Big Brother 18: They Said What? Week 2

Another Big Brother 18 week, another batch of ridiculous things said.

Say What? Big Brother 18 Week 2

The good news is that someone must have told Bronte what happens when you say racist things, so we don’t have to report any more on that. But the HGs continue to open their mouths and show us just how smart they aren’t. Especially when it comes to Big Brother.

For example, we’ve got Paul talking to Head of Household Paulie about how he’s going up as a pawn but Victor is the actual target. Paulie says the plan is to backdoor Victor and Paul says “I don’t think I’m understanding your terminology. What do you mean by backdooring Vic?” I realize this recruit only caught one season of Big Brother in sequester, but did he even pay any attention? (Also, no need to bring up that the use of “backdoor” by HGs is rarely correct. We all know that).

Corey seems to have a little bit better grasp on the game, but life skills not so much. He can’t even think of what to call the washing machine. He calls it a “laundry thing,” but that’s not the most ridiculous thing he said this week. When Paulie asked what nationality he is he said “caucasian.”

Frank makes his first appearance here while referring to how good a cuddler James seems to be. “I wish I could just remove our genitalia and just cuddle with you for a little while,” he says. Where’s #NotGayCorey when you need him?

And it wouldn’t be an edition of They Said What without an appearance from Natalie. This time around she’s laying in bed with James and asks “Do you ever squish people’s eyeballs just to feel their eyes?” James tells her he has not but asks if she has an eyeball fetish. She simply says “yes.”

What are the most ridiculous things you’ve heard come out of the HG’s mouths lately?

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They Said What? BB18 Week 2


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  1. Bridgette…”Do you believe there are evil inter-dimentional beings dropping into our dimension to mess with us?”…as written on Joker

  2. If I didn’t know anything about Corey (from blogs and live feeds) and simply from watching the episodes, I would find him adorkable like a giant lean teddy bear. Oh well …

    • What?! Lol I LOVE Frank! Paul and Frank are the most physically/facially attractive people in the house to me

    • I can not stand Corey! Lets not forget about him laughing as he discussing his frat boy friends pouring lighter fluid on a goat in order to light it on fire!!! Only a sick minded person would subject an animal to cruelty for their enjoyment!!! I do not understand why Nicole or any of the girls in the house would have a crush on him! YUCK!!! OR why the guys would want to be friends with him! Shows poor character!!! DR/BB must have given him the heads-up to ‘filter’ such comments, because it was never discussed again…:(

      • Oh my goodness, I remember hearing about the goat and thought it was Paulie – I keep getting those 2 names confused. Horrifying!

  3. hahahaha. hoo gurl – these HGs certainly aren’t the brightest crew are they?! There’s no Dr. Will or even a Janelle in the lot of them. Of the guys I find Corey the most annoying – and Bronte is just pointy bones and teenage drama – totes annoying!!!

  4. Was having trouble posting here for a few days, looks like the problem has been resolved whew :)

      • So it’s not just me? I could still read all the posts but not comment. Like Sharona, I’ve been having computer problems and thought maybe that was why.

      • This is the first time this season that I have had any issues. I have been able to post when I tried, but there are a few issues with notifications and new threads that are on BBN aren’t showing up on Disqus. If I try to reload sometimes it shows the “Darn It” something went wrong page.

      • Misery loves company (sorry). I seem to be okay know, looks like you are as well, good stuff :-)

  5. Hahaha Natalie continues to intrigue me. I mean how does a person potentially squeeze another person’s eyeball just so they can feel their eyes? I would think that no sane person would ever let some random person squeeze their eyeball. Unless you’ve been captured by a maniac who has a fetish of squeezing people’s eyeballs 0_0

  6. How about Zakiyah telling Da’Vonne that one of them “deserves” to win because the other HGs all went to good schools and got their degrees and have careers. Hor Day deserving of anything? Is this Affirmative Action in the BB House??

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