Big Brother OTT Casting: Apply Online For 2016 Season

CBS is now casting for its Fall 2016 season of Big Brother Over The Top. The additional entry in to the Big Brother cycle will begin shortly after the end of BB18 which means it’s time to get your application in and under review by the casting team!

Big Brother 18 host Julie Chen outside the house

Hopefuls who want to be a Houseguest in the BBOTT cast can begin submitting their online applications and videos through the official casting site. A deadline has not yet been set but with the new series expected in less than two months you can imagine there isn’t much time to waste.

The official casting site suggests there will not be any open call events for the fall season, but every uploaded application and video will be reviewed:

Big Brother is currently only accepting online applications. Casting Producers will be watching every submission that is uploaded.

Typically we’ve had thirty or so open call events, but as we’ve seen in recent seasons so many Houseguests have been recruited that perhaps Big Brother production isn’t seeing the same need for crisscrossing the country. Not to mention the short timeline won’t allow for too much of that.

Now as for who is doing the casting, we don’t know for certain but so far Kassting Inc. has not mentioned any involvement. Instead there are rumors that the team who helms casting for CBS’s The Amazing Race may be in charge this time around. Robyn Kass could be busy doing BBCAN5 casting or maybe CBS is ready for a fresh take on Big Brother Houseguests. I’m pretty excited about that aspect.

Do you think you will apply for Big Brother 19? A new season in the fall could introduce a lot of changes and we’ll need a solid cast to make this great. If you’ve got what it takes then I hope you’re applying and maybe we’ll get to watch you on the Live Feeds in just a few months!

As per regular seasons, you must be 21 years of age and a U.S. citizen to apply. Any applicants who garner interest from the casting team will be contacted, but be sure to keep that sort of happy news quiet if you do or you could be cut as a result of revealing too much information.

Best of luck to everyone who applies.


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  1. Nope, not doing it. I’ve applied for the show four times now. Only to be ignored all four times. They’ve made it very clear, they would rather have idiots like Corey, and the Nolan twins, instead of me. So I’m done wasting my time.

    • Same here… 5 times for me and even went for this one. I’m too old and not hunk enough. :(

  2. This is off topic but what’s with the Care Packages? The voting for the next one ends Friday, AFTER the next eviction. It makes it hard to vote because we have no idea who will need the help next week. And if the winner is evicted Thursday, it sort of defeats the purpose of a lot of votes.

    I guess we should wait until the last day to vote now.

  3. My kids are too young. I wanted to do it when I was in my 20s. With my attitude I probably would have lasted the first week only. I’m not a good behind kisser.

  4. They should do an all over 30 BB season. Love to see how more mature people would handle the game, tired of the whiny, high school foul-mouthed children.

  5. Alright Big Brother, it’s time to have an diverse cast for season 19. Let’s include diversity in all age and race. Many people watch this show. Not just young white people.

  6. Sorry for my long rant, and kudos to those who read. :-)

    I’m an hardcore avid fan of Big Brother (US & CAN), been watching the show since I was 9 years old (now almost 26) haven’t missed a season yet (I’ve stopped watching a few (BB16 & BB17 for those wondering lol). Battle of the Black ruined BB for me, so I am thrilled BB18 has yet to utter those words and it’s been a better season than the previous two (IMO) although it’s lacking good HG’s, my only rant for casting is….

    I really do not care about age, gender or race, they can be all in their 20’s or all in their’s 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or higher. Frick have a teens season for all I care Don’t care if your male or female, black, white, gay, straight, trans, or whatever you may be, when it comes to Big Brother and STRICTLY Big Brother…….All I care about, is houseguests playing the game! It’s been a few seasons since more than a few HG’s actually play the game, while the rest, treat it as a vacation home.

    Of course this all just in my own opinion,

    In BB16 we only had Derrick play the game and it was predicable from the start he would make to the end, I wish someone else in the BB16 house had recognized that, but oh well, Derrick won and he did a great job (although it wasn’t really a competition for him IMO). I stopped watching BB16 after Caleb’s eviction ( I was rooting for the guy when most weren’t, he was a comp beast, and I think he’s super hot (IMO) lol).

    In BB17 we had a great promising twist (again IMO), the BBTakeover where each week a celeb or w/e would throw a twist, First we had amazing race players enter the game (I rooted for Jeff, and stopped watching the season after his eviction, more on that in a minute) I giddied like a gay boy when Kathy Griffin announced the “Power of the Last Laugh”, although it didn’t save Da’Vonne, lol then we had that football dude Rob, with no twists, just parties & luxuries for the week then, the BBTakeover suddenly ended no announcement to the HG’s or us just a small little info from Julie saying there was enough going on in the game… umm OK. lol

    the biggest issue with BB17 I had, was the way the Twin Twist was handled (side note, BB5 one of my top fav seasons because of the twin twist and the secrecy the twins did to ensure no one knew till both joined the house together.. too bad they played a crap game lol), so when BB17 announced it was back I was excited, I rooted for Julia & Liz, (not to win the game, but to keep it a secret till both can join), but no, somehow they were allowed to openly admit the secret when confronted about, unlike BB5, where Adria was told to deny deny deny or Natalie would NOT join the game, that should have applied to the Nolan twins in BB17, but that didn’t happen and it ended up not being a twist. Oh well, the season is over and I still have yet to watch past Jeff’s eviction.

    Thankfully BBCAN4 came around and to me was one of the best seasons of Big Brother I’ve seen worldwide. Nick & Phil the brothers, love the fact they were the opening night twist and then won the game.

    So far BB18 is good, not the best, but far far better than BB16 & BB17 combined.

    That’s one thing casting needs to find in these houseguests. Is a group of players who will play the game, doesn’t matter who you are just PLAY THE GAME. I can only hope right?! :-)

    Again, sorry for the long rant, just a passionate BB fan. :-)

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