Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

We have the latest spoilers and results for who was voted out last night on Big Brother 18 as the HGs prepare to head inside the Diary Room before expecting to compete for Head of Household in what could be another pivotal week for these Big Brother Houseguests.

Big Brother 18 Nominees in Week 4

By the end of the night we were set up for Friday’s special Big Brother episode (8/7c) featuring the Battle Back twist that would send one of the first five evictees back in to the game following four rounds of competition. Of course that’s Friday’s fun and we’ve already got plenty to keep us busy so let’s get to our Big Brother eviction show.

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We’ve got Da’Vonne as the new addition to the Block along with Natalie and Tiffany, this week’s main target. Try as Tiffany did this week, and boy did Frank try even harder on her behalf, it looks like her game is about to slip away from her. Well, unless she wins her way back in which would give us lots of drama!

Frank was still working hard to lock down some votes and support before the Feeds cut tonight, but things didn’t look good and I do think we’ll see Tiffany voted out by a strong majority. Once that’s over the HGs will head out to see what must be a massive competition considering the backyard has been locked down for two days already!

Speaking of the Feeds, those are down until Friday night after the Battle Back show so settle in for a lot of waiting and plenty of ridiculous, fake rumors to spread. We’ll keep you up to date though on any real, factual updates though.

Big Brother 18 Week 4 Votes:

  • Michelle votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Tiffany
  • James votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Nicole votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Frank votes to evict: Tiffany
  • That’s enough votes.
  • Corey votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Bridgette votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Paul votes to evict: Tiffany

By a vote of 8-0, Tiffany Rousso has been evicted from Big Brother.

Julie just announced that while the HGs have all been playing in teams and with the Roadkill comp, that’s “all about to change.” Maybe it’s all over! Yes! Julie Chen confirms the twist is over. Not only the teams though. Julie also reveals Roadkill is over and gone. We’re back to two noms a week.

Big Brother 18 Week 5 HoH comp:

  • No HoH comp tonight! It’ll be held off until after Battle Back. All the results on Sunday!

Lots of big events coming up this weekend with the Battle Back, HoH, noms, Roadkill results, and Veto comp so before to check back in with us over the next few days for more spoilers as we go.

Normally, when tonight’s episode ends we’d be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch tonight’s eviction & HoH fallout, but remember the Feeds will be down until Friday 9PM PT. We’ll be ready to watch when they return and so should you! Join us on there with the Live FeedsFree Trial & see what the fuss is all about.


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    • I’m really anxious to see how this HoH comp turns out. Hopefully it’s as extravagant as HGs are anticipating after all that building. Though some of it must have something to do w/ the Battle.

      • I read the feeds are down until after the friday show. My guess, the 4th battle might be played in front of the HGs and the returning HG will join right away. What I wonder is if they will show the HGs the first 3 battles (like we will see). Second question is will that be before or after HoH comp.

      • They likely won’t let the house watch the competition, or even let them know what’s going on until that winner walks back through the door and says, “I’m back!”

      • That would be nice that way Tiff does not have to listen to The Da spewing crap.

      • Another “high hard one” for you folks that spend your hard earned money on the live feeds!

      • My guess is that the houseguest will get to see Tiffany battle whoever won the other battles. Usually they watch a comp that brings someone back.

      • I think the HOH competition will be after the Battle Back to allow that person to compete with the rest of the house

      • Did anyone notice what Corey said about the box that the four returning vets came out of? My guess is the HOH comp won’t be until tomorrow night based on what Julie said that the returnee could be HOH.

      • Then I hope it’s like BB15 re-entry comp. “off the Wall” Where the HG’s and the four evictees will compete for HoH…that was awesome.

  1. We have bad weather here. I just hope they don’t have to keep breaking into BB like they are now.

  2. Boy, Natalie will find she has to wait one more week again before she can move to the jury house.

  3. Please let Tiffany be evicted tonight. Then let Jozea win the BB. Then Day goes, followed by Frank, Nicole, Bridgitte and Natalie. That’s right, Zakiyah and Michelle against Corey, Jozea, James, Paulie and Paul. Then Zakiyah and Paul get picked off so everyone is pretty much alone in the F5.

    • Josea is a f’n idiot!! He comes back, he will without a doubt be quick to go, cause the idiot don’t know when to shut his f’n mouth, and pretty much everybody dislikes his arrogant, ignorant self.

    • I keep going back and forth with that one, as of now I think she does.

    • I just stated earlier that I can’t shake off the feeling that she’s only using him. He always looks insecure around her. Like he knows deep down inside that he’s being used. I hope I’m wrong.

      • I get that same vibe from watching them… I’m also wondering if Nat is one of those types that has to have a man giving her attention to feel ok about herself and that’s why she’s messing with James?

      • I think your guess about Nat’s desire for attention could be accurate, but I don’t believe at all that she’s messing with James. She truly has feelings for him, they share a very similar attitude of being kind to others and looking at the world through a positive filter. It’s actually pretty refreshing to watch.

      • I don’t believe she’s messing with him either I just wonder if she settled on him as a last resort type choice?

      • She definitely seems that type. She is constantly fishing for compliments. Desperately ! She has asked James multiple times what he thinks about her thighs. Asking if they’re thick or thin. Very hard to watch. That’s just one example of many. I’m not trying to be mean. Because I know insecurity can suck. But it’s just hard to watch.

      • I agree… Watching how she is makes me feel sorry for her because she is a very pretty girl but unfortunately she doesn’t have much self confidence and her self esteem seems to be very low.

    • One word answer, yes she does. But, I wouldn’t be at all shocked if their romantic relationship ends shortly after BB18. Like many past showmances.

      I’m just going to enjoy watching the two of them while they are together in the house, they make a cute couple.

    • She keeps bringing up about “America knows how I feel” which tells me she’s trying to play us. I agree I don’t think it will last outside the house. I think she likes him def for friend and likes him but is not serious about Him long term. Hope I’m wrong but she seems to be very conscious about what America thinks about her. Idk

  4. Having Natalie fall for me is just one part of Phase 2 of my world domination plan. HAHAHAHA!

  5. Don’t I wanna see these two cocky-tards (Pauley Corey) on the block..Come on Frank win HoH and put their a*s on the hot seat TONIGHT!. lol

      • To be fair, the same can be said with the people who kept Tiff last week, undermining Frank.

    • Seems like he’s the only that keeps it very present in mind that this is a game, not summer camp and thatvthere’s actually a hefty monetary prize at the end of it all.

    • Yes, he’s the best of the group. But that honestly isn’t saying much. It’s really too bad he let himself get the better of him…he didn’t have to be such an asss.

      He’s a like-able guy when he’s not demeaning others and could would have run deep in the game. He’s definitely on the wrong side now.

  6. Frank is quite a convincing talker but he can’t convince Paulie. But he doesn’t even have to.

  7. How many buses are there inside the BB storage room that housemates can easily just take out and throw someone under?

  8. I don’t understand why I would want Tiff to stay????? who would want to talk game with her???

      • Day has a bad attitude. And a big mouth. She threw her entire alliance under the bus.

      • Boom, how many was she in? The fatal 5, the bigger one with the 8 people, I can’t remember the name. Was she in any other ones?

      • Tif’s alliance turned on her first, I don’t blame her for blowing them up.

      • You don’t remember early when she was supposed to lose the spell a word comp and decided in was in her best interest to try to win and blow off her alliance?

      • I don’t blame Tiff for trying to win that one as I would’ve done the same if I were on the block.
        Just remembered – that’s the reason Day hates Tiff since Tiff’s word had one more word than Day’s.

      • Her mouth is threatening?…..from what I see, she has no influence in the house.

      • That’s true…she has no allies, if you think about it and she’s busted…but there are bigger fish to fry.

    • One good reason is she is going to break up the alliances and create drama. For that reason, I hope she makes it back and wins HOH!

    • Because they’re none-to-bright contestants who want to further their careers.

  9. Production probably had wished Paulie and Tiff worked together…looks like it’s not gonna happen.

  10. Why would he take Cody’s advice? He took Derrick to the final knowing he would lose.

  11. Hi all. I’m late and very much behind today, so I have no idea what’s gonna happen.

    • Paul kept cutting and cutting. Z looked like she was going to cry during the process.

      • I wish I could’ve seen her!! I was reading Jokers and I think they had her saying something like “my opinion doesn’t matter” right? It’s hilarious watching how jealous, controlling and possessive she is with him, like chill girl! You’ve only known this dude how long??? AND y’all STILL haven’t kissed??? Lol! Come on!! I can’t stand her!

      • It was funny. I’m with you on her too. I liked her in the beginning but she’s nasty now. Especially when she’s with Michelle they’re both mean girls.

  12. I honestly hate every one on this season. Nobody thinks for themselves anymore

  13. Da’, you’re a mean girl…you are a mean are a mean girrrl, you are a mean girrll.

  14. Da really know how to teach her daughter how to act. I have NO respect for that witch.

  15. as I said above they kept Davonne cause they needed somebody to vote out next week…they did not keep her cause they liked her…

      • They could have and in a lot of peoples opinion they should have…As for likeability I would take Tiffany any time over Davonne who is a rude hateful hurtful selfish vengeful lying sneak…u have ur opinion and I have mine…don’t knock my post and I won’t knock urs..

  16. PHUUKKKKKK!!! Why is da’vonne STILL in the house?! Regardless I still say for her to be so cocky in her lame “I beat you” song/dance she’s been exposed. Big dummy. She THINKS she’s won the battle but let’s see who’ll win the war. She’s a complete dumb ass if she thinks she’s safe. By tiffany leaving that just makes her the “tiffany” of the house. All her lies have been exposed & NOBODY not even james trusts her. That whole plot to tell james that all showmances need to go was just about the dumbest move I’ve seen…this season anyway. I’m sick of this knockoff tamar braxton wannabe & its past time they threw that trash out. I hope da’vonne leaves next. Then nicole. Then the cabbage patch or corey…then IDGAF who leaves next.

  17. I’m seriously upset they’re getting rid of RK! It was a great twist and without teams it should have been able to go on several more weeks IMO.

    • I enjoyed Roadkill too and from what I’ve noticed, it seemed to be really popular.

      • I really hopen they have something else in mind, not including the BattleBack…

      • Wasn’t Pandora’s Box supposed to make a return this season? Maybe it’ll introduce a new twist?

      • I’m having trouble remembering past Pandora’s Boxes….did they ever do anything really interesting or longterm?

      • BB11, not really. BB12, Matt got the Diamond POV and unleashed the second Saboteur (Brandon and Brittany got one, too, but it didn’t change up the game). BB13, Porsche won money for her and Kalia at the same time as sending the remaining HGs back to working in pairs, which saved Rachel and Jordan. BB14, Frank won money while Ian won the Golden Ball of Veto (later, Ian was stuck watching Rachel’s “advice” video on how to win the game while the other HGs received video messages from home).

  18. Thank goodness Da’vonne did not leave. Now she needs to try to win the HOH and the veto.
    I did not care for Da’vonne’s goodbye for Tiffany since she thought someone may come back and hopefully it won’t be Tiffany.
    Seeing Vanessa made me like Tiffany a little bit.

  19. Super creepy what Jozea stated about being everywhere. I think I might have to check under my bed and inside of my closet just in case! 0.0

  20. Hahaha @ the look on Michelle and Bridgettes faces when they were all told they aren’t on teams anymore!!! Scared girls. Hahaha

  21. I’m glad they got rid of teams but disapointed they got rid of roadkill, now its just normal with no twists.

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      • As a matter of fact it does. Hillary is homophobic and can not relate the poor and indigent people of this crumbling excuse of a nation. She can’t relate to Zakiyah and Davonne and their struggle as black females growing up in the United States. Look it up if you thinking I’m fibbing here. She will cut funding to schools and hospitals too. That’s going to hurt Danielle, Nicole and Tiff ::yuck:: finally do your research on the Clinton Foundation and see the problems that ugly bitch twat has caused over the years. Trump and Pence all day here and forever.

      • You think that’s funny?! If you are a woman, you should be PISSED that ANYONE would call another woman that word…whether you like her or not. “Mr. Jew” is a Troll who shows up every year to stir up sh*t. Isn’t that right, Isaiah? Go back under your bridge. No food for you up here.

      • Muh muh muh myyyyyy Sharonaaaaa! (Ok now that I’ve gotten that off my chest)…You can’t get pissed at anyone let alone someone you deem a troll otherwise the point of why they said it was fulfilled. So to answer your question…yes I thought it was funny. I laugh at bs not get angry by it.

      • True. I’m sorry…I forgot who that comment came from. Sorry. I can’t believe I let that guy get to me and took it out on you..I truly apologize and I hope you can forgive me.
        And btw, I always love a reference to that song!
        Again, please forgive me.

      • lol No worries. I didn’t digest the latter part of your comment as being for me.

      • Thanks! I’m ALWAYS telling people not to listen to that jerk, and I go and take what HE said out on you. Jeez…again, I can’t tell you enough how sorry I am and how stupid I feel. Thanks for accepting my apology. It’s much appreciated. Hope you have a great weekend!

      • SECURITY???? We have an unruly protestor in the house…Can we take a vote to get him removed?

  22. Gosh I’m so disappointed with tonight’s eviction. I don’t understand the vitriol the HGs seemed to have for Tiffany from the very beginning. Everyone claimed she was too emotional and wanted her out for fear of having their game blown up, yet most of the girls in that house have been emotional at some point. Nicole was crying because Corey wouldn’t look at her, Z cried over being homesick and losing a comp., Day cried from being spanked, Nat cried when she lost Bronte, Mich. cried because James rightfully called her mean. I mean come on! But they choose to focus on Tiffany and her emotions. They’re all hypocrites.

    But Paulie takes the cake, as he is obsessed with Vanessa and her gameplay. All he ever does is bring up how far she got in her season and how Tiff’s playing her sister’s game, but surprisingly no one has called him out for being a knockoff, and less attractive version, of his brother. Tiff doesn’t have half the skills Vannie did, and when Day finally gets evicted to the Jury house and attempts to sway them due to her bitterness, I’ll be siting here saying I told ya so! lol!

    • LOL, @being a knockoff, and less attractive version! They just played follow Paulie bcz if Paulie would have never wanted Tiff out or obsessed w/Van they wouldn’t have wanted her out either. Paulie is running the show and they are scared of him every last one except Frank!

      • Agreed. Paulie has way too much power in that house; I’m surprised he isn’t on more of the HGs radar. And it’s true, if he hadn’t wanted Tiff out so badly then she would still be here. I’m still hoping Tiff wins the Battle Back!

      • no ty….I’m not a fan of a show that stars a pompous racist bigot who aspires to be somebody…

      • How about a show that stars a pompous crooked liar who aspires to be somebody. Will that work better for you?

      • The choices this time are so surreal – I just can’t believe it’s come to this.

      • True. Bernie should run for the 3rd party candidate. His socialism game would work wonders here in America.

      • I just can’t with Hit-Lair-y Clinton…..I think it would be so funny to shake up Washington if Trump won! Lol! ;)

      • If u are referring to Hillary I don’t plan on watching her either…I didn’t come on this site to discuss the Presidential race….This site is to discuss BB and the players…Is there not a site that u and Mr Jew can go to voice ur opinions/dribble for President? Or have u both been banned from such sites? If u both are so all fired up about the presidential race why are u not at the convention or watching it on TV instead of annoying people on here with ur thoughts and opinions?

      • Well, you’re partially right. I got off on a tangent discussing reality shows in general, instead of just BB. Sorry.

      • Grace, don’t fret or say sorry. I’m not apologizing to this pesky and list soul of this inane insect. It’s a free country and I can say what the hell I want. He can’t handle the truth on here. Here’s my BB point since that’s what you want to hear. Jozea will win and fight to be the next HOH against bonehead Frank and Paulie. Nicole is a rat too that people aren’t addressing on here either. I smell discrimination by some of y’all on here but I’m not mentioning any names. Cops are the peacekeepers and the eyes of God! My prayers go out to the boys and girls in blue.

  23. Oh I recorded this and just got done watching it. A little behind you guys to say the least LOL. I was hoping Tiff would stay and now I hope that she comes back and not only come back but win the HOH to boot.

  24. Didn’t Julie say the returning HG MAY rise to power. What if whoever wins BB is automatic HOH. Now that would be a twist!!!

  25. Ban the NSA and the corrupt government agencies around the globe. Stop illegal immigration. Support Sarah Root’s cause. All Lives Matter! USA!

  26. Bb what happened to those days when u used to have all kinds of people in the house. From rich to poor to middle class to no class to punk rockers etc etc.
    This time u brought all the rich kids. Why??
    What happened to the variety. No wonder u going down the drain. U r acting like republicans now. Only rich gets to play. Eh?

    • It’s a conspiracy comrade. Allison G. is a discrimatory bigot. There’s no variety or rhyme or reason anymore. For shame CBS. I’m extremely disappointed in the system.

    • BB already has a Season 19 locked in for next summer, so not going down the drain that quickly.

      • Well this season for sure it looks like they are going down the drain. Will see what happens next time.
        I hope they don’t because I wait for bb every year. I hope they improve with their choice of picking new cast and make it fun and exciting to watch.

      • I read somewhere (correct me if I’m wrong, somebody!) only two of the HGs this season were applicants; all the rest are recruits. If that’s the case, Kassting is obviously looking for a certain “type” of HG, without too much variety.

      • I know! And his remark was total BS, and uncalled for! What was up with his stereotyping!?

    • When AG came on board that when everything went downhill with this show! I have watched every Season of BB, except BB17…It was totally unwatchable imvho. There were NO Twist whatsoever last Season!

      All the HG are the same every Season, at least they kind of stoped that this Season…The Showmance “used” to be the 1st one Evicted, NO MORE, Big Brother/AG loves to focus on the Showmances! After Jordan, Jeff, Rachael, & Brendan came to the Show.

    • BB article stated that they did start out with a variety/cross section but now tend to play up showmances so focus more on hot 20-somethings to encourage it. Don’t know if they think another Jeff/Jordan will come along or what.

    • What!? Way to stereotype Republicans! And how would you know any of them are rich!? You don’t, and most of them are not! Are you saying you are a hypocritical Liberal!? Stop!

      P.s. BIG Brother isn’t going down the drain….thanks for your BS!

  27. Bb what happened to those days when u used to have all kinds of people in the house. From rich to poor to middle class to no class to punk rockers etc etc.
    This time u brought all the rich kids. Why??
    What happened to the variety. No wonder u going down the drain. U r acting like republicans now. Only rich gets to play. Eh?

  28. Littlefly is an inflammatory racist. I read your posts on here and on other blogs and social media sites. You’re one of those people that uses a computer to say their true feelings and hide like a bitch. In the real world, your teeth would be knocked out of your rotten and filthy mouth for your stupid and horrific comments. You have the audacity to say to mock the Holocaust and hair weaves of minorities. You don’t know what my grandfather went through in Auschwitz and my black and Latino friends would light your ass up like a match to a cigarette. Watch your damn mouth.

  29. Matthew or Braden??? Could either of u please take control of the site and send a warning or better yet ban the poster who calls himself Mr. Jew?? His off the wall and no on topic views are getting to be very annoying…

    • They will, if they feel it’s out of hand. They’ve unfortunately had to do so in the past. For now, just ignore him.

    • If you click the little down arrow, on the top right of your post, you can report ‘inappropriate posts’. I have already done so on a couple of his remarks, and I am sure I am not alone.
      As Matthew has said in the past “Don’t feed the trolls.” So, my advice is just let him keep talking to himself till the ‘hall proctor’ gets here. :)

    • Flag him. Slide your mouse to the end of the first sentence of your post, you’ll see an icon pointing down. Click it…it’ll say ‘flag as inappropriate’ or ‘block user.’ Don’t get into an argument with him…it just feeds him. If you’re a woman (don’t know if you are) he may start calling you a t*** or a c***. So it’s important to nip it in the bud.

  30. you said “lots of big events coming up” like the roadkill results, but roadkill is gone. Just saying :) Thanks for the quick updates and hard work btw!

    • Can’t blame them for making a mistake like that, though, considering how much time and effort they put into this site.

  31. I am hoping Tiffaney gets back in the game! First person she’ll get out is Paulie followed by Nicole! That will be a great Big Brother serious!

  32. I want Tiffany to come back so badly. From her “dictator and cabbage patch kid” speech, to her “so scared he can’t keep his mouth shut” fight with Paulie… If she came back in the battle back, and even won HOH, she’ll likely be getting my vote for AFP LOL

  33. I heard via Jokers discussion that Jozea has won the Buy Back, & HOH for next week…Omg, & Yikes!!!!

  34. So how does the Battle Back work? Do they all need to battle 4 people, or can the last person literally win just one round? I kinda think it’ll be something like this, assuming Jozea (my picks) wins:

    Glenn vs Jozea: Jozea wins
    Jozea vs Victor: Victor wins
    Victor vs Bronte: Victor wins
    Victor vs Tiffany: Victor wins

    I think it would be stupid that Glen and Jozea would need to win 4 in row to get back in, but Tiffany would only need to win 1, lol. But I honestly feel like that’s what’s gonna happen. BUT, what I would like to see happen is an actual battle back:

    Glenn vs Jozea: Loss
    Glenn vs Victor: Loss
    Glenn vs Bronte: Win
    Glenn vs Tiffany: Loss

    Jozea vs Glenn: Win
    Jozea vs Victor: Loss
    Jozea vs Bronte: Win
    Jozea vs Tiffany: Win

    Victor vs Glenn: Win
    Victor vs Jozea: Win
    Victor vs Bronte: Win
    Victor vs Tiffany: Win

    Bronte vs Glenn: Loss
    Bronte vs Jozea: Loss
    Bronte vs Victor: Loss
    Bronte vs Tiffany: Loss

    Tiffany vs Glenn: Win
    Tiffany vs Jozea: Loss
    Tiffany vs Victor: Loss
    Tiffany vs Bronte: Win

    So whoever has the most wins, wins the Battle Back! So the final standings would look like this:

    Victor: 4-0
    Jozea: 3-1
    Tiffany 2-2
    Glenn: 1-3
    Bronte: 0-4


    Okay, I’m done, lol.

  35. So how does the Battle Back work? Do they all need to battle 4 people, or can the last person literally win just one round? I kinda think it’ll be something like this, assuming Victor (my picks) wins:

    Glenn vs Jozea: Jozea wins
    Jozea vs Victor: Victor wins
    Victor vs Bronte: Victor wins
    Victor vs Tiffany: Victor wins

    I think it would be stupid that Glen and Jozea would need to win 4 in row to get back in, but Tiffany would only need to win 1, lol. But I honestly feel like that’s what’s gonna happen. BUT, what I would like to see happen is an actual battle back:

    Glenn vs Jozea: Loss
    Glenn vs Victor: Loss
    Glenn vs Bronte: Win
    Glenn vs Tiffany: Loss

    Jozea vs Glenn: Win
    Jozea vs Victor: Loss
    Jozea vs Bronte: Win
    Jozea vs Tiffany: Win

    Victor vs Glenn: Win
    Victor vs Jozea: Win
    Victor vs Bronte: Win
    Victor vs Tiffany: Win

    Bronte vs Glenn: Loss
    Bronte vs Jozea: Loss
    Bronte vs Victor: Loss
    Bronte vs Tiffany: Loss

    Tiffany vs Glenn: Win
    Tiffany vs Jozea: Loss
    Tiffany vs Victor: Loss
    Tiffany vs Bronte: Win

    So whoever has the most wins, wins the Battle Back! So the final standings would look like this:

    Victor: 4-0
    Jozea: 3-1
    Tiffany 2-2
    Glenn: 1-3
    Bronte: 0-4


    Okay, I’m done, lol.

  36. Well hopefully Tiff wins Battle Back then HoH and she will put both Paulie and Day on the block with Z or Mich as backdoor nominees if needed.

      • Which is exactly why I find it appalling that people kept on saying that she was so much like Vanessa in a game-playing way.
        If that was the case, Tiff would’ve won comps left and right, she would’ve known how to manipulate people. She would’ve made it to the end.
        When most people see Tiffany, they see Vanessa. That’s really what’s haunted her and it’s a shame. She didn’t have a fair chance to play the game because most of the housemates (Da’Vonne being the catalyst) were suspicious of her from the first week. They were so scared that she was going to blow up their games, YET it was THEM who blew up each others’ games.
        She was always going to have to live up to her sister’s legacy, and she couldn’t do it. I know she’s going to be fine, but if I were her, that would be a bitter pill to swallow.
        I will for sure miss seeing her and I hope she does well.

  37. They did not keep Da’vonne because they were suspicious that someone would be coming back. They’ve been speculating all week that if they evicted Da’vonne she would be much more of a threat than Tiff. They plan on getting rid of her next week, but you know what they say about the best laid plans.

  38. Ole cocky Paulie looked real nervous on the couch, when Julie was talking about new twists.

    • He should be. He isn’t safe now when Frank wins HoH. And if he wants Frank out, he has no excuse to not put him up himself.

  39. I didn’t like Victor, but if he goes after Paulie like he says he will, then that would be great!

  40. Anybody knows anything about the “secret room” in the house? Twist maybe. RHAP Podcast are talking about it and they have no idea.

    • Read article on FB today aboutbeind the scenes and the secret rooms where staff holes up to transcribe everything every Hg says.

      Did you hear Paul at the end tonight say he wanted to know what’s in “that box” and some one said they think someone is coming back thru that box.
      It was while Julie was eavesdropping as the music played them out.

  41. Hated Da’sh/b message to Tiff. Wth?
    If Tiff had come at her first and she survived- sure, shimmy those shoulders cuz you showed her.
    But Da started the mess with Tiff so why you acting so mean like it’s cute. She didn’t do anything to you til you got busted. Ugh.

    Now I want Tiff back and she can take out Da now. No sympathy.

    • I do too!
      DA has been annoying me! But now I dislike her even more after her little “Rhyme/shoulder shrug BS!”

    • Da didn’t win anything either like she said to Tiff in her goodbye message, she was spared by the other morons!

    • “acting so mean like it’s cute” … so disappointing. Once again, Da contradicts herself and denies her daughter a good role model.

    • To me, Da and Nat are equally annoying with their fake hair … maybe if they spent as much time thinking strategy as they do tending to their stupid hair, they might be worth something in this game. It’s like they brought a pet with them — brushing, brushing, brushing, stroking, stroking, stroking. Just stop. Be you, not your hair.

  42. If nothing else Matt and Brandon will get a much need break. I hope you gentlemen get some rest and throw in some fun. Thank you for all that you guys do..

  43. Bronte going on about finding out who switched the target to her… lmao. You’re not that important sweet heart. noone wanted you gone they just wanted to piss Frank off. She acted like they finally realized she was a threat and struck!

    • Yes me too, but I will miss Roadkill, I think it could’ve made things very interesting some weeks. There are usually 2 sides in the house, with smaller alliances within, Roadkill gave an opportunity to have 1 big target from each “side”, maybe not every week, but like this week it leaves viewer’s wondering who’s actually going to go this week,