Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Who Was Voted Out Last Night & Who Won HoH

It was another tense show for Big Brother 18 as we watched to see who was voted out last night when a blindside hit the house and HGs scrambled to take control with the next Head of Household comp.

Big Brother 18 Episode 11 - Live Eviction

It had been a bumpy few days and tonight should only get better as we’re expecting some great drama to keep us going through the live eviction show and beyond in to this week’s Feeds. Thursday night Feeds are some of my favorite of the week so you won’t want to miss them.

Ready to find out who was voted out and who took control next? Here is our live recap for Thursday with the latest BB18 results. You can download our Big Brother App, find us on Facebook & Twitter, and get our Email Updates so you never miss anymore Big Brother spoilers all summer.

Frank was expecting a landslide against Tiffany and it nearly was a 7-2 vote for her to leave, but not after Wednesday night’s vote flip efforts that could land us in nearly the opposite direction! We’re about to find out how this all goes with the Big Brother live eviction results.

I’m expecting either a 6-3 or 5-4 vote against Bronte so let’s see how close that comes to my earlier eviction prediction.

Big Brother 18 Week 3 Votes:

  • Frank votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Natalie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • James votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Michelle votes to evict: Bronte
  • Nicole votes to evict: Bronte
  • Zakiyah votes to evict: Bronte
  • Corey votes to evict: Bronte
  • Paulie votes to evict: Tiffany
  • Da’Vonne votes to evict: Bronte
  • That’s enough. She’s been evicted.

Bronte D’Acquisto has been evicted by a vote of 5-4.

Houseguests were shown a series of images on Wednesday night that they expect to see again in this competition. If that happens we should get a True/False comp to decide the new HoH. Time to find out who has the best memory!

Big Brother 18 Week 4 HoH comp:

  • Round 1: James, Paul, Zakiyah, Corey, & Natalie eliminated
  • Round 2: Everyone got it right
  • Round 3: Tiffany, Michelle, & Da’Vonne eliminated
  • Round 4: Nicole & Frank eliminated

Paulie wins HoH! All of Team Frank is safe: Frank, Bridgette, & Michelle all join him with safety this week.

Lots of big events coming up this weekend with the noms, Roadkill results, and Veto comp so before to check back in with us over the next few days for more spoilers as we go.

When tonight’s episode ends we’ll be racing back to the Big Brother Feeds to watch tonight’s eviction & HoH fallout! Join us on there with the Live FeedsFree Trial & see what the fuss is all about.


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  1. I am afraid if they evict frank next week he will come right back into the house. They need to wait one more week!

    • Frank cant be evicted next week He has amunity with the rest of his team so he will not be one of the 5 coming back

  2. I am afraid if they evict frank next week he will come right back into the house. They need to wait one more week!

  3. I am surprised CBS is going ahead with their regular programming. I’m not sure I feel like watching BB. Sure that would be a welcome distraction, but …….

    • I mean this in the most sensitive way. If tv channels cancel shows everytime we have a terrorist attack somewhere we would have a shows canceled at least once a week. Its sad but true, almost every week there is a shotting or something. We should pray for the victims families not cancel tv shows.

    • True…… very sad! Today has been a very sad day! Also Tonight in Calgary (Alberta a province over from me) a little girl who was only 5 years old and has been missing for 72 hours was also found murdered! She went missing after her mom was found murdered at her home on Monday! ?????????
      I was praying for a happy outcome! Breaks my heart! Thank God the loser that did it is in jail! But it doesn’t lessen the blow! ???????????????
      I cannot imagine what her father is going through right now.?????
      So much tragedy around the world! France, Canada, California! Today alone :-(
      When will it stop!! ????????

  4. While the optimist in me is still holding out hope that this WILL be a true blindside and no one will open their mouth, the cynic is me is saying the opposite. The cynic further states that these idiots can’t keep their mouths shut for five goddamn seconds and give us some entertainment.

    Hopefully, the optimist wins.

    But then again, look at the morons in the house this year. -_-

  5. hi yall. nothing has changed (again) has it? holding out for a phenomenal episode and BB week.

    • Make a decision based on what you think best and stick to it no matter what Paulie says

  6. i know its early in the game, but tiff has not performed to the fear factor level some are giving her credit for

  7. Okay, so this show likes to try and trick the TV-only audience into thinking who’s going to be evicted, only to then have the other HG leave. So far, we’re hearing the “Tiffany must go” arguments, but there’s still plenty of time to show what happened last night.

  8. Who is King Frank’s new target!!! Isn’t Frank suppose to be going home next!!! Nicole!!!

    • She always has been. I love the girl, but even I admit she’s not a liar, which is crucial to surviving the game.

      • She was trying so hard to minimize her involvement to anything. ..maybe a little room for denial…we’ll see how Frank reacts.

  9. Here’s last night’s conversation now. Guess production’s not too sure what the HGs are gonna do themselves.

    • The speeches only seem that way because the houseguests rehearse their speeches for the most part.

  10. I don’t like Tiffany, but looooved her speech. Frank is so embarrassed and his cabbage patch too. lol

    • Doesn’t beat Dan’s Funeral from BB14, but yeah, definitely one for the books.

  11. I didn’t care for Tiffany at first she reminded me of her sister too much but now I’m hoping she stays for entertainment value and maybe take down frank who is playing too hard too early

    • Pretending she is mad that Tiffany didn’t go so Frank won’t suspect her.

    • My guess is that she was pissed because it was 5 to 4 and not the 6 to 3 they were hoping for. She knows one of them threw a vote Tiffany vote out there.

      • No, they wanted 5-4 to mess with Frank. To keep him guessing on which one flipped. Michelle was just putting on an act in front of Frank. The plan went,…well….as planned!

      • Not as well as you think. Frank already knows it wasn’t Michelle who voted for Tiffany to leave. He may not be quite sure who did but he is pretty sure DAY, Michelle, Z and possibly Corey voted to evict Bronte.

      • Most of them shouldn’t have been there. They have no idea how big brother works let alone how it’s played! Many of them have never even watched the show!
        Production just doesn’t get what the viewers want sometimes!!

      • People have been saying that for about 3 years now. It’s always the “worst and dumbest houseguests” ever. And yet, here we are. Again.

      • Good one!
        Hahahaha… ya I’m here too & I guess I’m ok with it becuz I’m all over it when it’s about to be on! And I’m on the BB site & others just reading updates etc. Have the app lol & PVR. BBAD although the last few nights have been boring & im grateful that I’m able to fast forward. I can’t hear what anyone is saying 1/2 the time anyway! Lol I find out more info on these sites…. Lol
        I’m addicted I guess! Lol

    • Depends on how they run the comps. If they set them up fairly, she might. If they pick comps that are reliant on a HG being a certain body type, then probably not, unless the requirement is that said HG needs to be a petite female player.


  13. Frank and Brigitte’s face was hilarious. I see him winning this HOH. Hopefully not.
    Come on Da’vonne.

    • Me too! I feel like I’m in the minority on this one, but I actually really liked Bronte and was sad to see her go.

  14. Think Frank will pull off one of his “against all odds” type victories tonight?

  15. Not sorry to see Bronte go. I don’t dislike Tiffany as much as Vanessa. But again they missed a chance to get Tiffany out. And with Frank the next target, who knows how long she will stay.

    • You really can’t compare Frank to Beast Mode Cowboy….. Frank’s just such a jerk & full of himself & I doubt he’ll ever get on Survivor!! Plus Caleb was super cute! Short…. But cute!

      • I don’t think they were comparing Frank to beast mode cowboy. I think they were just saying in general let’s see if he “beasts” the comp like he always does. Yet another defensive Caleb fan lol

    • Sure but only for this week…. He will go soon! Everyone is gunning for him but I personally think production should’ve taken him out of the game last week!

  16. it’s gonna come down to rk and pov. will it be tiff, day, or frank. wait?? can rk nominate HOH team member??

  17. I’m happy Paulie won and I hope that he doesn’t chicken out. I hope Frank doesn’t win veto. If he is trying to play like Derrick, then he may not want to get his hands dirty. Please don’t put Da’vonne up.

    • If the plan is to get Frank out, why did Paulie win? He wants Frank out so he can be the new BB dictator. I think he thinks he knows how to play Derricks game, but he doesn’t know how to keep his mouth shut

      • Well, Derrick DID give him advice, according to what Paulie’s mentioned on the feeds, but watching Derrick’s game, hearing about Derrick’s game direct from the source, and playing Derrick’s game are all completely different things.

    • Even though they can’t see each other’s answers. I do think Frank threw this game since he knew it was Paulie and Nicole left. He thinks that they are both on his side.

      • Paulie is on his team and I think it was Michelle who also is on his team left either way he was safe with either winning it

  18. Dilemma – I like Paulie but now Frank is safe. Well, twists and turns are what BB is all about!

    • Not really. If Paulie decides to not put up whomever Frank wants, then the plan can still be on its way next week or eventually. The point is that Frank has a slim chance of winning BB.

  19. Lord!!!!!!!
    I forgot all about the team thing. I really don’t know who is on each team and completely forgot that Frank and Paulie are on the same team. This show is rigged.

      • Ignore it. It was only a matter of time before the conspiracy theories started flying. I’m actually surprised we got to Week 4 without hearing about them.

  20. lol Paulie wins Frank is safe its gonna be a good week Paulie knows who flipped by the way will he tell?

    • Perhaps not, she made it another week. It’s guaranteed that she’s not going anywhere for at least 7 days so…if that vote flip can happen to keep her in, anything could happen!

  21. Ahahahahahahaha! It went DOWN, as Day would say! I have frozen Bridgette and Frank’s reaction on my t.v. Wish I could show ya’ll it from my camera! I was on pins and needles there for a second! :-)

    • If Bronte knew 20 minutes before the vote how come her girl ‘Cabbage’ didn’t know & yap that to her bestie ‘daddy Frank?’
      Which is gross cuz they were cuddling the other night! And she’s like 19 & he’s like 40 or close to it!! She really could be his cabbage patch kid!

  22. Does anyone agree with me that this season is becoming boring power in the same team 3 weeks in a row my prediction for eviction is natalie this coming week then victor is the one who comes back in wasted bb season

    • if they really wanted to make things interesting, the whole winning team should sit out during his computer, and not just the hoh. I predicted this very thing would happen the way they do it. Since the same team is always hoh, they will always be safe, and therefore always have the most members, and therefore always have the greatest chance of winning hoh.

    • Yes I saw that on the tweets. Frank is so full of crap because his plan did not work and Tiff is still there.

  23. I’m starting to hate this team twist :( So who will be on the block this week? Day?, Nicole?, Natalie?, Anti-Johnny Mac… Sorry, Paul again? Tiffany?

    • Yeah I didnt care for it either. Michelle has been sitting all to pretty these last 3 weeks. She isn’t pulling her weight. Sjes hasn’t won a darn thing, but you she’s always safe thanks to her other team mates

  24. On the plus side, Frank will not be coming back into the house once they evict him.

  25. He’s pissed! Frank is trying to identify the voters, so every one is a suspect to him. He’s got a poker face when he talks to you. I could tell if he’s not buying it. lol

  26. Crap…another week Frank is safe! Darnit, Tiff..why? She studied soo hard on that too. Guess Frank wasn’t as flustered as they were hoping.

  27. Now that production is aware of Victor’s temper, I wonder if there will be a way of keeping him out? Wink wink

  28. Soooo can Frank be put up by someone else if they win the RK? Or no, they can’t nominate anyone on Frank’s team?

      • It is probably going to be a tag of war on who has the votes to evict. Was pretty close on the Bronte vote so, not far fetched that it will be the same this week. The question is who has the votes? Whoever wins Roadkill can remove one vote from the other side! I agree Tiffany, Davonne and maybe, Natalie could be the nominees!

      • Removing Natalie will weaken Bridgette for sure. But I think Frank will want Paulie to get Dayvonne out via the RK comp, which Frank assured he’d win! Geesh. Hate these inflated egos before it happens.

      • My guess is … Paul & Tiffany will go up again.
        I’d like to see someone win RK who would put up “Nat-Nat.”

      • Maybe Natalie even though they might not tell Frank. Or Paul but that’s going to depend on how he conducts himself.

    • Paulie, as HOH, has earned immunity for his whole team, which includes himself, Bridgette, Michelle, and UNFORTUNATELY FRANK. *Sigh* yay safe again -_-

      • Exactly, so that’s when Frank will be targeted…if he’s evicted, he’ll go to jury just as one of the first 5 evictees had gotten back in.

      • Actually he wouldn’t make it to jury. Whomever is evicted the week that the winner of the battle back comes back to the house will not make jury because that would make an even number of jury members. Whoever it is will have the misfortune of missing out on jury by one week and also not have had a chance to return via the battle back unless it is the battle back winner. Sucks but BB isn’t fair just like life lol.

    • he has the most people playing in every hoh with 3. So his team always has the best show at winning. And next week there will be 3 people playing yet again. Well really 2, since michelle can’t win anything to save her life.

    • That it was, but it also made her an even bigger target now too since she didn’t win the HoH!

    • That was awesome. Normally I don’t complain about the house guests’ voices, bodies or looks because they can’t help it but that Cabbage Patch reference tickled me.

    • Well so does nothing all week during the first book being a walking corpse. So she should at least be able to come up with something

  29. Frank will be running this HOH too!!! I bet you 1 million dollar Day and Tiffany will be on the block.

  30. Well, let’s look on the bright side. This upcoming eviction will make it evictee #5 heading into the Battle Back. There are currently 12 HGS. Once next week’s person walks out, that will make it 11. Then the Battle Back will make it 12 again, and unless there is a twist involving the number of jurors, that will mean the week after the Battle Back will be the final prejuror. Hopefully Frank can go that week. I’m trying to stay positive in what is an otherwise crappy situation. :)

  31. They’re having a meeting. Paulie is stressing out, but holding. Topic: Frank still BB’s Most wanted.

    • Frank cant be put up. They wasted an opportunity to get tiffany out. Now she will never be evicted. You haven’t seen tiffany in her super saiyan form yet.

      • When they voted out Bronte they didn’t know who the winner was going to be. But it was still a good move.
        I don’t know what a “saiyan form” is, but I bet you haven’t seen it either

      • Just shows that I am getting old. I made a joke about Lawrence Welk a couple of weeks ago .. The 3 younger people just looked at me with blank stares. I guess this is the same situation in reverse.

      • I’m old too, but I have children in their 20s and 30s that are still into that! LOLOL

      • It’s from dragon ball z. I a form of leveling up to a power that is unmatched. Saiyan usually hold back this power, and only go super saiyan when they really need to

      • You are kidding, right? Tiffany is nothing like her sister. For all her mental power, she sucked at the last veto comp and this photo thing which she said she would win since she has a photographic memory.

        Tiffany is not going to win, and she will likely go this week since she is an easy target while Frank is safe

      • pssst … I think he is just “mad” like in “one flew over the cockoo’s next”
        Hey Boys, Let’s Go Fishin’!

      • I’m pretty sure I hadn’t hit that button to enter a third dimension like the Twilight Zone…or did I? hahaha

    • Nicole is playing a stupid game, I am so disappointed in her. She is playing the “same” dumb game she played during her Season of BB.

      We all know that eventually you have to go after your Alliance, but Nicole declared that she wanted Day out in week 2, much to Corey’s surprise….And since then she has done nothing but throw Day under the Bus. & Stab her in the Back…Smdh!

  32. I know you followers are annoyed thank frank is safe. But im more annoyrd that michelle is safe. She has just been coasting for the past 3 weeks thanks to paulie and bridgette. She hasn’t won anything, and she went against her own team. Disgusting. She is the worst. She is a floater who has been safe for 3 weeks now all bc of her team that she doesnt even have loyalty to. She is the victoria of bb18

  33. To the 5 idiots who missed the perfect opportunity to vote out Tiffany. You blew it. Bug time. You think tiffany is not a threat? Well guess what. You havent seen tiffany in her full super saiyan form yet. She is a monster, just like her sister. You might think shes a cure little charmander, but soon she will become a charizard. And if you know anything about charmander, once it becomes charizard, it doesnt go back to being a charmander. Look it up if you dont know what im talking about. But thats tiffany in a nutshell. Its much easier to beat a charmander than a charizard.

    At least with bronte, you kow what you got. She was a mew and always going to be a mew.

      • as long ands frank has all 4 of the members (3 really since michelle can’t win anything to save her life) he was andsllllways have the greatest chance of being safe. Even I they throw it. It doesn’t always work out. Especially an hoh comp like this one. Like last year when steve tried throwing an a-b hoh, and become hoh.

      • But they didn’t get rid of Frank so what was the point of keeping Tiff?

  34. If I had a dollar for everytime Frank dodges a bullet, I’d be richer than Derrick.

    • catergory 4 is the only team with all 4 team members. Therefor they have 3 people playing in every hoh comp, giving them the best shot at winning.

      • Its really disgusting too. Bc cretins like Michelle walk around thinking they run the house. I cant till she gets her day of reconing. But it horrible bc awful people like michelle are going to make it into jury having done nothing but float by your team winning comps, and you winning nothing.

  35. This is why I wanted the HG’s to go ahead and pacify Frank for one more week…vote out Tiffany and he thinks everything’s golden! Now, Paulie wins HOH which means Frank is safe for this entire week AND Paulie voted for Tiffany to be evicted. Who do you think they are gonna target now that Frank knows the house flipped on the vote he expected? Well, if Tiffany had gone then Paulie would have probably put up Natalie and Paul. I don’t see that happening now. Now I see Paul putting up Corey and Da or Corey and Nicole, then try to BD Tiffany ~ but we’ll see…

    • That would be BEAUTIFUL but I think he’s going to coward out and nominate Paul and Natalie.

      • Seems like he is gunning for Tiffany, so he needs to put Da, Nicole, or Corey up with her to help ensure the votes this week to send her packing…

  36. Okay Michelle, I’m now rooting for you to take us to the finish line! You got this!

  37. Its okay that Frank is safe this week. I prefer him to be evicted after the Battle Back is done so he doesn’t have a chance to come back. I also know he isn’t going to win AFP either.

    • That’s actually a good logical point. Because if he wasn’t safe and were to be evicted this coming Thursday, I have no doubts that he would be the one coming back. Yeah, let him go the week after.

    • Right, not a chance at winning AFP this time….I’m still scratching my head thinking how he got voted on his season…. I can’t remember his play From back then… But ya…. Not this time!

  38. Does anyone remember when Day told Frank that Tiffany was coming after him when she really wasn’t at that time? Was it very early in the game?

      • OK..I just remember their arguments (Tiff&Frank) going back awhile I thought they may have started after Day lied to Frank about that.

  39. I cant wait till michelle gets her day of reconing. She is so stupid and dumb. Cant wait till she is voted out the house.

  40. So on feeds just now, Paulie Walnuts told James that the ONLY two people he cares about protecting in the house are James and Corey. Said fuggin James is his fuggin ‘boy’ with fuggin ‘strength and honor’. What a moron.

    • Agreed! Maybe the ability to save one of their players but that wouldn’t work out very good cuz the others would be pissed & maybe go after the late HOH???

  41. Paulie really feels all- powerful now…Had to turn off my feeds, tired of listening to him.

    • Exactly. Paulie is so boring and dumb. Frank is no great shakes at all but at least he has a sense of humor. Between the two it’s a race to the bottom.

    • Paulie is nothing but a derrick wannabe. He can take that califiore charm, and shove it.

      • California charm? LOLOL. Paulie is from New Jersey. Derrick is from Rhode Island!

      • Calafiore is Paulie’s last name, no one said he had California Charm. His brother Cody was in BB16 and came in second.

  42. I haven’t seen any big conspiracy theories posted yet this season (apologies if I’ve just missed them) but with Bronte being the only female out thus far, what’s the over/under on the challenge to get back in being mental instead of physical?

  43. So now that the dust has settled and I’ve had a chance to collect my thoughts, I’ve come to the realization that y’all probably already have: this is likely the WORST outcome for the ‘evict Frank’ HGs this week and it’s all down to this stupid team immunity thing.
    Frank will be on the weaker willed Paulie like white on rice who, while not as vacant as Bridgette, will nonetheless be influenced by Frank in his noms. Paulie or Nic will also let on at least some of the ‘evict Bronte’ vote flippers in a ‘give to get’ to forestall Frank’s wrath and stay safe with him if he wins HoH next week.
    Frank’s rage will drive him to be even more of a comp beast for both PoV and RK this week.
    Bottom line is at least one of Frank’s enemies is going home this week and he will win back at least a couple of the others thereby fragmenting his opposition.
    What could have been a courageous and brilliant masterstroke may now make Frank stronger than ever.
    Thanks stupid team immunity thing. I hate you.

      • I actually agree with you after seeing how gracious and sweet Bronte was with Julie.
        I can’t stand Tiff but supported the vote flip to amp things up significantly and to deal with Frank – well we’ll at least see things amp up significantly.

      • Yeah, that’s the main reason I could never do a show like bb. I don’t take loss graciously. I probably wouldve thrown and broken a few things on my way out.

    • I could not agree more. Brilliant post! The teqam immunity thing has gone on way too long and is ruining this season.

  44. Noooooo! Frank’s safe AGAIN! Why, Tiffany did you lose the HOH comp??!?!! I really hope Frank’s not in Paulie’s ear. Paulie doesn’t seem like the type of guy to let other people dictate his decisions, but I can still see him nominating Tiff, or if not that, backdooring her. I don’t want that to happen.
    If Tiff gets nominated, I really hope she can win that Veto!

      • What do you mean by your last sentence?
        I’m not that bothered by Michelle.
        However, I don’t think she’s utilizing her time well in there as of yet.
        She seemed very promising in the beginning, but hasn’t delivered.

      • She hasn’t won anything. Shes walking around the house like she owns it, bc she has always had this safety blanket of her team constantly winning hoh. She isn’t pulling her weight, and she is going againsther own team. And it’s her team who is keeping her safe. Floater confirmed.

      • A few other people haven’t won anything.
        A lot of people have gone against their own teams or alliances.
        Floating is a strategy, this game is not about who plays the perfect game, but who can win the half million. Whichever way you go to F2 and convince others to vote you to win.

      • I do agree with you about floating being a strategy, I just don’t feel that it’s a strategy that most people would willingly take unless they have no other choice.
        I just don’t believe Michelle has it in her to be constantly thinking 10 steps ahead. I don’t see her being an all-out strategist.

      • this season is different though. There are teams this season. Any other season, you make that argument. But michelles team has allowed her to float to safety for three weeks now. She hasn’t escaped the block 3 weeks in a row on her strategy. Shes gotten lucky to be on a winning team.

      • Yes and the teams ARE pure luck. They should have only lasted maybe TWO weeks at MOST. They are no longer even remotely fair. They are greatly unbalancing the game.

      • That’s what I have been saying, dude. Michelle has been safe week after week, by pure luck. She hasn’t done anything to pull her weight for the team. She was the first one in her team to fall off the rocket. She hasn’t won a single comp, whereas everyone else on her team have all won 2 at this point. And she is going against her team, even though they have given her this blanket of immunity for 3 weeks now.

      • Lol…really, why is Michelle gross? Lol! I think I get it, but I want to hear you say it.

      • I just find her to be a repugnant individual. And I’ve felt that way about her ever since before the season when I saw her repulsive fat shaming comments. As well as the inappropriate things she says, and asks. And I just don’t like her personality.

      • OK…thanks! I appreciate you taking the time to let me know. I totally get it. Fat shaming to me is beyond disgusting. I was overweight in High School and mean girls like her made my adolescence HELL.

      • Ha-ha-ha-ha!! Of course not! I just wanted to hear The’s explanation! I’ve been in a lot of pain lately, and things have been pretty freakin’ lousy—so I thought I’d get a HUGE laugh if The actually spelled it out for me! LOL!!! I’m just kidding. I think it’d make me feel worse. I can’t stomach her. At. All. At least she doesn’t pick her nose and eat it like Spencer did in Season 15. Do you remember that? *puking*

      • Thanks for the lovely picture. Sorry to read that you’ve been in so much pain. Noticed that you hadn’t been posting as much and i was wondering where you were. Everyone seems to complain about Bronte’s voice but Nicole’s is just as bad if not worse, especially when sh wines to Cody. He is going to ruin her game.

      • Sorry about that. Thanks for thinking about me. Hopefully things will get better soon. I feel like I’ve missed the whole season so far.
        I loved Nicole…but now she drives me nuts! All she does is whine-uhh! And not just to Corey-uhh! Are they REALLY in a showmance? See, that’s another thing about her that I can’t stand: she is stupid by getting involved with someone. I really thought she could win this year…really did. Not now. No way. Especially if she’s involved with Spooky Eyes.

      • Not sure if Corey and Nicole are in a showmance or not but she does seem to like him. I watch BBAD on and off but he seems to be talking end game with Paulie. They may eventually want to get girls out but I could be wrong. This game seems to change every day.

      • Oh bother! I hope they don’t get all the girls out…I watched some last night and it seems like I heard Paulie and Corey talking about that. I’d like to see a girl win–but who? NOT Da’ or Z. Or Michelle, Gnat or Nicole…maybe Tiffany? Never thought I’d say that. Maybe it’s the pain speaking! Lol. Heck, Maybe Jozea will win the battle and come back and win! Yippie!! OMG. Could you imagine if he came back? I’d die. I’d literally die.

      • Are you on pain meds…Jozea, really??? Lol. Watching BBAD really confuses me. Every time I watch someone new seems to be targeted. Would have been good to have an all girl alliance but these women don’t seem to want to play the game together.

      • Well, I don’t think you can necessarily blame her for floating. It’s not really her fault that she’s safe because others on her team win everything. I don’t think it’s just Michelle that isn’t pulling her weight…Zakiyah…

      • Yeah but Zak isn’t causing trouble. Michelle is. And michelle is getting too comfortable being safe every week, by having all the other members do all the hard work and win, while michelle can’t win a thing to save her life.

      • It’s still early… Plus another player is coming back to make it 12 again…. Early! Imo

      • Going against her team wouldn’t constitute a floater to me…. It’d be the other way wouldn’t you think?

      • Not winning anything, and coasting for 3 weeks on your team safety makes you a floater. Michelle hasn’t won a single comp, and everyone else in her team have already won 2.

      • There’s other players that haven’t won anything either…..James, Da, Zak, Nat, Paul, Tiff……Corey, (Nicole only won cuz her team lost so that wasn’t really a winning feat) Bronte didn’t win anything either. And couldn’t even win the Math comp….

        But then there’s Michelle ….. Voting outside her team…. Whoop whoop… It’s a game & for her perhaps that’s her strategy of wanting to play her own game. That takes guts…. Imo

    • Tiffany is playing Vanessa’s exact game. That makes her a WEAK player who will NOT win Big Brother.

  45. I really wish there could be a TWIST to make the Team safety issue NOT a thing anymore. Frank needs to be put in his place for once! Ughh! Can’t stand him or his smugness.
    Looks like Paulie might win this show.
    I’m so ready for a girl to win again.

    • I said from day one that if the entire team is safe from an hoh win, then the entire team should have to sit out the next hoh comp, not just the primary hoh.

      • That’s a very logical point. It would keep that darn category 4 from winning time and time again. Ugh! So sick of the lot of ’em…Category 4, I mean.

      • The way they do it now is so stupid. Category4 is the only full team in the house, and as long as they keep winning, they will always have 3 chances to win hoh every single week.

      • Yeah, so unfair. I just want Frank out already! He does cause drama, but I don’t want that drama to be at the expense of seeing more favorable houseguests (in my opinion) being evicted from the house.

      • Frank really annoyed me. Why he nominated bronte, and not dayvonne, i will never know. Probably the stupidest and most missed opportunity in bb history. If you want tiffany out, nominate someone who will fight to get her out. And now we lost beautiful bronte over frank’s stupidity, and bridgette’s extreme stupidity to not use it on bronte, and get frank to put up dayvonne as the replacement.

      • Frank is NOWHERE near as smart as he thinks he is. In fact, he’s as dumb as a box of rocks.

      • I remember you from last year. You posted about 50 times per day how much you loved Vanessa. :)

      • YES! It is no longer even remotely fair. For example, how is it James’ fault that his team sucked? How could anybody do anything beyond random draw picks when they don’t even know any of the players yet when the teams were formed?

        Stupid idea, CBS. Abandon this idea NOW before it ruins this year’s game (like they had to toss the BB Takeovers last yea because they were NOT working)

      • I dont think it’s unfair. I just think it’s stupid. I understand why they did it though. To make sure that the veterans didn’t immediately get eaten alive by the newbies, and force them to work together. So it has worked. But it’s stupid because it causing good people like my Bronte to get evicted.

      • Well Bronte didn’t really have a strategy other than naming her alliance & letting those 2 girls know about her desire to be better at Math. Poor thing couldn’t even win the comp that was made for a mathematician.

        Other point I’d like to make is I think that the week the returning player comes back it’s

        ‘MANO A MANO’

        But, yes, I agree the team thing has run its course & now the paranoia heightens!! Yeah!

        Lying, cheating, sneaking, unscrupulous, whispering, crooked, truths, untruths, isolation, crafty, HOH, ignoring, thinking, fitting in, shifty, two-timing, solitude, secrets, regrets, VOTES, deceitful, arguments, double-dealing, wrong vote, tricky, dishonest, align, malign, delude, misrepresent, ROAD KILL, phoney, distort, double-crossing, mis-leading, perfidious, cunning, dirty, VETO, cowardly, trustworthy, elusive, underhanded, bluffing, BS, etc…. You get the drill!

        Can’t wait!

      • I miss Bronte though. I will watch still. But I really dont care emotionally anymore. I would still like to see Tiffany get evicted though.

      • LOL no one the chat in the live feeds seemed to agree with me when I mentioned it 3 weeks ago.

    • I’m a female so don’t shoot me but in this game most of the girls are too emotional. And young. I’ve only seen a few females over the years that weren’t very emotional & I right now I can’t even think of names…..anyone? Lol

      • Emotional does NOT work in BB except in very limited cases. But it wears thin very quick as a tactic and will get you tossed out on your behind if used too much.

        Guy, girl, doesn’t matter.

      • Agreed! Yes, there’s been plenty guys emotional too!

        It must be awful living with ppl you don’t know, not having anything to occupy your mind but who’s trying to screw with you & who you can genuinely trust… Which is really no one cuz everyone is after the prize!

        But I bet some amazing life long ‘friendships’ are made!

    • But with the fallback being the Battle Back twist (which is still unknown to the house), I think it’d be better to wait it out until both safety nets have been removed.

    • Yeah team safety is NOT working this far into the game. BAD IDEA to extend it even this far. Maybe for a week or two AT MOST, but the almost random picking of the teams, these “unknown” picks (after all, nobody knew anybody yet), they should NOT influence the game this many weeks into it.

      It is a very BAD IDEA.

    • I tried to warn people about this when they were all complaining about BotB. But they didn’t believe me. I clearly said that if CBS got rid of BotB, they would make something much worse.

  46. Gonna be interesting from now on out. Will Frank and Paulie team up to take down the rest of the house?

      • Frank is safe AGAIN this week. He will stay safe as long as team Frank wins HOH each week.

      • Come on over here to my side and drink the kool-aid LOL. Seriously, he is doing what he does to mess with people but he knows the game probably better than anyone else in the house this year. Once the team thing ends, that is when he really goes for the HOH.

      • I think your right. He’s purposely messing with ppl.

        He’s older & maybe this game doesn’t get to hime like it does the others.

        But he’s still a jerk imo

        Have a great day.

      • You know, as much as I have defended him and stated why Tiffany needed to go last week over Bronte. I never once said he wasn’t a jerk, a gross old man or anything else for that matter, now he maybe all of those things but it wasn’t because I was defending him. Everyone has been pretty spot on as far as how he acted and that may be just what he wanted to accomplish.

      • I think you’re right. Play the jerk keep it ‘real’ &I get taken to the end cuz one thinks they could win over a jerk….I had a glimmer of that thought too…lol

        Maybe that’s his rational??who knows?!


      • Tink, why so down on Frank? Admittedly, I haven’t seen nearly as much this season as I have in the past—but for some reason people (mostly women) are NOT liking Frank. Is it because of the ‘bottom-slapping-incidents?’ Or, something altogether different?

      • ??Hey hey hey ??

        ??My Sharona……??

        lol I could not resist.

        You know that song from the 70s-80s?

        Hope u have a sense of humour.

        Yes, I’m def down on Frank AND production. What he did really put a few of the girls off & seems like many other fans & me too!

        ….Nicole for the unwanted man handling in the pool & ‘Da & who ever else was offended.

        People don’t seem to realize that this is really sexual assault.

        Now before anyone goes off 1/2 cocked on me…..if you read the def of sexual assault , butt slapping & being touched (lifted & thrown) does constitute sexual assault.

        I know that some will down play it & say ‘oh well, frank didn’t mean anything by it…’ But so what!!

        The guy who thinks she was wanting it even after saying ‘no’ ..well, he didn’t mean anything by it….he thought she meant yes!

        I just get riled up when things of this nature are swept under the carpet & just continue along like nothing’s been compromised.

        This show is demeaning victims IMO.

        So yah….that’s why I’m down on Frank. He seems like he’s pissed a lot of ppl off this year…. Might not be his intent but he’s a grown-ass man that needs to be held accountable.

        That’s all!!

        The End….

      • Oh no, I love the song! It came out in ’79…and since my name is Sharon, I suddenly became ‘Muh, muh, muh, MY Sharona.’
        Thanks for explaining your reason for disliking Frank.

        I guess I see things differently—having been a survivor of sexual abuse/battery.
        First, let me say this: What Frank did was inappropriate. And stupid.
        NO means NO. If the women in the house didn’t like what he did, then the VERY FIRST TIME IT HAPPENED and they should have said STOP–NEVER DO THAT AGAIN, and if he did it again, they should have marched into production and said, “Kick this motherf****R’s ass out.” Then they should have gone up to him and twisted the eff out of his balls and said, “NO means NO! Got it now?”
        They shouldn’t have laughed it off. That encouraged him. But get this straight: I AM NOT BLAMING THE VICTIM!!!

        Cameras are all over that house recording him doing everything. Production didn’t step in. Why? Because none of the women said, “Don’t do that again!!”, until Da’ said it after the, what, 10th time?
        Nicole would say, “Owww, Frank, that huuurts.” But did she say ‘Don’t do that again!’? Nope. She let it keep going on. Again, I’m not blaming the victim. If they were intimidated by Frank—and I can see how that could happen—then go to the DR and tell production, “Frank is hurting me. I have bruises. I don’t know what to say to him. Please do something.” Production would have been on it in a heartbeat.

        The very first time a man does something you don’t want him to, touch your ass; touch your leg; touch your hair; throw you in the pool—TELL HIM YOU DON’T LIKE IT AND THAT IT IS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN AGAIN. Same goes for a woman. TELL HER. If it happens again, there will be consequences. Whether you’re in Big Brother or in real life, there are consequences. You go to the cops; you go to someone you trust; you go to a woman’s shelter. But you don’t let it continue.

        I think if Frank had CLEARLY been told after the FIRST time it happened; if Da’ said, “Frank, don’t slap my ass! Who the hell do you think you are? Don’t EVER do that again,” Frank would have said, “Hey, no problem, Da’..I’m sorry.” But she didn’t, so he didn’t.

        That’s MY opinion. Again, I’m a survivor of sexual battery. I wish my sexual batter and abuse would have been a slap on the ass instead of being dragged across the room by my hair; instead of being punched and kicked over and over in places where bruises don’t show.; instead of being pushed out of a moving car. Yeah, a slap on the ass would have been a lot better. Not saying a man has any right to touch a woman without consent…but if a woman has the opportunity to say, “NO, NEVER AGAIN!” in a safe place like the Big Brother house, she should say so.

        Thanks for listening.

      • Sharona,

        I too am a survivor & i guess I’m a bit more black & white.

        I appreciate your reply & telling me your story.

        Mine was a very long time ago; I have moved on but it will always stay within me. It’s a part of. But it doesn’t define who I am.

        I’m just ticked cuz production did nothing about it. They skidded around the topic & I guess requested frank to apologize. Or it seems to me that he may not have apologized But he did & I personally think the apology wasn’t real & that production slapped him on the arm & said apologize & he thinks he did & it’s over.

        I feel for those girls having to deal with this type of behVior Ina supposedly safe place!

        Plus the rules clearly states about this behaviour not being accepted & they all signed the same thing

        CBS better smarten up! Actions like Frank’s, no matter what others think are a serious thing & can stay with someone forever!

        Thanks for the great conversation!

        All the best! ?

      • All the best to you too, Tink. I’m glad you survived and don’t let it define you, either! Take care, my friend. :)

      • It’s like a club…. That you never wanted to join, but everyone that’s in the club understands! Thank you, my friend!

  47. Now it’s gonna get interesting folks!
    Frank back in power. Day and Tif. So who is he going to pick and influence Paulie to go after. Hmm. ?

    • As much as I would love for him to influence Paulie, I think Paulie is his own man. By that, I mean Paulie will put up whom he feels he needs to target. I don’t think he ever bought the Frank is coming after him story but I can see him putting up DAY or Tiffany.

      • If Paulie puts up Day and Tif on the block then that’s just an ideal situation for frank. Then frank won’t have to influence him at all. Lol
        I have no prob anyone of them going up. Not really connecting with those 2. I do really like Z. I think she is playing a good game by laying low. I don’t see much of her in any epi.

      • Z won’t go up at all this week unless someone puts her up after the RK and I don’t see that either.

  48. So Frank could technically be nom’d for RK right? Also with the battle back I’m glad that Frank won’t be out…..get him the week after he’d totally get back in if it was a physical comp, he’s also smart too so a mental comp could be one he’d win too. So it’s hopefully good that he is safe. Love that the house flipped though!

    • He can’t. Since he’s part of Category 4, which Paulie is a part of, he is safe for the week.

      • Oh I thought RK could nom anyone. Bummer but I still think it’s good since the battle back comp knowing frank he’d be back.

  49. Paul is a D-Bag who is only around, because he has no game! If I hear friendship 1 more time I think I will puke!

    • EXACT SAME GAME! I cannot take another season of Vanessa. I swear to GAWD if she isn’t gone THIS WEEK I am taking a break until she is voted out.

  50. NO NO NO NO NO

    I CANNOT handle another season of VANESSA!

    Tiffany is playing her EXACT game. SO exact that I would SWEAR “on my mother’s life” that she *IS* Vanessa!

    My stomach is turning. Tiffany has to GO. She is psychotic! She is playing Vanessa’s EXACT SAME game.

    Watching feeds at 3:25AM BBT cam 2

  51. So I was genuinely happy to see Paulie win Head of Household but then I realized…Grrr, Frank is still safe.

      • Depends though on who you are rooting for and against. I’m happyto see a fave being immuned if a teammate of his/her win but if it’s someone I don’t like, it’s the opposite. :)

  52. Those people had their chance to get Paulie out, Paul out twice and get frank out. If brigette were a true spy girl she would have never let frank pull her strings. She would have discussed the spy girls best interest at heart. But, since she relied on frank more than her own alliance it’s her fault Bronte is gone. Then, when frank tells her he put her up and Bronte up she’s claims he (frank) knows best while snuggling up to him in the bed??? What turnip truck did this girl fall off of? Is she playing with a full deck? Oh frank, put me on the block then put my alliance member up cause frank you know best. Lol!!! She is an idiot!

    • The only chance they had to get Frank out was the first week. The secod week Paulie was HOH ad Franks was safe. The third week Bridgette was HOH and Frank was safe and now this week Paulie is HoH and Frank is safe. Unforunately because of the teams Frank is safe alost every week. I really hate Catergory 4 and wish they would end the teams so Frank isn’t safe for once and they can vote him out.

  53. If another person talks or asks about Frank being put up this week I’m gonna lose it. The team twist has been going on for almost 5 weeks now. If you haven’t figured out how the twist works by now then what show have you been watching lol. I understand people are gonna ask questions but seeing the same question asked 20 times in the comments each post gets frustrating lol.

    • For the record no he can’t go home at all via hoh noms nor RK. Last time I will answer that lol.

  54. NO WAY they actually heard me speaking?? They listen to me??! OMG! I love it! I haven’t seen tonight’s episode but I truly truly truly hope it was a Blind Side and Frank truly was surprised! Love it! Love love love when someone who isn’t HOH controls the HOH and it backfires and both of their faces! They both deserve it! Bronte is gone because Bridget played Frank’s game! I am so happy! So so happy! You have no idea how happy I am LOL
    Although it sucks Paulie won only b/c now Frank is safe! They really need to get rid of this stupid team thing! Enough is enough!
    Fill me in!? :-)

    • Lol ya that was awesome blindside frank BEFORE he is evicted and now the person they saved is blowing up their game and trying to work with frank.,.. Who’s face did it blow up in again?

      • Tiffany you mean? If that’s who you mean, I haven’t watch tonight’s episode or scene anything else for that matter but in Tiffany’s defense the only reason they kept her was because they wanted Frank out. No other reason! So really who cares!? You know what I mean? She has no allegiance to them. They didn’t keep her because they really really liked her and wanted her. You know what I mean? The only did it to hurt Frank! To try and beat him down so they can evict him next week. That’s the only reason! So again in Tiffany’s defense yes she should be thankful however she was almost out the door and she should do what’s best for her game and that’s work with someone who really is willing to work with her. You know what I mean? Does that make a little sense at least? LOL

      • Yes I see what you mean… I just think they showed their cards to early. If they evict Tiffany they have 1 issue left in house.. That’s frank but now they’ve evicted bronte and apparently Tiffany is telling frank everything and says she wants nothing to do with them (day,Z,Paulie) etc.. So now frank knows something is wrong.., he’s safe for the week and Tiffany is still there now having a fallout.. If nothing else it made it way more interesting lol…

  55. Not a fan of Tif, but loved the Bridgette reference to being “Frank’s Cabbage Patch Doll” … and that Tif’s dark side was front and center, live TV.

    • Oh please. That broad is so boring on the feeds. Shes a walking corpse. She should be expelled for being useless and boring.

  56. I was really aggravated that Bronte “found out 20 minutes” before the vote that she was going out the door. She then had time to decide how to act … too bad she can’t disguise her voice as well as her reactions.

    • She would’ve acted no different. Bronte is a class act. Her life is too good for her to be upset at things like that.

      • She must have filtered something out because she told Julie she was glad she “watched her mouth” .. or words to that effect. Tell me the truth – Are you her mother and know her well or just infatuated with her? LOL.

  57. So I tried to get a little feedback from the comments but I couldn’t find much. Was it a Blind Side? Or did Frank and Bronte know???
    I truly hope not! Blindsides are no fun when they are warned ahead of time!

    • Frank was totally blindsided, apparently tho Bronte knew beforehand because when she talked with Julie Bronte said she “found out 20 minutes” before the show. I hate that.

    • I was blindsided more than anyone. I, like Bronte, only found out hours before, and I was devastated.

  58. I am not sure what really happens but it seems like they treated Tiff like crap after the HoH that pushed her over the edge. This is just a game, but you can’t be that mean. And they call her psycho, so what that makes them then? Bullies? Or “Mean Girls” as Frank puts it. No one in this year’s cast is a real decent human being.

    • Its not just a game, its also a tv show, and a contest with $500K on the line. Sometimes I wish they would just take away the $500K prize, and let them play normally. People would still sign up to do it just for the opportunity. Even if there was no prize.

  59. Tiffany is so transparent. She is simply playing Vanessa’s flawed game. Only Day is falling for it, it seems (4:49 am BBT)

    • They had their chance to get rid of Tiffany, and they blew it. Tiffany hasnt even gone full super saiyan yet. And when Tiff finally reveals her true form, they will regret evicting Bronte. It’s literally the repeat of when they got rid of Shelli over Vanessa last year. They had their chance and blew it. Only this year, there isnt a house guest nearly as smart as Steve to knock her out last second.

  60. As much as I hate Michelle, I have to admit Frank acted very stupidly by telling her about his intentions regarding Da’vonne, and Nicole’s involvement in that.

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