Big Brother 18: Week 3 Veto Comp Plans – Update: Players Picked

Later today in the Big Brother 18 house six of the HGs will face off in the backyard and it’s looking like a make or break competition for one of this week’s nominees.

Natalie and Tiffany get ready on Big Brother 18

So far we have four of the six players after last night added a third nominee to the mix. Now those preparing to play know they’ll have to choose wisely and then compete hard to win.

Bridgette sent Tiffany and Paul to the Block while Frank, the RK winner, put Bronte on the Block. Tiffany is likely heading out the door on Thursday if she doesn’t win the Power of Veto to get herself off the Block. It’s obviously a big comp for her game.

Overnight James advised Natalie that it was Frank who put Bronte up there so they need to be sure not to pick Frank to play in the comp. Instead Bronte plans to pick Natalie to compete along with her, if she gets the choice. Remember that any HGs already playing who see their name drawn get to pick the alternate competitor.

As for winning, while it’s imperative for Tiffany it’s really not as much so for Paul or Bronte, unless Tiffany is about to win then that’s a go-go-go situation. Of course they should all be trying to win since they’re on the Block, it’s just that they shouldn’t freak out otherwise. If they’re sitting next to Tiffany at the end of the week that’s a best case scenario for them at that point.

Bridgette has even already started talking about renom options and there aren’t many. If one of her noms comes down then she’ll have to pick from Zakiyah, Da’Vonne, Natalie, James, Corey, or Nicole. She’s stated plainly that she will not renom a girl and she won’t renom James out of respect to Natalie. That leaves her with… Corey. Corey better hope he gets a chance to play and win it because if either Paul or Tiffany come down then he’s going up.

Frank revealed he’d use Natalie as a renom should Bronte win it and come down, so if Natalie does get picked then she’d do well to win it over Bronte and then save Bronte with it to force Frank to make another choice since both the ladies would be safe.

I’m expecting Veto players to be picked this morning so we’ll update this article here with those two extra names when it happens. Then the competition could be midday or early evening. It’s only going to be mid-80’s in Burbank, CA today but that can still get pretty hot in that breezeless backyard and they may need to wait for things to cool.

Who do you want to see win the Veto competition today? Share your thoughts!

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Update: Players were picked. Paulie and Natalie appear to be the two additional HGs joining in the comp as Bridgette announced “we’re all playing” while the Powerpuff and Paulie were alone in the HoH room.

Paulie and Bridgette are very happy with this draw, as they should be. Like I wrote above, Natalie winning is Bronte and Bridgette’s best case scenario to keep all three safe this week. If Paulie wins I think he’d leave the noms the same though, unless Frank pressures him to take down Bronte so he could renom Natalie for whatever reason he comes up with.

Bridgette is explaining how the giant dice Veto comp works to Bronte, since she’s never watched BB before. Sigh. Bridgette says she memorized the sequences. HGs seem to think this would be the work for that comp, but we’ll see.


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  1. I’m not sure who I want to win POV (James, Nichole), but I do not want Bronte to win.

  2. If Bridgette is so gung-ho about not wanting to put up a girl….well… Tiffany is a….

    • Yea she realized her mistake on that after she let Frank pick her nominees despite her being the current HoH

    • This way Bridgette can blame nominations on Frank and pretend that he tricked her.

    • Last night at around 2 a.m. BBT they were discussing how Tiffany’s hands and feet and kneecaps and everything else exactly match Vanessa’s. James was saying how he spent 47 days with her and knows very well. He has a point: Sisters normally don’t have exact body parts and the exact same voice, the same mannerisms and the exact same build and features– not to the same degree that James was talking about, not to the same degree I’m also noticing. Seriously, look closely at pictures of Vanessa or footage from last season and compare objectively., I really AM starting to think that this is some sort of huge bluff trying to be played by Vanessa (and aren’t poker players always looking for the big bluff?) who had a complete makeover. I’m honestly starting to think that Tiffany isn’t even real, that it’s yet another twist and that it’s actually Vanessa in the house.

  3. If Tiffy won veto, according to Bridgette, she would renom Corey. I’d love to see what the outcome of that scenario would be. That could stir things up.

    • I would love it if Paul came down and Corey went up. To see the house really separate.

      • I think so too but it would be nice to get the vets and company all riled up because Corey would be up. And for the “spy girls” to try to sway the other girls. Chaos, mm.

      • There has already been talk among the girls of evicting Paul if Tiff comes down. At least it’s being talked about.

      • These girls are thinking seriously about enabling a female winner this season.

      • I hope it works out. The problem is that neither group of girls seem to want to work together. They haven’t made any real effort.

      • That would be an awesome play on her part because then they would have to really choose who they want to stay. Although Tiff could stay over Bronte but it comes down to who the house really wants out and not Bridgette because so far what she wants is of no concern for them.

    • I swear I like the team thing sometimes but then I don’t like it at other times… could you imagine how crazy it’d be if Bridgette could renom Frank? Lol she might go for it if she could

      • Yeah, but I don’t think she would have the gumption to do it. After all, being HOH wasn’t part of her strategy. She didn’t want that responsibility. Could she not figure out how to throw the comp, for pete’s sake!!!

      • Actually, if she won the Roadkill, they can put up someone from their own team but since her team was safe this week I am not quite sure how that would have worked.

    • That’s would, haven’t they been talking about a Nicole Corey split up? They could easily shift attention to Corey. That would be interesting. It would be a big mistake to leave Vanessa 2.2000 in the house though.

  4. I just can’t come up with a way that Paul goes home, but that’s what I wanted for this week.

    • I think Paul could go home if Tiffany won the POV and Bridgette renommed Corey. Corey would definitely stay and it could come close between Paul and Bronte.

      • You think? I figured if Corey went up, we’d start hearing about how the showmances need to be broken up and how this is the perfect chance. Day and Frank would both be on that train, chugging away.

      • I could see Day and Frank jumping on the bandwagon to take out Corey… but obviously Nicole, Paulie, and Zakiyah wouldn’t go for that. Nicole would convince James to keep Corey (it doesn’t take much to sway james lol) and then I think James could get Natalie to keep Corey. Of course I could be completely wrong! Big Brother always changes!

      • I think which ever person got to James first would convince James to either keep or evict Corey. Natalie is for an all girl alliance so I don’t think James could convince her to not evict Corey. She would evict Tiffany over Bronte to begin with.

      • If Corey goes up, I think he will go. The vets realize how important it is to separate a budding showmance and the spy girls would vote however Frank says the house is voting so I really think Corey would go!

      • I think no matter what happens unless Tiffany wins veto, she’s the one that’s a goner this week.

  5. I’m sorry but I thought it was super lame when Bronte was making a big deal about her being a math whiz. We’ve already had to suffer through her DR comments over and over again about her self proclaimed genius status, but now she’s swooning the other girls.

      • No it definitely does not. I’d be all for a girls alliance if I actually liked the girls.

      • Did survivor get cancelled or something? I was wondering why it wasn’t on after BB anymore. .. :(

      • Survivor is on twice a year when BB is off. One should start back up again in the fall. Fortunately.

      • The next Survivor season starts on Sept 21st, the same evening BB18 end.

      • The best one so far is the Black Widow Brigade. And they’re not even in Big Brother

      • They created some of the best blindsides I’ve ever seen! Of course that’s to be expected with players like Parvati Shallow and Cirie Fields being in that alliance

  6. On one hand, I would like to see Tiffany win POV just for the sake of drama and excitement. On the other hand, I’m scared she’s gonna get worse in the paranoia department… so she should go lol. I think as of now, Nicole and James are my favorites. I like Paulie too. Who are your guys’s favorites so far if you have any?

    • It’s a shame because this season I don’t really have a favorite. I did like Nicole and Paulie for that matter but they’ve drifted away now. In any case I’m rooting for the underdog, and that’s Paul right now, but personally he wouldn’t be my first choice.

    • As of now I like James, Paulie, Nicole and Z… I’m kinda iffy about Da now that she made so many reckless moves in her game

    • So far I like Paulie, Nicole, James and Zakiya.

      I liked Frank till he got drunk with power.

      Day is out of control.

      Spy girls are just oblivious.

      Paul went from Jerkass to bland

      • Haha right! Paul went from being most hated as a houseguest to being most wanted as a pawn! But I think he still would’ve been a complete jerk had Jozea stayed in the house longer. Frank, on the other hand, grew power hungry and blew up his own game with the added help of Da.

      • I don’t think he blew it up himself but he did put the fuse out there for someone to light. That person to light it was Day.

    • Started out with Bridgette, Nicole, James and Frank. Now I would say I may be losing Nicole and possibly James but replacing them with Paul. I love his attitude about the whole nom thing. He doesn’t worry or sweat about it till his picture is put up on the wall.

    • James, Paulie and Nicole are my fav’s…

      However, James needs to wake up… His actual game play hasn’t improved much. He needs to keep his mouth shut (telling everything to Day!) and start making deals… I was excited to see him and Paulie team up until James ran right to Day with that info.

      I do like Day better this go round than the last but she’s playing too hard, too fast and going to blow herself up soon.

      Z is riding in Days and Paulie’s coat tails.

      Nat and Bronte are classic floaters and even though Michelle isn’t in the little spy girls club, SHE is a floater too. She rarely actually contributes anything of importance to the game.

      Frank’s ego is too big for his britches (did I spell that right?) this year and he’s living in his own BB fansty. He thinks he’s playing BB but in reality he’s just getting played.

      Bridge – don’t care for her… She’s damaged her game by being Frank’s puppet

      And Paul is well, Paul.

      • I couldn’t agree more with this. Everything you said is basically how I feel about everybody!

    • If it was a better group of girls, I’d agree wholeheartedly, but having to play out BB with just these females in the house, doesn’t pique my interest. I’d prefer Bronte going, but that won’t happen this week.

      • But if these girls could outsmart the others I would definitely be interested. Bronte doesn’t bother me that much. Frank has gotten to be the worst for me.

      • Bronte definitely doesn’t bother me nearly as much as Frank does. Frank is disgusting.

      • Nicole, I think I read where you were in your third trimester. Congrats! Babies are one of life’s greatest blessings and reasons of lack of sleep, both before and after they come. So worth it! If you have a planned delivery, let us know before you go. :D

      • You are too sweet to notice and remember. We had our first child after being married for 2 years. He is 8 so we started our parenthood adventure over 8 years ago. We have 3 boys – ages 8, 6 and 13 months old. We tried for 5 years to have one last baby and ended up doing fertility treatment to get pregnant. When he turned 6 months old, we were shocked to find out that we were expecting! We are expecting a GIRL this time! :)

      • How absolutely WONDERFUL! You are a beautiful lady and I’m sure a terrific Mom. That girl will be tough with 3 older brothers, unless they treat her like a princess, which will make her as sweet as pie. God bless your pregnancy and family.

      • I should have mentioned that I have 3 brothers myself and I was treated as a tomboy and a princess growing up so we will see!

        Thank you very much! :)

  7. I think of Frank wasn’t in her team, I think Bridge could’ve nommed him

  8. Frank has no problem nominating one of the guys like Paulie/Corey. I thought I heard him mentioned it to Nicole yesterday.

    • Frank is trying to get the guys out so he can dominate the women, since they are all beneath him.

    • Frank seems to want to take out all the big guys so he can be the only comp beast. Horrible strategy this early in the game.

      • Maybe but if the Spy/powerpuff girls would use their heads, they would use Frank to their best interest as of now or otherwise they will go home sooner than later.

      • That would be a great idea for the PP girls but since I don’t really care for them too much I hope they don’t think of this. Sadly, they don’t seem to have a clue either.

  9. This has nothing to do with the topics today. But after reading comments over the years quite a few of us are of the more mature generation. So why can’t BB see that and put in more mature house guests. Some of this generation can still be a little catty and make for some good drama.

      • Correct, but those ladies were very entertaining. There are many Betty White type women out there who would be fantastic on BB.

      • I never missed an episode of the Golden Girls. Loved it, but the producers want to see skin, not intellect so I doubt much older people will be recruited.

    • Because a lot of viewers want T&A and beefcake more than they want a good and intelligent game.

      • Nothing wrong with T&A and Beefcakes. A lot of older folks fall into this catagory.

      • Many younger viewers wouldn’t want to see analogues of their parents in bikinis and shorts.

      • What makes them think they are any better than us. But I do get what you mean.

      • There is still alot of men and women that still have hot bodies at this age group.

      • And much, MUCH wiser, with more interesting conversation to share; and it ain’t all about the good ole’ days.

      • I would like to see them have a season with a mixture of people from different decades. So you could have people in their 50s, 60s, and 40s in there and not just 20 year olds.

      • I agree. Not to say that older people won’t look good, but they won’t necessarily walk around the house half unclothed all day.

    • I think casting is more focused with the whole “social experiment” mindset. Meaning that they want young, attractive people with diverse personalities so they can see who will hook up in a ‘showmance’ … Survivor has always done a better job casting imo. They like to bring people in with at least a little bit of Survivor knowledge

      • Older people are very capable of showmancing and could teach these whippersnappers a thing or two about it.

      • Remember how the young HG’s shunned Donnie Thompson? So cruel, wouldn’t want to see that again.
        I also remember Jerry an ancient Marine who begged people to talk to him because he was so isolated and lonely but none of them wanted to talk to an old man. He was a tough guy though.

      • I have watched every season except # 2. As I age I am having a harder time remembering all the hamsters. I must ber having a brain fart that is lasting too long.

      • Believe me, I can’t remember all of the hamsters either but watching Jerry and Donnie being shunned because they were older was so painful I can’t forget them. thank goodness that kind of bullying is rare on BB.

      • I hope you know I was joking with you. I’ve written and sent entire emails to myself before. :(

      • Yes I do know that. Believe me I can be in the middle of something and forget what I am doing. My kid thinks I am nuts at times. Like I tell wait untill you get my age. hahaha

      • I go into my pantry all the time and forget what I was looking for. My husband waits for me to come out with that befuddled look on my face so he can laugh at me, yet again. Getting old is hilarious.

      • Yes it is. At least I am not the only one. Not that I wish it on anyone else.

      • That’s what happens when you only throw in one token older person. Why not half and half?

      • They have to be well aware that “one token older person” is greatly disadvantaged from the get go. Either none or at least half; give them a fighting chance.

      • Good idea Lisa. If only Donnie had had a couple of people near his age to work with I doubt Derrick would’ve sailed so easily to the finale.

      • I remember Nicole and Hayden being the ones (after Jocasta was eliminated) that would actually talk to him. That’s why I was kind of excited to see Nicole back. But looking at her game now, I think if she was in with the majority alliance she would have ignored him, too.

      • I had forgotten about those 3 being nice to Donnie; just goes to show there are still good people in the world. Once those 3 left was when the shunning became unbearable for him.
        Maybe that’s why BB no longer has older HG’s – Donnie’s experience must have been so awful that the producers don’t want that to ever occur again.

      • Maybe. I do wonder how Glenn would have faired in the house if he hadn’t been the first one eliminated. If he does come back it will be even harder because so much has happened. Returnees are always at a disadvantage at least in that respect.

      • Or he could strung along if no one wants to “waste an HOH” on evicting him.

      • It is easier to cast for a show that is 39(?) vs 99 days, even 75 days is a lot of time to be away from a job or family. I honestly wouldn’t mind the BB season being shorter if it meant that there would be more variety in ages.

    • Due to ratings I think BB wants to lure in the lucrative young market so they can make more money selling advertisements.
      It’s all about money I’m afraid.

      • Can’t blame them and I’m still having fun, so …. what? Plus I just want to see some players who are educated in the game . I don’t care about their age or maturity, just wish they knew what the game was about. I think that’s where you are, too.

      • I’m still having fun too but I can understand why people miss having the older HG’s in the house. I don’t really mind the newbies not knowing anything about the game either. If they need to lure younger viewers to watch the game I can understand that too. After Vanessa last year I don’t think I could take the endless strategy sessions again this year.

    • I was thinking the same thing. Matt if you are reading this do you have any idea of the age range of people commenting and/or reading your site?

      • He might not know the ages of his readers ,but i,m 64 and i,m probably not the oldest reader here.

      • I’m 60 and I know there are a few in their 50’s and 60’s, but I have no idea of the average age of posters or BB viewers.

      • You know that I’m also 60. Wait … who said that ? No way I’m 50. Wait a second, I’m wrong ….. I’m 40….. Oh let me go check in the mirror ………………. Oh well, look like I’m 60 after all.

      • And I’m certain that you would give Captain Lee( a very popular character on Below Deck, Bravo channel) a run for his money, 40, 50, or 60. Mirrors do lie!

      • I just turned 55 myself last month so I am definitely anywhere near the age of the current houseguests.

    • I would like to see him go but still would like to see him stay. I am so confused on this one.

      • But I can’t really tell if he is as cute as Johnny Mac with all that hair going on.

      • Look at his Instagram… He has a photo on there without all the facial hair!

      • There is also a beardless pic of him on Bustle. I found it when I typed in just his name trying to find a pic. Then go to the article, ‘Big Brother 18’ Star Paul Without a Beard Is Almost Unrecognizable…

    • I think a smart house guest will use Paul as a final two to give them a better chance of winning. The 9 pack will have to betray each other eventually and the jury house will have some bitter players. Paul is not one of the 9, so he is the best one to take to the end. Natalie is liked and Bronte may be chosen as the winner by bitter evicted HG.

      • I think the longer Paul stays the more he learns about the game plus he can win comps. I still don’t like him but it would be interesting to see if he can become a threat. Taking him to the end wouldn’t be a good idea in that case.

      • At this point, I wouldn’t be so sure it would be a landside but I do see her going if they don;t change.

      • I don’t believe it till it happens.
        At the moment most of them are still scared to be renom especially Nicole but once the PoV is over and the noms remain the same and they are safe then they can really start thinking what’s best for their game next week.
        Day definitely wants to keep Tiff rather than Bronte.
        Why evict a good ally in evicting Frank while keeping a supposedly enemy from the other side?
        Paul could also be a casualty if the girls are all teamed up as proposed by the Spy Girls.
        Anyway, let’s see what happens hehehe.

      • There is a lot of time remaining and a comp., and a lot can happen in the BB house before eviction, as we all know.



  11. Seriously tho … Frank said to Michelle that Bridgette won him a HoH and baked cookies for him and what had Michelle done to him?
    Does Production say anything to Frank at all regarding the harassment that Day reported? Coz he’s still walking around like he owns the place.

    • They need to make him wash all of the dishes the rest of the season, since he was bragging about how he hasn’t washed even one yet. What a schmuck!

    • I think I remember him telling Natalie yesterday to make his bed…I got a clue of how Frank is with women when during the first few days he kept calling his girlfriend his old lady..if my husband ever called me his old lady..there would be problems!! But, he never would! That, to me, is so disrespectful.

  12. I’m hoping Bronte evicted this week and Bridgette leaving next week and Victor wins Battle Back. Then Frank can go at 12th place, just misses out on jury and without a chance of coming back.
    Too much to ask for?

    • I’m still on Friday night over at Jokers; James has just told Natalie that Frank won the RK and that if this gets out he’ll know it came from Nat. This is supposed to be a trust builder between them.
      James needs to keep his mouth shut ! Now that Victor is gone Nat is starting to flirt with Corey who said he likes her better than Nicole.

      • Corey told Nicole about that this AM. Why? I definitely don’t think he had good intentions. Not liking him.

      • I haven’t gotten to that part yet but I haven’t been able to warm up to Corey after that goat burning frat prank. Not funny at all.
        I wouldn’t mind seeing him leave since he seems to be bad for Nicole, hurts her feelings a lot.

      • I’ve always thought Nicole and Paul would be compatible in the BB house. Once Corey is gone maybe she could befriend him.

      • I meant Paul since Paulie already has Zak. I’m starting to like Paul more and more and he seems to be very loyal, unlike Nicole’s present alliances. (I’ve lost count).

      • I can’t imagine Nicole ever being interested in Paul, but I don’t have feeds so maybe you see something I don’t. A different perspective can do that.

      • I meant more a friendship type alliance since Nicole doesn’t want another showmance. But I thought I saw a lot of chemistry between those 2 when Nic was HOH. I couldn’t understand what they were saying to each other but the chemistry was coming through the TV screen. We’ll see.

      • I would LOVE for Bridge to renom Corey as a BD and send him packing this week!

  13. Sounds like the veto comp is going to be that large dice thing where you have to roll it to a certain number. Paulie was have to be pretty strong to move those things..this could spell trouble for Tiff.

    • Not that Tiffany isn’t strong..but, I think Paulie may be a little stronger!

      • You aren’t kidding that this is going to be tough for Tiff. Paul might be able to win this one. If Frank is chosen he could win :(

      • YAY! I’m still so far behind, a lot must be going on in the house, 5 more pages to go at Jokers.

      • I have been going outside to get some garden work done so I have missed most everything on Jokers today.

      • A lot is happening so far.
        Last night Paul was complaining about ‘nighttime wood’ and nowhere to go – bless his heart. :D

      • WOW what the he** did he expect going into the BB house? Be like BB 15 and going through condoms every night.

      • Was that the season Andy won? Oh yeah, Amanda and what’s his face were pretty ‘active’ as I recall.

      • Well I do remember some seasons better than others. This season ;not so much.

      • The crisis was adverted; Paul went to take a shower in the HOH bathroom…try not to get a visual on that if you can hahaha!

  14. The whole Natalie, Bronte, and Bridgette love fest kind of makes me nauseated!

    • And just where is this mythical ‘Michelle’ person hiding out?!!!

  15. So, by my count, 3 of the newbies have admittedly never watched BB before auditioning for this show…

    … I’m starting to see the reason for the returning Vets and 2 of the newbies being siblings of former HGs.

  16. Why on gods green earth do they cast people who never watched the show? Make 0 sense ?

    • That’s an old debate. We’re the only one that can do something about it. But we won’t.

  17. I don’t think that the veto pics could have been any better to ensure an exciting comp this time!

  18. I swear, I get so tired of seeing these people who have no idea how Big Brother works make the cast. If Big Brother casts fans of the show next season. I bet we’d see the show evolve in it’s strategy, kinda like how Survivor is always evolving. They recently went from alliances to ‘voting blocs’ and I bet Big Brother would evolve somehow when people try to strategize around certain things. But that’ll never happen if they cast people who are flat-out clueless of what Big Brother is to begin with.

    • I suppose he’d have to use the approach that they’ll just be pawn cuz Tiff is the target.
      His pool: James, Nic, Corey, Da, Zak.
      James might offer to go up since he has before.
      Frank does want Tiff out really badly so he’ll prolly stick to her. I guess he could go for Corey while he has the chance but I don’t know how without playing dirty.

    • This would not be my choice, I can’t stand that guy … IMO, loud, foul-mouthed & obnoxious is not a good combo.

      • Tiffany and Bronte are a lot worse. Bronte has been a lot more silent since her partner Jozea left.

  19. Imagine if the final round of battle back is Tiffany vs. Frank. That would be perfect!!

    • Most likely, that would mean Frank would come back. Can’t we have another scenario to choose from? :(

  20. I don’t want Tiff to be evicted. She’s fun to watch when she isn’t hiding with all the hoodies, hats and sunglasses. Laying in bed or crying isn’t a very successful strategy either. I hope she can figure it out or she won’t be around long.

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