Big Brother 18 Twist: ‘Big Brother Roadkill’ Lands 3rd Nominee On The Block

A new Big Brother 18 twist is now in play and it’s already having a strong impact on the game with the Block adding a new face to its list of potential victims this week. But while we may know how it changes the game we still don’t even know its name! (Cue The Doors.)

Update: CBS has revealed the comp’s name as “Big Brother Road Kill.” No, seriously. Details below.

Big Brother 18's Road Kill RV

During the preseason executive producers Allison Grodner and Rich Meehan revealed there would be a new competition and a new ceremony to follow that would all become part of Sunday’s show which typically only features the nominations events. Now with the Battle of the Block gone from Sunday episodes there’s a new game in town to fill its spot.

To get you caught up, here’s what Grodner & Meehan teased was ahead with this new twist:

Meehan: We need to keep the stakes high in the Sunday show because we didn’t want to go back to Have Not competitions.

Grodner: You want competitions that have stakes, that really mean something. This new competition really does that. So the nominations falls somewhere in the middle and then this competition and then, you’ll see.

Meehan: A new ceremony at the end.

This new twist would take the place of both Have-Not competitions and the Battle of the Block, the latter was already replacing the former because apparently they really hate Have-Not competitions and prefer them to be punishments on a turn-based approach. Blerg.

Here’s how it will work, according to details released by People. HGs will individually perform a challenge in a fake RV that’s wheeled in to the backyard each Friday. Now that should really help with the setup and clean up time.

Once inside the “RV” the HGs will have to change out of their clothes. Again, yes, seriously. They’ll be timed and must keep three buttons, spread out over the seat, depressed while changing from their clothes in to a swimsuit. If they release one button time speeds up a little. Two buttons and it’s twice as fast. Three buttons, well you get it.

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Afterwards each of the HGs will open a tackle box to be informed if they were a loser or the winner. If they win then they’ll name their target at a later time.

So until Sunday’s show we see this new twist in action for BB18, but as always the Live Feeds are way ahead of the broadcast episodes leaving us with the cart before the horse as the spoilers have already been revealed. Here’s what we know so far about the twist which probably lets us piece together most of the details we need to know.

A new competition will be held each week on Friday where someone will secretly win the power to, again, secretly nominate a third Houseguest. Now nominations aren’t usually made until Friday night, but Grodner stated above it would appear in the Sunday show after the nominations. It’d be overly complicated to cut these events out of order so let’s assume nominations will be moved up in the day.

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If nominations move up then there’s still a time crunch to get this “new twist” competition completed and cleaned up so production can get on with the Power of Veto comp which is usually held on Saturday. While production is working on that the Houseguests can be trapped inside so the secret power holder can go to the DR and make his or her decision. Once the third nominee has likely been named in the DR there will be a new ceremony to add a third face to the Block.

Sound familiar at all? Well it’s a lot like the BBMVP twist from BB15, but it also has some important differences. Back then viewers voted to give one HG the power to secretly nominate a third HG. Unfortunately for the rest of the house production had done some stunt casting with Rachel Reilly’s sister, Elissa. That gave her and her allies a hugely unfair advantage in the numbers game to secure this power and rout their opponents.

This time around the power must be won. Excellent. I don’t necessarily care for a third nominee, but if it’s earned and not given then I won’t protest too much.

Oddly, in that People article CBS claims “the winner will be able to impact the game like never before” which isn’t true from what we’ve heard so far considering it’s the same game impact as in BB15. Guess we’ll have to see on Sunday’s show.

How has it worked so far? Well the first round of the twist’s competition has already been held, a third nomination has been made, and now the house is filled with accusations and paranoia over who did it. Now that I like.

Want to find out who won the twist’s power and who is the first third nominee on Big Brother 18? Check our spoilers page for links to all the details. Then on Sunday (8/7c) we’ll see just how it all went down.

What do you think of the new Big Brother twist? Good move by production or an unnecessary distraction from the core Big Brother game? Share your thoughts below.

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  1. If this twist had been introduced last season, it would have been the nail in the paranoia coffin of Vanessa. I love a little paranoia.

    • Me too. Really helps fuel the fires.

      Too bad they didn’t make it mandatory to be kept secret, but I guess that’s risky in case someone accidentally lets it slip then BB would have to enforce rules…. AHAHA! Enforce rules?? Hilarious, I know.

      • If the rules were consistently strictly enforced, how would they be able to bend them when something wasn’t going the way BB needs for them to go. Ha! lol

      • Now what happen with the POV, with 3 nominees and the HoH, are they going to have 8 players in the POV comp. I don’t remember how they did that in BB15.

      • Lol, everyone is making Bb15 sound like ancient history…

        Veto comps always have a maximum of 6 players. The hoh picks two chips out of the box when they pick players.

      • That’s it… the nominees do not get to draw any chips. So HoH + 3 nominees + 2 picked players, that makes 6.

      • Brys you have it wrong. It’s usually the HOH and the nominees each pick one chip, not that the HOH picks two chips. Captain is saying if the HOH and all 3 nominees pick a chip, there would be 8.

      • In bb15, they had the HOH draw two chips and the nominees didn’t. There was no house guest choice. Normally, yes the HOH and nominees each draw 1 chip, but presumably following the same idea as 15, the nominees WILL NOT draw a chip and the HOH will draw them

      • I didn’t remember that at all but that’s what I wanted to know. If that’s what they did before, I guess it’s fair to assume that is what will happen now.

      • I’m liking it a lot! It’s been a bit boring the past 2 seasons without this! But glad they did away with the have not competition by choosing challenges in team format…everyone has to play and earn their right to be in the house. No floaters, which is even better! :-) When I heard a couple talk about getting out floaters last night, I was like, what floaters? They all have to compete now rather than try not to get chosen for tasks.

      • im right w u cap. i totally blanked that out(HOH w 2 picks). usually bb claims new and exciting and to me it’s blah. this season, so far, i love it. i like the comps w consequences. .

      • sorry to bother, but I’m lost as to where to go for help. I got live feeds this yr, but it does not look like it did last time(2 yrs ago). it’s not orange and it does not have calendar or anything to click so I can flashback to watch things you type about. my feeds page just has bb logo at top w Julie, then 5 screens(1234&quad) to choose. nothing pops up and there’s no link I can find to allow me to flashback. am I in the wrong spot. can u help. ty

      • I got this from cap:
        Are you watching on a tablet or iPad?
        I don’t have the feeds since they went to All-Access. But LavendarGirl had the same issue last year and found out that was because she was watching on an iPad. On a laptop it doesn’t do that.

      • I haven’t watched on a laptop, just android based devices (phone and firetv). I will check it out! Thanks!

      • it was the tablet and phone for me. i checked big pc this morn and it looked normal-had flashback. hope you have same outcome

    • I love the fact that whatever plans they had yesterday are now all blown apart! Let the chaos begin! :-)

  2. I love this twist so far. I actually liked the 3rd nominee twist back in BB15, but I felt it was poorly executed. Now that this power is earned it makes the game a bit interesting.

    • I think it is very interesting and adds something to the game so I’m for it right now. But really – I think it takes away from the HoH since that is their main duty – to nominate HGs for eviction. So, in that respect, I don’t totally dig the 3rd nominee by a random comp winner but, hey, I’m open to it. Let’s see what happens! ;)

      • The one thing I love about Big Brother is powershifts. I remember during Aaryn’s first HOH, her and her crew were 100% confident that Elissa was leaving and they were stunned when Nick got the boot. I think this twist could deliver some good blindsides. I actually like this twist so far. They should have done this in BB15.

      • It’s new so it will def be exciting for sure! I’m excited to see how this goes. Just want Paulie to win POV!

      • Originally, the game gave the houseguest the power to nominate each other with the list of nominees going as high as half a dozen depending on who had the most nominations.

        However, with the power being earned now and is being done in secret (and hopefully praying no one is allowed to share about this to anyone), I can see the likelihood of this twist being rigged again by the house to their own favor be reduced to none.

  3. i have really enjoyed these twists so far. not sure if HOH will always b 3 parts w losing group getting HOH. i liked that the loser of the losing team got evicted, but they can’t continue that, i would think. so if the loser of the losers wont be evicted, it’d b too tempting to throw the comp to be losing team w HOH. hoping that was just for first show. i absolutely love that it’s a comp win that gives the power to nom the 3rd. not sure about there being a 3rd nom. little worried for paulie, but if there is 8 person alliance, he should be good. i like earning power, and like secret power that prompts paranoia even more. i want the reports from live feeds to be extremely entertaining. im still all for paul and jozea remaining on block w either going(1 and 2 preferably).

    • I’m liking these twists so far as well Talula. Have to admit, I really didn’t think I would.

  4. This is actually… good. This season is actually really good in general! I just hope it doesn’t turn out like BB17 and have a really amazing first couple of weeks then die out by the time jury comes

  5. I guess as long as it creates accusations and paranoia then I like it, I guess. I just want twists to be fair or to not least give a particular person an unfair advantage.

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