Big Brother 18 Spoilers: Battle Back Sneak Peek – Update: New Video Reveals Glenn With Advantage

Tonight on Big Brother 18’s special Battle Back episode the first five evictees will return to the BB backyard and face off in four separate competitions. We now have our first look at what’s ahead.

Update: We have spoiler results for tonight’s comp. Find out who won Battle Back!

Big Brother Battle Back Friday

There’s been much speculation as to how and when these comps would be held along with just what they’d use to compete. Now there’s at least a little less guessing after a new CBS promo reveals how the first two evictees will face off.

Glenn and Jozea will be competing in the Berry Balanced competition from Week 2. The new commercial shows Glenn running out in a cloud of smoke and Jozea falling off the familiar log.

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These two views sparked speculation that Jozea lost (you see him falling) and Glenn was victorious (you seem him cheering), but I’m not convinced those are as revealing as some fans are inferring.

During the original run of Berry Balanced, if you fell you were out, but that was a team event. Maybe you’re out if you fall here too, but with no backups it wouldn’t be unreasonable to just be sent back to the other side if you tripped. Maybe Jozea does lose, but I don’t think CBS would show us that upfront actively happening in the promo.

For Glenn’s jogging cheer, that reminds me more of the football team coming out on to the field. I think that’s his grand entrance to the arena. Of course that’s just more guessing from me and it could be completely wrong on both Jozea and Glenn.

So what are the rest of the comps going to be? Well, the Berry Balanced comp was the HoH comp after Jozea was evicted, so it’d be new to both players. What if they tried to cascade down the line like that? Then Round 1’s winner and Victor would face off in that tennis ball bouncing comp and Round 2’s winner with Bronte would do a true/false comp, and… Ehh, see that doesn’t really work.

It would have been neat to use the latest HoH comp if they had done all physical activities, but I don’t think they could do the T/F one as easily. Now if they had done this then the players could have been sneaking in to the backyard each week and using the same set up after the main HGs finished their comp run. It did originally sound like the Battle Back comps would be held each week rather than holding back and doing all four at once, but I’d be surprised if they used this approach.

Maybe everyone is going to face off in a round of Berry Balanced redux. It looks like it’s a recreation of the original and very similar but slight differences including new layout of the palm branches when compared against the original comp’s photos. We can see behind Jozea that the ball collector is a modified version of the first Berry Balanced. There’s space for just twenty balls instead of forty and the other boxes to collect balls have been removed.

That’s also a big set up so if they got that all done I’d be surprised if it got one use and then had to go do the next build up and tear down. Maybe we’ll see all four compete in this competition later tonight with the special Big Brother show at 8/7c.

How do you think the Battle Back comps will play out and who do you want to win his or her way back?

Update: Now we’ve got an extended scene from CBS showing Glenn and Jozea in action. Like I suspected the smokey entrance was Glenn coming on to the playing field and if you fall you’re not out, just back to the start for that attempt.

In the clip we also get to see Glenn go for the “poison berry” but does that give you a big boost of points or knock out your enemy’s collection of berries so far? We’ll find out tonight!


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  1. Looking at the challenge I don’t think Glenn will make it. He lost an endurance comp, so it’s gonna be a problem for him.

  2. Jozea probably fell off and ran back and still passed Glenn. Showing us Glenn possibly winning is just a promo so we could get excited and watch. I do hope Glenn wins anyway.

    • I don’t think Glenn would bring any excitement coming back into the house..I would love to Tiff come back in..but if she doesn’t, I would love to see Victor get in and go after Paulie..but, I know that Paul would immediately get in his ear and steer him in another direction…targeting Frank. But, I would love to see Paulie squirm a little bit..but, then again, he did say he was bred for this let’s see!

      • I don’t think Paul would get in his ear all that much. With what Victor said, he has his eyes set on Paulie and I doubt he will waver from that. I can see Frank as a backup to Paulie but it will depend on who gets to Victor first and if Victor can win the HOH comp.

      • Victor will get with Paul right away since he didn’t vote him off and Paul is with Paulie now so he may change vic’s mind.

    • I am now torn. I wanted Tiff to come back and wipe that smug smile of Da’s face. What a really crappy good bye message last night. But I also can see Victor shaking the house up and going for Paulie. If Frank swooped him up it would be quite the household to watch. So go Victor or Tiff. May the most exciting player win.

  3. I’ll be curious to see if there are any advantages for the returning HG like not being able to be put on the block as soon as they reenter the house. If they gave them a week’s advantage it could help them try to re-establish relationships. Otherwise they’ll not last more than one week because everybody will be determined to get them right back out that door.

    • I can’t see that happening.

      But if they are going to give the returnee safety they won’t bring them in until after nominations.

    • Julie said that they could go from being evicted to HOH so they would not be exempt.

  4. When this was first announced, I took it as the 1st week evictee would battle 2nd week evictee, winner would then battle 3rd week evictee, that winner would battle 4th week evictee and then that winner would battle 5th week. they said it would be like survivor battling back into the game This is all new to BB so we will have to wait and see.

    • That’s how I understood it too. Please no Jozea, and his no pants policy!!

      • If I am not mistaken didn’t someone say he had the underwear on for 4 days. How disgusting.

  5. So since the feeds have been down we have to assume all of this has been taped and will air tonight? So the winner has already been in the house for a bit?

    • Last night Julie said she’d see us tonight, so that sounds like at least part of tonight’s show will be live.

      • I’m thinking just the final competition will be live. Tiffany vs. the winner of the other 4. Julie directly told Tiffany last night that it would happen “Tomorrow night”, which is tonight.

      • I’m hoping they don’t set it up like Tiffany versus the other four. That doesn’t feel fair either.

      • It could be just a play on words or her hosting might be live with everything else taped.

    • More than likely the winner has already been back in the house probably for a day or so now. They need time to edit these non live shows. at least a day. So I would say this was all decided by Thursday night latest.

  6. it would be awesome if whoever wins the Battle Back returned as the HOH….most of the house guests would be squirming

    • Agreed. It would be awesome to see the winner of battle back be handed the key to the HOH room as a way to just stir up the house. As a reward for winning battle back, give them the power for the week. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

  7. This is going to be fun and I truly hope that Glenn gets another chance to play the game because the way he left the first time, I don’t believe it was fair. The comp that he had to play favored small people.

  8. looks good. excited to see it all and hopefully being able to cheer for the returner to shake thinngs up. i am really starting to dislike paulie. i wouldn’t mind seeing him on the block as a target.

    • Couldn’t agree more. Paulie was one of my Fav’s but lately he’s rubbed me the wrong way and I really don’t care for him

  9. All kinds of assumptions but we will just have to wait and find out. Can’t wait. I hope Tiffany comes back. If Victor comes back nobody wanted him in the house except Paul so I would expect if he doesn’t win HOH or POV he will go right back out.

  10. Well, by the looks of it, it seems like Glenn or Jozea will have to win 4 battles in a row, and Tiffany only needs to win 1. Lol. That’s cheap. Let’s say Jozea wins the first 3, and Tiffany gets lucky and wins 1… She’s back in the house, but Jozea won more. That’s not a battle back. A real battle back would be all 5 battling the each other once, and whoever has the most wins goes back in. If there is a tie between 2, then they do 1 battle. If there is a tie between all 4, then it’s a question. Whoever gets the right answer, or closest answer, wins!

      • That’s ridiculous. You should get a disadvantage for surviving longer.

      • Because you were in the house longer.. I mean, I’m Canadian, so it might just be a Canadian thing, but if you played a video game more than someone else, who do you think has a better chance of winning? You, or said person? You think you could beat said person? Of course you could. They may win a round or two, but 9 times outta 10, you’ll come out victorious because of your experience playing the video game more than said person. So, what am I getting at? Well, Glenn was evicted on day 1.. He didn’t even get a full week. Tiffany, who’s had, what, 35 days, has a better chance of beating him because of her game experience. Especially if it is the log one. That isn’t fair. It should be an actual battle. Not Week 1 person plays 4 in a row, and Week 5 plays 1, lol.

  11. Glenn doesn’t deserve to get back in. He’s been complaining that his team did him wrong when it was all him.

    • Had they listed to him, they would have easily won the castle comp.

      Listen to “the old guy”? Of course not. What could he possible know? BB is for young people.


  12. I am so pissed off no victor back in the bb house I just hope he is evited right away

  13. Yea!! Victor ..I voted that he could Win Battle Back. Either him or Tiff I wanted see go back in. BB house. Get ready HGs holla!

  14. Am hoping that natalie is the one who discovers that room so she can have power it should go to someone not expected to

  15. Didn’t you see the last few minutes Tiffany was just watching victor wins battle back instead of trying to win big brother wanted victor to come back all long . They favor the guys over the girls does the production thats why guys win the season year after year

  16. Please win hoh and send victor out for good he is only good at comps nothing else

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