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Big Brother 19 Cast: What Houseguests Do You Want? Vets Or Newbies? [POLL]

Few details have yet to emerge for the Big Brother 19 cast as we wait for the Houseguests reveal later this month aside from painfully obvious fake lists of alleged spoilers bait that certain outlets can’t stop themselves from sharing. Thankfully the community here knows better.

So instead we wait patiently for official word from CBS as to their plans to release the names of just who will be entering the BB19 house. But while we wait, I wanted to know who you hope to see gathered at the FOTH on move-in night during the Big Brother 19 premiere.

Update: CBS has just announced that we’ll meet the BB19 cast on Monday, June 19th! All the details here.

Our most conventional options are going to be all new Houseguests, a full set of returning Vets, or somewhere between the two with a mix of the groups. There’s a chance things could be a twist on newbies by having a celeb version, which I highly doubt, or a set of all new HGs but including some familiar reality TV faces like we got with BB17. Speaking of recent seasons, let’s look again and what they’ve done in the last few summers for the Big Brother cast.

In the past six seasons we’ve had half of them end up featuring returning players (BB18, BB14, & BB13). And if you count BBOTT then it’s four of the past seven seasons featuring at least one Vet. Production clearly doesn’t have an issue with doing back to back seasons of retreads so anything is possible this year. But what do you want to see revealed in the coming weeks?

Cast your vote now in our poll and share your thoughts below. All new, all Vets, somewhere in between, or you’ll gladly take whatever they throw at us. Tell me!

And for a good laugh, here’s an old montage clip from my talks with the BB14 HGs as many of them protested the idea of returning players. “Thank God that was last season…” HAH! Oh well.

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