‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Who Won F4 HoH? Leak Reveals Results

The Big Brother 18 Live Feeds remain on blackout this morning as the game moves on inside with an eviction and at least the next Head of Household competition having taken place. Without the Feeds our usual source of spoilers is withheld and we’d have to wait for tonight’s episode unless word leaked. Well, guess what.

Update: Spoilers confirmed. These HoH results were accurate, just as we trusted.

Julie Chen has a secret on Big Brother

Okay, now these are Big Brother spoilers, but I also do have to caveat them as being rumored spoilers since I can’t personally verify them yet. However, I would not present these to you without a solid source and this source is about as solid and reliable as you can get. Read on if you want to know who may be our new Head of Household and first member of the BB18 Final Three.

With Corey as the outgoing HoH he was ineligible to compete which left the competition up to James, Nicole, and Paul. According to the excellent spoiler source of @MissCleoBB that new winner is none other than… Paul Abrahamian.

twitter-tweet" data-lang="en">

PAUL WON HOH #BB18 pic.twitter.com/4Ej8W4fVkH

— MissCleoBB (@MissCleoBB) September 13, 2016

Yes, word is that Paul won HoH and if true, which I do trust this source to not throw trash out there and claim it to be true when it’s not, then we can expect him to nominate Corey and Nicole with James left on the sideline. This would break Nicole’s streak of avoiding the Block all season, which is still impressive enough for the first 12 rounds.

Paul winning HoH would mean he has secured himself a spot in the F3, but the real power this week is the Veto. The HoH has no chance of voting even if he wins the Veto, but would instead get to pick which one HG does the voting. If Nicole didn’t win the HoH comp and then neither her nor Corey wins the Veto, which will likely be held on Tuesday afternoon, then one of them will be evicted on Wednesday night. Remember that Tuesday’s eviction show was taped and so that evictee, Victor obviously if Paul is around to win HoH, is already gone.

We’ll keep watching for any more leaks or other details today, but general rumors on social media can be tricky as people love to throw stuff out there and see what sticks. I really do trust this source though as Miss Cleo has been at the BB spoilers game for a long time and has been extremely accurate.

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What do you think of these spoiler rumors? Would you be happen if Paul really did win or were you hoping to see the Sitting Ducks picked off two in a row? Who do you hope gets evicted next? Share your thoughts below then join us back here for tonight’s show at 8/7c to see the confirmed results.


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  1. Awww yeah! I’ve really come around to liking Paul now. Plus I have a bet going with a coworker for a Chick-fil-a lunch if Paul wins.

      • I’m with you there! No Chick-Fil-A where you are, huh?
        It;s a popular chain but I never eat there! Google it.

      • If you don’t have a Chick-fil-a where you live then its time for you to move. You are missing out :)

      • The absolute best little REAL chicken nuggets available in fast food. I told my grandchildren once that chicken nuggets were chicken’s nuts and one of them wouldn’t touch a nugget for over two years. Show how impressionable children really are. :(

      • You are soooo baaaad! I won’t tell my grandbaby that as it might backfire and give me food poisoning through osmosis! :-)

      • It did backfire because that was my one picky grandchild and chicken was the only type of meat he would eat back then. I paid for that one. “food poisoning through osmosis!” hahahahahaha, Joni

      • Funny because my husband takes our granddaughter to the gym late evenings with him and then they go eat at Chik fil A or Arby’s afterwards. I guess that’s better than drinking a large milkshake on a warm summer night.

      • Not a Vegan, I just don’t care to go there. Like here some do not care for the White Castle’s but I love them.

      • Hubby took me to WC on our second date. Yummmmm! Of course we’d been drinking that night too…WC is great munching food! :-)

      • You get an ‘up vote’ for the very mention of pickles. I just started to salivate texting about pickles! OMG….. So amazingly tasty!

      • Never cared. :) I’ve never had a close friend, relative, or worked with anyone who is vegan, so I’ve never needed to research it.

      • I understand. I love ’em, but that’s enough. I hope my children teach them to be responsible and not expect they are entitled to anything in this world, because they will not be living with me if they are lazy. I understand things happen beyond someone’s control, but laziness or irresponsibility, I do not support.

      • I don’t support disrespect either, which my daughter and son-in-law possess and they wonder why they’re already having trouble with a 2 1/2 yr old. I keep my mouth closed, since I know why they are, but they’re not listening to it anyway. Why bother? They’re the type that will learn the hard way in every situation where respect is lacking! :-)

      • Yes, I’ve learned it’s always best to zip it unless asked and even then a person has to be very careful with their words.

      • I’m not an interfering, meddling in-law unless they slide too close into my own personal space! :-) My time with them is somewhat limited too! Best to walk away than give those kind a piece of my mind! :-) The day will come when their youngens will want to run away and come to my house, which they rarely if ever bring the current one to! :-)

      • Sometimes we as grandparents just need to make sure our conscience is clear and proceed with our life. They know where to find us. :D

      • It’s work if you care enough to be an involved grandparent. Lots of cooking, attending school functions, supporting sports and other activities they pursue. It can get overwhelming if you let it. I understand that both parents have to work sometimes, but other people shouldn’t be raising your children. That’s just my opinion about it.

      • She’s a wedding planner so she isn’t including me in as much as I’d like but she says she wants to surprise us too. She wants us to see her work so I say, ok! What else can I say? She fupills me in here & there.
        I’m visiting her right now. She lives in Whistler. Not sure you know where that is but whistler held the last Winter Olympics.
        We live about 1.5 hours away which is great. Her fiancé works across Canada in New Brunswick & flys in every 2 weeks.
        But now they are moving in Jan to Kelowna which is about a 4-5 hr drive from our place! Whaaaa! ?

      • You are visiting a beautiful place. My husband has skied in Whistler. He does a bit of everything, including climbing and biking the Tetons recently. Your daughter will be able to splurge more seeing that she is doing her own wedding.I’m sure it will be marvelous! 4-5 hrs away is not that bad, you think?

      • Not completely southern. I don’t see them in Kentucky but I have been to one in the Cleveland, OH area. I will go there or Popeye’s bit not KFC. Sadly, the worst KFC I’ve ever had is in Kentucky. The fried chicken from the deli at Walmart is much better.

      • They have in Lexington, KY. I know what you mean about some KFC locations. I didn’t know they had in Cleveland

      • It is a privately owned by a Christian family and they have pretty good food. My daughter loves to go there and another bonus for their employees is they are closed on Sundays.

      • And although they are closed on Sundays, they are still a very lucrative business. I wish I had started the franchise in my city. It is packed from opening to closing. They have the most courteous employees you will ever deal with.

      • Absolutely the best and friendliest employees. I love when they say, “my pleasure”. Customer service as its finest!

    • Can’t stand the Megalomaniac Paul and his spoiled rich kid who still lives in his parent’s large home routine. It seems that the producers know what comps to throw up at what time to secure the best HoH for their TV show. This season seems so rigged.

    • Lol. Awwe, too cute. I had the same experience watching Paul. He deserves to win. Nicole and Cory haven’t done anything but lie to people and lye in bed more than half the season. They showed no loyalty at all. I dont like players like that. I didn’t care for Vanessa, Steve, or Liz but i respected the way they kept an alliance down to the end. I have no respect for Nicory. I hate when slimy players win. It makes my blood boil. Vanessa was pretty much a straight shooter, I wasn’t a fan but she earned my respect.

  2. I read somewhere that whoever is evicted tonight, presumably Victor, won’t go to the jury house, but will go to a hotel. Is this true, and if so, why?

    • Nope, from what I understand(unless they change it up) Victor will be the last jury member going to jury house. But the person who is evicted next, finishing 4th, they stay in a hotel until finale night.
      I’m not exactly sure why though. Someone on here must know??

      • Maybe to keep jury from trying to decide who to vote for. One more will come out but they don’t know who so votes would have to be try again. Just a guess.

      • Because of timing I believe. The segment where the Jury discusses who should win is taped in advance. Can’t remember who said it, James or Nicole. Apparently the HG that finishes 4th shows up for the taping of the Jury discussion and then all Jury members are sent to hotels so they can’t discuss their choices further

      • Yes, that’s correct. the 4th place finisher shows up right when the round table jury discussion is going on and after that all of the jury members are sent to hotels, I forgot about that part. Thanks for the input.

      • James said on the feeds a week or so ago that the jurors all get separated with a week to go , so they can’t all decide on who wins the game before the finale

      • All the jurors go to a hotel the last week. So whoever is evicted after Victor will go there also.

  3. Way to go Paul get Nicole out she said that she hasn’t been on the block yet burst her bubble and send her out it will be up to James to send her out the door.hope he does.

      • Not necessarily. Remember, Steve won last year and he was not athletic at all. The last comp is mental so he may be better off going against Corey than Nicole.

        Even if the first comp is physical and Corey wins, Paul then faces off against James who he has a great chance of beating. Then Corey and Paul face off in a mental comp about what house guests may have said. I think Paul is much more perceptive about people than Corey so he could pull of a win in that final comp for HoH. Then Paul evicts Corey an its him and James lobbying for votes.

      • I think you are correct. Paul spent all summer talking to and manipulating nearly everyone in the house while Corey was canoodling with Nicole. Therefore, Paul knows the houseguests better than Corey and could beat him in a comp about what houseguests said.

      • Exactly! This will be Nic or Corey’s downfall of their “sleep through the game” strategy. Plus Nic didn’t get to know anyone else besides Corey and Paulie.

      • So true why Cory won HOH because he is so tall didn’t
        take much to put his hand get it last time they played when
        Victor was still in the house.

  4. I hope is true, even though I don’t care for him to win.
    He may put up Corey since he put him up and possibly James.
    Victor and Paul planned to take Nicole to final 3. I hope she goes to jury right behind Victor.

    • Either way , no combo is taking Paul to F2 .. He has to win the final two comps of the summer to get a seat in the end

      • I think Paul may be more strategic than we think. He wins when he needs to – and has played a good social game

      • Absolutely! I would have called her that and a bitch! She should keep her mouth shut! I dont see how people view things the way they do. The thing with Michelle was an isolated incident, had nothing to do with his social game. She bit him and he bit her back harder! Also, your comment about Nicole never getting to know anyone but Cory and James is so true! Wow I never realized that. Thats a GREAT point that the jury should hold against her. I know she sucks already, but that point she really sucks. She shouldnt win.

      • I TOTALLY AGREE!! Sure, it is a harsh word in and of itself…BUT she was being an antagonistic immature bitch, and just like Paul called her out: She kicks people when they’re down…Then cries when things don’t go her way. Even when she was immaturely berating Paulie (who sure, was a douche), it seems like she would only get a big mouth when she thought was in a big group of people who felt the same way as her. She kind of seems like a bully…tough when she thinks she’s “safe,” then cowers away when being stood up to.

    • Boy, I hope Snakole is evicted Wednesday. But Paul may see her as the easiest to win against out of her and Corey. Which is a toss up in my opinion.

    • Yesterday before feeds went down Paul was telling James it would be stupid to take Nicole to F2 because she would win. Now I don’t know if he was just telling James that in case James won.

  5. I completely agree with Shirley and Carla above. I’m way beyond pisssssed, if this is true! He is the most disgusting, foul mouthed, vile, crude, rude, loud, dirty, mean, lying, nasty, arrogant, obnoxious a**hole!
    Anyone who believes half of his “stories” then I’ve got some land to sell you. And if he’s only 23, I must be 93 then! Yes, hoping the “gift” Jeff presents him with is a huge bar of soap! Ha! Ha! I don’t even want to know what’s growing/hiding inside of that ridiculous beard either. Ugh!

  6. Guess it’s goodbye to Corey (if he does not win veto) because James will not vote to evict Nicole! That is if the leak is true and Paul did win HoH! :-)

  7. Paul is an HOH follower & I just don’t get how ppl think he played a strategic game? He didn’t get anyone out cuz of his ‘brilliant’ strategy. He’s won one HOH big whoop! He’s sat in the HOH room annoying everyone and wouldn’t know his ass from a tea-kettle!
    Just saying.
    And shave that disgusting beard wacko!

    • That is Paul’s strategy. He does follow the HOH and then he heavily influences their actions, thus keeping the blood off his hands. Some people may not admire this strategy, but it has certainly worked for him. He is at least playing a game and not laying about all season.

      • well let’s see…james lost his buffalo nickle, then there is that iffy soulmate situation and he got a pair of flip flops…corey got advice from harry potter and apparently had his snake charmed..nicole went to summer camp and learned to be a snake charmer…i think that pretty much sums it up

      • I have a feeling she already knew the mechanics, but she just got a lot of practice. If my husband acted as unimpressed/unaffected about the goings on undercover as Doofus seems to, I think I’d go take classes. :(

      • Would hate to hear what she sounds like at her ‘peak’ so to speak. Oh Coreeeeeeeeeyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy screech.

      • Well let’s see, Nicole held back & watched everyone else be put up, or shut up from the rest of the house & when it came time to be strategic & win comps: she did just that. Perhaps she gave Corey the same advice cuz guess what? If worked!
        James, I think he remained under the radar as well. A good game strategy IMO.
        I think it’s pretty impressive all three of them, Nicole, Corey & James were hardly on the block at all this season.
        Paul on the other hand was expendable becuz he was on the block multiple times & becuz of bigger threats he didn’t go home but the potential was always there if the house wanted to vote that way.
        Nicole, Corey & James were smart to lay low & watch the rest go at it! I think that’s brilliant.
        Pauls only plan was to sit in the HOH room with some floaty-pelican attached to his waist like an idiot! After Victor returned he played Vic’s game or sat around the HOH thinking he was awesome & that the audience thought he was another ‘Evel Dick!!’ Ohhhhhh aand that we were all a fan of his beard and that somehow the world now says ‘friendship’ instead if… Ohhhhhh I don’t know…. You fill that one in! Hahaha!
        Paul’s just not a winner in my eyes! IMO

      • Snakole HOH wins were both handed to her. Oh yeah, she won one POV that she should have won since she played in the comp before. James not winning doesn’t count since he and Snakole are a packaged deal. Her winning is the same as his winning.

      • Actually they weren’t. The first HOH she was very strategic how she got it. She made them think she didn’t want it. The second HOH James only made a deal because he was ready to fall. Anyone could clearly see that. Nicole could of hung on for another hour. She earned that. And she’s won TWO POVs which the last one she won helped her follow through on evicting Victor. She deserves to win.

      • As I’m sure you know…I’m just happy she’s FINALLY going on the block. Should have already been up there many times before NOW. Gonna love watching her squirm!!!

      • Yep but she went the entire game not being nominated. When there’s only 4 left odds are you’re going up. She’ll just win POV and take herself down. ;-).

      • Not exactly! She didn’t go the ENTIRE game without being nominated. The game is still in FULL swing!! Everyone will be fighting HARD to win POV this go around. Yeah right, she’s so great at comps it’s guaranteed she will win POV. Just like she won HOH last night, eh!!!

      • Excuse me wrong choice of words but you get what I mean. She’s stayed off the block for 99% of the game. And she’s better at physical comps and mental comps then the others. She has a great chance. By the way we don’t even know yet who Paul nominated. We’re just assuming. So she still could be off the block! And as far as HOH last night I don’t think anyone is going to win every HOH. I’m sure production fixed it for Paul since everyone seems to think Production is fixing everything for Nicole.

      • Very true…she could be safe, although I hope not. Guess we’ll know for sure tonight, right??? By the way, I’ve enjoyed our FRIENDLIER hashing back and forth, a lot more. Until tonight then…keep your fingers cross….LOL…cuz I’m anxious for her to be on the block and evicted!!!

      • I know you are. Lol. Yeah it’s interesting to see how other people feel especially when they voice their opinion on game play and not personal. If we all liked the same person it would be like crickets on these sites.

      • I find it funny that you think that Nicole and James played a great strategic game but Paul just happened to make it to final 4. I think Paul deserves to be there because despite not knowing the game like Nic and James and being a target early on, he was able to regroup and stay in the game and influence it. I can’t remember one instance aside from the last 2/3 weeks where Nicorey or James influenced the game.

      • It’s funny, if you like the person their lay low game play was a great move, if you don’t like the person the lay low strategy makes them a floater!

    • I don’t think he’s strategic, as much as playing a good social game. He has managed to stay alive to F4

  8. I heard this last night and hope it’s true! Time for the snake and the snake charmer to sit next to each other OTB.

    • Bear with me here, Buford, please. I was having a hard time figuring out which is the snake and which is the charmer. Since Dingus is a snake, as has been decided by multiples of posters and HGs, I assume Doofus would be the charmer. But, she has been charming his snake for a few weeks, so she could also be considered the charmer and him the snake. So, to put this to rest, I envisioned the deadly hooded cobra as Dingus with her messy bun(hood) and Doofus as the guy playing the pungi, basically because I couldn’t imagine what a whining pungi would sound like. :(

  9. Looks like Paul might pull this out! I’m not saying I’m a huge fan of him personality wise, but he I do think he played a better game than those that are left…especially James, who I think Paul would be stupid not to take to the F2 with him. In fact, any of them should take James to F2 to ensure they win.

  10. Nic or Cor needs to win the veto. When they do, that person would be the controlling vote. James would be up and out. This is probably a much better scenario with Paul winning HOH. Had Nic won HOH it would have set Corey up to leave for definite unless of course he won the POV. More chances with this.

      • Not sure what you are saying here. Had nothing to do with what I said. I was giving the scenarios of Nic or Cor winning the POV and then James would go home in 4th place. Paul has already won HOH per this story.

    • Paul or James need to win veto and send out hopefully Snakole. Oh what karma most in the jury house would have to see her walk through the door.

  11. Maybe this season can be salvaged after all! I was really hoping that Paul would win!! Yippeee!!! Paul winning this season is the only outcome that will make me feel like I haven’t wasted my time with BB18. I trust Matthew that he would not steer us in the wrong direction!

  12. Oh Gawd…LET IT BE TRUE….LET IT BE TRUE!! Please let Paul win HOH and put up Snakole and Corey. I don’t care who win just as long as Snakole is on the block.

  13. If James is again the deciding vote, Corey will be evicted. If Corey or Nicole win the veto then James will likely get evicted. Of those remaining, Corey has the most wins. Nicole is see as a snake and already has some jury votes against her. James is rather blah and seems to have floated through everything. Paul comes across as a sleazy used car salesman won could sling enough bull to sway the jury. If he gets to final 2 he will likely be the winner.

  14. It still boils down to the veto. I hope James or Paul wins it to keep Corey and Nicole on the block. But I also think James saves Nicole and evicts Corey which is, to me, the worst outcome. I think Corey is more deserving to win than Nicole.

    But I have come to know disappointment with BB finishes every year. If Nicole wins, I will be disappointed again.

      • IMO James only saves Nichole if he thinks he can win against her or if they really have that oft-theorized pre-game alliance which IMO would have to include sharing $$.

      • Well, we probably won’t have to be too concerned about it..because James throws every comp he plays..unless it is an endurance and he has to prove his manhood! He wants no blood on his hands at all..but in this game..IMO..if you don’t have your hands dirty..then you don’t deserve the win. James has done nothing in this game but lay low the entire time.

      • At least Paul has played the game. James has not. Dirty language and name-calling has been a staple of this show for years.

  15. Everyone keeps saying the real power this week is the Veto holder. Am I the only one who thinks HOH is pretty freakin’ important, as it guarantees your place in the F3? It’s true, Veto holder decides who goes home, but as long as it’s not Paul (the HOH! Yay!), I really don’t give a rat’s a$$ who goes.

  16. This is a bit off topic but did anyone watch BBAD last night? Since it was actually taped yesterday morning, everyone was basically still asleep but about half way through, Nicole finally got up and eventually Corey too… and the vibe between those two was definitely “off”. She fixed breakfast for the 2 of them and he barely spoke or even looked at her. She then found Play-Doh(& Tie-Dye)in the storage room which only she had any interest in. She asked him what was wrong & even tried cuddling him for
    a brief time but he was acting really strange, even rolling his eyes once.

    • I watched a little of it, but after 1/2 hr of watching them all sleeping, I turned the t.v. off and went to bed myself.

    • I haven’t watched it all yet but I turned it on for a few minutes last night and saw that it was a lot of sleeping. Wow what an exciting episode. Lol So I just went to bed. I was going to just delete it today but now I’m going to have to fast forward through and see what you mean. Lol

      • Yes, please do. You’ll have to FF through about the first 2 hours until they are both up & in the kitchen together but I’m just wondering if it’s me reading more into it or not. I’m not usually watching these people when they first wake up in the morning so I’m wondering if that’s their usual type of behavior. Maybe Corey just isn’t a morning person or was in a “mood” or perhaps he’s just mentally checking out but his body language and attitude seemed so standoffish.

      • I will check it out, but I’d bet he’s putting distance between them, because he’s not interested in taking the relationship out side of the house. Here is the time we will all find out if Nicole feels the same way, or if she was just playing it cool hoping she would change his mind by the end of the game.

      • Yes, that could definitely be it. Maybe he’s trying to distance himself now because of that or perhaps something happened between them, earlier in the
        morning yesterday or during the night. We’ll see.

      • There was definitely something off. I saw some eye rolls from Corey and he didn’t smile at all when they were cuddling, but Nicole was all smiles. She had twinkles in her eyes. I swear she’s head over heels for him. You can tell by the way she talks to him, smiles while she’s talking to him and the way she says his name. But he was acting completely opposite towards her. I think he is definitely trying to distance himself from her. I don’t even think he said “good morning ” to her when he came down for breakfast.

    • If noms remain then same yes, but there’s a 50/50 chance James will go home. Paul and Nicole are in F3 regardless who wins veto.

    • I didn’t watch the last show, deleted it from DVR, and cancelled all future BBAD and BB. I’d rather talk to you all from here on out. You all are the cat’s meow for me. :D

      • Agree. Production was way too obvious with Nicole and James this season and it turned a lot of people off. ?

      • I really hope production listens to our comments, rather than assuming we love certain players no matter what…and assuming that our favorable opinions about a player can’t change from one year to another (I was rooting for James & Nicole in their seasons…now I’m trying to figure out which one I could stand being F2)

      • Well said Anja!

        Would be great if production took a quick skim of all these comments and realized that we are not big fans of Nicole and James this season.

        Paul and Vic have made BB18 memorable.

      • On topic, don’t mention cats to me. I have been chasing up to 5 cats out of my yard. They have been pulling up the pine grass using the front and back yard as a bathroom.. I am too undone! :(

      • No fun when the neighbor’s allow their animals to mess up your yard. Bad neighbors not bad animals. I’m not a cat lover anyway so I understand. I like dogs, though.

      • You are so correct. He loves the cats, just can’t control them. They are pretty but act as if they own the yard. They look at me as if they’re saying, what, we’ve owned this yard for the past year and are not giving up our rights.

        This house was empty for a year prior to my moving here.

      • So the cats had taken possession of it. It was their litter box. It can be unpleasant to make enemies of neighbors, but obviously your neighbor has no concern about their cats making things unpleasant for you. I’d call animal control if neighbor is uncooperative. Good luck with that.

      • Yes, they are squatting. I phoned Animal Control yesterday who referred me to the Sheriff’s office, who told me because the neighbor is feeding, he is now responsible for them. The Sheriff is paying him a visit. When I first talked to the neighbor and learned he had been feeding them, I informed him we didn’t know the sex, he said he did and that they are boy/girl. I said to him – you know we’ll have a gazillion cats running around, to which he had no response. He then asked me what he could do for me not to call Animal Control, my response, keep them out of my yard. Well, we know the end if this story!

  17. So if true, then could this be the exact same thing I called last night on another thread? I am not 100% correct on this because in my prediction, Corey got evicted. We shall see how that goes, I also called James winning the VETO too.

  18. This would be FABULOUS! Super bummed Vic had to go but it is what it is. As much as I loathe the idea of Nicole and Corey being in F3, I loathe the idea of James winning $50k more. He’s a lying lazy backstabbing weasel who should have left weeks ago. I hope Nicole wins veto and is forced to send her buddy James home. Good times ahead!

    • james got a used old pair of flip flops from natalie…i think we can call it good and he can roll on out

    • I’m with you. James or Nicole going home would be a good week for me.
      Vic has my vote for AFP.

      • Crystal, this would make up for all the lying and backstabbing that James has done on the show.

        Love your analogy of weasel. He is‼️

      • I can’t believe that I was happy when he left the 1st time…now he is one of my top 3 favorite players of all time. I’ll definitely be voting for Vic for AFP this year, more than ever!

      • Ditto! I was so happy when he left the first time and so sad the second and third. Jozea made us hate him and Paul lol.

      • He sure did. I’m like, are you serious…who is this kid and why are they following him??? Lol Paul caught on in time enough to burn that bridge and start building a new one. I love Vic to peices but he sure is naive and gullible. Its sounds better than saying he’s just plain ol dumb. Lol.

      • Why? Cuz he got voted out 2xs & only becuz of the twists was back in.
        If you really look Paulie jumped from the wall. He could have gone longer. I think they paid him to lose. IMO

      • Doubtful but anything is possible with this production team which has allowed Nicole (with Corey) and James to sail into the F4

      • AGREED! I secretly hope that it is enough money for him to be able to move out to LA like he wanted to, and then he and Paul can continue their #friendship lol. And Pablo too!

      • It was sad watching him talk about not being able to move to LA to pursue his dreams. He looked so crushed and defeated.

        Really hoping he gets signed to a good agency because from the looks of it, America really digs him! ?

      • Ditto! In a perfect world Nicole would go home tomorrow but I don’t think there’s any chance of that happening. Paul can’t vote and both James and Corey would save her over each other, so James will have to do for now. I’m hoping for a Paul/Corey finale at this point but woah Paul will really have to step up his comp game. TEAM VIC ALL THE WAY!

      • Agreed! Paul is the best person in the house now, I’m really concerned though that production is pushing for Nicole to win. I don’t think there’s ever been a showmance in the finale so they might be pushing for that too for something new

      • Also I don’t think there’s ever been two vets in a finale so yes prod is definitely pushing for Nicole to win the final HOH

      • TBH James or Nicole don’t deserve a cent after all the cheating they’ve engaged in and repeatedly. Production has interfered way too much this season; it was more than obvious.

    • Yeah I could only roll my eyes when I found out in the beginning of the Season that they brought James back.

      • The people they brought back were all horrible choices imo and they were really scraping the bottom of the barrel. I don’t like returnees, they’ve had their chance, let’s move on to new peeps. I’m nervous about the new season and who the players are, do NOT want returnees!

    • I usually agree with you Crystal, but on Snakole winning veto…we must part ways. Still like ya though!!!

      • Don’t get me wrong, in a perfect world she would lose veto and go home, but I honestly don’t see James or Corey voting to evict her regardless who she’s sitting beside. So if she can’t go home tomorrow James will have to do. I don’t like Corey in any way but I can’t stand James and Nicole.

  19. My hope — Nicorey nom’d. Corey wins Veto, saves himself and votes Nic out. Paul and Corey make F2 so that James doesn’t get the $500 or $50k. Vic wins AFP. The 2 vets don’t walk away with anything beyond their contract and what they won in comps.

      • As if America didn’t know. Corey just used her. But she let herself get used.

        Unlike James who used his supposed ‘clout’ to try to get Natalie to fall in love with him. Smh

      • Maybe she’s been using him the whole time.

        Why do we got to assume women are desperate for a relationship if they sleep with a guy, or that they are being used.

        Nicole is a bright girl, I’m quite convinced she knows exactly what she’s doing.

        Before the eviction she started floating ideas to Corey about nominating Paul and Victor, then when Corey wins HOH he starts saying he’s going to nominate Paul and Victor like it was his idea. Then she stroked his ego telling him ‘he’s playing big brother!’ and that he’s so good at this game. Also convincing all the boys she wouldn’t win in the end.

        Let’s stop acting like Nicole is this innocent little princess, who is only being used by the cool guy jock. I’m convinced it’s the other way around, and she’s having a good time doing it. Good for her.

      • If that’s the case then good for her! But she’s been on two seasons now and has been hooking up in both of them.

        What does it say about Nicole? A lot or not much.

        She’s been saying how she wouldn’t mind losing the $500k to Corey and James. If that really comes to pass and then she’s not the smart cookie you’ve been thinking she is.

      • Saying she wouldn’t mind losing is a dead giveaway that she knows exactly what she’s doing. She’s learned a few things from playing with Derrick. She’s making sure she makes it to final 2, and she’ll solve that problem when she gets there. With the majority being women in jury and the fact that DaVonne wants a female winner and she’s quite vocal and can be quite convincing, I think all Nicole has to do is make it to final 2, the rest will take care of itself.

    • Don’t get me wrong that would be SUPER AMAZING OMG AWESOME SPECTACULAR, but there’s zero chance of Corey or James sending Nicole home. I hope F3 is Paul, Corey, and Nicole, Paul wins final HOH and takes Corey, Paul wins $500,000 Corey wins $50,000 and Victor wins $25,000.

      • This would truly be great. Vic deserves AFP more than anyone else.

        Let’s keep our fingers crossed!

      • Not so sure Corey wouldn’t send Nic home. Why would he keep her? He doesn’t need her and it would be a toss up as to whether he could get the votes over her. James he could possibly beat

      • I agree with your thinking but I don’t see him sending home his sex buddy for a few reasons that aren’t game smart. He does owe a lot of his progression and safety in the game to her plus that would be one less jury vote, James wouldn’t even be mad.

      • James smh

        Sorry but he must be the worst player this season. He’s turned off so many viewers.

      • From blatantly lying to Bridgette about keeping her and Frank safe to being the final vote to evict Victor I’m completely done with him. SERIOUSLY WHO LIKES THIS GUY?

      • Don’t know why BB bothers to give him a favorable edit. Wouldn’t be surprised if others just fast forward him. Don’t even watch him in the feeds.

      • Well, Corey, Nicole and James won’t be in F3. One of them is going home #4. And if Paul wins the final HOH, the other two don’t have a choice as to who sits next to him. He could easily choose Corey.

      • I don’t think Paul wins no matter who he’s against. Especially after what he called Michelle. She can’t stand him and Natalie Already said she won’t vote for him. If he’s against Corey then Corey would also have Nicole, Paulie, James and Z’s vote. Paul loses.

      • Well let’s look at the scenarios:

        Paul and Corey

        Day- Paul (not a bitter jury)
        Z- Paul (impressed with gameplay)
        Bridgette- Paul (they bonded during Z’s blindside)
        Paulie- Paul (contrary to popular beleif he does respect smart moves and the fact that Paul outplayed him says a lot)
        Meech- Corey (bitter against Paul)
        Natalie- Corey (though I can’t see why)
        Nicole- Corey (no duh)
        James- Probably Paul (because he’d be stupid to)

        Paul and Nicole

        Day- Nicole
        Z- Nicole
        Bridgette- Paul
        Paulie- Nicole
        Meech- Paul (she hates Nicole)
        Natalie- Paul (also hates Nicole)
        Corey- Nicole ( no duh again)
        James- Nicole (No duh)

        Paul and James

        Day- Paul
        Z- Paul
        Bridgette- Paul
        Paulie- Paul (bitter about James)
        Meech- James (allies)
        Natalie- James- (no duh)
        Corey- Paul (respects Paul more than James)
        Nicole- James (no duh)

        So I think if Paul eliminates Nicole and wins final HOH, he’d have a grand chance of winning.

      • Paul and Corey. Paulie would vote for Corey along with Natalie, James, Nicole and Z. Why do I think he’ll get Paulie, James and Z? Because Paulie and James are his BFF’s and Z hates Paul and will follow Paulie. Paul and Nicole I agree with all except Natalie. Natalie already told James if it’s Paul and Nicole then Nicole would have her vote. She hates Paul even more then she hates Nicole. Paul and James not so sure. You could be right. But the votes I think are a toss up are Day and Corey. I think Paul might lose in F2. But he might not even get there. Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

  20. Some of the commentators here have decided that
    Paul should win $500k
    Corey goes home with $50k
    Vic should take AFP $25k

    While this would be ideal for some, there is still one big hurdle Paul needs to overcome and that’s production as they have been favoring Nic and James from Day 1

    • How can they tinker with it? Unless they make some drastic changes to the three final HOH comps, there’s nothing left to “fix.” They all play the same three comps (two of which are always variations on the same theme, and the last is always Scales of Justice). It’s pretty fair and square.

      • The timed comps (MacGyver) played individually really leaves room for a lot of tampering. A lot.

        Corey definitely got a heads up when he headed towards the wall.

      • I understand that there has been speculation to that effect throughout the season, but we’re talking about moving forward. Short of giving them each the answers to the puzzle and Scales of Justice questions well in advance, which I don’t see happening, there are too many unpredictable variables to “fix” the outcome.

      • Okay, but that brings us back to my original comment. “Unless they make drastic changes…” They always have (1) an endurance that involves holding on to something while suspended from something and being beaten, dunked, doused, shaken, stirred, etc., etc. (2) a puzzle (often also while suspended, though they did *just* do the BB Comics, which is very similar); and (3) Scales of Justice. Now, if they dramatically change those to favor whoever is left of those two (remember, James, Nicole or Corey will be leaving before that), then I’ll buy into the conspiracy. Right now, I just don’t see it, though.

      • You may be right, if there is any tampering done by production it be prior. But, you will be surprised what sophisticated intelligence is capable of accomplishing. People dont work for NASA being dumb. I dont know if they do it here in this game but it certainly can be done.

      • The people that rules this world certainly didn’t get there by a crap shoot. Its fixed!… But thats a whole other conversation though.;-)

  21. Anyone else think that these prizes are a bit antiquated and should be increased?? At the very least AFP should be $50k or $75k.

    Ideally, 1st place should be $750k or $1 million (like Survivor), 2nd place should be $100k and AFP should be $125k

      • Exactly. They have has the same amounts since 1st season while the show has been raking in the millions.

        In fact, AFP got $50k or $75k season1 right?

    • YES! I’ve thought that for a long time. But CBS is cheap. They are trolling the feedsters and suscriber’s to upgrade. When you watch other shows the commericial’s are relentless, so much so that I quit watching other seasons and find other ways to watch them. I’m not paying more, I already paid and we still get fish most of the time.

      • So true. Tried watching season 1 of BB but the commercials are just too much and refused to pay more for what is a regular broadcast channel like NBC, ABC (who don’t charge a single penny).

  22. From a pure television entertainment standpoint, Paul is far and beyond the best thing to happen to BB18. He’s game smart, but he’s also television-smart: he plays to the camera with a bigger personality than any other 3 HGs combined (except maybe Frank). Particularly in his embrace of the sleeveless-suited, Pablo-adorned BB Secret Service agent, complete with table slides and stream of consciousness as-libs into nonexistent mics, Paul has won the TV game by a mile. I know there are posters that have bristled against his use of profanity, but not only did he get the attention of the viewers but his array of catch phrases actually influenced the way other HGs spoke. I can’t count how many HGs adopted “fool f’s himself,” “your boy,” on and on. Some would argue that he’s single handedly resuscitated a season marred by the most bland and sleepy cast in a long time.

    • Not only profanity but racist remarks. And also you don’t call a woman a c#nt. I think he’s lost the TV game by a mile.

      • I absolutely hate this word, you really have no idea how much and I think she deserved it too. Meech had been stealing Paul’s and other HG’s personal items all season long.

      • i gotta say i found the theft thing so strange…i wonder if production addressed that…it’s sort of creepy

      • Not only is it creepy, it is also called theft. I hope they addressed the issue, but I wouldn’t hold my breath. CBS is proving to be dodgey at best these days.

      • No woman deserves to be called that. But of course you would think that coming from a male. Do you call your wife that?

      • I totally agree no woman should ever be called that, but let’s not ignore Meech’s attitude, jealousy (over frank with bridge), pettiness, and constant mouthing off in conversations that she wasn’t even a part of.

        Some people just deserve to be called a cunt, just like some guys seriously deserve a punch in the mouth sometimes.

        I’m not taking sides or being sexist, just calling a spade ~ a spade.

      • If I were even half the b*tch Meech is, I’d feel like I deserve being called that.
        ~If some guy calls me a c*nt, I’ll call him a d*ck.

        I know most women hate the word. The meaning & sound of it. But Meech was just a catty jerk. I don’t even care she was called that lol.
        “Let’s be blunt
        You’re a c*nt”

      • “I totally agree no woman should ever be called that”
        “Mech deserved it. Jealous little bitch.”

        So which is the truth?

      • It was pure aggression on Paul’s part. Remember when Nat put him on the block how he cornered Nicole downstairs and screamed and hollered at her blaming her for her for being nominated? He made sure corey wasn’t around when he did that too.
        Paul has his good points but I’m having a lot of trouble rooting for him.

      • lol. I was thinking it you just said it. Meech pushed and pushed not that he should of used that particular word but she got the point and shut her mouth. Unfortunately that word might be a $500,000.00 mistake

    • AGREE!!! I dont get why ppl hate his game so much. I dont think any of the players could have survived what he has this season. He has been on the outs of nearly everything all season. Also, the fact that his personality wasn’t palatable to most of the houseguests was also another hurtle to overcome and He’s still there, WITHOUT having a bunch of comp wins, I think that’s genius! Now thats an old fashioned Big Brother winner there!

      • I don’t hate his game I think he ended up being a great puppet master which is exactly what you have to do to win the game.

      • Paul has had the same # of HoH wins as Corey and Nic and same # of Vetos as Nic. Really, the first HoH for Nicole was given to her so he’s ahead of her there. And then there’s pathetic James with 1 HoH0 Vetos.

    • I agree. Paul may be a loudmouth but hey who knows? This could be his strategy. And for somebody who doesn’t know jack about this game he’s doing a great job. Either that or he’s lying about not knowing how this game works to look less like a threat.

    • Completely agreed! Paul is a very, very deserving winner, especially given the fact that he knew relatively little about the game before entering the house.

  23. I hope and pray that it is true! It will be awesome if it is. Put that pos Nicole up I wish james and her could leave together. Can’t stand either of them

  24. Just to realistic and the way production has been showing their cards, Nicole will most likely win the next comp. So if this happens, this means Corey is going home.

    What’s even worse is that she will take James to F2.

    Let’s just hope production keeps it fair. They have many new viewers – this one included – because of players like Paul and Vic.

    • Why are lots of people saying that Nic is sending Corey out? Did she finally figure out that he’s a player – albeit a dull one – but still..?

      • Nicole likes to play for the camera to give production footage and material.

        Paul won the HOH and POV now.

        He finally put up Nicole and Corey.

        This means James has the vote.

        James/Natalie have a F2 alliance already.

        Paul just made a F2 alliance with James

        Natalie may be plotted to betray Paul and take James to the F2

  25. They really have made a joke of this show. Blatantly talking about paying each other money if they get to the end. On the live feed like we are idiots. I would hate to see either of them win. But then again winners are always someone I didn’t want to win. Just once I want to like the winner and not think of them as scumbag

  26. Ah I’m hoping this is true. Even if you aren’t a Paul fan…at least this makes things interesting!

      • I don’t know why you’re rolling your eyes at me. I meant it’s interesting because personally I think it’s better than having one of the other 3 win, because they all have an alliance.

      • And….we didn’t see Paul lay in bed all season either hold court, hanky panky or sleeping. He has actually campaigned and strategized the whole time.

  27. I saw this last night on Twitter and I thought this has to be tooooo good to be true, but seeing it here really gives me hope. For once in this game, things might be looking up! Paul for the win, Baldwin for AFP

  28. Look at this site. Over 400 comments already this morning. I saw this last night when twitter exploded from this rumor. I hope it’s true..you’re The Bomb..Miss Cleo..Ha!! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  29. Say what you want about Paul, at least he earned it with his gameplay. He didn’t have veteran experience, pregame alliances and production carrying him through the game like Snacole does.

    • True Paul has also developed as a gameplayer and as a person. Week 1 he was cocky and one of Jozea’s lackeys. He also was King Douchebag these first few weeks. But as time went on he kept his mouth shut and made to final 4. You gotta give him that.

      • I absolutely hated Paul the first half of the game, but when they put him in the Secret Service suit he won me over. Is he loud and brash, yes. Does he swear too much, f*ck yeah, LOL. He was most improved HG this season while all the others dropped dramatically in my estimation.

      • Agree to a certain extent, but it gets tiresome and offensive when there’s more f–king f–k words in a sentence than f–king meaningful f–king words.LOL

      • Agree! Cuss words aren’t meant to be spoken every sentence. They’re for making a point, for f**k’s sake!

      • Didn’t like him from the start. Actually both of them (Paul.Vic) Now I just see Paul as a f’king character on BB…so fck yeah!…Paul for the win!

      • Paul is someone you can spend time with a not be bored to death like Nicole, James or Corey.

        He has a personality. Something those three terribly lack.

  30. Am I the only one who still likes Paul? Yeah he has his moments of being a douche but compared to everyone who’s left atleast he’s working his ass off. And atleast he’s likeable compared to James (dumb as rocks), Nicole (passive aggressive), and Corey (bland risotto). I mean yeah he said a lot of douchey things but who’s to say this isn’t game related to be the annoying kid of the group. Plus Paul’s gameplay has improved at Week 3 when his social game has sky rocketed all by making muffins. To me Paul is Enzo if he can win comps.

    As for calling Michelle the c-word, while that’s uncalled for, does it still out rank his gameplay? Besides he could possibly be bluffing by playing the annoying guy a la Zach Rance.

    So yeah I have to say if Nicole doesn’t win, the Paul has the best chance to win this game.

    #friendship #youboygotthis

    • i was team vic. now i’m team i don’t care lol i just want it all to go the opposite of however it looks like it will go just too add some drama

      • Paul played a great game even though he has a horrible personality. Natalie could have played a good game, but was too concerned with what James and America thought to follow her instincts. I liked her because she was entertaining up until James became jealous of her social game, then she had to stop.

    • No..you are not the only one. I really want Paul to win this game. His strategic play has been great..he has had his bad moments..but, they all have. IMO..he is the only one who honestly deserves the win. Nicole is production’s golden girl, Corey has hid behind Nicole the whole time, James has done absolutely nothing this entire season except play for AFP..So happy Paul won this HOH! I bet Nicole is back in the corner in the Tokyo room sobbing!

    • Paul told us beforehand that he was going to try to make Michelle upset, so I don’t think he would’ve called her the “c-word” normally. #Nevercared – unless that’s all in a day’s comments for him.

  31. Paul’s family can be really proud of their boy.

    He hasn’t done anything to embarrass them which is more than can be said about James, Nicole and Corey.

    Can’t deny that.

    • Nicorey sicken me.
      If I were either of their parents I would be mortified at the p”rn0 show they’ve been putting on for the Feeds.

    • Don’t get me wrong, I like Paul, but to say he’s done nothing to embarrass himself is just a bit much.

    • Revisionists history at it’s finest. You forget – Paul threatened to punch anyone who evicted Jozea, made racist remarks towards James, and called Michelle a derogatory word for a woman.

      • Natalie and James have played for the camera. They also have repeatedly mentioned a bribe which broke the rules.

        Paul has made this season a success. Along with Vic, they will be remembered most.

      • Unfortunately there was a very negative tone set at the beginning of the season furthered along by Paulie’s influence. All 4 of the remaining HG’s were under Paulie’s spell and laughed and supported his nasty comments and ways. Paul was one of them but he has since toned that side down, worked hard to stay in the game, has been loyal to Vic and the alliances he thought he had and been a pretty good sport about being on the block what 5 times. He’s not perfect but he keeps the game interesting and frankly any guy who loves his family and makes no secret about it, I like

      • Absolutely right. I wish more people wouldn’t be bias about his game play because they don’t like him as a person or his personality. Given his odds in this game from day one, no one else in that house could pull off what he did to survive this long and he played a reasonably clean game. I didn’t like Vanessa last summer but she played an awesome game and she stayed true to her alliances until she had to cut them lose. I like players like that. I hate dirty winners like Nicole and Cory.

      • Oh please, give me a break! You are fishing. I would rather that any day than that slimy, slithering Nicole and Cory. I hate “smiling faces, lying to the races. It takes courage to speak your mind. It takes no energy to be a slimy duplicitous snake. He calls as he see’s it. He is not racist. Give me a break. I wouldn’t know if Nicole and Cory was racist or not, because they are liars, scam artist and cheaters. I’d rather deal with the devil i know than the one I dont! Go Paul!!!

  32. Well, first time’s a charm. I never thought I would say this, but Go Corey!! Lol. This is probably very upsetting to production though, so veto comp will probably be something like who can dance on the head of a pin.

  33. Paul to the end….played the game….didn’t ride coat tails…if he did he knew when to jump off….added some life to the season….my AFP.

    • I was convinced that Paul auditioned for the show solely to promote his business, and there’s no doubt he has done that. Regardless of his motive he’s been on fire nearly 100% of the time, save a couple of days when he went down ill. I agree that he played the game to its fullest. We can debate whether we like his language or his sense of humor but the results are he went all-out from day 1 and made it to F4. Scoreboard!

      • Right, people forget what an a** he was in the beginning. Now all of a sudden he’s God because he may evict Nicole.

      • From what is actually written here in this comment thread alone, it would seem that literally no one liked Paul in the beginning. Almost every appreciative post begins with a caveat along the lines of, “I did not like Paul at first…” So I’m not sure what people you’re thinking of. Next, it seems obvious that he gradually began winning fans as the season progressed, rather than suddenly. The only “sudden” change that could be argued based on actual written posts was as a direct result of his stint in Zingbot’s Secret Service. Finally, the overwhelming reaction on this thread is general happiness that pulled out an unlikely HOH win (maybe). Whether or not he has a hand in evicting Nicole is beside the point.

  34. Paul winning HoH is really interesting.

    If Paul or James wins veto, Corey goes home.

    But what is really interesting is what happens if Nicole wins veto. The ultimate test of the pre game alliance conspiracy theories. Honestly, she may throw it to avoid having to make the call. All very well to hint to Corey you may cut him F3 because you can beat James. But would she cut him F4?

  35. Would have loved Vic and Paul in the end. Nicole james disgust me and Corey is riding Nicole all the way while getting his rocks off every night. Wonder if he has ever reciprocated lol. And that moron (Nicole) thinks it’s true love. Hahahah. Would love for Corey to throw her under the bus. Would make me root for him in the end. The best comment this year that I read was when Nicole looks up her nostrils look like electrical outlet. So true

  36. Give AFP to a new player (no vets). If Corey logic to take out Victor because he had his chance and was voted out then Nicole and James should not have a chance either. They did not even make it this far during their own BB tenure.

  37. Since the newbies have wanted the Vets out from the beginning; I think James and Nicole would have to take each other to the end in order for either one of them to win this season.

    • But whining about conspiracy theories when something doesn’t go their way is so much more fun for people!

      • HaHaHa! I can understand that people need to vent a little every now and then when things don’t go their way but a lot of things I’ve seen absolutely boggles the mind.
        I try to look at both sides of the story but I’m just unable to fathom why some think Nicole is the equivalent of Shakespeare’s, Richard the III; hunchback and all.

      • Not people who whine, Linda. People who bully. There’s a difference. Most people share opinions on the season in a constructive way. You and your chronies cross the line sometimes and take things too far, and end up just being cruel. (Calling for Nicole to be fired from her job, saying her parents should be ashamed of her, referring to Nicole as “hole” for Corey to use, alleging that she is a porn star and hops from bed to bed, etc) THAT is bullying. You acting like your bullying behavior is justified is what boggles me.

        By all means, keep doubling down on your antics. I still won’t apologize for wanting people to treat each other decently. I go after people’s ideas. You and your chronies go after people. Heck, I even politely offered to bury the hatchet and extend and olive branch to KSJB two days ago and was completely mocked and ridiculed for it. Classy bunch…

      • I’m not so sure Tracy. When Victor and Paul were talking this week about who they would vote for the win, one of them said they wouldn’t vote for Nicole because she’s a vet. So the rancor towards the Vets is still around and VP seem to have a good read on the jury house.
        This might be the reason everyone wants to take Nicole to the end, thinking a vet couldn’t win it all. We’ll just have to wait and see.

      • Oh yeah, Jokers is a big help for me; it’s surprising how reading all those little tidbits can clarify the situation.

  38. I really like Paul, he’s way less annoying then Nicole and Corey…I thought he was arrogant in the beginning but he’s not too bad now..#friendship# . I’ve heard of Chick-fil-A but have never had it,yall are making me hungry!!!

  39. I hope this is true! I hope, I hope, I hope this is true! I’ve thought all season that Paul is a rat—in fact I thought maybe he was ‘Pizza Rat’ in that video…but he’s played a phenomenal social game. So, if my Victor can’t win—then the only other person who has truly played BB this season, should have a shot at winning…and in my opinion, that person is Paul.
    Go for it Pizza Rat—do whatcha gotta do!!! Lol…

    • BTW, I’m serious—Paul deserves a shot at the win. He PLAYED the game. And I like him, too! Especially after his Secret Service gig.

      • I always thought he was really smart, but the secret routine won me over. When others were whining about their punishments, he made lemonade out of lemons. That’s how you play!

      • Exactly! Especially when you had the big baby who wouldn’t make his pies (I won’t even mention his name—he doesn’t deserve it) and Corey didn’t wear his hand thingies–Paul stepped up and ran with it…and it was hysterical. It brought US much needed humor after watching ‘he who shall remain nameless.’ He was priceless.

      • But if Corey wasn’t allowed to let go of his eagle, we never would’ve had the puppet show.

      • That’s true. And the puppet show…most of it…was funny. I didn’t see the whole thing, only what went on in the bedroom. Paul was really funny—but then he let Meech have a turn. *Crickets*

      • I’d forgotten about what a terrible sport Paulie was about making pie – stooping so low as to refuse his punishment for two days straight. I’m glad you brought this up. It only served to highlight how good a sport Paul was by really going “all-in.” He was funny and truly creative with it. I agree with tr8ppng that it was this season’s biggest laughs, by far.

    • Lol. I feel they same way, however I never he was a “rat”, he seems to be doing what is necessary to survive. Contrary to many, he doesn’t lie much at all. Sometimes he even plans to lie for revenge, but he always changes his mind. Lol His over the top personality was his thorn for me in begining but his game is so impeccable that I have grown fond of him entirely. Lol

      • NO! I hated it. I also hated it when Victor threw the Mardi Gras beads at the girls. I think ALL THE GUYS (even James, because he laughed at how Meech reacted to that stunt) acted deplorable at one time or another…just as EVERY SINGLE GIRL was mean at one time or another.
        Paul and Victor have played THE best games this season. They didn’t lay in bed all summer and start playing until the last 3 weeks. Since Vic has no chance, Paul deserves a shot at F2 AND the win. His game has been great.

      • Well, I can’t root for someone that vulgar but wouldn’t be upset if he did win. He has played a good game, but I just don’t like him.

      • Totally understand, but Paul did say he chose the word on purpose to make Michelle hate him. Mission accomplished, but there was collateral damage!

      • Some people are confrontational and when they feel defeated by the other person calling names is their cop out. Michelle doesn’t care and she kept talking over him so he called her a name. She left crying, rather than keeping on making him feel small.

  40. And there’s the inevitable rumor/spoiler. Why do people insist on being walking spoiler alerts? Or, bigger question, why hasn’t CBS caught on and stopped inviting people to these pre-taped evictions?

    Also, I thought people who were in the audience needed to sign a waiver that they’ll keep their mouths shut? So, I’m curious, what happens to people who break the agreement? Nothing, I’d imagine, as it happens year after year.

    As far as the rumor, this is precisely why I kept saying Paul should be the first to go. If this was the Before & After comp, as it’s been at this stage in the game for years now, then it was almost guaranteed Paul was gonna win.

    Although I will be happy if this proves to be true, only so it’ll shut the conspiracy theorists up.

    One last thing. Not sure if any one else is having this issue. But this site has been crashing my entire compute lately. The system slows down, to the point where I’m on the next sentence before the previous sentence I just typed pops up on the screen, and every time I go to reload the site, I have to close the window and access the site that way because otherwise, the chat refuses to load. Anyone else experiencing this?

    • Yes, have had some issues earlier today and again just now. It is frustrating when you are trying to catch up on posts.

    • Yes and it’s been very frustrating. In fact, I’m not even going to waste any more time today trying to post messages. Do you think it’s the increased traffic causing this?
      I’m not having trouble on any other site but here.

    • O wow, I thought it was a problem with my software. I’m experiencing exactly that. I just kept refreshing the page. It helps temporarily but reverts back after a while. Do you happen to know when BB After dark was taped yesterday? I know it wasn’t live. Im puzzled because I observed some strange energy between Nicole and Cory. He seemed to very irritated and short with Nicole. He’s not even looking at her when she speaks to him. I’ve never seen him this way. What’s puzzling me is Vic is there while this is happening. So they couldn’t have been placed on block prior to this footage I’m refering to. Its strange as to what can have them so sour in this footage.

      • Corey talked crap about Nicole to Victor one night (both guys said, “I hate girls doing that!”). Corey had told Nicole that he would, “of course, be talking to other people” when they leave the house and implied that she was mad about it and he didn’t care. This was all several days ago, though. OH! Corey indicated that Nicole wasn’t keen on him staying for the wrap party. She’s in a hurry to get home to her mom. I guess she thought he was going to follow her around like a puppy OUTSIDE the house too.

    • Oh, yesssssssssssssssssss, annoying, annoying, annoying .. slows down my computer totally .. not right this minute, but many, many times I have to reload the site or take 10 minutes to type a sentence.

  41. Paul! Someone who’s been playing all season. Started at the bottom and ended at the top! Quack! Quack! Babyyyy

    • Started from the bottom now we’re here Ayyyy! Unfortunately, I don’t think anyone is taking him to F2 so he needs to keep up the momentum.

  42. I thought this site was for Big Brother not Chic-fil-a fast food. There are a number of them in my city. I tried it once but was not impressed. Will not go back. Plus I don’t like their comments about gays. Talking about BB I hope neither NIcole nor Corey wins. They are both floaters. I didn’t care for Nicole on her season either. Plus, as far as her conduct with Corey under the covers, she has been on before and knows that everyone knows what is happening. I don’t understand how she can do that, know that the watchers are not stupid, to herself and her family.

      • Chic-fil-a is fast food chicken place – I am not impressed with food. Owners are personally religiously against gay behaviors, but do not discriminate in their business, but many take offense to their beliefs regardless. Whatever .. you make your own decisions.

  43. There is nothing Paul can do by winning HOH but putting Corey or James on the block. He doesn’t decide which will go. I don’t see Nicole going anywhere and the only way he will go further is by winning next week’s Veto. Even if he puts up Nicole she may not get evicted. James and Corey are both on Nic’s side and so is production.

      • Corey seems to be buddy buddy with James, but after Paulie left he was against him and Nicole has convinced him to side with him again.
        What I have seen this whole season is Corey doing whatever Paulie or Nicole tell him to do. Everything he has done, from winning comps to nominations has been because either of those two convinced him to. Corey choosing James over Nicole will be great, but is James choosing him over her. I doubt it.
        It will make for a great ending of the show if Nicole is betrayed.

      • I told people from the beginning, if they don’t her (nicole) out, she will go far and be nearly impossible get out, in addition to production cradling her too. I knew this would happen. I know production is sketch because they used to let Nicole, James and Cory talk and plot in the room at nights with lights out for long periods of time without buzzing them. I would get so irritated. When james was plotting to get Vic and Paul on the block during Nat and Michelle’s hoh, the they talked over and in the dark. James even hid under the covers between Nicole and Cory when Paul or Victor walked through. I was livid!

      • Right. Next week they each play and the winner gets to wait and see who they will play against for HOH. If Corey is there, I think he may beat Paul, but not James.

  44. I think James would take Corey over Nicole. Corey and him are much closer than James and Nicole. I don’t see James winning any of the remaining comps but if Paul should win the veto and keep his NOMs The same James will be making the final choice who to evict. If Paul is in James head he is going to have him evict Nicole. Even without Paul in his head I think James would save Corey. Nicole needs to win veto or I believe she is out of there.

    • The math that matters is jury math. You’ve got a female-heavy jury who hate Nicole, with Big Meech and Gnat pouring fuel on that fire. Given those numbers I’d suspect it’s a better bet to be sitting next to Nicole. However then you’re playing the risk that Bridget and Gnat don’t start singing Gurl Power, as they did with Bronte for the first 3 or so weeks. I wouldn’t expect any one of them to put actual game play ahead of gender based “solidarity.” The only sure thing is that Big Dummy loses under either equation. The sorority house is going to run this one.

  45. One thing about the profanity: This may seem crazy, but hear me out. I actually think Bridgett’s non-stop use of the infamous f word was substantially more offensive than Paul’s. Especially when she was alone with Frank. It was jarring because it was almost like she wasn’t exactly sure how to use it. It seemed like she was worried that she wouldn’t be liked by the other HGs if she didn’t drop regular f-bombs so she was always conscious of working them in. If you go back to any of her conversations in the HOH room, she stumbles over the word as an adjective, noun, verb or simple expletive. I think she hadn’t planned on that strategy until she met Paul, and when she saw how he made other HGs laugh with his use of the word she tried it out. It did not fit well. I kept wanting Paul to give her pointers.

    • I don’t think that’s such a crazy theory when it comes to Bridgette.

      As far as Paul and the other HG’s who use that word—I think it’s just another word. The F Bomb doesn’t have the same meaning as it did to those of us who are in our 40’s and 50’s. Seriously, it’s just another ‘throw away’ cuss word like ‘sh*t.’ I don’t want to say all Millennials are like that, but I sure know a lot—my nieces and nephews (PhD and/or Master degree holders, all) included, use that word as if it has no meaning at all.
      I could be wrong, but I hear it more and more often. I notice I even use it more—as it is used so gratuitously on TV and in movies.
      Just a theory.

      • I think Paul does this naturally in his real life, but some of the HGs were probably doing it as much because he was. I’m sure they all do it, but knowing that you are on TV can make someone censor themselves and they chose to just follow along.

      • Paul is just an all around fun person. He’s genuine. You can’t take that away from him.

        He’s comfortable in his own skin which is more than can be said about Nicole, James or Corey

      • He’s obnoxious. It could be because I’m old enough to be his mother, but even as a young girl I would have not had any “friendship” with him. The bs exaggerated stories are enough to make him hate me once I called him out on his lies. I wouldn’t last on that show.

      • A lot of us wouldn’t last on that show. Lol

        Just a bunch of liars and hypocrites on there. (Meant that in the nicest way possible) ?

      • Interesting perspective. I am not so much bothered by the words, but by some just cursing as if they have a verbal tic. Saying the f word literally every other word is what Paulie did, and it became as ridiculous as he was.

    • lol. I always felt uncomfortable for Brigitte when she cursed. With her whiny little girl voice she sounded like a child taking advantage being away from her parents. It doesn’t seem to suit her. I think it is fine for the feeds, but on television it should be bleeped.

    • Agree, she always seemed like she was trying too hard. Some people playing this game seem not to realize that they’re in over their head until it’s too late. Makes me wonder if she (or Tiffany) would have taken a ‘buyout’, like $2500 to self-evict. One time only chance. They could be replaced with new players..who knows what could happen?

    • More offensive? Bridget using the ‘f’ word wasn’t intended to deliberately bring another person down to the most vile level she could think of, though. A woman was standing up to Paul and he lashed out in the ugliest way he knew how.

      I love Paul and I’m rooting for him, but I’m not going to make excuses to justify what he did. It was wrong. I’m confident people have moved past it, though. Nobody’s perfect.

  46. Did anybody notice how relaxed Nichole was when they were revealing the times of the veto competition? She shouldve as nervous as the rest of them. Thats sketch to me. maybe they taped it twice and that was the second take..I hope thats the explanation.. Its almost like she’s too relaxed, all devilishly smirky and confident. She is so fake. What happened to her bashful, little innocent girl next door demeanor? Oh her horns have came out. She thinks or knows she sitting pretty.

    • Her paranoia seems to be decreasing when it should be increasing. That’s thats odd to me. I want her out bad, I can taste it. If not Paul and James f2, I’d take Cory and Paul.

  47. Terry you know ncorey fooled so many in this game that i’m not sure they would know what to do

  48. I’ve been wrecking my brain trying to examine, why Paul doesnt want to sit next to James in f2 and I think I know the reason. I hope I’m not over thinking this…lol He may think everyone in the jury hates Nicole, thats given, and as for James, he was never anybody’s huge target except for Victor for the obvious reason way late in f6. They can waiver that because of the surprise jury buy back, also he had good reason to predict there wouldn’t be one a returning juror. I think remaining target free is being hugely over looked, maybe?? That takes skill to accomplish being a vet, that was considered a “good player” in his first season. Paul just may be in trouble standing next to James!… Who knows, Im tired of trying to figure this out. Lol. What do you think of this theory??

  49. Todd Frost: Wow really Paul is good person who a mistake was it wrong of him absolutely.Now since you want to hold one bad word against him lets talk about how you felt in season 15.Lets start with Aaryn Gries who fliped Candice Stewart bed because she didn’t like the ”black girl” or how about her comment about not being able to see Candice in the dark. No no wait about her comment about the bowl of rice regarding Helen Kim and making comment about Helen doing nails because of her race.Oh wait how about GinaMarie Zimmerman comment or Andy Herren. made about Elissa Slater. using sex toys in the house.The worse houseguest of all the time… well next to Dick would Amanda Zuckerman. What about all her racist comments the smelly Puerto Ricans. Did you feel the same way or is it because Paul is
    romanian.The three litttle piggy do not deserve to win BB 18.

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