To Christmas

Cody Nickson is about to head out the door this week and he knows it. So what better way to go out than by trying to sabotage as many of your former allies who walked away after you lost your game-mind? Time to spill the beans.

Toady-Cody on Big Brother 19

This morning while HGs were slowly waking up Cody sat down with Christmas in a bid to better Jessica’s position in the house and maybe even help his own if he gets to return with an expected Battle Back. Flashback to 9:35 AM BBT 7/12 Cams 1/2 on your Live Feeds to listen in on the conversation.

The talk begins with Christmas asking why there has been so much animosity from Cody directed toward her and what caused her to be his renom pick last week. Cody starts off saying she isn’t going to believe him but he’ll try. He first says Jessica wasn’t involved in the choice, but others were. Cody then mentions his thing again about saying Christmas was causing high anxiety in the group whenever she was around. He had been telling Jessica this same thing before he made the renom choice.

So who were “the others” who Cody is blaming? Mark and Dominique. He mentions Mark came to him after doing one of Dominique’s interviews and being pissed about Christmas quizzing him on his showmance with Elena. Mark was definitely agitated about that, but I don’t recall if this exact conversation happened as he’s describing. Next, Cody says, Dominique came to Cody and made the same suggestion that Christmas needed to go.

Cody claims that he made the move to renom Christmas because Mark and Dominique told him to do it. Then after he made the renom Cody claims Dominique came to him and said she was now going to keep Christmas. Cody suggests Dominique was playing him to get him in this position.

Christmas now takes a turn and suggests he put her up because of her relationship with Paul and he confirms that to be the case. The Paul topic takes us to Cody’s next claim that for his BD-Paul plan, “Mark knew about that from the start.” Now I remember Cody and Mark talking in the Storage room where Cody says he has a plan but he won’t tell Mark so he can truthfully claim he didn’t know. Maybe Cody told him after that, but from what I saw that wasn’t Cody’s plan and Mark didn’t know at first.

Christmas asks why Cody didn’t reveal any of this sooner. That’s a good question. Cody says he figured no one would believe him. If I were Christmas I’d keep wondering why he didn’t say anything before.

Cody starts throwing out a lot more here about having a group with Matthew, Mark and Dominique early on. He claims they were influencing his decision here to better their position at the cost of his own.

One funny thing here is when Cody gets to Ramses’s vote. Christmas says she still thinks Ramses voted to keep Jillian, but Cody says that can’t be true because “Kevin was legit blindsided.” We know Kevin was the vote against Jillian, but he’s done well on hiding that from at least some of the HGs, though other talks overnight make it sound like the outsiders are catching on to Kevin.

Their talk continues with Christmas sharing, Cody sharing, back and forth. The overarching theme here is Jessica was completely unaware while Mark and Dominique are fully to blame because of one comment they both made to him. Nevermind that Cody just said Jessica was in the room at the time.

With Cody gone he tells Christmas to work with Jessica and Alex since they are the three strongest women in the game. Flashback to 9:57 AM BBT to hear this pitch. And if Cody battles back? He wants to team up with Paul and Christmas to go after the rest of the house. Well that’d be a strange sight to see, but if it’s good Feeds then I’m all for it!

We’ll have to wait and see how this works out for Jessica, and Cody if he returns, but it was definitely worth a shot and I always prefer to see HGs go out swinging rather than sleeping.

As for what Christmas will do with this info, we won’t know for awhile. She left this morning at 10:30 AM BBT for her surgery but hopes to be back Thursday in time for the eviction show. Watch for talks after that to see if she believed this talk or not.

Do you think Christmas took the bait? Will she turn on Mark and Dominique as a result while building her connection to Jessica?


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  1. I really hope Christmas didn’t buy any of that garbage.

    Also, I’m surprised that no one has noticed Kevin being sketchy yet. I don’t have the feeds but on live TV whenever he’s hiding something he gets really fidgety and weird. He was like that after he took the money and again when talking about the votes against Jillian. He seems like an abysmal liar from what little I’ve seen.

    • Last night on feeds Alex, Jason, and Ramses were talking about Kevin. Alex is starting to get suspicious of him and told Jason to stop sharing information with him. Kevin also messed up in my opinion by telling multiple people he thinks there is a curveball coming up with the vote Thursday. It really depends on who wins HOH. If one of the showmances win it’ll be same old story, but if one of the others win we could see that group start to splinter.

      • Yeah, it’s the same mistake HGs past make year after year. Very few of them have ever learned how to keep their mouths shut about hinky votes.

    • Its not complete garbage. Mark did want xmas out and dom was backing him up as them two are buds.

      • I agree. Cody was mostly telling the truth but some of his truths he exaggerated.

    • Alex is noticing. She’s been talking about it with Whistledick, which I wish she wouldn’t. She’s going to kick herself at some point, I hope, for giving him so much information.

      • I think Ramses knows also. I don’t care for Kevin, he is just creepy and boring. However, I don’t have live feeds. Just BBAD.

  2. can someone explain the BBT to me, i have been following this site for a few years now and someone how can not figure it ou

      • That i do know but for example i wanted to see the Christmas Cody conversation and the time frame is not the same as it is listed in the subject

      • Make sure your time is set to the correct am/pm. I forget that at times and it throws me for a loop.

  3. Cody did mention to Mark that he was thinking of nominating Paul. It was one of the early episodes and you could see that Mark was taken aback but he did not say anything. Later when he was talking (DR?) he said that he didn’t want Paul to go but it was Cody’s HoH and he had to respect that. Don’t know if Cody ever mentioned it again to Mark but he definitely did that first time. I’m not impressed with Mark, I think without the others’ reactions to Cody nominating Paul and Xmas, Mark would have blindly supported Cody. He strikes me as one who will float to the power side.

  4. Hey, it’s better than Cody just laying down and dying (unlike other HGs who are infamous for having done this *cough* Audrey *cough*).

    • Agreed & I give him credit for attempting to plant a few seeds before he goes out the door. Thing is, I think Christmas will likely take everything he said with a healthy grain of salt and be having conversations with Mark, Dom, & Paul when she gets back. She’ll be trying to see if she can trip them up, thereby verifying or debunking what Cody told her.

    • But what’s the point, she was literally on her way out of the door. What he said to her he might have well told his toothbrush. Complete waste of time and apparently brain energy. Cody is thick as a brick.

      • Lol , I agree AGAIN ! I don’t even have to post my thoughts because you do it FOR me ! :)

      • It is atleast worth a shot in case he comes back. Better than hiding out last days like Audrey did! Plus it may help Jess. I do not think it will as Christmas is pretty smart. Better than doing nothing but avoiding people which he did way too much! His social game was terrible and that is what mostly got him in his bad position. He never should have made deals with Alex Jason etc! That cost him his game! Still do not understand why he did it except as backup plan. Was not needed as they had the numbers anyway.

  5. Put a fork in Cody. He’s done. He made the dumbest move in BB history, by putting up his own alliance member. It is almost impossible for him to win. So just get rid of him. If he comes back, it will be impossible for him to win. He has a 0.00000000000000000001% chance of winning. Not quite impossible. But hell would have to completely freeze over first.

    • Cody was absolutely correct to nom Paul, and totally stupid to nom Christmas. Why? Paul nearly won his season, I recall he RAN the house, – nevermind Calafiore, who wanted to BE Paul. As a returning popular housegues, Paul has groupies in the house that want to share his fame and be his friend. Cody easily could have made the argument to most of his his alliance members, enough to sway the vote anyway, that Paul needed to go. Cody royally screwed-up by nominating Christmas, as he had no real basis to attempt convincing the house that Christmas needed to leave so soon. Christmas and Paul, both pretty people and both popular, Christmas’ ability to win as-of-then, and now, unproven. Paul, on the other hand, the biggest threat in the game, for the reasons mentioned and many many more, should be voted out immediately, and, just by being there, goes against my feeling that no houseguests from previous seasons should ever return to compete. Cody was right to nom Paul, and blew it by nominating Christmas. Paul a case that might have been made, but at all obvious with Christmas.

      • Agreed never should have nominated Christmas. He went after Paul too soon but no one knew about the 3 weeks of safety thing except Paul. The deck was stacked in Paul’s favor! Just look at the HOH comp Paul won. 5 people were helping him win! You learn almost nothing but obvious stuff watching the 3 shows on CBS! I also agree no returning house guests or family members or ringers just regular fans should be allowed to play!

      • Paul is good overall I remember he won a couple of comps last season saving himself so many times, i was rooting for him to win last year coz I didnt think Nicole deserved it.

  6. Question is: Will Christmas even remember any of this post surgery? No for real, I don’t think she will.

      • There’s a small part of me that thinks Christmas isn’t coming back at all. And honestly I’m okay with that. I like Christmas at 100% not wounded. We will see her again on BB21

    • Not even that. She won’t be in the house to even raise these bullet points with anyone. He really is a moron.

      • Cody isn’t making these points to try and save himself — he knows he is leaving on Thursday. He is doing this primarily to strengthen Jessica’s spot in the game after he leaves. Jessica and Christmas have already agreed to try to be nicer to one another. This conversation just supports that.

  7. Not sure what he thought he would gain with this little tete tete. Christmas is out of the house for at least 2 days, if not permanently. Should have thought about it sooner fruit loop dingus

    • That little pea brain of his couldn’t work fast enough lol. I highly doubt Xmas is coming back, I just don’t see it. I shattered my heel about 10 years ago, they went in and put a plate and about 10 screws in (don’t know if this is worse or better than what she’s going through) but the absolute last place I’d want to be after that kind of surgery is in the BB house with a bunch of idiots! She should go home, heal properly and come back and kill it next year.. you know BB would love to bring her back.

      • Hey chica, been missing ya.
        I don’t think she will come back either. Sorry about your heel, that sounds like a whole lot of pain and major rehabbing. I just don’t see how BB/Christmas can even entertain such a notion, it doesn’t seem the least bit realistic, not from where I’m sitting.😗

      • Missed ya too mi amor! And yes girl it was hell to recover from that.. oh well, just another battle scar from being young, dumb and drunk haha!! But yeah I get Xmas being a fierce competitor and all but realistically, she’s a huge liability not only to BB but to her own recovery.

        Anyways, I haven’t really kept up on here the last few days, is Rams still the next target or have things changed that much already?

      • He’s kind of the target. I think there are a handful of roaming targets at this point, depending on which group/person you talk to. Whistledick, Rams, Messica, and Josh seem to be the names floating around.

      • I agree, I think she is good for some amazing drama. Unfortunately the one she was most pissed at has left the house, Christmas. But I don’t think that will keep her down.

      • LOL This isn’t a reply to your gif but I was struck by how much this girl looks like Messica. I wonder if the star crossed lovers will be able to translate their BB love into real love outside the house. Dumb bish doesn’t seem to realize she will become his property at some point if they stay together. He isn’t an equal opportunity kind of guy, in any kind of way, would be my guess. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/4e7a26fa441253317c599ca50a3ff2aed2384900a2db5cbe4ebdca54a1cb94d8.jpg

      • Holy sh*t! That literally looks exactly like Messy Jessie! And yes you are completely right… these idiots will never make it in the real world.

      • Cody already told her that their relationship was just in the house and would not translate to the real world. He has no interest in living in LA, or even visiting. He did say he’d give her one week after the show. Gotta appreciate his honesty.

      • When did he say that? Did not see this conversation. Must have been in the past few days. Glad he told her truth though!

      • It all depends on what producers will allow! Christmas if you watch the feeds was concerned about being forced to leave because of her injury! She has warriors mentality and did not want to quit! She will fight as long as they allow her! She will be injured for 3-6 months. I think she should come back next year! I hope the best for her as she is my favorite! It will be interesting what the producers decide!

      • I know, a sudden lapse in judgement. LOL :)

  8. I do remember Cody telling Mark that Paul was his target and Mark nearly had a heart attack.

  9. I hope Christmas does not come back into the house, she doesn’t deserve it… in the past, if you got injured you were out! What they did to Jillian was not right at all! I think Cody has a little PTSD. Just how he reacted after he did the nomination last week…

    • How does she not deserve it? “What they did to Jillian”? You mean eviction? Like they do every week?

      • Yes, the eviction, they should of sent Christmas home automatically, she injured vs someone that is not injured.

    • They didn’t do anything to Jillian. She was bland and didn’t fight to keep her spot. That is what happens in BB. Good riddance to a boring player.

    • Glad Jillian went! She was boring! She was just another vote for the outsiders at best. Did not like her conversation with Alex about Christmas for starters! They were bad mouthing Christmas and the other girls in the house! Some of it was true but they were mean and Christmas was nice to them even though they were on opposite sides! I don’t like fake girls! It would be interesting how Alex will be if and when she wins HOH? Since she lost 2 allies already she probably won’t be too bad.

  10. If Christmas comes back I think she might believe it just because she is going to have a long time to think about it. All that time is going to do is re enforce everything Cody plant in her head. I think he planned that talk perfectly and I am going to have to say I may have underestimated him.

  11. Well it seems that the HGs are certainly accident prone…Raven fell on the stairs leading to the HOH room and cut her foot ..kinda bad so Jokers is saying…

  12. I wish Cody had been like he has been for the past couple of days. He sure flew over lightning fast to help Raven. He’s actually been fun to watch instead the nausea he created last week…

  13. O my goodness. I just read that article. Cody you little devil you! Lol but that’s how you play big brother. Don’t just crawl in a whole and die, idc how much damage you’ve done. Like i said several times I dont mind a villian, they make the show. I just wanted one who can talk and not pout like a child and go mute. Ppl were saying he made good feeds but I didnt see anything good. Just cussing to jessica and looking like a psycho. But if comes back and team up with Paul, everyone just pack up and go home now. Lol it’s over! This move aint bad Cody’s doing! Why didn’t he start last week??

  14. Christmas will have to win some comps and make some moves in order to stay in this game. Whether she believes Cody or not won’t make much of a difference since she needs to target everyone if she wants to win. Whom she will choose to align with will determine how far she will go and getting rid of Dominique and Jessica will be fine. Cody coming back may be a sure thing since the HGs voted out so far are weak. They should send out someone that may be able to beat Cody next week. I wonder if Cody will allow Jessica to win TBB by throwing it to her.

    • No the plan is for Cody to come back as Jessica will give it to Cody although no one will beat him if they have Battle Back contest!

  15. Christmas is gunning for Paul but will have to heal, which probably means her injury, sad as it had to happen, will benefit her. She is smart, really smart!

  16. Ok, Correct me if I am wrong, but Cody had no idea that Paul had the power to not be nominated. Then he Insta-Nominated Christmas as a replacement to Paul. So how can he say Mark & Dominique were in his ear saying Christmas had to go and be the renom? Nobody knew Cody would have to do a renom for Paul. Cody is telling a BS story…….

    • Hey CJ, Cheryl here, yeah Cody liiiiied, he is grasping at straws, anything to get out of the mess the has put himself in.

  17. I love this show soooooo much, this is one of the best cast of house mates EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. The houseguest are really being dumb in that they are listening to Paul. He is so fake and the others are setting him up to win this year. I think he was sent back in to win and if CBS did this I’ll always believe they are cheating for him.

      • I’m so tired of seeing Paul run the house and I don’t understand why everybody is afraid of him. Couldn’t stand him last year and can’t stand him this year. I just wish Ramses would have won veto. Hoping Cody comes back since he really wants to compete. Can’t anybody give him a break? Paul is such a spoiled rich kid, who already knows how to play.Kevin is also a snake! Hoping it will be Alex and Cody at the end!

  19. Cody is an asshole,he always has a nasty look in his puss,he thinks he’s hot shit,he’s a scumbag,he’s a liar,and a backstabber,i hope to God he is sent packing.paul is honest,but Cody is just disgusting,the way he looks at and ignores people and his guessing game on who flipped is so stupid so right away he picks on Josh if he did that to me on TV regardless i would give him a few missing spaces in his smile,i would not put up with his non sense

    • Hey dave, Cheryl here, I hope you meant to type, you “wouldn’t” put up with his nonsense..lol, but I do hear where your’re coming from. Welcome to the Cody really really sucks club….Peace

  20. Well of course, Cody wants to work with them. After treating his team like that, he would have no other choice. And thank goodness everyone is starting to suspect Kevin. What took so long?

    • Paul thinks he’s a dictator. BB set it up so Cody would lose and Paul would win. I hope somebody has the balls to put up Paul, can’t wait till he’s gone.

      • I think they both have somewhat of a dictator style, Paul’s social game is what draws people to him. If anything Cody is more of a typical dictator, for example, creating teams yet not consulting your team members when making moves. And then saying Josh was making victim noises, but I think Cody and Jessica were doing that as well. I really hope Alex wins though.

      • Cody could have been good in this game, yet he has a “dictator style”: by not talking to his team members before making decisions like that. Paul is a dictator too, but he does know how to talk to people. Plus he doesn’t have to push too hard to make people go with his plans either. Cody doesn’t even tell people his plans. It’s almost like he was trying to get voted out. He went too hard too fast. Nothing BB or Paul could’ve done would’ve made Cody shoot himself in foot any quicker. He did it to himself, he even admitted it and told Jessica of his regret.

  21. Can’t stand Cody and Jessica. Glad he is going and I hope she follows and they ride off into the sunset slobbering all over each other. With Cody gone, Jessica is going to pull the crying game and try to get everyone’s sympathy. She already tried to work Paul, going into the HOH room and asking him, “what can I do to help my game”. Paul’s face and comments after she left were too funny. He knows how to read these people. Paul is honest that he is playing a game and that as soon as his protection is up, he will be a target. I’m Team Paul all the way!!!

  22. I think the interesting thing is, Cody didn’t have time to talk to anyone about after Paul’s safety was announced. He just said ” Christmas, you got screwed, get up here” It was ENTIRELY his decision, no one else. I hope Christmas realizes that.

  23. Paul is good for TV ratings, but he needs to go. Let the rest of them figure it out. Josh is a cry baby…also needs to go. Ramses will hang around for a few more weeks and the network will want to keep the “eye candy” as long as possible.

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